Chapter 483: Theme song reward

The selection of the “theme song” for the Asia server was coming to an end.

It could be said that there was no suspense at all. Night God Lan’s “bug flying” won the championship with an absolute advantage.

Under the anticipation of thousands of players, the official announcement of the rewards for this event was released.

[(Official) the campaign for the theme song for the conquering Asia server has officially ended. I hereby announce the list of winners and event rewards!]

[Op: battle GM]

[Content: there are a total of 2764 songs for the theme song of this campaign on the Asia server. The winning work is “butt flying”. The creator is: Night God LAN.

Congratulations to this player for receiving the reward for this event. Please contact customer service as soon as possible to choose your reward!

Details of the theme song rewards:

1.30 million in cash

2. Legendary weapon customization scroll (legendary Level 1), special honorary title “demon Phoenix singer,” soul coin reward: Fifty thousand

[Demon Phoenix singer (bound, special epic title)]:

Title effect:

1. The title wearer will recover 5 HP per second.

2. The title wearer will receive a 10% increase in all healing effects.

3. The title wearer will receive a special passive “singer’s light “(all area-of-effect skills, coverage area increased by 50%)

4. All attributes +2%


After seeing that the rewards included a legendary weapon and an epic special title, the forum of the conquering Asia server was in an uproar.

Little angel Jinmu: “what rubbish reward? it’s unsightly. I’ll definitely choose 1. Those who choose 2 are idiots.”(Slamming the table in anger)

Zhan Hongyi: “the commenter above is right. The winner shouldn’t be fooled. With this 30 million in cash, you can do anything you want. Can’t you just buy pork ribs and eat them?” You’ll regret choosing the game reward for the rest of your life. Please believe me (sincere eyes).

Polo: “the winner, please contact me as soon as possible. I want your [legendary weapon custom scroll] and 50000 soul coins. You can name the price!”

Garji’s incarnation: “the one above is fake. Don’t believe him. He’s just trying to trick you into choosing reward 2 and then play disappear. Hurry up and choose 1!”

The Indian ascetic: “the officials are really too much. They actually gave me such a lousy reward. What legendary weapon custom made~hiss, what special title, and a mere 50000 soul coins. I Don’t Want It At All. I choose 30 million!”

Captain Jack: “you guys are going too far. Actually, the reward given by the dog official is not bad. But compared to 30 million, 30 million is definitely better. Yes, that’s it. Please make a wise choice. Thank you!”

San li: “previous poster, you’re all a bunch of jealous players. If I had to choose … I would definitely choose 30 million as well.”

A universe powerhouse: “don’t mess around, everyone. Let me analyze the winner. In our Asian server, a legendary weapon is almost equivalent to 1 million in cash. Then, with 30 million, you can buy 30 weapons. As for an epic title, it’s only worth 100 soul coins. You should understand what I’m saying, right?”

Crayon Shin-chan (Chinese server):”I’m dying of laughter. Look upstairs. There’s a group of orphan players from the Asian server. It’s really the happy atmosphere of an Asian server orphanage.”(Funny)

Eric (Inferno server):”name your price. I’m taking this custom scroll!”


While the players were discussing, yashen LAN, the owner of the izakaya, and his assistant Matsumoto were all looking at the official post on their computer screens with excitement, and they couldn’t help but clench their fists.

Even the owner of the izakaya didn’t expect that Yeshen LAN would be able to win the theme song contest in such a weak state.

At that time, he was just holding on to a slim chance, and night God LAN was just one of the many musicians he had invested in.

The surprise was too sudden.

“Quickly contact customer service and choose reward two!” The owner of the izakaya immediately said to Yeshen LAN in excitement.

Yeshen LAN nodded with a smile.

Although the discussion of the players on the forum had suddenly changed to reward 1, he was not stupid. Moreover, he had already promised to give the reward to the izakaya owner.

After exiting the forum, night God LAN opened the ‘customer service contact’ function on the official homepage.

A customer service pop-up window appeared.

[Yeshen LAN: is the Lord of customer service here?] Receive the reward!

Customer service number 1,[identity verification required. Please re-enter your account number, password, and face verification!]

Seeing the reply, Yeshen LAN re-entered her account password in the pop-up box, and at the same time, she faced the computer camera.

Customer service No. 1,[verification complete. Winner of the Asian server theme song. Please choose your reward: ] Reward 1 or reward 2.

When Yeshen LAN saw this, she was about to press the option when the izakaya boss beside her nervously said,”

“Press it slowly, don’t make a mistake!”

Yeshen LAN couldn’t help but want to laugh in her heart. He was already over half a century old, yet he was even more impatient than her.

He pressed the ” 2″ key on the number keyboard.

Customer service number 1:”selection completed. The reward selected is” reward 2.”The reward has been sent to the game. Please come online to collect it!”

“Boss, the reward is in place!” Yeshen LAN turned to the owner of the izakaya and said with a smile.

“Alright, we’ll go online and trade now!” The owner of the izakaya was very excited.

After all, this was a legendary weapon, and it was a custom-made one. He had only heard of one in the entire Asia server. At his age, money was just a string of numbers. To him, getting this weapon was more exciting than earning a billion.

Yeshen LAN nodded, stood up, and walked towards her gaming capsule.

“Wait, give me your bank account number first!” At this moment, the owner of the izakaya called out to Yeshen LAN.

When Yeshen LAN heard this, she stopped in her tracks. She knew that the izakaya’s boss was clearly going to fulfill their previous agreement and transfer the money to him.

This money was what she deserved, so Ye Shen LAN didn’t hesitate and told him her bank account number.

When the izakaya owner heard this, he immediately took out his phone and began to transfer the money.

In less than five minutes, Yeshen Lan’s phone rang with a text message notification. He picked it up and saw that four hundred million had been transferred.

Looking at the long string of 0’s on the message, Yeshen LAN was a little stunned.

He had never even dared to think about such a huge sum of money, but now that it had really appeared in his hands, he could not help but feel that it was a little unreal.

It was as if all of this was just a dream.

“Do you think you’re dreaming? That’s right, the real you died that night. Now, you have entered your own dream world, so everything is so perfect!” Matsumoto patted yashen Lan’s shoulder and said with a smile.

When Yeshen LAN heard this, she rolled her eyes.

“I’ll treat you to dinner tonight. Don’t scare me. I’ve just recovered and my body is weak. I can’t take the shock!”

“Alright, I’ve fulfilled my promise. It’s your turn!” The boss said with a smile.

“I’ll be waiting for you in the game!” Yeshen LAN smiled.

“Alright, I’ll go home now. Wait for me!” The owner of the izakaya immediately said, then turned and left.

After the owner of the izakaya left, Matsumoto looked at yashen LAN with a smile and asked,”

“Now that you have such a huge sum of money, what are you going to do with it?”

“I’ll spend money to buy soul coins!” Yeshen LAN answered with a serious face.

When Matsumoto heard this, he was stunned.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course I’m serious. Although there are fifty thousand soul coins in the theme song reward, that’s all the boss ‘s, not mine. I’m still poor in the game, so I have to spend some money!”

“Who was the one who said that playing with toys would demoralize one’s will?” Matsumoto couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

“Hahaha, I told you that those who spend a few hundred million in the game are idiots, but now I’m going back on my words. I’m going to spend a hundred million on him first!” Yeshen LAN didn’t blush at all, and instead smiled as she spoke.

Looking at the “pay-to-win player” from midnight God LAN, Matsumoto was too lazy to complain and shook his head.

“Alright, I’m going back now. Don’t forget about the dinner. I’ll come to you then. Oh, since you’ve recovered, remember to buy a car. I’m not at your service anymore!”

After Matsumoto finished speaking, he didn’t wait for yashen LAN to speak. He turned around, waved his hand, and left.

After Matsumoto left, yashen LAN was silent for a long time. Then, she walked to the gaming capsule and entered it.

After entering the game, night God LAN and the owner of the izakaya added each other as friends. The two then met in The Burning Sky City. Without any hesitation, night God LAN traded the 50000 soul coins and the [custom legendary weapon scroll] to the owner of the izakaya.

Of course, special titles could not be traded. Although the owner of the izakaya was very envious, he did not say much. In fact, he was already very satisfied with just being able to get these.

After bidding farewell to the owner of the izakaya, yashen LAN strode towards the silent forest.

Now that he had money, he used the teleportation array to travel.

After entering the silent forest, before night God LAN could call out to him, green-clothed’s figure suddenly appeared and pounced into his arms.

When green clothes raised her head, a beautiful face that was crying like a Pear Blossom bathed in rain appeared before Ye Shen Lan’s eyes. Although there were no words written on her face, Ye Shen LAN could still read the word ‘aggrieved’.

She was so aggrieved that tears were streaming down her face, she was so aggrieved that she could not fly, she was so aggrieved that she could not breathe …

Looking at the sobbing Lu Yi, Yeshen LAN hurriedly consoled her, promising her and admitting her mistakes. After spending a lot of effort, she finally coaxed the little butterfly to stop crying.

“Shen LAN, sing a song to coax green shirt!” At this moment, green shirt wiped her tears and spoke with reddened eyes.

When night God LAN heard this, she smiled and rubbed green clothes ‘little head, singing a song that green clothes was familiar with.

At this moment, green shirt’s tears turned into a smile. She flapped her wings and began to circle around yashen LAN, the faint green crystal-like light once again sprinkling down.

After night God LAN finished singing, green shirt also started singing.

Listening to green shirt’s ethereal voice and hearing the notification of the BUFF’s increase, night God LAN was suddenly lost in thought.

This was because he was thinking if he could learn from green shirt’s method to sing. Or rather, if he needed to create a ‘singer’ profession, he wondered if he could use green shirt as a reference.


Half a day passed by quickly. During this time, while nightshen LAN was thinking about how to create a new class, she stayed by green shirt’s side. She finally managed to make the simple-minded green shirt happy.

As she had an appointment that night, night God LAN bid green clothes farewell despite her reluctance and chose to go offline.

Back in reality, yashen LAN looked at her phone and realized that it wasn’t time for her appointment with Matsumoto yet. She sat on the sofa and fell into deep thought.

A moment later, he mustered up his courage and took out his phone to make a call.

Du du du~du~

The call went through, but there was no sound from the other end, as if waiting for him to speak first.

“Eri, it’s me, night God LAN!” After a moment of silence, night God LAN was the first to speak.

“Scumbag!” The woman’s angry voice came from the other end of the phone, and then the call was hung up.

Ye Shen LAN was speechless.