Chapter 491: The Demon Chef certification examination

Faced with his mother’s mockery, mo Xiaoxin wanted to say something to refute her.

But in the end, he still lowered his head.

After all, she was his biological mother. Even if he won, it would be useless. Instead, he would be beaten up.

Towards his own mother, he could only put on the attitude of a weakling and submit to her …

After making that mistake, mo Xiaoxin became even more cautious. He held the magic Kitchen knife tightly in his right hand and began to carefully cut at the spirit power balls in the spiritual fish’s body, arranging them.

However, even though mo Xiaoxin had memorized dozens of spirit power arrangement methods in his mind, he still made frequent mistakes when it came to actual practice.

[Brain: I’ve memorized it all. There shouldn’t be a problem in putting it into practice!]

[Hand: don’t talk nonsense, you do it!]

Mo Xiaoxin was in such a state right now!

After four days of hard work, he had a solid foundation in theory and didn’t need to work with the books. However, in practice, his hands showed that he hadn’t learned it yet.

After a round of cutting, the spiritual fish was considered useless.

[Green fruit fish (spiritual fish)]:

[Creature details: dead!] Furthermore, due to the destruction of the internal spiritual energy combination, all the spiritual energy was leaked out and it lost its value!

[Biological evaluation: worthless, edible!]

He had died on the first step before he could even reach the second step. Mo Xiaoxin’s heart was filled with sorrow.

Looking at the “useless fish” on the chopping board, mo Xiaoxin grabbed the fish tail and slammed it on the chopping board,”

“I’m not training anymore, I’m giving up!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Look at how useless you are. Back then, you begged your old mother to come and study, but you gave up early.” Mo Lanlan, who was picking her teeth with a fish bone, chuckled at mo Xiaoxin.

“I’ve never used a blade before. I’m a mage!” Mo Xiaoxin said unwillingly.

“It seems that the mo family’s bladesmanship has been lost. Oh, and the AO family’s swordsmanship. I guess the ancestors didn’t expect that their descendants would play as mages. It’s a great honor to the ancestors. Son, beautiful!” Mo Lanlan said with a smile.

“What ao family’s sword technique, mo family’s saber technique, biological mother, explain it to me!” Mo Xiaoxin asked, perplexed.

“The AO family is your father’s bloodline, which drinks, womanizes, and gambles. The descendants of their bloodline are all very powerful experts of the sword sect. Moreover, their bloodline is very magical. There is only one descendant in each generation, and they are all boys. They all choose to practice the sword, and you are the descendant of their generation. Aren’t you very surprised?” Mo Lanlan said with a smile.

“No wonder his swordsmanship is so strong. Even mu jiuge, a Sword Master in the real world, is no match for him!” Mo Xiaoxin nodded in realization.”

“Then what is the mo family’s bladesmanship you mentioned?”

“Your mother is the descendant of this generation of the mo family’s bladesmanship. However, she is not the inheritor because your mother is a woman!” Mo Lanlan said with a smile.

“Then why don’t you ever take me to see my grandparents?” Mo Xiaoxin asked softly.

“They like boys and think that only boys can inherit the mo family’s swordsmanship. They don’t like your old mother very much!” Mo Lanlan’s tone was light, but mo Xiaoxin’s heart skipped a beat.

Although his biological mother had always had an indifferent attitude, he knew that his biological mother had suffered a lot.

At this moment, he suddenly understood why his mother was so addicted to the internet. Obviously, she had suffered too much in real life, including her father who was obsessed with the sword, so she chose to escape and become addicted to the virtual world.

At the thought of this, mo Xiaoxin suddenly lost his good impression of those relatives he had never met before.

Only a boy can inherit my legacy. What’s wrong with my mother?

“Then, mother, how did you get to know him and how did you get together with him?” Mo Xiaoxin continued to ask.

“Back then, in order to practice his swordsmanship, this B * stard went around challenging people. Then, he came to your mother and said that he wanted to challenge the mo family’s bladesmanship!”

“And the result?” Mo Xiaoxin asked curiously.

“Of course, your mother won. She beat him until he knelt and begged for mercy. Didn’t you think about your mother’s strength? how could he compare to her?” Mo Lanlan said with a smile.

“No way, mom, you’re bragging again!”

Mo Xiaoxin believed what his mother had said, but he didn’t believe that ao Jian couldn’t beat his mother. The difference in strength was obvious.

“I think the specific development of the story should be that you, your biological mother, was defeated by him. Then, you were angry and unwilling to accept it, so you fought again, lost again, fought again, and lost again … And so on and so on. As time passed, the two of them developed feelings for each other. Then, you eloped with him and ran to a remote place, giving birth to me!” Mo Xiaoxin said with a smile.

“My son, I’ve told you since you were young that it’s not good to be too smart. Why didn’t you listen?” Mo Lanlan squinted her eyes and smiled as she slowly stood up.

The smile on mo Xiaoxin’s face instantly froze.

At this moment, he suddenly remembered that when he was young, he had asked his mother if a glass of water could be used for the night.

The memory of that brutal beating was still fresh in his mind.

As expected, being too smart in front of his own mother would get him beaten up …


On the last day, most of the players who participated in the trial of demon chef had tried to make ‘magical food’ by themselves.

However, practice and theory were two completely different concepts.

Spiritual ingredients were precious to begin with, and on this day, many players played until they went bankrupt just to practice.

If he couldn’t control the use of the Demon Chef knife, it was easy to destroy the originally arranged spirit energy combination in the ingredients, causing the spirit energy to leak, and then the spiritual ingredients would be completely scrapped.

Although a chef with good cutting skills had an advantage in the micro-level of operation, they still couldn’t be compared with those carving players.

However, there was never a lack of high-level players among the players, and there were also many players who had made finished products of magical food in the past few days.

However, there were still many players who were full of anticipation and thought that they could do something great, but they ended up shutting themselves down in practice.

On the last day, the trial test finally arrived with the appearance of the game prompt.

[District-wide announcement: the test for the Demon Chef trial will be held at 2:00 pm.[ 00 activated. All players participating in this trial, please enter the trial arena through the activity panel. You will have 10 minutes to enter the arena. If you are late, you will be considered to have given up!]

Five days was no doubt too short for the players. They didn’t even finish learning the simplest beginner manual. In order to prepare for the exam, they basically picked the key points.

However, it was precisely because of the lack of time that the first batch of the most talented players could be selected, which was also Lu Wu’s purpose.

In Lu Wu’s vision, all life professions were set up to serve the large group of players. If all of them were life professions, who would fight?

After all, Lu Wu’s biggest source of soul coins income was from players ‘killing monsters and leveling up, as well as the wars against the outside world. This was also the foundation and core of the growth of the player group.

A small number of talent-level life profession players could speed up the development of the player group, but a large number of them would slow down the pace of development of players.

Therefore, Lu Wu wasn’t being stingy by limiting the number of slots and distributing them in batches. It was also for the sake of the overall development of the players.

Lu Wu also attached great importance to this trial examination.

After the trial test started, the players entered the trial space. Lu Wu also began to invigilate the test through the artifact.

The Demon Chef test was divided into two steps.

They were the core first step, which was to use the demon kitchen knife to cut the spiritual ingredients and reorganize the spiritual energy.

This step was also the most complicated step. There were many ways to combine spirit energy, and how to use the existing spirit energy in the ingredients to combine into a dish with the greatest effect was a study.

The second step was to use high temperatures to imprint the spirit energy combination into the ingredients during the cooking process.

Although this step wasn’t as complicated as the first step, if he made a mistake, it would be equivalent to wasting all his previous efforts.

This test was a closed-book test. The “demon chef’s introduction Handbook” that the players had stored in the space was confiscated by Lu Wu during the start of the test. It would not be returned until they left the test field.

As more and more players joined the expedition, the number of applicants also increased. The space required for the trial also increased.

Moreover, the trial test was being held on all four servers at the same time, and the number of participating players was even more massive. If it were a normal game server, it would have collapsed long ago when faced with such overload.

But for Lu Wu, who had a divine weapon, this was not a problem.

After all, the divine artifact could mobilize the power of the six paths of reincarnation. It could even hold all the souls of the Three Realms, so the number of players was naturally not worth mentioning.

After the trial officially started, all the players participating in the trial would have an ingredient selection panel appear in front of them.

Since everything in the trial space was virtual, players could choose any spiritual ingredients from the interface.

This included precious ingredients that were normally impossible to obtain. As long as one believed that they had the ability to handle it, they could choose any of them.

In the spiritual ingredient selection segment, most players did not choose the ingredients that were difficult to process in order to get a high score. Instead, they were smart enough to choose low-level spiritual ingredients.

This was because the higher the grade of the ingredient, the more difficult it was to process. It was very easy to make mistakes, and it would lower the score.

However, there were some weird players among them.

For example, there were players who felt that they had no hope of passing the trial and participated in the competition out of curiosity.

They were more unscrupulous.

Divine beast meat, spirit beast blood, spirit-ranked sea beasts … And all kinds of heavenly and earthly treasures. They picked whatever was precious and valuable. As for whether or not they could successfully make it, they didn’t have any hope at all.

In short, it was good to be happy.

However, there was also a small portion of players who had full confidence in their own abilities. They also chose high-end ingredients because they were confident.

And this group of players was also the focus of Lu Wu’s attention.

Of course, mo Xiaoxin’s mother, mo Lanlan, was among them.

At this time, she chose a Sea Spirit grade ‘turtle’.

After taking out the food from the selection panel, she quickly entered the state, holding the magic Kitchen knife and began to process the turtle.

As a descendant of the mo family’s saber techniques, mo Lanlan’s control over her saber had also reached the microscopic level.

The knife technique seemed sharp, but every cut was just right. Little by little, it reorganized the spiritual energy in the turtle’s body.

Mo Lanlan’s flexible control of the demon kitchen knife was the most eye-catching part of this trial.

Under her control, the spiritual points in the spiritual fish became very docile and obedient. They swam in the direction of each cut and formed the arrangement mo Lanlan needed.

And her biggest weakness was that after every short operation, she would always stop and frown, thinking about what to do next.

This kind of behavior could easily cause the incomplete spirit power combination to gradually collapse. However, mo Lanlan, who didn’t study hard, could always use her knife skills to gather the collapsed spirit power combination.

This operation also made Lu Wu, who was observing behind the scenes, feel extremely annoyed.

With this kind of strength, couldn’t he study the theory more diligently!

It was a waste of his talent to be so unfamiliar with even the most basic mana permutations and combinations.

This kind of player should be locked up and not allowed to come out if he didn’t study!

To maximize her talent!