Chapter 479: It smells so good!

After roughly understanding the strong desire of the Conqueror players for in-game purchases, as well as the behavior of the rich players in this game world, he felt that he had to pay a lot of money.

Yeshen LAN was silent.

He felt that the world had become a little strange.

The more he learned, the more curious he was about the game.

He wanted to experience it for himself, to see what kind of game world it was.

At this moment, there was a download address on the Conqueror’s website, but there was no virtual equipment in the room that could support the game.

Yeshen LAN fell into deep thought.

Subconsciously, he picked up the cigarette box on the table and took out a cigarette. Then, he picked up the gilded lighter on the table and lit it.

He took a deep breath.

Cough cough … F * ck!

This cough couldn’t be stopped, making Yeshen LAN want to die, and she coughed out a lot of blood.

He stubbed out the cigarette and took a deep breath. He stood up, went to the door, opened it, and walked out.

Although it was already midnight, the music was still playing in the izakaya, and the number of visitors had not decreased at all.

Yeshen LAN stood on the second floor and looked at the crowd below for a moment. She made a decision and walked downstairs.

Now, he had to go outside to find a virtual gaming room to experience conquest online.

When they passed by the bar, night God LAN greeted the bartender and explained that she had something to do and needed to go out.

The bartender didn’t stop him. He smiled to show that he understood.

After leaving The Wine House, Yeshen LAN turned on her phone and looked at the navigation system. Then, she walked toward the virtual gaming room that was closest to her.

There were not many people on the street under the dim yellow street lights. The ground was very wet because it had just rained.

The night wind was slightly cold, and Yeshen LAN couldn’t help but tighten her clothes.

He felt that he was getting weaker and weaker.

However, he also admired himself.

He was terminally ill and didn’t have a month left to live, but he still had to play games in the early hours of the morning.

Other people spent money on games, but he spent his life on games. He felt that he was much more ruthless than those players who spent money on games.

She coughed all the way forward. In the wind, Yeshen Lan’s hunched body looked a little desolate.

Following the location on her phone, Yeshen LAN arrived at her destination in less than half an hour.

He looked up and saw the words “2D game room” hanging across the road.

Yeshen LAN glanced at the traffic light and waited for a moment before crossing the road.

After entering the game room, the sci-fi themed decorations came into view. The entire game room was decorated in three colors: white, blue, and black.

As they walked in, night God LAN noticed that there were many war online posters on the walls.

Inside the game room, there was a gaming chamber every one meter.

This was the first time night God LAN had seen such a gaming room.

After walking around, night God LAN suddenly felt that he had aged. This was because he couldn’t find any virtual helmets at all. All he could find were gaming capsules.

The old man with a terminal illness felt that he was being bullied by the new era …

He had no choice but to try to use the gaming chamber. After all, he was afraid that he would die on the way if he were to find another gaming room!

Although it was late at night, there were still many players in the game room.

Many of the gaming capsules had red lights on outside. After checking them, Ye Shen LAN found an empty corner and took out her phone, scanning the area with the QR code.

“Di! Virtual reality pod activated, please choose the game time!”

The virtual pod’s StartUp Bar showed the input options.

Yeshen LAN thought for a moment, then pressed a “5.”

“Di! Not enough balance!”

Looking at the notification on the screen, night God LAN was so sad that she didn’t want to say anything.

After a moment of silence, he reached out and typed ” 3″ on the screen.

“Top-up successful. Please start your gaming journey~!” A sweet voice came from the gaming chamber.

This time, she didn’t run out of money like before, but she still felt terrible.

This was because while he was terminally ill, he was also penniless.

Which player is as ruthless as me! What hardcore players, are they as ruthless as my hardcore players!

Who else is there!

Ye Shen LAN looked around. Although there was no one around, she still felt that she was awesome!

After the gaming pod’s cover slowly opened, night God LAN stepped inside.

After the lid slid off, nutrient solution flowed out of the surrounding holes, and a virtual screen appeared.

At this time, a game safety Notification appeared in front of night God Lan’s eyes.

It explained in detail how to use the gaming chamber and how to pay for it.

Yeshen LAN didn’t choose to skip the introduction, but instead carefully read through it.

After watching the video, he finally understood why the game was so expensive. In fact, the fee per hour of game time was not particularly expensive, but the expensive nutrient solution. This was because no matter how long the player used The Game Capsule to surf the internet, a portion of the nutrient solution would be deducted first. After all, it was a one-time use item.

After understanding the reason, night God LAN skipped the introduction interface and the virtual game screen appeared in front of her.

The number one spot on the most popular game leaderboard was war online.

The heat level had reached the maximum of 100 points.

Playing with toys is demoralizing!

Mumbling to herself, Yeshen LAN opened the online war game and started her war journey.


Three hours later, the gaming chamber opened.

Yeshen LAN suddenly opened her eyes.

His eyes were still filled with disbelief.

He quickly took out his phone from the cell phone’s storage box, then got up and went to the virtual screen where he paid for the internet.

“Beep, not enough balance!”

“Beep, not enough balance!”

“Beep, not enough balance!”


He didn’t even have half an hour’s balance left?

I … F * ck …

Yeshen LAN sat down dejectedly, leaning against the gaming capsule.

After experiencing it for himself, he finally understood why the game was called a Second World by the players.

Because everything in the game was too real. In Yeshen Lan’s eyes, there were no flaws at all.

What shocked him even more was that the weakness and pain in his body had disappeared in the game.

After exiting the game, this feeling of difference was particularly obvious, making him want to stay in the game and not return to this weak body.

In the game, he had chosen the ‘fate sorcerer’, which was a telekinesis user. The feeling of mastering superpowers, as well as the increase in his physical strength when he leveled up, made him very fascinated.

However … He was out of money …

Thinking up to this point, Yeshen LAN couldn’t help but Mutter.

He had completely forgotten that he had said that playing with toys would make one lose one’s will.

Even night God LAN had to admit that this game was amazing!

They had a completely different world view, different buildings and scenery, and different local customs. Everything was so real that it was as if they were in a different world.

In the three-hour world, nightshen LAN had met many players and communicated with many NPCs. All of this had deeply shocked him.

This game was so well made!

This time, night God LAN praised him sincerely!

However, Ye Shen LAN immediately became sad again. She had no money …

Standing up, Yeshen LAN thought for a moment and decided to return to the izakaya. She would wait for the owner of the izakaya to come back tomorrow and talk to him.

As she walked out of the game room, a gust of cold wind blew against her face, causing Yeshen LAN to cough uncontrollably.

After experiencing a powerful physical body and superpowers, nightshen LAN felt extremely uncomfortable and uncomfortable when she faced her weak body again.

But at this moment, the fighting spirit in Yeshen Lan’s heart was once again burning.

After seeing the light, they would definitely thirst for it!

He finally understood why so many players were willing to spend money in the game.

With virtual equipment that allowed 24-hour internet access, and a completely real world during the war, wouldn’t it be equivalent to a Second World?

Moreover, that world had superpowers that didn’t exist in the real world, a free mind, and various interactive functions … Even nightshen LAN, who didn’t like playing games, had fallen in love with this game in the past three hours.

And the expedition online would be his chance to be reborn.

With her mind full of thoughts, Yeshen LAN dragged her weak body along the quiet streets of the bustling city. Her desolate back gradually moved further and further away, and occasionally, a few rapid coughs could be heard …


When he returned to the tavern, the bartender who noticed his arrival smiled at him.”

“Your Excellency divine mist, everything upstairs has been tidied up. Would you like something to drink?”

Yeshen LAN shrunk her head and shook it, because he wanted to die!

He went upstairs and entered the room of the owner of the izakaya. The room had already been cleaned up. His vomit and the food on the table had been cleaned up.

Yeshen LAN strode over to the sofa, lay down, and closed her eyes.

At the same time, he began to think about how to make the theme song for war online.

As he pondered, fatigue washed over him like a tidal wave …

The next day, the doorbell rang and woke Yeshen LAN up.

Not only did he feel uncomfortable after waking up, but his vision was also white, as if it was covered by a layer of white gauze.

Yeshen LAN rubbed her eyes. She was already used to this.

He took a deep breath, stood up, went to the door, and opened it.

Standing outside was the owner of The Wine House, who was wearing a top hat. At this moment, it was quiet outside, and the customers had all left.

“Lord godmist, I hope I didn’t disturb your rest.” The boss greeted with a smile and raised the bag of breakfast in his hand.

Yeshen LAN shook her head slightly, then turned her body to signal the owner of the izakaya to come in.

After entering the house, Yeshen LAN looked at the bag of breakfast in the izakaya’s owner’s hand and felt a warmth in her heart. She felt that even her own father wasn’t so good to her … After all, he didn’t have a father …

However, after browsing the posts on the battle Forum yesterday, yashen LAN finally understood why the izakaya boss had said that only 400 million was considered too little for the champion of the battle theme song gathering.

However, he still decided to help the owner of the izakaya. Without him, he might still be hiding there waiting for death.

Moreover, helping the izakaya owner was also helping himself!

“Mr. Godmist, let’s have breakfast first. We’ll discuss it after we’re done.” The owner of the izakaya said with a smile.

“I’ve thought it through. I want to participate in this Song Contest!” Yeshen LAN said immediately after taking the breakfast.

Yeshen Lan’s decisive answer stunned the izakaya’s owner.

He couldn’t understand why night God LAN, who had been very hesitant yesterday, would suddenly have such a huge change.

Looking at the surprise on the owner’s face, yashen LAN laughed in her heart.

Obviously, the owner of the izakaya did not know that he had spent his last half of his life yesterday and spent all his savings to experience war online.

“Lord godmist, thank you for your help. I’ll do my best to cooperate with you in whatever you need from now on!” After a brief moment of shock, the owner of the izakaya smiled and extended his hand toward yashen LAN.

Yeshen LAN extended her hand and shook the izakaya’s owner’s hand, a smile appearing on her pale face.