Chapter 469: Dream mentor

Not only was he unable to find the icicles, but his teammates had also been captured. This made Shi Ying extremely depressed.

However, he knew that it was impossible to save Yuan Fang with his strength.

Therefore, he contacted Gu Yu, hoping that he could come up with a solution.

After all, Yuan Fang was a member of the myth, and Gu Yu could not possibly ignore him.

Gu Yu was also dumbfounded when he received the news.

It had only been a few days since he saved the monk, and he was caught again?

He wasn’t tang Sanzang, so why was he so popular with the demons and monsters?

Therefore, Gu Yu quickly contacted Yuan Fang, wanting to ask him about his current situation.

There was an old saying,”monk, what’s the situation? what’s the situation now?”

Yuan Fang: “boss, I’ve been buried in the ground. My days are hard. I’m forced to do things I don’t want to do every day.”

Don’t worry, I’ll think of a way to get you out.

Yuan Fang, don ‘t! Boss, I think this kind of tough life is quite suitable for me. After all, I’m cultivating hard!

[Ancient saying: ???]

Gu Yu said,”are you serious?”

Yuan Fang: “I’m serious. Boss, you don’t have to worry about me. I’ll find a way to get out after I’ve suffered enough!”

As the ancient saying goes,”then I really don’t care about you anymore!”

Yuan Fang thought,”this little bit of suffering can temper my will, so don’t worry about me!”

Gu Yu: “suit yourself then. I’m going to work. Contact me when you think of something. All the best!” (Dog Knight charge.jpg)


Gu Yu could not understand Yuan Fang’s refusal.

However, since Yuan Fang wanted to cultivate hard, he was too lazy to care and let him be.

Thus, Yuan Fang continued with his ‘ascetic training’ plan that had been suppressed for 500 years.

Because there was meat in every meal, in Yuan Fang’s eyes, this was hell. He was experiencing suffering “torture” every day!

While Yuan Fang was imprisoned, Shi Ying had put up all the equipment Yuan Fang had brought from the Guild base, except for the soul Breaker Dragon, on the auction house.

The high-level equipment was all bought in less than half a day.

Although there were many high-level equipment in the game at this stage, they were still very scarce compared to the huge number of players.

As such, these items that were put up for auction became the focus of attention of players with high paywalls.

Although the price wasn’t low, these players with high paywalls still chose to buy it without hesitation.

This allowed Shi Ying to earn a huge sum of money.

Shi Ying pondered for a while before taking out 10% of the soul coins and sending it to Yuan Fang.

After all, Yuan Fang’s contribution in obtaining these weapons and equipment was indispensable.

This 10% was what Yuan Fang was supposed to take.

The remaining 90% was also not left behind.

This was because the Steal sect had a rule that they could only keep 10% of the stolen money and distribute the rest to those who needed it.

Even though times were changing, Shi Ying still placed a lot of importance on this rule.

Because this was the inheritance of the Steal sect. If he abandoned the rules, he would be abandoning the inheritance.

Therefore, he decided to distribute the remaining ninety percent of the soul coins.

As for how he was going to distribute this sum of money, Shi Ying was also at a loss.

In reality, it was not difficult to distribute money, and it was easy to do charity.

But doing charity in the game? Why did he feel that something was wrong?

Those who could afford to play games could not afford to eat.

This caused Shi Ying to feel extremely awkward.

In the end, he had no choice but to start a post on the forum, hoping to get inspiration from the players on the forum.

[Help post!] [Let me ask everyone, if you were to obtain a huge sum of soul coins, but you can’t spend this sum of soul coins and can only distribute them to those who need them, what would you do?] [Tower head: thieves travel the world]

Under normal circumstances, players would think that such a post was made by some boring and annoying player who wanted to eat sh * t.

This type of post often appeared on the official forum.

For example:

[I’ll give you 10 million soul coins. How do you want to spend it?]

[If you were given a God-level inheritance, how would you use it?]

[If one day, you were reborn to the day when the war had just started two years ago, what do you need to do to lead the other players?]

These delusional posts would appear on the forum from time to time, and the players were already used to it.

In the eyes of most players, the players who posted this kind of post were delusional and always thinking about nonsense.

Therefore, the players didn’t even bother to pay attention to the post.

It was like a multiple choice question.

If you were given two buttons, you could get 5 million by pressing the A button, and 100 million by pressing the B button, but the probability was only 50%. What would you choose?

In fact, no matter what you choose, the result has nothing to do with you!

Originally, such inquiry posts would have died down very quickly.

However, the difference was that the person who posted it was very famous on the forum. He had also posted many assassin techniques and lessons called “thief travels the world”. The first lesson on traps and killing monsters was developed by this person.

Many forum players followed such a high-level player. They would check his posts in time because they were mostly educational posts, which were indeed very helpful to them.

However, this time, when they saw that it was such a nonsensical question, the players did not know whether to laugh or cry, but they still replied.

[King of Assassins with an AK: King of Thieves, when did you become so Chuunibyou? if you continue like this, I’m going to take you out (funny)]

[Roasting a Jade Rabbit with Chang ‘e in my arms: I guess it’s because the King of Thieves’ ranking as an assassin has been plummeting recently. He’s taken a huge blow and is starting to fantasize about getting rich and powerful overnight (funny).]

[The strongest Xue Li: King of Thieves, why don’t you ask everyone else? if you get 100 inheritances, but you can only choose one, how do you choose?]

Crayon Shin-chan: “this question is very profound. Since you’re the King of Thieves, I’ll give you a solution that will kill the best of both worlds.” “Under normal circumstances, if I were to encounter this kind of problem of getting rich quickly, I would choose to transfer all my soul coins to the forum account of ‘Crayon Shinchan’. This would solve the first problem of sponsoring someone in need and the second problem of spending all my soul coins on the spot. Isn’t that perfect?”

Thieves all over the world (op):”I’m serious this time. Everyone, please give me some suggestions.”

Love to eat shit upstairs replied to world traveler thief: Since you’re so serious, I think you can consider the words of the bar spirit (funny)

One blade gugugu: “if you really have that much money, you can take a look at the ‘wish column’ section of the forum. There are many wishes from players there, and they are all posted by a group of players who want to eat sh * t all day. If you like someone, you can help him fulfill his wish. Isn’t it great to be a dream mentor?”

[The man-eating flower of our country: yes, go to the wish column section. Other than the many unreliable wishes, there are also some reliable ones.]

[Add me while watching movies: I heard you guys talking about the wish column just now, so I went to take a look. I instantly felt like I was in a different world from them. The wish column is really the gathering place for the most idiotic and delusional group of netizens on the forum.]


As there were many sections on the forum, Shi Ying did not know every one of them.

Seeing that many forum players were recommending the ‘wish list’ section, Shi Ying was also very curious.

So, he exited the main forum and pulled down to look for the “wish bar” section. After finding it, he clicked on it.

Instantly, countless posts appeared, and these posts really refreshed Shi Ying’s view of the world.

Shi Ying felt as if his brain couldn’t keep up with some of these silly wishes.

[Wish: receive a Poseidon-style blow-up doll!]

[Wish: receive an Aladdin’s magic lamp!]

[Wish: I hope I can have double eyelids when I wake up!]

[Wish: pick up a Pikachu or carp King on the way out to buy vegetables!]

[Wish: all assassin players do not know how to backstab, or players who know how to backstab are blind!]


At this moment, Shi Ying finally understood why the players called this place the gathering place for players with idiotic delusions.

What kind of brain circuit was that!

‘The lives of these players must be very exciting in real life,’ Shi Ying could not help but sigh.

Moreover, it seemed that he could not satisfy these wishes with soul coins at all. He was already too tired to ridicule them.

After some thought, he continued scrolling down to see if there were any more reliable wishes.

At this moment, he suddenly noticed the “wish like ranking” on the left side of the section.

When Shi Ying saw this, his heart leaped with joy.

After all, it was something that everyone liked, so it should be very reliable. After all, there were only a few idiotic netizens.

It should be possible to satisfy the wishes of the top few on the list.

With anticipation, he opened the wish list.

Then, Shi Ying was dumbfounded.

Although the top 10 on the list had a lot of likes, they all had the same wish.

Wish likes ranking:

1.[Wish: Crayon Shinchan’s sudden death!]

2.[Wish: find Crayon Shinchan’s real body and kill him cruelly!]

3.[Wish: get rid of the evil in the forum and sacrifice the bar spirit to the heavens in exchange for the Forum’s peace and prosperity!]


When Shi Ying saw that all of them had the same desire to kill Crayon Shinchan or to find Crayon Shinchan and kill him cruelly, he was dumbfounded.

Although he knew that the troll was a rat on the forum, an existence that everyone hated.

Especially in the bounty section of the war Forum.

Crayon Shinchan’s bounty had always been first, except for the time when his beard had caused a series of natural disasters. At this moment, the accumulated bounty had reached a terrifying three million soul coins.

In fact, the bounty missions on the bounty board couldn’t be posted as and when one wanted to, but required soul coins as collateral.

For example, if a player wanted to spend 100 soul coins to kill an enemy, then the player who issued the mission must first take out 100 soul coins as collateral to prevent others from not having soul coins to pay after completing the mission.

In other words, the bounty board had already stored three million soul coins provided by the players as collateral.

This portion of soul coins was contributed by players from the mid-server, European server, hell server, and Asian server.

It could be said that the players of every server had raised Crayon Shinchan’s “head” in the bounty section.

As a result, Crayon Shinchan’s bounty had been increasing.

At this moment, what made Shi Ying surprised was why such a small and Chuunibyou wish section hated Crayon Shinchan so much.

Driven by curiosity, Shi Ying clicked on several popular wish posts to find out the reason.

After a brief inspection, Shi Ying finally understood.

It turned out that the bar spirit was also a frequent visitor of this section.

However, the troll was never here to make a wish, but to make people feel bad. Towards the wishes of these silly netizens, he was not polite at all and used words to attack and destroy them!

For example, if a player wanted a Poseidon-style blow-up doll, the bar Spirit’s reply would be: I can give you the Korean red version (funny)

For example, if a player wanted an Aladdin’s magic lamp, the bar Spirit’s reply would be: Tsk, tsk, tsk, I want to eat farts again (funny)


Crayon Shinchan could be said to have made most of the players in the wish section cry.

At this moment, Shi Ying didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He felt that Crayon Shinchan’s destructive power was truly terrifying. He could actually create so many enemies in such a niche forum.

The title of the war’s number one bar spirit was really not an exaggeration.