Chapter 474: Rare treasures

The players could not believe the official reply.

Usually, no matter how popular the topic was, or even the suggestions strongly requested by the players, the official warring Guild would always choose to remain silent or even ignore it.

However, this time, the officials actually replied.

And it was under a post that was not popular at all.

At that moment, a large number of players on the forum flooded into that post, wanting to see what was so special about it.

However, when they saw the content of the post, they were even more confused.

The players couldn’t understand what was going on with the war officials. Why would they use soul coins to exchange for such junk?

Hence, the curious players began to guess if there was any hidden value in the item.

During the discussion, many archeologists stood up and began to analyze the item with professional eyes. They stated that the item had no actual value because it had no historical deposits and was a bronze item made with modern craftsmanship.

But even so, the players were still very surprised.

What the hell is this stupid official doing?

They had used money to exchange for soul coins, but this stupid official had refused no matter what. Why was he now willing to use soul coins to buy fake goods?

Should he burn more soul coins?

The players could understand the boss’s behavior.

He could only guess that the behind-the-scenes boss of the conquest that loved to generate electricity was a guy who had a hobby of collecting “strange” items.

Just as the players were still confused about this, Lu Wu posted another post:

Rare treasures Collection post op: Battle GM

[Content: in view of the behind-the-scenes boss of the conquest that loves to generate electricity very much likes ‘rare treasures’, we hereby open a post to solicit. All items that the boss values will be recycled by the punitive expedition official in the form of soul coins!]

The appearance of this post once again caused an uproar on the forum.

This time, it was not only the forum of the central server, but players from other servers ‘forums also came after hearing the news.

Because in the players ‘eyes, this was just a channel to top up soul coins!

In comparison, it was just that the method of exchanging for soul coins was a bit different.

Just as the players were talking about it, Lu Wu specially opened a new [rare treasures] section on the forum.

It allowed players to post and show off their treasures internally, while not affecting the main forum.

As for the effect, what Lu Wu had to do next was to wait.

Just as he had thought, the players immediately joined in when they heard that they could be exchanged for soul coins.

Soon, all kinds of ‘rare and precious treasures’ appraisal posts appeared.

However, what made Lu Wu not know whether to laugh or cry was that the players were really posting all kinds of things in this section.

[This bowl of mine was also dug out from the backyard. It’s exquisite and is estimated to be worth 1000 soul coins. Boss, come in and take a look!]

[This is an Apple X passed down from my ancestors. It’s an item from more than 300 years ago. The boss likes to exchange it for 300 soul coins, right?]

[I ransacked the house today and found a 300-year-old beverage. This should be able to be exchanged for 100 soul coins (guilty)(attached)]

[The stick in my hand is said to be used by the primitive men of the Stone Age to hunt. It’s true. Boss, name your price!]

[Young and beautiful, an 18-year-old young beauty. Yes, I’m myself. Money or not, it doesn’t matter. Boss, do you want it? (Emoji)]

[This stone was picked up by my grandfather on the mountain after a meteor shower more than 200 years ago. The price is 3000 soul coins, and the price is negotiable. I only hope to sell it!]

[Rare treasure, the out-of-print physical book of “I am the big boss behind the scenes” that I treasured back then, with the signature of the author “slash slash slash slash”. It’s not a loss to exchange it for one soul coin, right?(funny)]

Looking at the posts that were constantly refreshing in the “treasures” section, Lu Wu had a headache.

He felt that this group of idiotic players was really unreliable.

Not to mention pots and pans, even cobblestones picked up on the road could be posted in the ‘rare treasures’ section, and they could be exaggerated.

There were also books written by one slash slash slash slash. He wouldn’t even want those books from those lousy authors, let alone one soul coin.

These players could be said to have only one purpose, which was to sell their “treasures” in exchange for the soul coins in the hands of the boss of the expedition, which was Lu Wu.

For this reason, the players began to use their great trickery …

Looking at the players who were still fooling around on the forum, Lu Wu felt that his intelligence was being insulted.

Fortunately, he didn’t need to identify them at all. He only needed to look at the marks on the divine artifacts and ignored them.

As long as there were no marks on any rare treasures or divine pills, they would be treated as waste and garbage!

Of course, in addition to this group of players, there were also a number of legitimate players who took out genuine antique devices to exchange for soul coins.

However, Lu Wu had no interest in antiques. After all, his real purpose was to find the broken body of the heavenly realm that could be used to make totems.

After a day, not only did Lu Wu not find anything, but he was also shocked by the players ‘actions.

When the players found out that the boss of the war didn’t take a fancy to any of the items, the style of the post began to change.

[Actually, the bronze sapling device from yesterday wasn’t a single one, but a pair. The other one is in my hands (attached picture)]

[Actually, the brother above is also wrong. The bronze sapling device is not a pair, but a three-piece set. The third one is in my hands (attached picture)]


In these posts, there were several ancient bronze tree models, which were very similar to the ancient bronze tree in the post in the morning.

In order to cheat the soul coins from Lu Wu’s hands, some capable players followed the picture in yesterday’s post, 1: He had made the ancient bronze tree’s seedling at 1 ratio in an attempt to swindle soul coins.

Lu Wu was completely stunned by their means.

How did a rare treasure board become a counterfeit factory?

He could have done anything with this ability, but he actually wanted to scam his soul coins. He was simply ignorant and incompetent!

Lu Wu decisively chose to ignore such a post.

Thus, the style of the ‘rare treasures’ section changed again.

At this time, the idiotic players had all become Masters of appraisal, praising their “treasures” with gorgeous words in the post, and each treasure had a touching and touching story.

Lu Wu felt a pain in the ass.

A piece of Jade could make up a story that was almost like a Cowherd and a Weaver Girl.

What was even more outrageous was an ordinary “ant.” That player insisted that this ant was the divine beast that had protected their family for a thousand years. This time, their fate with it had ended, and they were prepared to find the next fated person to exchange for 30 soul coins.

Lu Wu felt that these stupid players were really challenging his intelligence.

I’m so angry!

In the end, Lu Wu simply let the artifact continue to monitor the posts in the “treasures” section, while he logged out of the forum and was ready to have some peace and quiet.

As for the deal he had made with the player, he naturally would not reveal his location. Instead, he asked No. 2 to go to the player’s house to get it.

This number two was no other than the modified human that had fused mu Zhiguang’s soul with the black Tiger’s body.

However, after the fusion, Lu Wu did not awaken mu Zhiguang’s memory because it was completely unnecessary.

While they were waiting, number two returned.

After taking over the ancient bronze tree from number two, Lu Wu brought the sapling of the ancient bronze tree and Bei Li into the space of the artifact.

After that, Lu Wu had nothing to do with it.

Bei Li put on his ‘research uniform’ and began to modify the attributes of the seedling.

After a series of hard work, Lu Wu spent nearly a million soul coins and the seedling finally recovered.

The branches and leaves slowly stretched out, and the originally drooping trunk straightened. The nine golden crows shed their bronze outer shells and their bodies became golden. Then, they spread their wings and began to fly around the ancient bronze tree.

At this moment, Bei Li stood up with the ancient bronze tree’s sapling in his hand and threw it forward.

Immediately, the bronze seedling’s roots extended, slowly piercing into the ground of the divine artifact space. After the seedling touched the ground, it began to grow rapidly.

At the same time, Lu Wu’s soul coins also began to decrease rapidly.

However, Lu Wu didn’t feel any heartache because he knew that these efforts would have high returns in the future.

After spending a total of three million soul coins, this bronze sapling was already half a meter tall.

At this moment, Bei Li stopped using his soul power to catalyze the bronze seedlings. He then turned to Lu Wu and smiled sweetly.”

“It’s done. This bronze sapling and the ancient bronze tree are of the same origin. I’ve awakened their weak connection. Now, all that’s left is for the feisha to open up and bind it to the players so that they can grow together!”

When Lu Wu heard this, a smile appeared on his face. He took a few steps forward and rubbed little Beili’s head,”

“You’ve worked hard. ”

When Bei Li heard this, he chuckled and extended a finger.

Seeing this, Lu Wu couldn’t help but frown and say,””It’s not good for children to eat too many snacks!”

“You little brat, who are you talking about?” Bei Li couldn’t help but put his hands on his waist.

Lu Wu was speechless.


The nine Heavens of the heaven realm.

An incomparably huge tree was rooted on a floating island.

The top of this giant tree reached the sky, and its size was incomparably huge. Its luxuriant branches and leaves drooped down, covering the entire Island.

Nine giant golden birds were flying around the tree, chirping loudly from time to time.

At this moment, the giant tree suddenly trembled and began to shrink rapidly. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a white-haired old man in a Daoist robe.

“What’s wrong, tree mother?” Seeing this, the nine golden crows in the sky landed around the white-haired elder.

“Bloodline connection? No, it’s a completely opposite attribute to mine!” The old man formed by the ancient bronze tree looked extremely serious.

“Tree mother, what do you mean?” The nine golden crows beside him asked curiously.

“I can feel a connection between me and the other me in my infant state!” The white-haired old man said in a deep voice.

When the nine golden crows heard this, they couldn’t help but be stunned, clearly unable to understand why.

“Tree mother, where is it? we’ll go and check it out!” One of the Golden crows immediately said.

“I can’t find it. It seems to be in the Three Realms, but it also seems to be not in the Three Realms. I can’t find its specific location through this weak connection. Moreover, I have a sense of danger that it may cause me harm in the future!”

After a moment of silence, the old man spoke again,”

“If I’m not wrong, the person behind the scenes wants to use this main body with completely opposite attributes to mine to absorb my power to strengthen this sapling!”

“Did the three great emperors of the netherworld do it?” When the nine golden crows heard this, their faces were filled with anger and the surrounding area was immediately filled with heat waves.

They knew that their power came from the ancient bronze tree. If the ancient bronze tree withered, they would not be able to survive.

The ancient bronze tree shook its head.”

“Although I know that the three great emperors of the netherworld have never let go of their hatred, I’m sure they won’t do that because they’re not stupid. If they start a war now, the netherworld will have no chance of winning. Moreover, its connection with me doesn’t come from the netherworld!”

“Then who could it be? In this heaven realm, besides the celestial Emperor, who would dare to be your enemy?”

When the ancient bronze tree heard this, it shook its head and sighed,”

“Anyone can do it, just don’t be those few people!”

Upon hearing this, the nine golden crows trembled as they suddenly recalled who the tree mother was talking about.

The only opponents that could make the tree mother so afraid were not the three great emperors of the netherworld or the three great emperors of the heaven realm. They could only be the few taboo figures before the war of the Three Realms broke out.

“Tree … Tree mother, aren’t they dead?” The leading golden crow’s voice was trembling.

“Who can guarantee that? Back then, they were so powerful that even if they died in the battle outside the domain, who can guarantee that they won’t return?”

Hearing this, the nine-headed golden crow’s expression became extremely ugly and his heart trembled.

“If he returns, do we have the power to fight?”

“There are! We have the protection of the outer-realm Saint spirit, so we can fight!” The ancient bronze tree’s expression was extremely grave as it said this.

“As long as the otherworldly demon doesn’t return!” At this moment, the ancient bronze tree spoke again. When it spoke, its voice was clearly trembling.

The nine-headed golden crow’s expression changed when he heard the word ‘sky demon’. A blurry figure appeared in his mind.

The most powerful human Emperor!

“Tree mother, is he really that strong?” The Golden Crow leader couldn’t help but ask.

“He can shake the Three Realms by himself!”

“How is that possible?” The nine golden crows were terrified.

When the battle started, they had just gained sentience. Therefore, they only had a vague impression of ‘tu mie’ in the tree mother’s mind. They had never expected that tu mie would be so powerful.

“His battlefields have never been the Three Realms. He’s always been fighting in the outer realms. In order to plunder resources, he’s opened up hundreds of battlefields in the outer realms and fought against countless powers at the same time. But even so, he still won in an overwhelming manner. Thus, he and his subordinates are collectively called ‘outer realm heavenly demons’ by the powers of the outer realms.”

“How can he be so strong?” One of the Golden crows couldn’t help but ask.

“I’m not sure. I wasn’t even born when he existed, but I know that he’s always been that powerful. In the legends, all human subordinates who followed him would obtain the ability to not die or be destroyed. The human army he led was like a locust plague that wreaked havoc in the outer realms, plundering. That’s why in the outer realms, their arrival is known as the otherworldly demon disaster!”

“If it wasn’t for his death, how would our heaven realm dare to start the war of the Three Realms!” The ancient bronze tree sighed.

“Since he’s so strong and undying, why did he die?” The Golden crows asked with grave expressions.

“I don’t know. The outer realm is so big. It’s normal to encounter an opponent that I can’t defeat!”

“What about the heavenly demon’s former subordinates?” The Golden crows asked again. After knowing that there was such a terrifying potential enemy, they also felt a sense of danger.

“They must have fallen after tu mie. It seems that their immortality came from tu mie. When tu mie died, their abilities disappeared. Naturally, they couldn’t survive in the outer realm.”

“What about tu mie’s soul? Have you returned to the Three Realms and reincarnated?” The Golden Crow hurriedly asked.

“No, because of this, the immortal emperors have searched the heavenly Dao and the six paths of reincarnation, but they couldn’t find him. So we’re sure that he must have died in the outer realm!”

The Golden crows heaved a long sigh of relief.

After understanding how terrifying ‘human Emperor massacre’ was, they were terrified. However, after knowing that massacre had long since fallen, the pressure on them instantly dissipated.

“Don’t worry. As long as the ‘Sky Devil’ doesn’t come back, everything will be fine. With the Holy Spirits from the outer realm as the Allied army, even if those forbidden areas come back, we will still have the power to fight. Now, I have to continue to investigate the origin of the other me, and I need to sleep for a while. ” As it spoke, the ancient bronze tree glanced at the nine golden crows beside it. With a shake of its body, it once again turned into a towering tree that covered the sky.

Seeing this, the nine golden crows let out a cry and flew into the sky, circling around the ancient bronze tree again.