Chapter 485: Chapter 485 demon chef

In the past few days, the Asia server, which was originally the weakest in the eyes of the other three major servers, had shone brightly.

This was because a person who was admired by all server players,”night God LAN,” had appeared in the Asia server.

Creating a new class, even in the middle server that was widely acknowledged to have the most cheaters, there were only two people who had done it. One was the “Great Demon King Hu nuclear” who was widely acknowledged to have the most destructive power in the entire server, and the other was the puppeteer “Tang mu”.

And the third person to create a class was Yeshen LAN. Such an achievement made all the Asia server players feel proud.

Even though the server had opened a little late, in terms of creating classes, they were second only to the mid-server, which made them very proud.

In reality, there were three key factors in acting tough-how my relatives were, how my friends were, how my classmates were …

There were three elements for conquests to show off-how our server is, how our Guild is, how powerful our server’s hack is …

Night God Lan’s achievements made many Asian server players feel proud!

It was also because of night God Lan’s achievements that the players had a new direction in their research of the game.

And that was how to create a new class.

Very quickly, a strategy to create a new class appeared on the forums.

The experts even categorized these guides.

The most famous one was the new music class system that night God LAN had created, such as guqin, flute, erhu, chimes, guzheng, and so on. Some players even suggested piano. In short, the players were full of imagination in order to create new classes.

There were countless guides on the forum.

Of course, this was just a strategy. Many players only gave a direction, but none of them had a clue as to how to put it into practice.

However, it was not wrong to have a direction first. Perhaps they would be able to figure it out during their exploration. This was what all the players thought.

In a short time, other than the hell server, the top players from the other three servers started to research on how to create new classes.

On the other hand, due to the difference in the growth system of the inferno server, they were not as passionate about creating new classes as the players from the other three servers. To the inferno server players, they were actually creating new classes every day.

With the addition of AI ke, with its super computing power, the assembly drawings of various new models of mecha appeared like bamboo shoots after the rain. There were tens of thousands of combinations of various weapons and different power components. In their opinion, other than not being officially certified as a “new class”, they had created the most new classes in their server!

Of course, the players from the other three servers would not admit this.

In the eyes of the players from the Chinese, European, and Asian servers, the hell server’s mech was modified based on the three initial classes, which was different from completely creating new classes.

Although the four major servers were all in the player camp, they were all competitors, and it was already a daily occurrence for them to bicker with each other.

They had always adopted a strictly academic attitude towards the various aspects of comparison in the war. They had debated with each other through various forums.

There was only one core idea!

Our server is the strongest, and our potential is also the strongest. The other servers are all trash!

Just as the players from the four servers were arguing over this, a server-wide announcement appeared, attracting the attention of the players.

[Full-service announcement: new lifestyle class: The Demon Chef was officially released. Central server, European server, Asian server]

[Server announcement: due to the different growth modes of the hell server, the available lifestyle classes are: Energy chemist]

The appearance of this announcement immediately suppressed the uproar of the players.

All the players were excited.

This was because a life profession represented a large amount of soul coins and a beautiful future!

No matter if it was in reality or in the game, unfairness was bound to exist.

For example, rich players could top up their money, but this unfairness was also due to the unfairness in reality.

However, there were many opportunities to turn things around in a battle. In addition to those illusory opportunities, hard work was also an important factor.

Even the skills that could not create huge wealth in real life could be used in the game. This was an ability that many rich players did not have.

For example, the branded food that was currently selling at the game’s auction house was the wealth created by players who had cooking skills in real life.

In war games, the fastest way for players to make a comeback, other than the unreachable inheritance and hidden classes, would be to change to a lifestyle class.

This was extremely important to the players.

At this moment, white light was constantly flashing in the northern divergent underworld. They were all players who had returned through the teleportation portal.

After knowing that a new round of work classes had been introduced, the players knew that a new opportunity to rise had arrived.

In the first two times, whether it was The Alchemist or the forger, the players who successfully changed their profession had a great harvest. Many players even rose from the bottom of the players to the core players of the Guild.

The players naturally didn’t want to miss this opportunity. They were all eager to try and wait for the specific event to start.

At this time, on the life profession panel, the originally gray demon chef profession, which had not been activated, had already lit up.

Demon chef: ”

[Life profession introduction: demon chef can use special methods to see the spirit energy nodes in spiritual ingredients or spiritual meat. Using the cooking method, these nodes can be rearranged.] While it was delicious, it could also maximize the effects of the spiritual ingredient or spiritual meat!

[Class change requirement: players who rank in the top 10000 in this demon chef test will become the first demon chef to change their class!]

As the players waited excitedly, the trial panel appeared, and the detailed trial requirements appeared in front of them.

[Demon chef test requirements: the test will last for five days. During this period, all applicants will receive the test items: demon chef knife, demon chef pot, demon chef introduction manual (hardcover), demon chef spirit ability combination manual (introduction).]

[Trial notes: the cooking range of a demon chef is not limited to the use of tools. Any food can be made in your own way!]

[Trial Note 2: players who have already changed their class to’ apothecary ‘will not be able to participate in this event.]

After the trial started, the players had the same attitude-no matter how difficult it was, they had to register first!

In just five minutes, the number of people who had signed up for the trial had exceeded 10 million, and the number was still increasing.

All the players who had successfully registered also received two manuals and special tools for the Demon Chef test.

War online gave the players the best explanation of the joy and pain of learning.

If he wanted it, he had to learn it properly. There were no shortcuts!

At this moment, the players could do nothing but curse the inhumane officials for taking away their time to play games and letting them learn.

However, with the lessons learned from the previous war, the players also understood the characteristics of all the lifestyle classes.

This was because these professions were self-contained and not template life professions. Some aspects could even be combined with reality, and they were not made up.

The players were already used to the strictness of war campaigns.

However, their hearts were still filled with resentment.

Some players were even fighting battles in the game room at the moment, and the Internet fee per hour was not low. The feeling of studying hard in the game room … Made these players feel like they were stupid.

However, they had no way to resist the work occupation players. They had no other choice but to compromise.

There were even players who maliciously speculated that the game officials might have already written a library of books for them to study.

After all, there were still so many profession classes that had not been released yet. This was completely possible in the eyes of many players!

This kind of sadness could only be felt by the players who were on the battlefield.

However, the moment the trial began, all the players who participated in the trial stopped complaining on the forum and entered a learning state.

It was a familiar scene. At this moment, the players who had been fighting outside all looked like scholars.

For example, the Berserker at the corner of the street, who carried a bloody axe and was frowning as he read a book …

For example, the mage under the streetlight with the soul-devouring BUFF …

Another example was the assassin player who was standing beside the fountain with the Avici Demon God status activated …

The atmosphere in hell was peaceful. The sound of reading echoed throughout the streets, even the roofs and sewers …

At this moment, nothing was more important than studying, because in the players ‘eyes, as long as they could get through these five days and successfully change their profession to demon chef, they would have a lot of good days waiting for them in the future.

It’ll only be tough for five days, I’ll go all out!

Of course, there were also exceptions, such as the players who had already changed their profession to Alchemist.

They were very calm, laughing at the players who were studying hard. They felt that at this moment, they were Beiqi’s most eye-catching people, independent and unique!

Moreover, they didn’t think that suffering for five days could change their fate.

As the first batch of players to change their profession, they had a deep understanding of what it meant to have no end in learning.

At first, they thought so too. They thought that after suffering for a few days, good days were coming.

However, the subsequent books on alchemy could be stored in the library.

Endless sea of knowledge was no joke in the war. In fact, these apothecary players could not understand how free the people behind the war were. It was just an apothecary profession, and they had studied it for almost a year, but they had only learned a little. There was also endless knowledge waiting for them to practice and learn.

If the officials had the time, shouldn’t they do more research on how to give out soul coins?

However, what these players didn’t know was that Lu Wu didn’t want to do this either.

After all, these systems originally existed in the netherworld. The subsequent advancement required one to comprehend and explore on their own, and it was not something he could decide.

As the person behind the scenes, all he could do was guide.

The reason why the Demon Chef test did not allow the pharmacist players to participate was because the pharmacist herself already had a huge amount of knowledge to learn. If she took on the Demon Chef role, it would lead to a messy and in-depth learning.

In order to create this undying and indestructible scourge Army for the players, allowing them to develop on multiple fronts and become omnipotent, Lu Wu had also been very worried.

However, the only thought in these players ‘minds every day was:

“When will the officials start giving out soul coins?”

[When will the dog officials start the divine weapon gifting event?]

“When will the dog officials release the hidden profession?”

In Lu Wu’s opinion, these players were simply dreaming. They had no ambition at all and only knew that meat pies fell from the sky.

Would there be a pie in the sky? Would he?

As he thought of this, Lu Wu glanced at Bei Li who was munching on snacks beside him.

He didn’t know how to at all! Humans still have to rely on their own hard work. For example, I obtained all of this through my own hard work!

It had nothing to do with anyone else!

“Hey, big cat, why do you keep looking at me?” At this time, Bei Li’s eyes suddenly turned to Lu Wu.

“It’s fine, eat your food!”