Chapter 470: Huge bounty

After visiting the “wish bar” section of the delusional colony …

Shi Ying felt as if his three views had been completely refreshed. No wonder the players on the main forum would say that the players on the ‘wish’ section were thinking about eating fart all day long.

At this moment, Shi Ying had a deep understanding of this.

However, after seeing Crayon Shinchan’s various replies, Shi Ying couldn’t help but feel happy.

He hated Crayon Shin-chan because he always liked to pick on him during his live stream. The most uncomfortable thing was that Crayon Shinchan’s arguments were always from tricky angles and were very reasonable. He had no ability to refute them.

However, this time, he felt that Crayon Shin-chan’s rebuttal was completely right.

It was time to teach these delusional players a lesson and let them know the cruelty of reality!

After exiting the making a wish section, Shi Ying suddenly wanted to see what kind of existence Crayon Shinchan was in the other sections.

Therefore, he began to search for Crayon Shinchan in the niche sections.

Just as Shi Ying had guessed, every section he clicked into had more or less Crayon Shinchan’s messages.

These replies were undoubtedly comments that made the OP extremely uncomfortable and even crazy.

For example, in the [homework exchange section].

This section was created by a group of students who couldn’t pass the anti-addiction system. The purpose was to work together and try to avoid the “anti-addiction system” of the dog official.

In this section, the student players tried to sort out all the answers in the anti-addiction question bank, and even wanted to create an answer sheet.

Crayon Shin-chan was playing the role of a Messenger of justice in this section. He went all out and directly caused the entire section to go cold. The last time he posted something was a few months ago.

In addition to the primary school students who knew that the ‘anti-addiction system’ released by the official Warring States had an extremely large question library and was impossible to calculate the answer form, Crayon Shinchan had also contributed greatly.

After that, no players posted in this section anymore.

There were many such examples. Not only in the “wish” and “homework exchange” sections, but there were also many other sections and posts, and even forum anchors. Crayon Shin-chan had been criticized in various ways.

As Crayon Shinchan, who had been in the forums of the four major servers and made people feel like he had countless clones, his realm had already reached an unfathomable level.

Moreover, he would never argue unreasonably. Instead, he would reason with you. During this period, he would try all sorts of ways to provoke your anger points, causing you to lose your mind and fly into a rage.

According to what Crayon Shinchan often said …

Are you angry? If you’re angry, jump out of the forum and hit me! (Funny face)

This was Crayon Shin-chan, who was able to attract hatred on the forums of the four major servers by himself. There was no player who didn’t hate him.

However, the players on the forum were helpless against Crayon Shin-chan.

Even though he was a big player on the forum, he was flawless in the game. His actions made the forum players ‘scalps tingle.

It could be said that Crayon Shinchan was a legend on the forum and the number one “bar God” recognized by the four servers.

Because of this, there were many ‘conspiracy’ theories about Crayon Shinchan.

For example, some players guessed that Crayon Shinchan wasn’t alone. He was a team.

However, each player could only have one account in war online, and they couldn’t delete their account or change their name, so this guess wasn’t valid.

A new conspiracy theory emerged.

Since a player could only play one account, how could crayon Shin be able to have so many threads? he was like a perpetual motion machine that could always be seen in various posts.

As a result, the players guessed that Crayon Shinchan wasn’t alone, but a team. There was a high possibility that this team was the officials ‘own people.

Hence, the players came to the conclusion that the official warring dog game company must have a special team that was using Crayon Shinchan’s account to attack the players.

As for the purpose …

The players who came up with this concept could not think of any purpose.

After all, other games had a channel for top-ups, which could be said to be “game support.” The purpose was to cheat paywalls and stimulate players to top-up.

However, if the war was online … The players felt that the stupid official game company would not have such a high awareness!

If punitive expedition wanted to make money, players could think of more than 100 ways to do so.

Even if the top-up system was only open for a day, the income on that day would definitely be terrifying.

After all, with the current player base of the four major servers, even if each person only topped up one soul coin, the profit that could be generated was extremely terrifying.

Therefore, this guess seemed to have reached a dead end.

There were too many speculations about Crayon Shinchan, which made him a legend that everyone on the forum knew.

Many new players might not know who the members of the wall-hanging group were when they first joined the war Forum, but they would definitely know Crayon Shinchan.

Even the members of the wall-hanging group had more or less suffered at Crayon Shinchan’s hands on the forum.

Crayon Shinchan never looked at one’s strength or status in the game. Once he found a flaw, he would attack.

This was like the dog, who was always being pressed to the ground and rubbed against Crayon Shinchan.

Even if he gritted his teeth in hatred, he had no means of retaliating.

According to what Crayon Shinchan had said, with the dog’s intelligence, it probably wouldn’t have a chance to find him in this life.

This was Crayon Shinchan’s confidence!


After browsing through many sections, Shi Ying couldn’t help but find the bounty section and click on the bounty ranking.

As usual, Crayon Shinchan’s bounty for killing him was still at the top of the bounty list.

The bounty was even more than the total sum of the last dozens.

At this moment, Shi Ying had a strong thought.

As long as I can kill him, I will be the number one assassin!

Although there was the Assassin King QiuQiu now, Crayon Shinchan was the ultimate goal of all assassin players.

Learning Prajna sacrifice would allow one to become a star among the assassin players. However, if one could take Crayon Shinchan’s bounty, one would become famous in the four servers and be recognized as the king of assassination by the players in the four servers!

In comparison, the latter naturally far surpassed the former.

He thought about how he had been ridiculed by players on the forum recently, and some players even asked him when he would change his prefix to’ top ten ‘in the entire server.

These ridicules undoubtedly made him feel very uncomfortable. He thought back to the time when he was the top assassin in the forum!

For this reason, Shi Ying really wanted to use his actions to prove himself.

There were many ways to prove himself.

When Shi Ying had accepted ao Jian’s request to steal the ice spike, it was because he felt that the challenge was difficult and that it was enough to prove his strength.

However, the plan to steal the ice thorns had been changed at the last minute. After that, Yuan Fang had been imprisoned by the black demon clan, and the defense of their encampment had been strengthened several times. With his strength, he had no way to steal the ice thorns again.

Therefore, he had to give up on this plan for the time being.

However, after browsing the forums for a while, Shi Ying suddenly thought of why he didn’t try to kill Crayon Shinchan.

Could it be that he couldn’t do what youzi and Mo couldn ‘t?

At the thought of this, Shi Ying’s eyes gradually lit up. At this moment, he made a decision.

Hunting bar spirit!

As long as he succeeded, not only would he be able to obtain a huge bounty, but he would also be able to self-righteously change his name to “the number one assassin in the entire server”!

With such a beautiful vision, Shi Ying looked at Crayon Shinchan’s bounty and fell into deep thought, his eyes gradually blurring.

A moment later, he came back to his senses and opened his account. He transferred the remaining 90% of the soul coins he earned from selling equipment to his forum account number and then threw them all into Crayon Shinchan’s bounty pool.

At this moment, Crayon Shinchan’s bounty rose once again. The original 3.8 million soul coins bounty became 3.9 million soul coins, already close to the 4 million mark.

In fact, Crayon Shin-chan’s bounty had been increasing all this time. It would jump up from time to time. Basically, it was all from players who had just been made into a crying mess by a certain post.

However, most of them were small additional stakes, and under normal circumstances, there were no huge additional stakes.

After all, the majority of the players were still relatively poor. They didn’t even have enough soul coins to use in the game. Only those who hated Crayon Shinchan to the core would add chips to the reward pool.

However, the numbers that kept jumping up and down also represented Crayon Shinchan’s terrifying dominance in the forum.

And Shi Ying invested all of this money mainly for three reasons.

First, this was the rule of the Steal sect. Only 10% of the stolen money could be kept. He had already given this 10% to Yuan Fang, and the remaining 90% naturally had to be distributed.

Secondly, killing Crayon Shinchan was the wish of many players. It was in line with the rules of the thief sect to give it to those who needed it. The players needed someone to kill Crayon Shinchan, so the increase in the reward would naturally increase their enthusiasm to kill Crayon Shinchan.

“Third, since I’ve decided to hunt Crayon Shinchan, the money will return to me after I complete the mission.

At this moment, Shi Ying’s plan was already quite complete. He was just short of killing Crayon Shinchan.

After that, he would become rich overnight, become a legend, and reach the peak of his life. He would have countless fans and rule the world …

Shi Ying forcefully cut off his subsequent fantasies and began to think about how he should act.

Hunting Crayon Shinchan was an extremely difficult challenge. It was unrealistic to search aimlessly. He had to have a detailed plan.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Ying opened the draft of the Forum’s functions list and started to plan his hunting plan.

Occasionally, he would erase some of them and add some new ideas to his plan …

At this moment, Shi Ying was extremely serious.

Time passed by bit by bit, and Shi Ying’s brows were tightly furrowed as he pondered.

Crayon Shinchan was too mysterious. Although he was very arrogant on the forum, he had zero information in the game. Therefore, if they wanted to find him, they had to find a way to get some information.

He had two strategies for this moment.

The first plan was to sort out all of Crayon Shinchan’s replies and posts in the forum to find clues. As long as there were clues, he could follow them and perhaps find Crayon Shinchan’s in-game name!

The second plan was to search for Crayon Shinchan in real life. He would use internet technology to get Crayon Shinchan out. This method wasn’t very complicated to execute, but Shi Ying couldn’t guarantee whether it would work or not.

After coming up with the initial idea, Shi Ying once again fell into deep thought and began to perfect the concrete steps for the implementation of these two plans.