Chapter 500: Re-start of the battle for the sea

The battle of the sea began in the next few days.

The players ‘pirate Army launched a full-scale attack at the Wuxu sea of quilong.

The main target this time was all sea merchants, especially the smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce.

For this reason, the ‘Navy Commander’, the Empress, was also invited by the players.

They were hired by paying soul coins to participate in this sea battle and personally commanded the players ‘pirate groups.

They even set up the battle Command.

At this stage, the players ‘enthusiasm was high.

With the success of many plunders, group photos of the great harvest were posted on the forum, and the popularity of the Naval battle continued to rise.

The competition between the players on the one piece leaderboard was also gradually becoming more intense.

To the West of Beiqi, the Rahu clan, who occupied the nine Yao great domain, had no intention of starting a war with Beiqi. Therefore, the players didn’t have to worry about anything. They were fully committed to the battle.

The ‘strategy section’ of the forum had become the core communication platform for this battle.

At the same time, the players from the European server had also officially joined the battle.

Countless fleets from the European server also followed the players from the Chinese server into the sea of vanity, and just like the players from the Chinese server, they started a raid.

After a few successful plundering and obtaining a huge amount of resources, the players in the European server went crazy.

At this moment, they finally understood that what the Chinese forums said about “getting rich overnight” by robbing merchant ships was not a joke.

The players from the central server were not happy about this. After all, there were only so many merchant ships going between the sea of vanity and the kui long sea. The players from the Western server were also taking away their resources.

However, in the few battles with the smoke Dragon merchant Association’s fleet, what the players from the central server did not expect was that the forces from the European server actually took the initiative to help.

According to the few big guilds in the European server.

The internal conflicts of the players were one thing, but when they encountered an external enemy, they had to unite against it.

At this moment, the players from the Chinese server also let go of their prejudices and chose to cooperate with the players from the European server.

At the same time, his main goal was to attack the smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce!

For this, the players on the Chinese server also showed their sincerity and shared many of the maps that were placed in the strategy section group.

Since the last expedition to the European server, the players of the two major servers who had been at odds with each other on a daily basis had once again chosen to cooperate in the face of profit and external enemies.

With the help of the European server’s fleet, the players became even more aggressive in their actions.

Other than the Chamber of Commerce of the West Province, many merchant ships that came to the empty Sea area from the outer Sea area were also executed on the spot.

In just a few days, the players had plundered a total of 89 merchant ships. The huge amount of mystical materials they had obtained made the players go crazy.

At the same time, Yan Long, who was on Black Reef island, flew into a rage.

At this moment, he was looking at the information compiled by his subordinates, and his expression was extremely ugly.

“It’s only been five days? There are already 89 ships that have been robbed, and you’re telling me this is true?” Yan Long suppressed his anger and looked at his subordinate who was collecting information.

“President, the news is true. Eight Chambers of Commerce have already asked us for help!” The intelligence officer replied in a low voice with a timid expression.

“The intelligence says that the player family lost more than 5700 battleships. This information is accurate!” Yan Long asked again with an ashen face.

“President, this information was all reported by the various teams. It can’t be wrong!”

“Bang!” Hearing this, Yan Long slammed his palm on the conference table.”

“We’ve lost more than 5700 battleships. Why is it that their pillaging is not only not contained but is instead becoming more and more intense? tell me why. How many battleships do the players have?” Smoke Dragon glared at the intelligence officer and asked.

“This … I don’t know. After all, the foundation of the player families ‘power is on land. I don’t have any useful information about their specific strength …”

Looking at the smoke dragon’s eyes, which were getting colder and colder, the intelligence officer quickly said,”

“Guild leader, I know someone who understands the player clans very well. You can find out everything you want to know from him!”

“Who’s there!”

“King mutt!”

Yan Long’s face turned cold when he heard this. He suddenly remembered that the elder of the West Province Chamber of Commerce had told him that the Sea King had a sea war with the player families.

“Call him over and tell him that I’m looking for him personally!” When Yan Long heard this, he took a deep breath and said.

“Your subordinate will go now!” The intelligence officer immediately replied.

Yan Long pressed his temple and waved his hand, indicating for him to leave.

Now, there were already eight Chambers of Commerce asking him for help, and Yan Long felt great pressure.

This pressure naturally did not come from the eight sea merchants, but from the netherworld Chamber of Commerce Alliance.

If he couldn’t handle it properly, the eight Chambers of Commerce would naturally choose to report it to the netherworld Chamber of Commerce. At that time, the higher-ups of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce would definitely put pressure on him.

Although the smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce was one of the core Chambers of Commerce in the netherworld Chamber of Commerce Alliance, it couldn’t be compared with the high-level Chambers of Commerce with great power and strength.

This was because the highest-ranking leaders of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce were all forces from the central Sea area of the netherworld.

To be able to stand tall in the central sea of the yellow Springs, where there were many powerful races and even many gods, the smoke Dragons were very clear about the terrifying high-level.

Although the smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce he led was called the war Chamber of Commerce, it was actually just a dispatch force that the upper echelons of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce didn’t want to train themselves.

If he didn’t do a good job, he could be stripped of his power as a member of the war Chamber of Commerce at any time, which was unacceptable to him.

The reason why the smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce could develop so quickly was because of the war Chamber of Commerce’s name. It collected high protection fees from sea merchants in all major seas.

Without this power, the smoke Dragon merchant Association would only be a force in the sea.

Thinking about this, smoke dragon’s eyes glowed with a murderous light, and his hatred for the player families grew even more.

After half a day of waiting, the Sea King finally arrived. Under the guidance of the intelligence personnel, it entered the conference room inside black Reef island and met the smoke Dragon who was waiting there.

“Sit down!” The smoke Dragon, who had been resting with its eyes closed, opened its eyes and looked at the Sea King.

The Sea King nodded and sat opposite the smoke Dragon.

“I heard that you know the player clans very well?” The smoke Dragon asked.

“I don’t know him very well, but I’ve been in contact with him for quite a while.” The Sea King said.

At this moment, he had already guessed why the smoke Dragon wanted to see him.

It was obvious that the smoke Dragon was experiencing the pain it had suffered in the past.

“Tell me about your understanding of the player clans. By the way, how strong are the player clans?” The smoke Dragon stared at the Sea King and asked again.

The Sea King could not help but laugh.

“If we’re talking about strength, they’re not very strong, but their characteristics are that they’re fearless and extremely vengeful! It is reasonable to say that there is no such thing as absolute strength. With their personalities, they should have been destroyed long ago, but they still exist and are getting stronger and stronger!”

“Why is that so?” Yan Long could not help but frown.

“If I knew why, I wouldn’t have lost. President smoke Dragon, I can only say that you shouldn’t have attacked the player families rashly. They have always been vengeful. If the smoke Dragon merchant Association is not destroyed, they will not rest!” The Sea King said with a smile.

“Bang!” When the smoke Dragon heard this, its eyes flashed with a fierce light. It raised its hand and slammed it on the conference table. Suddenly, the entire conference table turned into fine powder under the violent power, which scattered and fell.

“Destroy my smoke Dragon merchant Association! Just by playing with the family!” At this moment, the smoke Dragon looked at the Sea King with killing intent.

“President smoke Dragon, since you want to know the information, I’m only telling you what I know. Why are you so angry?” The Sea King’s face was still full of smiles.

“King mutt, the reason why these player families can drive you out of the sea of vanity is because you’re weak. There’s only one outcome for my smoke Dragon merchant Association, and that’s to annihilate the player families!” The smoke Dragon said with a ferocious expression.

This sentence was undoubtedly poking at the Sea King’s wound. However, the Sea King’s expression remained the same. Instead, it laughed and said,

“President smoke Dragon, you’re right. I, the Sea King, was chased out of the sea of vanity because I was too weak. Since you’ve taken action this time, you’ve avenged me. I’ll thank you in advance!” The Sea King also stood up.

“Is there any other information that guild leader smoke Dragon would like to know? ” The Sea King continued to ask.

Yan Long didn’t say anything. His face was still gloomy.

“King mutt, I’ll send you off the island!” When the intelligence personnel saw this, he immediately spoke to the sea King.

When the Sea King heard this, it nodded. After taking another deep look at the smoke Dragon, it turned around and left with the intelligence personnel.

After the Sea King left, Yan Long’s face turned green and he clenched his fists.

Under the protection of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, he had been able to move unhindered in all major Sea regions. Even forces several times stronger than him treated him with respect. The actions of the players this time really made him angry.

Thinking about this, he suddenly stood up. This time, he was prepared to personally lead the Army to attack and destroy the main base of the player family.

A moment later, countless signal birds flew out of black Reef island, sending the order to the teams of smoke Dragon that were wandering in the two seas.

Very quickly, the various teams of smoke Dragon that received the order started to return. Smoke Dragon was also prepared to personally lead the attack.


On the players ‘side, the frenzy of plundering had not subsided at all.

During this period of time, the strength of the player clans had once again entered a stage of rapid development.

Sea merchants might be an inviolable organization in the eyes of other sea forces, but they were like leeks in the eyes of the players.

Now, all the sea merchants who came to the sea of vanity knew about the player families.

In the eyes of the major sea merchants, this race was already directly related to the forces that plundered the ocean.

The countless sea powers could already see the end of the players ‘families since they dared to challenge the sea merchant forces in such an unbridled manner.

And among them, only one person had high expectations for the player clan.

That was the Sea King. As the person who hated players the most and also understood players the most, he was prepared to watch a good show.

What the players didn’t expect was that when smoke Dragon gathered its forces and was ready to set off for the sea of vanity, someone arrived at the glazed Coast first.

This person was none other than Sha Shui, the Lord of the country of mutsea.

He brought a message that the smoke Dragon’s fleet was about to arrive, and he asked the players to be ready.

It was obvious that Sha Shui had come under the orders of the Sea King.

Although the players were surprised, they quickly began to discuss the countermeasures on the forum.

The players had anticipated this battle, but they weren’t afraid.

Even if they fought their way to the veluriyam Coast and took it down, it wouldn’t be a problem for the players unless the smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce was stationed there forever.

However, the players were naturally unwilling to retreat so hastily in the face of the upcoming war. They began to discuss countermeasures on how to make the smoke Dragon merchant pay a heavy price in this battle!