Chapter 490: The gap between theory and practice

The day before the Demon Chef’s final trial.

The five days of learning had come to an end. On this day, most of the players had begun to practice.

As a result, the ingredients in the mall were ruthlessly swept away by the players.

As a result, the price of various spiritual ingredients had increased to a certain extent.

This was also Lu Wu’s happiest moment.

Just the transaction fees of the auction house alone would earn him a considerable income.

Since the “auction house” function was launched, Lu Wu actually had a Commission for the trade between players. And every time this happened, he could always get a large amount of processing fees from the transactions of goods.

He was in such a good mood!


At this moment, the number of players in underworld was not as high as it had been a few days ago.

Most players chose to leave the city to search for ingredients, or find a place to practice the cooking methods in the Demon Chef introductory book.

After all, the most important thing for these life professions was the ability to practice, and theory was only for practice.

As for the small number of players in underworld who were still engrossed in their studies, they were basically players who did not even understand the theory, let alone the practical aspect of it.

At this moment, they had no other choice but to seize the time and study it carefully.

After all, even the road was difficult to walk on, so it was naturally impossible to escape.

This group of players included mo Xiaoxin’s mother, mo Lanlan.

“Dear Mother, there’s almost no time. What have you learned in the past four days?” Mo Xiaoxin asked exasperatedly as he looked at his mother, who was holding a book in her arms.

“Why didn’t I learn it? I’ve memorized the background stories of the few magic chefs described in the book!” Mo Lanlan said in dissatisfaction.

“You … You’re not going to learn the most important psionic sequencing? You’re reading the background story of the magic chefs?” Mo Xiaoxin asked in disbelief.

“The story is quite interesting, so I can’t help but jump to watch it!”

At that moment, mo Xiaoxin’s heart was filled with indescribable sadness.

Although he skipped through the ‘demon chef’s beginner guide’, the content that he skipped was all unimportant background stories. The main thing was to learn the Demon Chef’s operating techniques and memorize the spirit power combination method. This was the key to the assessment.

However, what he did not expect was that his mother was even more awesome. She watched the whole story and skipped the most important operations!

This operation was invincible!

At this moment, mo Xiaoxin finally understood why his biological mother could calm down and focus on her studies. She was so F * cking useless!

It turned out that these four days had been wasted!

“I picked him up from the streets. I’m going to learn now. Don’t make a fuss. There’s not much time left. Don’t waste my time!” Mo Lanlan said in dissatisfaction.

“You know how to waste time!” Mo Xiaoxin could not help but glare at him.

“I’m just experiencing the mental state of the demon chefs when they create. It’s also a disguised experience of the path they have walked before. Maybe I can comprehend some great principles from it!”

“Bar spirit!” Mo Xiaoxin said angrily.

“My good son, what do you think we should do now? We’re running out of time!” Mo Lanlan couldn’t help but sigh as she looked at mo Xiaoxin, who was gritting her teeth.

“Let’s go out of the city and find a place. Hell has yet to open up its demon chef building, so we can’t cook inside. When the time comes, we can directly start practicing outside. For now, we can only read books and learn while doing it. Try to remember as many mana combinations as possible. After all, you can’t bring books with you during the trial!”

“That’s fine. Actually, your old mother likes to put it into practice. Theories are completely not suitable for me.” Mo Lanlan hurriedly nodded upon hearing this.

“Without theory, there is no practice!” Mo Xiaoxin immediately glared at him.

“Ha, you haven’t read enough. The creator of the Demon Chef class,’big di’, didn’t read any theoretical books. He only discovered the spirit energy combination in the ingredients when he was making them, and then he fumbled through it.”

Looking at his mother’s smug expression, mo Xiaoxin felt that his mother had probably only learned this much in these four days.

He gave up on arguing with his mother and said,”

“Let’s go. We’ll go straight to the glass Coast and make magical food there!”

Mo Lanlan heard this and nodded indifferently.

Following that, the two of them used the teleportation circle in the central square of hell and arrived at the lapis lazuli sea.

At this moment, there were quite a number of players on the lapis lazuli Coast. They were all practicing making ‘magical food’ with the tool spatula.

Fortunately, the Liuli coastline was very long, so mo Xiaoxin did not have to worry about not being able to find the place.

After walking for a while with his mother, the two came to a beach North of the lapis lazuli Coast.

Mo Xiaoxin then took out a few basic items from his storage space and said to his mother,”

“Let’s start. I still have three spiritual fish here. I’ll give them to you to practice later. You can choose a cooking method first!”

There were three items in front of mo Xiaoxin: a demon kitchen knife, a demon kitchen wok, and a demon kitchen spatula.

Among them, the Demon Chef knife was the soul tool of the Demon Chef profession.

It was entirely up to the magic Chef to use the other tools, but the knife was different. The special magic Chef knife was the key tool to change the ‘spiritual power combination’ inside the spiritual material.

In other words, regardless of whether the cooking method was steaming, frying, or boiling, it had to be cut by the Demon Chef knife once, which was also the reorganization of spirit power.

This was an operation on a subtle level. The players had to use the ‘spirit eyes’ recorded in the Demon Chef beginner’s book to observe the essence of the ingredients in detail, and then use knife skills to assemble and arrange the spirit energy.

This was the biggest difference between a demon chef and an ordinary chef.


Hearing her son ask her what method she wanted to use to make magical food, mo Lanlan’s face revealed a contemplative expression.

A moment later, she raised her head solemnly and looked at mo Xiaoxin.”

“What do you think of the barbecue?”

Mo Xiaoxin was confused.”???”

“That’s the easiest. Just put it on the fire and roast it, hehe!” Mo Lanlan couldn’t help but laugh as she spoke.

“My Dear Mother, the spiritual fish that I’m giving you is not an ordinary fish. If you cook the spiritual fish by barbeque, it’ll easily cause the spiritual energy in the spiritual fish to leak out. You’ll definitely lose points in the trial test, so you have to change the method!” Mo Xiaoxin quickly shook his head and refused.

“What does a little brat like you know? high-end delicacies usually only require the simplest cooking method. As long as one’s cutting skills are good and the spirit energy in the ingredients is locked, this is not a problem!” Mo Lanlan glared at him in dissatisfaction.

“Mother, isn’t this just finding the difficulty for yourself? it’s a thankless effort!” Mo Xiaoxin was having a headache.

“Don’t panic, you must have confidence in your old mother!” Mo Lanlan laughed loudly.

Knowing that he couldn’t change his mother’s mind, mo Xiaoxin had no choice but to compromise. Then, he took out a spiritual fish from the medium and threw it to his mother.

“Three then, do as you see fit!”

“Alright!” Mo Lanlan took the spiritual fish, then took out her tools from the space.

Ordinary barbeque rack, chopping board, food table, Magic Kitchen knife …

After all the items were prepared, mo Lanlan took out the ‘demon chef beginner’s manual’ from her space. After looking at the index, she turned to the page about ‘sealing the spiritual power of ingredients’.

Since she didn’t memorize it before, mo Lanlan could only watch and learn.

After spending about 20 minutes and carefully examining it, mo Lanlan began to work. She reached out and grabbed the knife on the chopping board, then opened her ‘spiritual eye’.

Immediately, the spiritual fish on the chopping board underwent a huge change in mo Lanlan’s vision. Countless white light spots were arranged into a combination that was clearly visible.

Seeing this, mo Lanlan immediately slashed the demon kitchen knife at the spiritual fish.

Upon seeing this, mo Xiaoxin couldn’t help but sigh.

Sure enough, his mother’s personality was still so Swift and decisive. She actually used a chip. It was her first try. Couldn’t she cut it a little bit more and be gentler …

However, mo Lanlan’s next move left mo Xiaoxin dumbfounded.

Mo Lanlan slammed the chopping board, and the spiritual fish was instantly jolted into the air. Under her sharp knife technique, the spiritual fish continued to spin in the air without any signs of falling.

“F * ck!” Mo Xiaoxin stared at his pocket.

He subconsciously opened his ‘spiritual eye’ and began to check the situation of the spiritual fish.

In the spiritual eye’s image, the spiritual fish’s spiritual energy combination was constantly changing under mo Lanlan’s knife technique. Many scattered spiritual energy spots began to gradually gather and then rearranged themselves according to a fixed combination.

After a while, mo Lanlan suddenly stopped.

“F * ck, my Dear Mother, you’re awesome!” Mo Xiaoxin was dumbfounded.

“Of course, your mother is the inheritor of the mo family’s bladesmanship!” Mo Lanlan grinned smugly.

“But isn’t the arrangement of the ‘psionic seal’ incomplete? Why did you stop?” Mo Xiaoxin could not help asking.

“Your old mother’s memory isn’t good. Didn’t she forget how to arrange the next sequence? Wait a moment!” As she spoke, mo Lanlan lowered her head and looked at the ‘demon chef beginner’s manual’ spread out on the table.

As expected, he had strong practical abilities and weak theoretical abilities …

Mo Xiaoxin was speechless.

Previously, he had no idea that his mother’s saber technique was so powerful. However, when he thought of ao Jian, who used the sword like a god, he suddenly understood why these two weirdos could get married and be together.

Moreover, the scene that had just happened gave mo Xiaoxin confidence in his mother once again.

This was because the most crucial core of a demon chef was the ‘spirit power arrangement’, and the arrangement method was to use the demon kitchen knife. This was an operation on a subtle level, and his biological mother could actually master it so skillfully. This meant that she had a chance to advance to the top ten thousand.

However, mo Xiaoxin was speechless at his biological mother’s behavior.

She could not remember the simplest psionic power combination method, but she was so good at the most difficult practice. What kind of god-like operation was this!

After examining the book once more, mo Lanlan made her move. She waved the demon kitchen knife in her hand again, and waves of cold light shot out in all directions.

Gradually, mo Lanlan completed the arrangement of the ‘spiritual energy lock’. Most of the spiritual Qi in the spiritual fish was locked, and the remaining spiritual Qi was scattered in the spiritual fish’s body.

Since it was his first time, mo Xiaoxin already felt that his mother’s performance was very good.

At this moment, mo Lanlan flipped through the book again and began to look for the next way to arrange the spiritual energy. She was preparing to use the remaining spiritual Qi in the spiritual fish that had not been integrated into the ‘spiritual energy sealing arrangement’.

In the Demon chef’s book, there were many spirit energy combinations created by the predecessors of demon chefs.

For a demon chef, seasoning didn’t need to be used at all, because they could use spirit power to arrange and combine various flavors.

For example, the spiritual fish in mo Lanlan’s hand, after mo Lanlan cut it up, actually emitted three different kinds of strange fragrances.

The remaining spiritual light spots of the spiritual fish were thus fully utilized by mo Lanlan to improve the taste of the ingredients.

At this moment, mo Xiaoxin was full of admiration. He felt that his biological mother was indeed his biological mother. There was indeed a reason why she could give birth to such an outstanding person like him.

Next, mo Lanlan began to prepare the ingredients.

The method she chose was very simple, which was to roast it with charcoal!

After starting the fire, she placed the spiritual fish, which had its spiritual energy sealed, on the grill. Then, she took out a chair from her space and sat down casually at the side, starting to work.

The effect of this step was also very important to a demon chef.

Whether or not these psionic power arrangements would collapse during the roasting process completely depended on whether or not the cooking process was handled properly.

That was because, during the cooking process, the spirit energy arrangement in the ingredient would change. However, as long as it was successful, the spirit energy arrangement would be engraved inside the ingredient and be stored for a long time.

This was similar to the process of casting a sword. The sword was taken out of the mold and cooled down before it could be completely shaped. The only difference was that the Demon Chef used heating, using high temperature to imprint the spirit energy combination into the ingredients.

And different ingredients also required completely different flames to copy the spirit power combination.

The more high-end the ingredients were, the more spiritual energy they contained, and the harder it was to control them. At the same time, the intensity of the flame needed was also higher.

It was like the meat of a Suan ni, which contained a huge amount of spirit power points. Even a small piece of meat could be copied with hundreds of spirit power combinations. Moreover, the strength of the flesh of the wangliang was too high, using normal flames would not be able to successfully skill-store it.

However, this time, mo Lanlan only had the lowest level spiritual fish, which could also use ordinary flames.

In the spiritual eye mode, the spiritual energy within the spiritual fish’s body started to twist.

However, every time a part started to distort, mo Lanlan would decisively turn it over and gradually stabilize it.

Fortunately, this spiritual fish was not a particularly high-end ingredient, and there were not many spiritual energy combinations carved on the inside this time, so it was very easy to control. After about half an hour, the spiritual fish was finally ready.

The snow-white spiritual fish meat could be seen through the Golden cracks on the surface of the fish. The demonic roasted spiritual fish with three different fragrances was officially completed.

Seeing this, mo Xiaoxin immediately started analyzing.

[Magical food-water lizard fish]:

[Magical food details: a spiritual food made of water lizard fish after being cooked and processed by a magical chef!]

[Devouring special effect: provides 3721 exp and recovers 3 HP every second for 1 hour. Provides 80 points of satiety and grants the ability to breathe underwater for 5 minutes.]

[Effect rating of magic food: first grade high quality (the evaluation of magic chefs is divided into ten grades, and each grade is divided into upper, middle, and lower grades)]

[Deliciousness rating: level two low-grade]

[Creator: mo Lanlan]


“Mother, you’re awesome!”

Mo Xiaoxin was extremely excited to see his mother succeed on her first try and even produce a set of level one high-grade ingredients.

Sure enough, his biological mother had great talent in this area. His persistence was normal!

However, mo Lanlan calmly waved her hand in response to mo Xiaoxin’s praise.”

“It’s a normal operation. It’s not difficult at all!”

Even so, mo Lanlan’s lips couldn’t help but curl up. Then, she picked up the spiritual fish and stuffed it into her mouth. She tore off a piece of meat and began to eat it happily.

“Mother, I want one too!”

“Old nibbling’s useless performance, do it yourself!”

“I’m the one who provided the spiritual fish you’re using!” Mo Xiaoxin was a little indignant.

“It’s a virtue to be filial to your parents!” Mo Lanlan said with a righteous tone.

Upon hearing this, mo Xiaoxin couldn’t help but roll his eyes and give up on arguing with his own mother.

Then, he took out his tools and was full of anticipation as he prepared to try it out himself.

This was mo Xiaoxin’s first attempt, but he wasn’t as bold as mo Lanlan. After opening his spiritual eye, he carefully raised his knife and cut at the spiritual fish.

In the spiritual eye state, the spiritual fish in mo Xiaoxin’s eyes were completely filled with spiritual points.

Although he was very careful with this cut, the moment the specially-made Magic Kitchen knife touched the mass of spirit power, mo Xiaoxin didn’t have time to react before a crack appeared.

Immediately, the spiritual energy points in the spiritual fish started to leak out, and the fragrance of spiritual energy wafted toward mo Xiaoxin.

F ** K, it’s so difficult!

Mo Xiaoxin’s eyes widened.

“As expected, he was picked up. He doesn’t even know how to use a saber. It seems that the mo family’s saber technique has no descendants.” Mo Lanlan said with a smile.

“It was a mistake!” Mo Xiaoxin was clearly flustered and exasperated.

“Look at you. What have you been studying for the past four days? I told you that studying is useless, but why didn’t you Listen to Your Mother’s teachings? practice is the truth!”

Mo Xiaoxin was speechless.

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