Chapter 488: His mother’s trick

Mo Xiaoxin’s waist twitched at the sudden meeting.

Especially when he saw that his old mother, who was always indifferent to everything, was actually emotional at this moment.

Mo Xiaoxin instantly conjured up a melodramatic love history in his mind, one that ended with him having sex with her and then abandoning her.

However, after thinking about it carefully, he suddenly looked horrified. If it was really love, then could I be …

Mo Xiaoxin was suffocated by the breathlessness of his imagination.

At this moment, mo Lanlan had already pulled out her blade and was furiously slashing at ao Jian.

With a flash of golden light, a three-meter-long battle blade appeared and ruthlessly struck ao Jian’s body, sending him flying.

However, mo Lanlan, who was still not satisfied, followed closely behind and swung her blade again.

This time, the spiritual swords on ao Jian’s back automatically protected their master. The nine spiritual swords simultaneously shot towards ao Jian’s chest, blocking mo Lanlan’s slash and then sending him flying.

“Lan lan, didn’t you die?!” Ao Jian’s face was filled with shock as he landed on the ground and asked with a trembling voice.

Mo Lanlan didn’t reply. Instead, she stepped forward again and slashed at ao Jian with her saber.

However, against the powerful ao Jian, mo Lanlan was unable to break through his defense no matter how hard she tried.

“Lan lan, tell me what happened!” Ao Jian waved his spiritual sword to block mo Lanlan’s blade and asked again.

“Dead? Since you’re so heartless as to abandon us and leave, I’ll make you regret it and suffer for the rest of your life!” Mo Lanlan said viciously.

Upon hearing this, mo Xiaoxin gasped,”

“Mother, he’s the Father who indulged in prostitution, gambling, and owing countless debts before committing suicide?”

“Bah, he’s not your biological father!” Mo Lanlan turned to mo Xiaoxin and scolded him.

Ao Jian suddenly turned to look at mo Xiaoxin.

He could tell that mo Xiaoxin’s face was indeed similar to his!

He immediately moved to mo Xiaoxin’s side and thrust his sword at mo Xiaoxin.

Mo Xiaoxin watched in shock as the spiritual sword grazed his wrist.

After regaining his balance, ao Jian’s finger gently wiped away the blood on the tip of his sword as an expression of shock appeared on his face.

“There’s a weak sword intent in his blood. He’s my son!”

“F * ck, uncle aojian, don’t scare me. I’m going to have a heart attack from you!” Mo Xiaoxin was dumbfounded.

“He’s not your son. I had him with someone else!” Mo Lanlan shouted angrily again, looking extremely irritable.

“My ao family’s bloodline has sword intent flowing in our bodies. It has been there since the moment we were born, so how can it be fake!” Ao Jian’s voice trembled as he looked at mo Xiaoxin.

“F * ck you, this is a game, can you take it seriously? If I say no, then it’s not!” Mo Lanlan was clearly flustered and exasperated.

“The villagers told me that you gave birth to a daughter …” Ao Jian turned to mo Lanlan with a complicated expression.

“Yes, she’s a daughter, so your ao family has no offspring. This isn’t your son. I gave birth to him outside!”

“So this is also a lie you made up. You’re all still alive … I …” Ao Jian’s emotions were clearly very agitated.

Mo Lanlan had been pregnant for four months when he left. He had never returned after he left, and had completely fallen into a state of bedevilment while practicing his swordsmanship. He had only returned after he had been ruthlessly defeated.

It was only then that he found out that mo Lanlan and their child were dead. He had heard it all from someone else, and he had seen the mother and daughter’s tombstones with his own eyes.

At that moment, he was disheartened.

However, he didn’t expect that all of this was fake. It was clear that this was all planned by mo Lanlan. The purpose was to make him regret and suffer!

“Lan lan, I was wrong. At that time, I was obsessed with swordsmanship for revenge. I’m sorry …”

“Mom, tell me the truth. I can’t take it anymore. This is too melodramatic!”

“The truth is that he’s not your father. Your father eats, drinks, womanizes, and gambles. He owes countless debts and has long committed suicide!” Mo Lanlan glared at mo Xiaoxin.

“Really?” Mo Xiaoxin had a puzzled expression on his face.

“You’re my son, ao Jian’s son. There’s no mistake!” At this moment, ao Jian added.

His family relationship was too complicated, and Mo Xiaoxin was almost suffocating.

Although his biological mother had always joked that he was adopted, mo Xiaoxin had never cared. After all, his biological mother was his biological mother. Even if he was adopted, she was still his biological mother.

But now, he might have a father, and the other party was ao Jian, the person he had dissed a lot on the forum.

This made him a little unable to digest.

“Mom, I remember you said that you and dad were both very powerful. How could you have given birth to a weak chicken like me?” Mo Xiaoxin looked at mo Lanlan and said in a weak voice.

Hearing this, mo Lanlan’s face was filled with anger.”

“I said my ass! If you want to acknowledge him as your father, then so be it. Don’t bother me!”

After saying that, mo Lanlan suddenly chose to go offline.

Seeing this, ao Jian immediately took a step forward. However, before he could even touch mo Lanlan, she had already turned into black mist and went offline.

His face immediately showed a regretful expression.

He turned to look at mo Xiaoxin, who was still in a daze.

The two of them stared at each other.

“Don’t look at me. I have a headache now. Whether you are my father or not, my mother has the final say!” Mo Xiaoxin was still in a state of shock, unable to extricate himself.

“You’re mo Xiaoxin, right?” Ao Jian forced out an awkward smile.

“Yes, I’ll take my mother’s surname!”

“Did she ever mention me to you?” Ao Jian asked again.

“I’ve mentioned it before. He eats, drinks, womanizes, and gambles. He owes countless debts. In short, he has the image of a heinous bastard and a tyrant!” Mo Xiaoxin answered without any hesitation.

The smile on ao Jian’s face instantly froze.

“Ahem … It was my fault back then. I’ll make it up to you in the future …”

“Don’t give me that. If you’re really my father, I’ll hate you to death. It’s not confirmed yet!” Mo Xiaoxin hurriedly took a step back and said.

He thought about how his father had abandoned both mother and son, leaving him to bear the devastation of maternal love alone. This was not something a human would do!

He was simply a bastard!

At this moment, ao Jian suddenly frowned,

“By the way, why did you put a bounty on your mother?”

“Cough, cough, family matters! Family matters!” Upon hearing this, mo Xiaoxin’s expression turned extremely awkward.

If the man in front of him was really his father, then wasn’t he hiring his father to kill his mother?

F * ck, even a TV series wouldn’t dare to shoot it like this. This is too melodramatic!

Mo Xiaoxin shivered in fear. Fate was such a scary thing. He almost found a father just by playing a game.

However, what mo Xiaoxin did not know was that during the war, if one was extremely lucky, they could even find their ancestors. It all depended on fate.

“I’m done, I have to go see my mother!” Mo Xiaoxin suddenly said.

“Where’s your house?” Ao Jian hurriedly asked.

“Don’t even think about it. If my mother is willing to tell you, then she will. If she isn’t willing, then I won’t tell you either!”

Hearing this, ao Jian nodded with a complicated expression and didn’t pursue the matter any further.

He knew how wrong he was on the path he took at that time. He was completely possessed. Just as Wu Qing said, if he didn’t abandon the sword, his life would be ruined. Fortunately, he comprehended the ten ways of the demon Sword in the battle and broke away from the state of heart demon.

Now that he knew that his family was still around, ao Jian’s originally Lonely Heart couldn’t help but be filled with waves.

Moreover, he understood that this mistake had to be slowly made up for. It could not be achieved overnight.

At this moment, ao Jian’s heart was suddenly filled with excitement.

Since this person is my son, then my ao family’s swordsmanship has not ended. He can inherit my legacy and practice the AO family’s swordsmanship.

However, at this moment, mo Xiaoxin’s body turned into black mist and he chose to log off.

After logging off, mo Xiaoxin quickly exited the game, opened the gaming capsule, and ran to his mother’s room.

“Mother, mother, don’t take things too hard!” Mo Xiaoxin shouted as he ran.

When he arrived at his mother’s room, mo Xiaoxin pushed the door open and was dumbfounded to find his mother eating snacks calmly.

“Mother …”

“Why?” Mo Lanlan looked at mo Xiaoxin in disdain.

“What happened to your emotions just now?” Mo Xiaoxin was stunned.

“That’s an act. Do you really think I care about him? I’m angry because this bastard told me to practice swordsmanship before he left, but now he’s playing games. He’s just a bastard!” Mo Lanlan said angrily.

“Then why did you go offline?”

“I can’t beat him! Find a reason to retreat!”

“Just like this?” Mo Xiaoxin asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, I’m very comfortable without him around. He used to control me when I play games. It’s great to be free!” Mo Lanlan said without a care.

As expected of my biological mother!

Mo Xiaoxin had never been unconvinced of his mother’s eccentric personality!

“Mother, tell me the truth. Is he really my father?” After some thought, mo Xiaoxin walked to his mother’s side and asked with a serious expression.

“No!” Mo Lanlan immediately denied.

“I organized my thoughts and combined them with the previous situation. This is what I roughly deduced. After my father passed away, you should have been pregnant with me and then gave birth to me. In the end, in order to anger that heartless man to death, you pretended to be dead. When you met just now, your emotions didn’t seem to be fake!” Mo Xiaoxin asked with a puzzled look.

Hearing mo Xiaoxin’s analysis, mo Lanlan couldn’t help but widen her eyes. She felt that it wasn’t a good thing to give birth to a smart son!

“Alright, you don’t have to explain anymore. I already understand. You don’t have to hide it from me anymore. Anyway, your son is on your side!” Seeing his mother’s expression, mo Xiaoxin knew that he had guessed correctly.

“By the way, mother, why did he say that you had a daughter?” Mo Xiaoxin asked, puzzled.

Mo Lanlan sighed and finally decided to tell the truth,”

“Didn’t I just want to anger that bastard to death? I wanted to end the AO family’s bloodline, but I couldn’t kill you. So, at that time, I told others that you were born a girl, and when you were young, I also made you wear a girl’s clothes. Everyone believed me. However, I changed my mind later on and felt that I might as well just die. So, I asked someone to make a tombstone and pretend to be seriously ill for three months to deceive everyone. Perfect!”

“Perfect … Perfect?” Mo Xiaoxin was completely awed by his mother’s way of thinking.

This revenge was really well-planned and incomparably ruthless!

As expected of my biological mother!

“So, mother, how are you going to face him?” Mo Xiaoxin asked softly after some thought.

“I just thought about it. Doesn’t this bastard care a lot about the sword in his hand? If he doesn’t even want us, mother and son, then I’ll use my knife skills to defeat him and let him know that his sword Dao is nothing but a fart. I’ll make him suffer more. ” Mo Lanlan said proudly.

“My Dear Mother! He’s proud sword, one of the top players in the server. Not to mention his level and equipment, even his inheritance skills are not something you can compare to!” Mo Xiaoxin felt that his mother’s thoughts were too arrogant, and the probability of her doing so was close to zero.

“Your mother is extremely talented in gaming. It’s only a matter of time before she surpasses him. It’s not a big problem!” Mo Lanlan waved her hand indifferently.

“Mother, work hard. Your son is not good at fighting. I’ll fish to support you.” Mo Xiaoxin said weakly.

Mo Lanlan nodded and her expression turned serious.”

“By the way, why did that bastard suddenly come to find me? I seemed to have heard you shouting that he wanted to kill me. What’s going on?”

Seeing his mother slowly stand up, mo Xiaoxin knew that he would not be able to escape this beating.