Chapter 493: Chapter 493 smoke Dragon

Kuilong Sea region, Xinmo Island.

The Sea King was wearing a blue robe and walking on the beach on the east side of the island accompanied by several Lords. At this moment, he was frowning and looking at the sea in the distance, as if something was bothering him.

At this time, he suddenly stopped in his tracks. Immediately, Sha Shui and the others who were following behind him also stopped in their tracks.

“Country ruler, what’s wrong?” Hei sui, who was following behind, immediately asked.

When the Sea King heard this, it didn’t say anything. It just shook its head and walked forward again.

The Sea King felt that it was getting more and more confused about the current situation in the quilong sea.

Originally, it was just a war between the kingdom of mutt sea and the Joint Forces of Langya Island. However, tianlan, the successor of the netherworld sea kingdom, suddenly joined the war.

Tianlan, who controlled the stone statue Army, was undoubtedly a force that could not be ignored at that time. The Sea King had also been worried about this, afraid that she would join the forces of Langya Island because of her father.

When the two forces joined forces, the mute Empire he controlled would not be able to compete with them.

However, the Sea King did not expect that this inherited force of the netherworld sea kingdom would be destroyed so quickly before it could fully emerge.

However, the disappearance of this force did not bring peace to the kuilong Sea area. Instead, it brought about an even greater crisis.

The source of all this trouble came from the ocean United Chamber of Commerce, which was the netherworld Chamber of Commerce.

This was because tianlan, who had taken control of the stone statue Army back then, had been too unbridled. She had actually plundered a large number of sea merchants ‘resources without considering the consequences.

As a huge organization that spanned all seas and had forces in every sea, the netherworld Chamber of Commerce had been plundered before. However, all the plunderers had been suppressed by them and ended up in a miserable state.

This had always been the netherworld Chamber of Commerce’s attitude toward plundering.

If they left it alone, the plundering situation would only become more and more frequent. Therefore, the netherworld Chamber of Commerce attached great importance to this kind of plundering.

Recently, the sea merchant force, smoke Dragon, had entered the kui Dragon Sea area to investigate the matter of their goods being stolen.

He also issued a gathering order to all the forces of the kuilong Sea area, hoping that they would cooperate.

Although they hoped that the various forces would cooperate, everyone knew what the consequences would be if they did not cooperate!

The reason why a huge joint organization like the yellow spring sea merchants could stand for so long without falling was that they were not weak.

They had even trained a group of powerful Marine Chambers of Commerce internally. This group of Chambers of Commerce did not do business, but their mission was to fight Foreign Wars.

Whenever a subordinate force was plundered or invaded and asked for military support from the headquarters of the yellow spring sea merchant Association, it was the time for these War Chamber of Commerce to appear.

The “smoke Dragon” that came to the kui Dragon Sea area this time was the famous ocean Chamber of Commerce’s War Chamber of Commerce.

Their arrival brought great pressure to the sea King.

This was because the combat power of the smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce was too strong. It was so strong that even the country of mutehai couldn’t fight it with all their forces.

The Sea King couldn’t determine whether it was good or bad, but it was already prepared in its heart.

“Country ruler, you’re worried about the smoke Dragon merchant Association’s meeting on Black Reef island tomorrow, right?” Hei sui asked in a low voice.

When the Sea King heard this, it stopped in its tracks.”

“What do you guys think of this?”

When Sha Shui, hei sui, and the other Lords heard this, they looked at each other. Hei sui then stepped forward and said,”

“Your Majesty, since the smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce is here to investigate the plundering of their goods, it should have nothing to do with us, right? When the time comes, just tell us all the information we know!”

“You’re too naive!” LAN Huoshan, who was standing beside hei sui, shook his head.”

“Think about it carefully. This robbery was because of tianlan, and tianlan’s father, Tian Ji, was once loyal to the king. This has already become related to us!”

“Tian Huan, the traitor, has already joined Langya Island. How can you still say that he is related to us?” Hei sui frowned.

“But he’s already dead!”

“So what if he’s dead? is he not a traitor if he’s dead?” Hei sui was stunned.

LAN Huoshan sighed.”If you were the smoke Dragon merchant Association and investigated the matter from their point of view, you would realize that tianlan, who robbed the goods this time, was once a subordinate of our muat Empire. The Army she used to Rob the merchants was the stone statue Army of the netherworld sea kingdom.” We’re all descendants of the dark sea kingdom. All of this has too much to do with us!”

“If the smoke Dragon merchant Association wants to investigate, the most clues point to us, who are also descendants of the netherworld sea kingdom. The biggest connection between Langya Island and this incident is only Tian Huan. Besides, his daughter, Tian Lan, has never sided with Langya Island!”

Hearing this, hei sui was shocked,”

“Are you afraid that those bastards from Langya Island will set us up during the meeting?”

“We can’t rule out this possibility. So, for tomorrow’s meeting, I think it’s best if we provide information that tianlan is related to Langya Island. We should try our best to make the smoke Dragon merchant Association suspicious of Langya Island. If we don’t do it, Langya Island will definitely do it!”

“Actually, you’ve all missed one thing. The smoke Dragon merchant Association has another guess!” The Sea King said at this time.

“Country ruler, what do you mean?” After understanding the seriousness of the situation, hei sui quickly asked.

“Don’t you think it’s too much of a coincidence? After a large amount of resources were plundered, this plundering force suddenly disappeared, and even Tian Huan, who knew the whole story, died. If you were the smoke Dragon Force, would you suspect that all of this was manipulated by someone with the purpose of plundering the resources and creating the fog after success?”

Upon hearing this, the country rulers present were shocked.

“Country ruler, you mean that the smoke Dragon merchant Association might suspect that we’ve been secretly instructing them?”

The Sea King shook its head.”

“I don’t know what they’re thinking, but no matter what, it’s not good for us!”

When hei sui and the other six Lords heard this, they couldn’t help but fall silent.

After thinking about it carefully, this incident was indeed too coincidental. Tianlan, who was in charge of the stone statue Army of the Minghai Kingdom, had mysteriously disappeared. If the smoke Dragon Force suspected that all this was secretly done by the mute Empire, then the pressure they would have to face was unimaginable.

“In the meeting tomorrow, all the information we provide must lead to Langya Island!” The Sea King said at this time.

“Your subordinate understands!” Hei sui and the others immediately nodded and said.


After a night of discussion, the Sea King and his subordinates finally came up with a plan to provide information.

As the light of the sea surface appeared, the Sea King reached out and waved at the surface of the sea. Suddenly, a round disc flew out of its forehead, suspended on the surface of the sea and rapidly expanded.

“Let’s go!”

When his subordinates, hei sui, and the others heard this, they immediately nodded and followed the Sea King into the ‘death light wheel’.

Under the sea King’s control, the wheel of death turned into a black light and sped towards the North.

After several hours of travel, when the Sea King arrived at Black Reef island, he found that the island was already full of various models of warships and countless sea beasts.

In the face of the smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce’s summons, this time, not only the Joint Forces of the Sea King and Langya Island, but also many small and weak forces that had never shown their faces responded to the call.

It was enough to show how much of a deterrent the smoke Dragon merchant Association was to the forces of the kuilong tribe.

Under the sea King’s control, the light wheel of death descended rapidly. With his arrival, many of the kui Dragon forces hurriedly retreated.

After landing on the ground, the Sea King waved his hand and kept the wheel of death. Then, he led hei sui and the other feudal lords into the island.

At this moment, the surrounding crowd burst into an uproar.

The Sea King sensed something and turned its head to look at the sea.

On the surface of the sea, countless warships were gathered and sailing toward Black Reef island.

On the deck of the leading black warship, a flag with the name ‘smoke Dragon’ was raised high and glistened in the sun. A giant dragon formed by gray clouds was faintly visible on the flag. Sometimes it flew around the flag, sometimes it was hidden in the flag, turning into a totem.

And in the sky above this warship, dark clouds loomed, and thunder and lightning swirled. From time to time, Thunder would fall, causing the sea to explode.

The smoke Dragon merchant Association!

The Sea King narrowed its eyes slightly. After a moment of contemplation, it stopped in its tracks.

A moment later, the fleet approached the shore, and the dark clouds surrounded by lightning also approached. Immediately, a large number of kui Dragon forces began to retreat, afraid of being struck by the accompanying lightning.

The accommodation ladder was lowered, and the members of the smoke Dragon faction began to disembark.

The members of the Chamber of Commerce were all wearing the same black clothes, with the word “Yan” embroidered on their shoulders. They were also carrying wooden boxes in their hands.

The man in the lead had short red hair, his eyes were listless, and his smile was sickly. There was no life in him, as if he would fall down at any time.

“Are all of you here? I’ve really troubled everyone to come here!” The leader of the smoke Dragon merchant Association looked around and said with a smile.

“Everyone, please come in!” The man did not get angry when no one responded. He continued to speak with a smile and then took the lead to walk into the island.

Seeing this, everyone quickly made way for him.

Seeing the people from the smoke Dragon merchant Association approaching, the Sea King’s face turned gloomy. After thinking for a while, he chose to make way.

The people of the smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce didn’t seem to notice the difference between the Sea King and the others and walked straight past them.

“Keep up!”

After they left, the Sea King said in a deep voice, and then followed behind.

Seeing this, the rest of the forces immediately followed behind and walked into the island.

The black Reef island was the stronghold of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce’s Joint Forces in the kui Dragon Sea area. This was also the reason why they had chosen this Island to gather the forces of kui Dragon.

Inside the island, countless seabirds were flying in the sky, each of them holding a box of different sizes.

These seabirds were transportation birds that had been specially trained by the ocean Chamber of Commerce. Their main role was to help merchants classify internal materials and transport them.

Following the members of the smoke Dragon merchant Association, everyone entered the inner part of the island, where a huge square had been set up.

Due to the large number of forces that had arrived, the conference was held in the square. At this moment, many forces were already present.

This included the ocean King’s nemesis, the forces of Langya Island.

“Everyone, please take your seats!”

The leader of the smoke Dragon merchant Association turned his head and said with a smile. Then, he walked to the front of the square.

When the Sea King heard this, he looked at the less than 100 seats in the square and immediately stepped into the arena. He chose a seat and sat down.

Hei sui and the others naturally followed and sat behind the sea King.

There were many factions that had come this time, but there were only 100 seats. It was obvious that only the members of the factions that had the right to speak in the kuilong Sea area could sit here.

The Sea King had brought six people this time, and they stood in seven positions in total.

As for lang ya, he had brought more than twenty people with him and they all sat down.

The members of the kui Dragon faction at the back looked at each other. Although there were still dozens of seats left, no one had the courage to sit.

The ocean King and lang ya were the leaders of the two most powerful forces in this kui Dragon Sea area, so they had the right to sit. They were only a weak force that survived in the cracks. They were afraid of angering the two overlords of the kuilong Sea area and naturally did not dare to step forward.

The leader of the smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce, who was standing at the front, looked at this scene with a smile. After a moment, he said,”

“Why are you all standing? Aren’t there still empty seats?”

As the smoke Dragon spoke, it turned its gaze to the members of the kui Dragon faction standing behind it.

“You really don’t want to sit?”

Still, no one spoke or moved.

Seeing this, Yan Long revealed a smile on his face. At this moment, the distribution of the forces in the kuilong Sea area was already clear at a glance.

However, just as he was about to say “start the meeting”, a large number of people suddenly squeezed out of the crowd.

“Oh, there’s still room even if you’re late!”

“When the players go to war, not even a blade of grass will grow. No, this time, we’re only here to participate in the meeting!”

“We’re impressive. There’s actually a spot reserved for us. This means that our reputation as players is getting better and better. Happy~”

“Gou ‘Zi, don’t snatch it. That seat is mine!”

“You’re all like dogs. It’s only been a few seconds and you’re done? Can’t you have some manners when you’re outside?”

The players arrived in front of the dumbfounded expressions of smoke Dragon, Sea King, lang ya, and the others.

In the blink of an eye, the remaining empty spots were filled up. What was even more unbelievable was that they had actually quarreled with each other in order to fight for a spot!