Chapter 497: New mode activated

Yan Long did not know that his domineering actions had already caused the displeasure of the player clans, the biggest forces of the Rogues in the vain ocean domain and the kui Dragon ocean domain.

The players couldn’t wait to teach him a lesson.

Although they had conflicts with each other, at this moment, the players were united against outsiders.

All maritime trade stopped after that, and the players began to form pirate teams. There were even many small guilds that chose to form alliances during this period in order to strengthen their Guild’s strength and obtain rich benefits from the upcoming plunder.

Not only the central server, even the European Pirate team was quickly established, planning to get a share of the battle.

After playing the game for so long, the old players were well aware of how much resources and profits each merchant’s trading ship had.

Now that they had made their decision, the players were ready to do something big.

Moreover, with their current strength, it would not be a big problem to Plunder The Sea merchants who traveled between these two seas.

The players had gathered information about the sea merchants.

He knew that not all sea merchants were very powerful.

This was similar to the cuttlefish sea merchant that was killed by Xiao Tian. As a core member of the West Province Chamber of Commerce, he was easily killed by Xiao Tian. From this, it could be seen that the difference in strength between sea merchants was huge.

These weak merchants dared to do business in the dangerous Sea area only because they had the giant force behind them, the netherworld Chamber of Commerce Alliance.

At that time, Xiao Tian killed Shang Mo Yu because of the “son of the ocean” incident. For this reason, the Sea King compensated the West Province Chamber of Commerce with a large amount of resources, which suppressed the matter. However, it was not because the sea King was afraid of the West Province Chamber of Commerce.

As the Overlord of the empty Sea region, even ten West Province Chambers of Commerce couldn’t be his match.

The only thing that could make the Sea King feel fear was the netherworld Chamber of Commerce Alliance behind the Chamber of Commerce of the West Province. This was also the fundamental reason why the Sea King chose to compensate a large amount of resources to appease the anger of the Chamber of Commerce of the West Province.

However, to the players, since they had started fighting, they would snatch it regardless of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce!

In the forum, the calls for a new model were getting louder and louder.

Of course, Lu Wu knew all of this. After thinking about it, he immediately decided to let Bei Li start working on the new mode.

In Lu Wu’s opinion, the most suitable way for players to grow was to plunder. In this mode, the growth rate of players was the fastest.

This was also the fastest way for him to obtain soul coins.

This time, since the sea merchants were the ones who provoked him, he would take this opportunity to get the players to join in, and he would just add fuel to the fire behind the scenes.

Now that the players had settled down for too long, Lu Wu felt that it was indeed time to use war to sustain war, so that the players could unsheathe their natural disasters and show their edge!

Once again, he entered a state of rapid growth.

In one day, under the anticipation of the players, an announcement was made in the Chinese and European servers.

[Server announcement: new mode ‘one piece’ system has been activated!]

[Details of one piece mode: the latest addition to the function panel. Players must register in guilds. One pirate group can accommodate up to ten guilds to form a pirate Alliance.]

Specific functions of pirate mode:

1. Point ranking mode: points will be calculated for every pirate battle, and the total points will be added to the “Pirate King List”. The points will be calculated once a month, and the rewards will be given according to the ranking!

Points earned:

[Method of earning points by killing enemies: in a plundering battle against sea merchants, the more powerful and numerous the enemies killed, the higher the points you will earn.]

[Points for plundering resources are calculated by: the higher the quality and quantity of the plundered resources, the higher the points obtained!]

[Method of obtaining individual points: after each pirate battle, all participating players will receive contribution points (contribution points are individual points, not related to the total points of the pirate team)]

2. Open the pirate system mall system:

Members of the pirate group could choose to spend their personal contribution points to exchange for items that could enhance the Ghost Ship or Ghost Ship, such as [dawn RAM (accessory)],[Ocean Shield (accessory)], and so on.

The core members of the pirate group (10 people) can use their total points to exchange for group enhancement items, such as [pirate flag (all enhancement pendants)],[pirate body paint (magic array, all enhancement)],[pirate uniform fashion (decoration)],[companion sea beast (growth)] and other items …

3. Pirate team rating system:

All pirate groups will enter the rating system after they are officially established. The details are as follows:

[Level 1 pirate group: new pillage (requires 50000 points to level up)]

[Level 2 pirate group: Sea Tigers (level up requires 100000 points)]

[Three realms pirate group: Sea Dragon (level up requires 300000 points)]

[Level 4 pirate group: King of the seas (level up requires 1000000 points)]

[Level 5 pirate group: four kings of the sea (the top four pirate groups with a total score of more than 5 million points in the server can be selected)]

[Level 6 pirate group: look down on the four Seas (first in the four servers, and the total points of the pirate group in which you are part of exceeds 50 million)]

All members of the pirate team will receive a generous reward of contribution points and equipment after the upgrade!


In order to encourage the players to grow, Lu Wu opened a new mall panel for this rating system.

They had even set up a Guild Alliance, giving the small guilds a chance to rise to power.

At the same time, every time the pirate team leveled up, the rewards that Lu Wu set up were even more generous.

This was also the reward he gave to encourage the players to work hard for personal points and the growth of their Pirate team.

There were all sorts of rich rewards, and at this moment, the enthusiasm in the players ‘hearts was instantly aroused.

Whether it was a large guild or a small guild, they all began to look for an Alliance. They all wanted to make a big splash in the new era of maritime plunder.

At this moment, the forum was even more lively.

[The Pi Xiu pirate group has been officially established and is recruiting strong teammates. The existing guilds are as follows: Noxus (534 players), Thunder (423 players), baldie (213 players), currently recruiting 200 players and above. A windfall is just around the corner, join us!]

[(”) I’m new to a pirate Guild. I already have a level 7 Ghost Ship in disaster mode. I’m looking for a pirate fleet to take it in. I’m now a casual player!]

[The Viper pirate group has been officially established. The Guild has more than 1000 members. Looking for an Alliance Guild. The members of the cooperative Guild must also be more than 1000 because we only want to be the strongest (arrogant face)]

[Inferior Q, our Guild only has 50 members, and they are all girls. They are not very strong in combat. In the past, we were fans of the scenery and the profession. After some discussion today, everyone suddenly wants to be a pirate and experience a new life. Is there anyone willing to take us in? don’t worry, the girls in the Guild are all very gluttonous!]

[Did everyone notice that the pirate mall is selling ship modification blueprints and upgrade accessories? doesn’t this mean that other than devouring growth, a new growth model of ship maintenance has appeared? As a ship-keeping enthusiast, it seems that I’m going to join and become a pirate! (Emoji)]

[I don’t need to pay in cash to support the ship this time. I have to rely on my liver. I’ve already bought eight kidneys and I’ve been accumulating points 24 hours a day. Now, I’m asking where I can sell rum (funny)]

[Isn’t there an island in the sea of vanity that belongs to the Chamber of Commerce of the West Province? [Does anyone have any ideas?(doggie Knight charge.jpg)]


After the server announcement, the players began to recruit players on the forum in order to form a pirate group as soon as possible.

At this moment, the players ‘”arrogance” reappeared.

They were all prepared to do a big job.

During the recruitment period, the players also began to modify their own warships. As they did not have points to spend in the merchant shop, they had to do it themselves if they wanted to unify the image of the warships and ships in the pirate group.

Of course, there was no lack of experts in this field among the players.

At this time, the refurbishments were in full swing on the lapis lazuli Coast. Some were hanging ferocious skeleton flags, while others were painting various ferocious beasts on the ships.

Of course, there were also some cute guild members who dressed up as Pink Pirate ships. Although they didn’t look threatening or lethal, they looked very happy.

Of course, the most eye-catching of all was the demonic warship of the demonic order.

A group of chunnibyou youths had actually spent soul coins to hire someone to erect a tall statue of an evil god on the battleship. It was full of chunnibyou aura …

At the same time, in the strategy section of the forum, the sea maps and power distribution maps that he had collected previously were put to use.

The players ‘first target was the trading Island of the West continent Chamber of Commerce in the sea of vanity.

The Western continent’s Chamber of Commerce, which had once made the Sea King suffer, was about to be punished by a natural disaster this time.

As one of the gathering places for high-level players, the strategy section had played a great role this time. Not only had a detailed map of the Western continent’s islands been made, but even the sea routes of the Western continent’s Chamber of Commerce were clearly understood.

The strategy section’s experts used their foresight to teach the Forum’s players a good lesson on what it meant to plan ahead.

While the players were cheering for the experts in the strategy section, the players downloaded the trade route map of the Chamber of Commerce in the forum without hesitation.

After all, these route maps were too useful for them.

Without the trade route map, players would not even be able to find their target in the vast sea of vanity.

After making these preparations, the next step was to purchase resources and upgrade the warships and ships.

During this period, the prices of mystical materials in the market had also increased slightly, because the upgrade of battleships had become popular again.

At this stage, whether it was a Ghost Ship or a Ghost Ship, they could only devour and evolve. Although the pirate mall was now open, the players did not have the points to buy equipment ships or accessories to increase combat power, which led to the price of mystical materials rising again.

The players were happy with the release of the new function, but Lu Wu was even happier.

Many players were reluctant to spend soul coins and liked to stock up on soul coins, but this time, the soul coins in their hands flowed out again.

The opening of the new function turned the soul coins that the players had accumulated into combat power, and their strength was significantly enhanced. Lu Wu also received a large amount of soul coin tax from the processing fee.

In just one day, pirate groups had sprung up like mushrooms after the rain.

The next morning, there were already pirate groups out at sea.

This time, the players were all in their own pirate groups. Dense steel warships set off from the glazed Coast and headed toward the sea of vanity.

At the same time, the players from the European server who were lurking in the Chinese server forum immediately chose to go out to sea after learning about the situation. They were ready to take advantage of the benefits.

This time, all the players had only one thought in their minds.

Causing trouble! Causing trouble! Causing trouble!

Sudden wealth! Sudden wealth! Sudden wealth!