Chapter 492: Announcement of the trial results

The time for the test was five hours.

The players had three chances to choose their ingredients, and the final ranking would be based on the points earned by the highest quality of the magical food dish.

If he chose low-end ingredients, he would have more time because the ingredients were easy to process.

This was also one of the reasons why most players chose low-end ingredients.

Because high-end ingredients had too many spirit power points, they needed to be engraved with many spirit power combinations to make full use of them, which undoubtedly extended the processing time.

For players who chose high-end ingredients, they might only have one chance in five hours.

Other than the players who gave up on themselves and made random choices, the players who dared to choose high-end ingredients were undoubtedly the ones who had full confidence in their own strength.

Three hours had passed since the exam.

Most of the players had completed the first ingredient.

At this moment, the trial leaderboard of the four servers was filled with a large number of magical food items.

However, compared to the other plain-looking magical food.

The dishes on the central server’s leaderboard were particularly numerous.

Stir-fry, fry, fry, fry, fry, paste, roast, braise, stew, steam, boil, boil, boil, stir-fry, mix, marinate, roast, marinate, freeze, pull out threads, honey sauce, smoke, roll, Smokey, Smokey, and so on.

The different cooking methods of the magical food dazzled the eyes and overwhelmed them.

It could be said that it had all the cooking methods available.

Seeing this scene, the happiest person was not Lu Wu, but little Beili.

As a little expert with special privileges, she was currently stealing food made by the players in the name of supervising them.

Of course, she also knew her limits. For those dishes, she would only take a small sip and then move on to the next dish.

With so many dishes, little Bei Li felt like he was surrounded by happiness.

He took a bite from the left and then from the right, eating with great pleasure.

Furthermore, as a little gourmet, she specifically picked out dishes that were highly rated by the divine artifact.

He was like a little mouse looking for food, wandering around the trial space.

To little Beili, the joy of stealing food was really great!

Although they were all virtual dishes and couldn’t fill one’s stomach, the taste experience still existed. So, to Bei Li, it was all the same.

It was the fourth hour of the game.

The players began to speed up the production of magical food. Whether they had the ability to advance to the top 10000 and obtain the qualification to change their occupation to a demon chef was about to be revealed.

Due to the existence of the rankings.

The players could see the rank of the dish they submitted.

This undoubtedly intensified the tension of the trial exam.

When many players saw that they had not entered the top 10000, they also chose to cut off all means of retreat and began to pick high-end ingredients for the final sprint.

Of course, the success rate of such a choice was extremely low.

Because there was not enough time to begin with, and the choice of the spiritual materials that were difficult to process added to the difficulty of the production process, it was difficult to complete.

The players were very immersed in the intense competition, and many of them were sweating profusely while making the magical food.

In fact, this was also the charm of war.

The ‘complete’ lifestyle classes in the game were more realistic and immersive compared to the template lifestyle classes in other games.

Although the content was a little complicated.

But this was also the charm of competition.

Using one’s own skills to defeat the opponent, while winning, could also obtain a greater sense of achievement.

The fifth hour, the final sprint.

The players also began to use all sorts of tricks.

In order to successfully advance, the players didn’t care about anything else. In order to speed up the production process, they began to create various sword techniques. They did not pursue anything else but to gain an advantage in speed.

Finally, as the game ended, all the ingredients and tools in the players ‘hands disappeared.

[District-wide announcement: the Demon Chef trial has officially ended!]

[Reward list is as follows]:

[No. 1 of the North divergent division: mo Lanlan]

Food making: [mo grilled fish is delicious (self-named)]

[Ingredients: turtle (Sea Spirit)]

[Cooking method used: charcoal roasting]

[Rating: technical skill 3711 points. Due to too many pauses during the production process, several psionic power arrangements were on the verge of collapse. Although they were corrected in time, due to insufficient theoretical study, 1500 points were deducted for technical skill. Total score: 2211 points!]

[Game reward: an epic quality magic Chef knife [eternal Qilin knife], and the qualification to work as a Magic Chef!]

[No. 2 in the Beiqi division: Tang Koizumi]

Cooking food: [demon-nine carp leaping through the Dragon Gate (self-named)]



As the final rankings of the four divisions were released, the players in each division were both happy and sad.

Among them, mo Lanlan, the top player in the Chinese server, had caused a heated discussion among the players from the four major servers due to the point deduction.

On the forum:

[The strongest Xue Li: is the number one of our server so willful?] Putting aside the stupid name she gave to magical food, this skill alone deducted 1500 points, which was four times more than my total. How did she do it?

Suikako Tairo: “hahaha, I’m dying of laughter. The dish’s name is actually ‘grilled fish is delicious.’ It seems that there’s another strong player among us dumbass players. Welcome (applause)”

[Assassin’s Creed: did you guys notice? this player used the most unstable method of baking charcoal!] What kind of god-like operation is this? I suspect that she participated in the trial for fun. It’s just that she’s so strong that she got first place even though she’s so suicidal (I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.jpg)

Peppa the wild boar: “the commenter above is right. This player is definitely going to have fun. The grilled fish is delicious!” If I were the judge, I would deduct 10000 points from her because of this name, and the reason was that she didn’t take the exam seriously (funny)

Crayon Shin-chan replied to Peppa Pig: “little wild pig, if you’re so good, then go ahead. Go get first place (funny).”

Peppa Pig: reply to crayon Shin: “troll brother, I didn’t provoke you.”(Aggrieved face.jpg)

Popular land under heaven: “the name list is out. Tonight, the value of a group of players is destined to soar. It’s also destined that the major guilds will have another wave of purchasing of talents. I seem to see a storm of blood coming (funny)”


At this moment, other than the Chinese server’s forums, the forums of the other three major servers were also discussing the rankings of their division.

It was the first time that all four servers had started a trial exam at the same time.

They would inevitably compare with each other.

In terms of individual points, among the four major servers, the one with the highest individual points was Paul bogus from the European server, with a total of 2339 points.

However, in terms of the highest total score obtained, Paul boguls had only reached 2419 points. He had lost 80 points due to his skills, but mo Lanlan from the central server had obtained the highest score of more than 3700 points. It could be said that she had crushed Paul boguls by a large margin.

1500 skill points were deducted. These deducted points were enough for any player to enter the top 500 in their division, or even higher.

The players couldn’t imagine how she had done it!

After that, the players from the four servers started to argue about who was the number one demon chef.

In this kind of daily wrangling, the players of the four servers firmly implemented one idea.

“Our server is the strongest, while the other three servers are all trash. What highest score? what highest overall rating? you can’t see it, you can’t see it! We are the strongest!

In order to protect the dignity of the players of this server, the players of the four major servers all turned into Crayon Shinchan and began to bicker with each other.

It was a happy and harmonious scene!

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This book is really going to transcend the Tribulation. The main reason is about ghosts and monsters, which is a feudal superstition.

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In other aspects, the main character of the book rarely appeared in public, so it was even more impossible for there to be any “indescribable” descriptions.

Moreover, the protagonist was not a ruthless person who had no bottom line.

After some consideration, I thought that there would be no problems with the subsequent writing of this book. However, there were always some surprises.

This time, the author was caught off guard!

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Of course, I won’t stop writing this book. If it’s really 404, I’ll continue to update the book in the group and finish updating the entire book!

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