Chapter 478: What a willful player

(300 years later, the global currency will be unified, and the real currency will be RMB. This way, it will be easier for everyone to distinguish between the real currency and RMB.)

After resting on the sofa for a long time, Yeshen LAN finally recovered.

Looking at the blood on the ground, Ye Shen LAN helplessly shook his head. However, vomiting blood was already a common occurrence for him. He didn’t feel the slightest bit of panic, and he certainly wouldn’t call an ambulance.

It was just a normal operation!

She vomited out everything she had eaten. At this moment, Yeshen LAN had no intention of continuing to eat.

At the end of the day, his body was too weak. It was fine to drink liquid food, but his body couldn’t take this kind of food at all.

After some thought, he stood up with difficulty and walked to the computer desk in the study room. He planned to go online to look up information about war online.

After all, it was clearly written on the poster that the theme song must be in line with the game’s content.

Therefore, since he had decided to participate in this song competition, he had to understand the game’s content as soon as possible, and even experience it for himself.

He turned on the computer, and the screen lit up. He turned it on in a second and entered the desktop interface.

Fortunately, the computer wasn’t locked with a password, so night God LAN had one less step to ask.

Opening the browser, nightshen LAN entered ‘expedition online’ on the search engine and pressed enter.

Immediately, a large amount of information appeared.

The first link was the official website of the war!

Ye Shen LAN didn’t go directly to the official website, but first checked the introduction and comments of other gaming media about the game.

As she read through, shock gradually appeared on night God Lan’s face.

This was because the video game media’s evaluation of war online was too high.

What 100% simulation, an epoch-making product!

The best Game of the Century, an unshakeable masterpiece that might not be shaken for the next hundred years!

What was even more outrageous was that some video game media even crowned the company behind the battle online as the world’s most outstanding scientific research company. They even directly called this company a black technology company.

All of them were full of praise, and Yeshen LAN was speechless.

They were all F * cking Internet Water Army!

At least, in Ye Shen Lan’s eyes, it was a scene that only happened when there was a water Army.

In his opinion, the games that the owner of the izakaya liked to play at his age should have a different style from the games that young people played.

However, in the game media’s description, the feeling that punitive expedition online gave Ye Shen LAN was that there was a whole new world in the game, and it was a game that was suitable for all ages.

However, the game’s theme was war!

This was a little strange.

He had not been in contact with the outside world for only a year. How could such a high-tech product be born in the world?

Ye Shen LAN admitted that this game might be very powerful, as could be seen from the 30 million cash they had to collect for the theme song. However, he didn’t believe that a game company’s product could be as “epoch-making” as the game media had praised.

As he thought of this, he opened the official website of the war.

Suddenly, a pair of Crimson eyes appeared in the center of the screen. The burning pupils seemed to reflect a world of blood and fire, making night God Lan’s heart tighten.

When the red eyes faded, the official page of the Asia server appeared. The background of the main interface was a bird ‘s-eye view of The Burning Sky City. Eagles were flying at the side, and the buildings below looked like they were from another world.

Ye Shen Lan’s eyes scanned the official website for a while, then she clicked on the forum function.

He opened the Asia server forum and countless posts appeared.

However, what made Yeshen LAN extremely surprised was the number of posts on the upper right corner.

At this moment, there were more than a million posts, and the number of posts was still increasing.

More than a million game discussion threads a day? How many online players would that be!

They’re all F * cking fake reviewers!

Yeshen LAN once again questioned.

From his point of view, if he did not count the replies and had one million active posts in a day, the number of players online would definitely exceed one hundred million, or even far more. After all, many players only replied to the posts and did not post anything. Some players even looked at it and never replied!

What a joke, their country only had a small population!

The number of conscripted players had exceeded 100 million. In Yeshen Lan’s eyes, this was a little too much!

With a doubtful mood, night God LAN started to browse the official posts of the war.

However, as she looked at them, night God LAN somehow felt that these players were not playing the same game.

Some were talking about raising pets, some were talking about fishing by the lake, and some were talking about PK combat techniques … There were all kinds of topics.

Moreover, many of the screenshots in the posts were real life pictures in Yeshen Lan’s eyes.

For example, there was a picture of a player wearing armor and fishing by the lake. There was no sense of the game’s background at all. It was more like a picture taken by the lake in the real world after cosplaying.

The more she looked, the more surprised she became. Gradually, her suspicion turned into shock.

Because he was beginning to believe that it was true.

There were too many posts that could prove this point. He wasn’t stupid. Although he was shocked, he still accepted the truth.

There really was a game that was 100% realistic, equivalent to a Second World!

This time, Yeshen LAN no longer had any suspicions. When she read the subsequent posts, she only felt shock and disbelief.

At this moment, a post caught night God Lan’s attention.

[We’re hiring contestants for the theme song of the war at a high price. As long as they win the prize, we’ll name any conditions!]

[Building head: Borneo Buddha]

[Details: for this Asian server theme song Campaign India’s Polo consortium has invested 800 million to recruit music experts. As long as your theme song is selected as the theme song for the Asian server campaign, you will receive this generous prize money!]

[Requirement: sign the contract in advance and the reward will be ours!]

[Game ID: moralji, affiliated Guild: brahism, position: President

[Time limit: the campaign theme song collection ends!]


When she saw this post, Yeshen LAN looked as if she had seen a ghost.

In his eyes, the owner of the izakaya was already burning money by offering 400 million Yuan, but Polo consortium was willing to invest 800 million Yuan, which was double the amount!

He also knew about this “Polo consortium”. They mainly dealt in medical drugs, and many of his drugs were imported from there during his treatment. The strength of this consortium could be said to be comparable to a country’s wealth.

However, Ye Shen LAN couldn’t understand why money was spent in the game like this.

They must have gone crazy from playing the game!

Night God LAN couldn’t imagine how any musician or singer would be able to resist the temptation of such a price.

So he scrolled down the post to see the players ‘reaction.

However, it was clear that not only did the players from the Asia server not suck up to him, their attitude was extremely bad.

Garji’s incarnation: “too little. Raise the price quickly. The ‘three-star’ young master next door has already offered one billion. It’s time to burn money (funny)”

Slash the Crimson eyes: “if I had the talent in this area and participated in the competition, I would definitely get the reward myself. Even if I sell it after I get it, the price will definitely increase. Only an idiot would cooperate with you!”

Little angel Jinmu: “smart people will choose to stock up. I heard that there’s a player from the hell server called Aike who’s preparing to enter with a huge sum of money. Although they can’t participate in the Asian server’s events, he can invite people to participate. When the time comes, the rewards will be traded across the server.”(Funny)

The player from the most powerful country in the universe: “no matter what, we can’t sell it to other servers. The Asian server is already behind. What if the reward is a legendary weapon or something even better? we can’t sell it!”

The Indian ascetic,[we’ll just wait for the feifu brothers to vent their anger (funny)]

Misaka mizaka’s brother: “op, forget it. The price you offered is really not high on the forum. You want to get a reward at this price? I advise you to give up. Why don’t you increase the price?”(international golden special edition funny face.jpg)

San li: “after analyzing the situation over the past few days, I’d advise the strong contestants to choose to hoard their goods. They’ll definitely lose out if they sell them. Otherwise, why do you think the rich people want to sign a cooperation agreement with you in advance? be smart!”

Fishing expert: “the comment above is correct. I think so too. Besides, what’s the use of having so much money? it’s enough to spend. I spend almost every day in the cultivation chamber. I don’t want to spend money even if I have money. Instead, I’ll be very happy if I get rewards or inheritances (funny).”

Captain Jack: let me tell you something. I’m a teacher. Now, students never compare who’s rich. What they compare is who’s better at PK skills and who has better equipment. In the past, it was always my father who was pretentious. Now, it’s my father’s equipment. Also, under inflation, the currency will depreciate, but the war currency seems to be appreciated. After saying so much, do you know (funny)?


Seeing the reply in the post, Yeshen LAN was dumbfounded.

Were all the players so arrogant now?

800 million!

Why did he put on a look that he felt it was too little, and even disdained it?

It was too F * cking abnormal!

There were even more players who replied that if they received the game rewards, they would use it for themselves, or they would stock up and sell it after the price rose!

F * ck, can games be eaten?

Aren’t you afraid of losing everything?

Could the items in the game retain their value? Wasn’t he afraid that he wouldn’t be able to sell it and lose money?

Yeshen LAN was in a mess. She couldn’t understand what kind of mentality the players in this game had when they played!

Am I the only one who thinks that cash is more important than the game rewards?

Yeshen LAN started to doubt her life. She felt that her world view was so different from the masses!