Chapter 467: The black demon clan’s transformation

The Warriors of the black demon clan in this area were used to Yuan Fang’s arrival.

After many encounters, they had a clear understanding of Yuan Fang’s tactics. They knew that this guy would leave after a few rounds if he could not achieve his goal.

In short, before the baldie left, no matter what he did or said, as long as he didn’t attack, there wouldn’t be any losses or casualties.

Although Yuan Fang had been like this before, this time, the black demon clan’s Warriors were wrong!

Under their astonished gazes, Yuan Fang actually walked into the wooden house in the encampment.

This made the soldiers of the black demon clan puzzled.

Hence, they followed closely behind Yuan Fang, wanting to see what he was up to.

Facing the black demon clan’s warrior behind him, Yuan Fang was extremely calm. Anyway, he only took the ice thorns of star brilliance and didn’t touch any other items, so he didn’t mind.

After searching through the wooden houses one by one, Yuan Fang arrived in front of a tent that covered an area of 300 square meters. He lifted the curtain and stepped in.

When he saw the interior, Yuan Fang was stunned.

He saw dozens of blue-skinned children locked up in cages, looking at him in horror.

Seeing this, Yuan Fang immediately started his analysis and looked at one of the blue-skinned boys.

[A Mumu (blue blood race)]:

[Character information: descendant of the blue blood clan. Because the blood of his clan has a strengthening effect on the inscription of curses, he was slaughtered and captured by Rahu. He was also kept in captivity.]

[Character status: hungry (intermediate), tired (basic), weak (basic)]

At this moment, Yuan Fang suddenly turned around and looked at the black demon clan’s soldiers with a serious expression,”

“Why did you do this?”

When the local general heard this, he couldn’t help but be stunned. He then smiled indifferently,

“The strong eat the weak!”

“Don’t you feel uneasy?” Yuan Fang asked again.

“Uneasy? You’re joking, right? It’s just rearing a few foreigners!”

Yuan Fang was stunned when he heard the clan General’s nonchalant words.

He couldn’t imagine how hard-hearted she must be to say such words.

Looking at Yuan Fang’s disbelieving face, the commander shook his head,”

“If our race is weak and the blue-blooded race has the ability to plunder everything from our race, they will not hesitate to attack us. They might even be more brutal!”

The tribe General’s tone was calm when he said this, but Yuan Fang could feel that the tribe general in front of him was not lying.

“I want to let them go!” Yuan Fang spoke again.

“The rules are made by the strong. As long as you have the ability to take them away, please go ahead!” The general smiled disdainfully and waved his hand toward the gate.

At this moment, Yuan Fang’s face was ashen.

Because he knew that he didn’t have the ability.

He wasn’t afraid of the curse, but he couldn’t protect these children. He couldn’t even bring them out of this encampment safely. Instead, he might even kill them.

“There will be such a day in the future!” Yuan Fang sighed in his heart, then looked at the commander with a determined expression.

“As long as you have the strength!” The local general said with a smile.

Finally seeing Yuan Fang suffer a loss, his heart was at ease.

At this moment, Yuan Fang’s heart could not bear to do so, but he was helpless. He turned to look at the blue-skinned children and muttered,”Oh, Amitabha.” Then, he turned around and walked to the next wooden house.

This time, Yuan Fang was walking towards the only Armory in the encampment.

Seeing Yuan Fang step into the Armory, the black demon clan’s Warriors following behind were all startled.

Although this encampment was taken over by nine radiance, the Armory here also stored a large number of weapons that they had brought with them. It was considered an important area in the encampment.

Since the nine Yao great domain was already under their control, and their encampment was heavily guarded, they didn’t have to worry about enemies coming, so the inside of the Armory was not fortified. Most importantly, Yuan Fang had never entered any of the buildings before this.

At the thought of this, they quickly followed.

After entering the Armory, rows of neatly arranged weapons came into view.

There was a wide variety of weapons, but their shapes were very strange. Many of them were cursed weapons, which were only suitable for Rahu clan members who cultivated the Dao of Asura.

Just like that, Yuan Fang began to look through the Armory.

At this moment, Shi Ying, the “bystander” outside the encampment, was on a video call with Yuan Fang. While Yuan Fang was searching for the “ice thorns,” the two of them were also communicating.

At this moment, a pitch-black ancient dagger appeared in front of Yuan Fang.

Yuan Fang’s line of sight automatically swept past, because this was not his target at all.

However, at this moment, Shi Ying’s voice suddenly rang out in the team’s voice channel.

“Baldie, don’t go yet. Look at this dagger!”

When Yuan Fang heard this, he stopped in his tracks and cast his gaze at the dagger.

[Soul-breaking Dragon (epic level 1)]:

[Weapon details: soul-breaking Dragon is an anti-magic dagger made of Black dragon’s teeth. The remnant soul of a young black Dragon is sealed inside.]

Weapon skill:

Dragonlust (passive: able to absorb 10% of the damage dealt to living beings with physical bodies)

Evilbreaker Dragon (passive: the owner of the soul Breaker Dragon will receive the protection of the young black Dragon and receive 50 spell damage reduction)

[Dragon Soul: (passive: collect Dragon Souls to upgrade the weapon)]

[Weapon attributes: …]


After seeing that the dagger was an epic weapon through the video, Shi Ying’s expression froze for a few seconds before his eyes lit up.”

“Baldie, take this dagger with you!”

“Almsgiver, didn’t you say that you were looking for ice thorns?” Yuan Fang was stunned.

“This dagger is also Starshine ‘s, so we have to take it with us!” Shi Ying said in all seriousness.

Yuan Fang was confused.”???”

“I feel like you’re bluffing …”

“F * ck! Do I look like a liar? this dagger doesn’t belong to the black demon clan. It’s not considered stealing if we take it away. At most, we take away the relic of Starshine!”

Yuan Fang was speechless.

After some thought, Yuan Fang picked up the soul-breaking Dragon Dagger.

At this moment, an angry voice came from behind,”

“Baldie, put the broken soul down!”

When Yuan Fang heard this, he couldn’t help but turn around.

Seeing Yuan Fang turn around, these black demon clan’s Warriors subconsciously took a step back.

At this moment, the tribal general was looking at the square in shock and anger. The veins on his forehead were bulging, as if he was about to attack at any moment.

This “soul-breaking” dagger was personally awarded to him by the tribe leader after counting the spoils of war when the Army he led had made outstanding military achievements in a war to exterminate the race.

Because the members of the military division he led specialized in curses and killing Arts, this dagger was not of much use to them, so no one wore it.

However, in the eyes of the tribal general stationed in the ground, soul-breaking was of great significance to both him and the Army he led.

It was a symbol of honor for them on the road to war, so they would bring it with them every time they went to war.

Seeing Yuan Fang pick up the dagger, the black demon soldiers in the encampment were so angry that their eyes almost popped out. They wanted to pounce on him and tear him into pieces.

Seeing this scene, Yuan Fang was stunned.

He thought for a while and waved his dagger.

“Baldie, you asked you to put down the broken soul!!!” The general roared again.

Looking at the black demon clan’s Warriors who were about to fight, Yuan Fang looked at the dagger in his hand again.

At this moment, he suddenly felt that this dagger was really not bad!

Hence, Yuan Fang continued to stroll around the Armory with the dagger in his hand.

However, the eyes of the black demon clan’s Warriors were bloodshot. They kept roaring, trying to make Yuan Fang put Soul Breaker down.

Of course, Yuan Fang wouldn’t put down this dagger. He even turned around to look at the black demon clan’s Warriors from time to time. His face was full of expectation, as if he wanted to be beaten up.

“Go to hell!”

Finally, one of the black demon clan’s Warriors couldn’t stand it anymore. He stepped forward and punched his bald head.

Dong~! There was a muffled sound.

In an instant, the curse mark on the soldier’s body appeared and climbed onto Yuan Fang’s body.

Then, a scream sounded.

This scream was naturally not from Yuan Fang.

Although the soldier’s fist was wrapped in a metal glove, because he was too close, it still triggered the protection of the curse mark on the surface of his body, and he took the initiative to cast a curse on Yuan Fang.

The Warriors of the black demon clan were proud of the long-lasting lethality of the magic marks. No matter who their enemy was, even if he was lucky enough to escape from the battle, it would be useless because the magic marks would torture him forever.

Most of the enemies who managed to escape would eventually die under the torture of the curse mark.

However, at this moment, they were facing a square.

Under the protection of Mocco’s Infinity body, the damage immunity was fixed at 800 points. As long as the lasting damage of the curse did not exceed the immunity value, the duration did not matter at all.

At this moment, Yuan Fang’s damage reflect ability was triggered.

A green poisonous mist appeared on the surface of the soldier’s body. It gushed out from his mouth and nose and quickly covered his entire body. Just like that, under the corrosion of the poisonous mist, he slowly died.

The black demon clan’s Warriors were all frightened by this scene.

Even though they had seen it a few times before, seeing it again still made them tremble in fear.

At this moment, a golden light that could only be seen by the square circle appeared on the surface of his body, followed by the game prompt.

[Game prompt: congratulations on leveling up. You have received HP +100, Strength +1, endurance +3]

Shi Ying, who was watching this scene through the video, was also dumbfounded.

It can be upgraded like this?

At this moment, he finally understood why this bastard monk kept harassing the Black Devil clansmen.

It turned out that he had such a clever (sexual) plan in the dark!

Just as Shi Ying had thought, Yuan Fang had targeted the black demon clan because they were too suitable for him to farm monsters and level up.

Usually, when Yuan Fang killed monsters to level up, many monsters would run away when their HP was low. Yuan Fang was completely helpless in this regard. Often, he would work for half a day and end up with nothing.

However, the black demon clan was different. As long as their curse mark was triggered, the experience points and soul coins would be in their hands, and they could run anywhere they wanted!

Just like how the black demon clan faced their enemies, as long as the enemy was hit by the curse, even if you ran away, you would still die!

Therefore, in Yuan Fang’s opinion, the black demon clan was sent by the Lord Buddha to help him upgrade.

It was rare to find such a suitable race for him to level up, so how could he bear to leave!

“Baldie, you’re looking for death!” Seeing the death of his soldiers, the tribal General’s face turned ashen.

“As long as you have the strength, you can take it away at any time!” Yuan Fang smiled as he raised the soul Breaker in his hand.

This was what the ground clan had said to Yuan Fang when he wanted to take away the blue blood clan’s child. This time, Yuan Fang returned it to him.

“You …” The general’s face turned red with anger, and blue veins popped up on his neck. However, he still held back and didn’t attack.

This was because Yuan Fang was simply too strange in his eyes. Even the clan elders could not do anything to him, so there was absolutely no possibility of him killing him.

Under the angry eyes of the black demon clan’s Warriors, Yuan Fang walked around the Armory twice and took two’ Starlight weapons ‘. Then, he walked out of the Armory.

At this moment, the black demon clan’s Warriors had reached their limit.

These weapons were all extremely precious equipment, especially that “Soul Breaker,” but now it was in the hands of an outsider, making them feel extremely humiliated.

During this time, several soldiers wanted to attack, but they were all stopped by the local generals.

After circling around the encampment once more, Yuan Fang, who did not find any ice thorns, finally gave up and walked out of the encampment.

The soldiers of the black demon clan saw this and followed him.

After Yuan Fang walked out of the encampment, he raised the soul Breaker in his hand and waved it behind him without even looking back.

Looking at the back of the square-shaped figure, the garrison general shouted angrily with an ashen face,”

“I’ll remember this, and I’ll definitely pay you back in the future!”

“The strong eat the weak!” Yuan Fang said without turning his head as his figure gradually drifted away.


Because of their fear of Yuan Fang’s ability, the soldiers of the black demon clan could only watch helplessly as Yuan Fang took away the weapons. They were helpless, which made them feel extremely aggrieved.

However, in Yuan Fang and Shi Ying’s eyes, this was only the beginning.

After that, Yuan Fang and Shi Ying set off for the next Black demon clan’s base.

One encampment after another, he searched them one by one.

During this period, time shadow hoodwinker explained all sorts of things to Yuan Fang in the voice channel.

“This weapon is brilliant fire ‘S. I’ve seen him use it before, I can’t be wrong!”

“This Pearl belongs to chenyao. I saw him holding it. Don’t worry, I won’t lie to you!”

“This helmet is from riyao. I’ve seen him wear this helmet to kill his enemies before. I have a good memory!”

“Yes, this long sword is moonlight ‘S. I didn’t expect that the black demon clan had hidden it in the Armory. Take him away!”


This was an undisguised robbery. This time, Yuan Fang’s ability to attract hatred towards the black demon clan’s soldiers had sharply increased!

It made the soldiers of the black demon clan gnash their teeth.

If it were any other Rahu race, as long as they had the strength of a mid-stage ghost general, they could kill Yuan Fang with a full-force strike.

However, the black demon clan was different. They didn’t have the means to instantly burst out high damage. It could be said that they were completely restrained by the square circle. Even the late-stage ghost general resident commander could only put on a ferocious face. Other than gnashing his teeth, he had no other way to deal with this!

Along the way, Yuan Fang had already taken more than ten pieces of high-quality equipment from the Armory of the various encampments. It could be said that he had gained a lot.

However, the more Yuan Fang held it, the more he felt that something was wrong.

This was because he had discovered an epic rainbow feathers when he was wandering around one of the black demon clan’s bases. This was what Shi Ying had told him back then.

“This rainbow feather raiment belongs to mu Yao. I’ve seen him killing enemies in it before. I can’t be wrong!”

At this moment, Yuan Fang felt that his intelligence had been insulted.

He even saw it with his own eyes. Yuan Fang couldn’t imagine the scene of mu Yao wearing a woman’s rainbow feather dress to kill his enemies. He felt that he was going blind!

Was he treating this little monk like a pig?

Can’t you be more serious!

However, Yuan Fang chose to turn a blind eye to the flawed remarks.

Since the black demon clan had told him that ‘the law of the jungle’ allowed them to bully others, then Yuan Fang had to give them a good lesson.

He continued to use his actions to explain the concept of taking it openly and not stealing!

The soldiers of the black demon clan wanted to vomit blood.

He couldn’t move, couldn’t touch, and he had to watch his beloved treasure being taken away. That feeling was really bitter.

That night, many black demon clan’s Warriors couldn’t sleep …

This was also the first time they hated someone so much. They hated him so much that they cursed him in their hearts.

However, as a race that cultivated the Killing Curse Dao, they could only curse their opponents from the bottom of their hearts. The more they cursed, the more their hearts ached.

After this day, many generals of the black demon clan secretly swore that they would cultivate an expert with the ‘Shura sacrifice Dao’ and’ Shura Body Soul Dao’ in their descendants. They would never suffer such a loss again!

Many black demon clan’s Warriors were heartbroken and decided to spend more than ten years to get rid of the curse marks on their bodies. They would rather endure the pain of getting rid of the curse marks and switch to the ‘body Dao’ or the’ sacrifice Dao ‘.

Because of this square circle, the black demon clan had changed their future cultivation path overnight …

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