Chapter 475: Asian server theme song collection

A week after the ‘rare treasures’ page was launched.

Lu Wu once again obtained the body parts of two ancient gods in heaven.

However, it was a pity that the owner of one of the body parts had already died in the war of the Three Realms.

In other words, if this broken body was made into a totem, it would not be able to absorb any power from the original owner.

The remaining body was a murky and dim Pearl. Its owner, according to Beili, was the “elephant god” of the ancient gods in the heaven realm, and this Pearl was the crystallization of the divine elephant’s consciousness.

After that, Bei Li used the divine tool of war to wake up the bead and burned his funds (soul coins) to cultivate the bead into a small white elephant energy ball. He also established a connection with the divine elephant in the heaven realm.

Although the divine elephant was not as strong as the ancient bronze tree, Lu Wu was still happy for it.

Because with these totems, he could use the smallest price to train the most powerful warriors.

At that time, the players who took the totems of these gods as their professions would obtain the powerful abilities that these gods had comprehended, which would save Lu Wu a lot of soul coins.

After that, Lu Wu was even more excited about the “rare treasures” provided by the players.

Originally, there were five non-server totems, and he had already gathered two. It had only been a week, and the progress was not bad.

Therefore, Lu Wu gave up the plan to open the non-servers in the near future and planned to wait for a while to gather five totems before opening them.

If he could collect new totems in the future, he would use them for the new classes in the future updates of the non-server.

In other words, the biggest difference between non-servers and other servers was that they had more class choices at the start.

As they obtained more God remains in the future, they would have more class choices.

Furthermore, they had another advantage-their growth rate.

Since the totems and non-server players had a growth mode that complemented each other, the stronger the totem, the stronger the players would be. Similarly, the stronger the players were, the stronger the totem would be.

Under such a growth method, perhaps the future totem would be able to completely surpass the main body and become an even stronger existence.

In other words, while accelerating the growth of the players, these totems also had unlimited potential and would become Lu Wu’s potential power in the future.

It could be said that there were many benefits to using the body of an ancient God to cultivate a totem.

While Lu Wu was happy, he couldn’t help but praise the all-rounded little Bei Li and bought her a lot of snacks as a reward.

And the all-rounded little Beili was always so easily satisfied.

With the least ‘salary’, doing the most brainy work, and still enjoying it, boss Lu Wu was very pleased.

Although there were many things that Bei Li was hiding from him, Lu Wu knew that as he got stronger and stronger, the truth would be closer and closer to him. One day, Bei Li would tell him everything.

And what Lu Wu had to do was to lead the player Army and destroy the netherworld first, and then take them to sweep the heaven realm!

Let these enemies know what a natural disaster of the human race was!

In Lu Wu’s opinion, so what if it was the Age of Chaos? the human race without spirit energy could still be strong enough to make the Three Realms afraid.

After all, with such an awesome boss like me giving you the ability to be immortal, you can just ‘rush’ through the whole process. If you die, it will only take three hours!

After planning for the future, Lu Wuxin was very happy.

Everything was developing in a good direction!

At the same time, in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the players, Lu Wu was prepared to start the individual competition soon after the non-server was launched.

Although this was very unfair to the non-servers, in Lu Wu’s opinion, he had already given them such a large group totem “cheat”, so it was not unfair.


Tokyo Japan.

The night wind blew by the lakeside. Under the bright moonlight, a man leaned against the railing by the lake and looked at the reflection of the moonlight in a daze.

At this moment, his phone rang.

He came back to his senses and listened to the familiar melody and the song he was singing. A trace of sadness appeared on the man’s face.

He took out his phone from his pocket and answered the call.

“Lord shenlan, I agree. Let’s break up!” A cold voice came from the phone.

“A wise decision!” Yeshen LAN replied in a calm tone.

“Can you tell me the truth about your current situation?” The person on the other end of the phone was silent for a moment, then he asked,”

“Not bad. He’s in a debt of 20 million and has completely terminated his contract with the company. There’s no possibility of him coming back!” As she said this, a bitter smile appeared on her face.

“Kamiyama-kun, you used to love music so much. You even told me that you wanted to pursue your dreams and become the best singer in Asia, or even the world. But look at you now. I really can’t believe what’s happening. Can you tell me what’s causing your life to be in such a mess?” The female voice on the other end of the phone sounded very disappointed.

“It’s nothing, I was just playing as I normally would!” Yeshen LAN said with a smile.

“Lord shenlan, are … Are you hiding something from me? you weren’t like this in the past?” The female voice on the other end of the phone asked.

“Conceal? Eri, you don’t think I’m suffering from an incurable disease, like in the TV series, pretending to be depraved in order to leave you, do you? Hahaha!” Yeshen LAN couldn’t help but laugh as she spoke.

“God mist-kun, I hate you, you scumbag!” After hearing this, the call was hung up.

Yeshen LAN continued to smile, but her tears fell.

F * ck, I’m f * cking terminally ill!

To hell with life, to hell with my musical dream, it’s all gone!

At the age of 18, he chose to give up his studies for the sake of his musical dream. He stood out in a singing talent show and was selected as one of the best new Japan singers with his symbolic voice and singing talent.

Then, his life changed completely.

He officially debuted in 2313. The next year, he became the most viewed singer of the night (42.8%) at the 183rd red and white Song Festival. He was awarded the Purple Phoenix medal by the Japan government.

All music called him ‘one of the young artistes with the most potential in rock’ n ‘roll history’ and many of the songs he sang were composed by himself. He was also known as the genius of the music industry and had countless fans.

He also received the most publicity resources from the management company, as well as the best lyrics and music resources. At such a young age, he was already on a rocket to the peak of the music industry.

Everyone thought that this genius would become a music legend in the future, and everyone was looking forward to it, including nightshen LAN herself.

But at this time, the bad news arrived. What Ye Shen LAN never expected was that she was suffering from a terminal illness, a cancer that couldn’t be cured with current medical methods.

In the following days, night God LAN tried to persist and actively cooperate with the treatment. However, every night, she returned home exhausted and looked at her pale self in the mirror, as well as her hair that was falling off.

The pressure in his heart was undoubtedly huge.

The management company also found out about Yeshen Lan’s situation at this time, but they didn’t choose to let Yeshen LAN actively receive treatment, because they knew that this new generation of potential singers had come to an end.

With his terminal illness, it was impossible for him to create greater profits for the company. It would be a waste to continue investing in him.

However, the company had previously thought highly of Ye Shen LAN and had already invested such a huge amount of resources in him. This situation was also unacceptable to the company.

Thus, before Ye Shen LAN “fell”, the company hoped to reap the greatest benefits from him.

Next, Ye Shen LAN had to attend all kinds of commercial performances and participate in activities organized by various financial companies. She hoped to earn more benefits at Ye Shen Lan’s most dazzling moment.

The terms of the contract suppressed him. Treatment required a lot of money, and at this time, he could only clench his teeth and endure.

Now, he finally couldn’t hold on any longer and collapsed.

Even though he had paid so much, he still did not get the company’s gratitude. What he faced was a letter from a lawyer for breach of contract.

The capitalist’s game would never let go of any opportunity to exploit. Under the circumstances that night God LAN couldn’t create any benefits, the management company took a fancy to the copyright of the few popular songs that night God LAN had when she first left the world.

Even if Yeshen LAN was already half-crippled by then, he still wanted to snatch her away.

But Ye Shen LAN rejected it, because these songs were his blood, sweat, and tears, and he was willing to pay a huge compensation.

After that, night God LAN had completely disappeared from people’s sight. It had been almost a year since then.

He had already given up on the treatment and had no money for it. As for the 20 million that he had yet to pay back …

Taking out the notice of critical illness from her pocket, Yeshen LAN chuckled as she looked at the one-month deadline on it.

Because he had no intention of returning it!

He was an orphan, and since he was going to die, he naturally didn’t have to worry about the debt.

Breaking up with his girlfriend was just to stop the debt collectors from pestering his girlfriend after his death. It was that simple.

It would save her a lot of trouble if she were to break off her relationship with him. After all, those people from the debt collection company were not good people.

Right now, Ye Shen LAN felt her entire body relax.

As for what to do in the remaining month, Yeshen LAN was also very confused.

Looking at the sparkling surface of the lake, Yeshen LAN once again fell into a daze.

In fact, it was not that he had not thought about living to his heart’s content in his last month.

Unfortunately, the remaining money on him did not allow him to do so. The treatment had already emptied out everything he had.

The money in his pocket was only enough to support his expenses for more than ten days. He felt that there was a possibility of starving to death before he was in critical condition.

Thinking about how she might have to earn money in the last 20 days in order to survive, Yeshen LAN couldn’t help but clench her fists.

I’ve had enough of these days!

Taking off the hat on her head and rubbing her bald head, Yeshen LAN felt extremely bitter in her heart.

Suicide, he would not commit suicide. That was the action of a coward. Even if he could live for one more day, he would live!

“Since I don’t have money, I’ll go earn money. With my ability, do you think I don’t have a place to earn money?

Thinking of this, he turned around and walked toward the city with flashing neon lights.

At this moment, his destination was the most famous bar in Ginza, Bar High Five. His goal was to get some reservations there and earn his last month’s living expenses.

After a few hours of walking, he entered the city, took out his phone, and followed the navigation to the target bar.

The bar was hidden in the commercial building of Ginza shichimu. Compared to the noise of the surrounding shops, a steady door was quietly set up. After he pushed the door open, a deep saxophone music drifted out.

The atmosphere inside was relaxed and pleasant, which made people feel at ease.

Yeshen LAN strode to the bar counter and rang the bell. A bartender who was mixing drinks immediately raised his head.

When he saw night God Lan’s face, the bartender had a surprised look on his face. After being stunned for a moment, he suddenly said in surprise,”

“You must be Lord godmist …”

Listening to the bartender’s endless chatter, night God LAN couldn’t help but interrupt him and say,”

“Can you contact your boss or the person in charge of the izakaya? I want to see him!”

The bartender hurriedly nodded. If it was an ordinary person, he would naturally choose to refuse, but since it was Yeshen LAN, he knew that the boss would definitely be willing to meet her!

After the bartender left, Yeshen LAN turned around in boredom while listening to the music. She looked at the various guests in The Wine House, seemingly lost in thought.

At that moment, a poster not far away from her caught her attention.

[Conquest online Asia server theme song recruitment plan!]


You might have dreamed of becoming a singer or a star, but not everyone was like “Isya” in the movie, who finally stood on the stage of music.

Perhaps you lack the courage or opportunity, which led to this dream never being realized.

But today, punitive expedition online provided a stage for you to collect songs from all parts of Asia except for Dragon Country.

I’ll let you personally interpret this dream story that combines illusion and reality!

Recruitment requirements:

1. The composer owns all the copyright of the song. No plagiarism is allowed, and no copyright infringement is allowed.

2. You must be familiar with the background theme of the conquering Asian server and the content of the song must be in line with the theme.

3. Priority for creative works: rock and roll, pure music

Battle theme song rewards (choose one):

1.30 million cash reward!

2. High soul coins and items as rewards in the war game!

This event will last for three months, and all the players on the forum will vote for an election, as well as the group behind the scenes!

[The final right of interpretation of this event belongs to “battle online”.]

When she saw the poster, Yeshen LAN was stunned.

He was really shocked by the 30 million Yuan reward for a song. This wasn’t just being rich, it was more like he was burning money.

What surprised him even more was what the hell was the game reward in the second option?

How could an idiot choose the game reward over 30 million in cash!

From Ye Shen Lan’s point of view, if the winner chose the game’s reward, then his brain was definitely damaged!

As she had been treating her terminal illness for the past year, and the Asia server had just been launched during this period of time, Yeshen LAN had no idea about the influence of punitive expedition online in Asia.

Hence, in his opinion, 30 million was not on the same level as the rewards in the war game.

Only people with a screw loose would choose the game reward.