Chapter 502: A paper tiger?

As the smoke Dragon fleet gradually approached the lapis lazuli Coast …

The players who went to investigate finally sent a warning message.

At this moment, the voice channels of the Guild leaders of the various large guilds rang out, calling for their members to board the Starship and prepare for battle.

The sails of the battleships were raised, and the black flags were also raised at this moment.

Although the chances of winning this battle were slim, they could not lose their morale.

In this battle, after the experts from the Western and Chinese servers discussed, they decided to let “Yin Xiaoqi” lead.

Yin Xiaoqi’s ability was highly admired by both the players from the European and Chinese servers.

Back then, she had come up with the idea to help the European server resolve two crises and win over evil king, making him an NPC of the European server.

In the central server, Yin Xiaoqi’s super elite Guild, war, was also very famous.

This time, the players from the European and Chinese servers had no objections to Yin Xiaoqi leading the battle.

At this moment, Yin Xiaoqi’s cold voice sounded in the main voice channel,”

“Everyone, the purpose of this battle is just as we said before. The ship can be destroyed, and the people can die, but we can’t lose our momentum. Do you still remember the battles we fought against the enemy? What can make the enemy tremble in fear is not necessarily absolute crushing strength, but also an indomitable momentum and a spirit that is not afraid of death!”

“Let’s go!”

With the command, the roar of countless machines and spiritual energy operation inside the warships sounded. At this moment, the warships left the glazed Coast and advanced toward the sea of vanity.

There was no fear in the players ‘hearts for this battle, only excitement and anticipation.

They had never experienced a naval battle of such a scale.

Even when they fought the Sea King, their final battle was on land and not in the sea.

Half a day’s journey in the sea of vanity, the smoke Dragon merchant Association had arrived at the center of the sea of vanity.

All the forces along the way avoided them, which could be said to be menacing.

As they got closer and closer to the colored glass Coast, the smoke Dragon couldn’t wait to kill.

As the war Chamber of Commerce, they had not used force for a long time.

In the eyes of the smoke Dragon merchant Association, the elimination of the player families this time was also to prove the strength of the smoke Dragon merchant Association to the forces of the vain and the kuilong territorial waters.

They wanted all the forces to understand the consequences of provoking them.

As they continued to sail, the smoke Dragon suddenly discovered that countless black dots had appeared on the surface of the sea.

An unimaginably huge fleet was heading this way.

At this moment, the soldier standing on the observation tower shouted,”

“Guild leader, there’s an extremely huge fleet coming from the south!”

“Estimate the specific number! “When the smoke Dragon heard this, it immediately looked up and replied.

After a moment of silence, the lookout’s voice was heard again. At this time, his voice was clearly trembling.

“President … I can’t estimate. At least 30000 … No, 50000 warships!”

“What … What?” At this moment, smoke Dragon almost thought he had heard wrong.

Fifty thousand ships!

The smoke Dragon was dumbfounded and quickly shouted again,”

“Can you see which force it is?”

After another moment of silence, the reply of the lookout came from above,”

“Guild … Guild Master, it looks like a fleet from a player clan. These warships look very similar!”

Upon hearing this, the smoke Dragon merchant Association couldn’t help but widen its eyes. As a war merchant Association, their smoke Dragon merchant Association only had about 10000 members and 528 warships. The other side actually had more than 50000 warships …

Hit your mother!

At this moment, the smoke Dragon wanted to tear the Sea King who had provided the information into pieces.

Didn’t they say that the player clans weren’t strong, and that they were just arrogant?

How could these 50000 plus F * cking battleships not be arrogant? If it were him, he might even dare to venture into the central Sea area of the yellow spring!

Thinking of this, the smoke Dragon instantly panicked.

He wanted to destroy the player family, but he didn’t think that the player family’s power would be so terrifying. It was completely beyond his imagination. If he really started a war, he wouldn’t be destroying the player family, but seeking death!

Thinking of this, he was about to open his mouth to return when the intelligence officer standing on the side said,”

“President, don’t worry. According to the intelligence from the various fleets, the warships of the player clans are not the real ghost ships, but fake warships that are built in the shape of ghost ships. Although they have the shape of ghost ships, in reality, they can not compare to ghost ships at all. They are far inferior in all aspects, and are completely paper tigers!”

“Really? The situation is reliable!” Yan Long asked in disbelief as he raised his head and looked at the densely packed black dots on the distant sea surface.

“Yes, in terms of hardness, these warships may not be as strong as the finished Ghost Ship, not to mention the Ghost Ship. We have nothing to fear!” The intelligence officer said again.

After knowing the whole story, the smoke Dragon was immediately annoyed by its previous timidity and immediately said,”

“If that’s the case, let’s keep going. It’s just a paper tiger. I thought there were really more than fifty thousand ghost ships. How unlucky!”

In fact, what smoke Dragon and the intelligence personnel didn’t know was that …

The players ‘battleships were all real ghost ships.

It was just that the offering that the Sea King had asked for from moment had fallen on the players ‘shoulders because of her death. The development of the sea area was imminent, but the players did not have much resources in their hands at that time. They did not have enough resources to build ghost ships and ghost ships, so the Ghost Ship designed by Bei Li was a growth-type Ghost Ship.

Although it had the appearance of a Ghost Ship in the beginning, it needed to devour large amounts of spiritual materials to slowly grow.

In terms of grade, the ghost ships in the players ‘hands were even higher than the warships in smoke Dragon’s hands, and their growth potential was even higher.

That was why the members of the smoke Dragon fleet, who had discovered the strangeness of the sea several times, thought that the ghost ships in the players ‘hands were just paper tigers, special warships that were built with the same shape to scare people.

The distance between the two sides was getting closer and closer.

The smoke Dragon said with a ferocious face,”

“Accelerate and crash into it!“

As he gave the order, the signal crew on the bow platform began to wave the signal flag in their hands, giving out the orders of ‘acceleration’ and ‘impact’.

Instantly, the speed of the smoke Dragon fleet increased, and the energy inside the ship buzzed.

As time passed, three nautical miles … Two nautical miles … One nautical mile …

The storm above the fleet of smoke Dragon warships churned wildly, striking down lightning and bombarding the surface of the sea. It was a menacing scene.

However, the players were never weak in terms of momentum.

After Yin Xiaoqi shouted the words “release the boat spirit.”

It was as if an ancient seal had been broken at this moment, and the Phantoms of ten thousand beasts suddenly appeared.

At this moment, smoke Dragon’s expression changed again. ”

“Is this really not a Ghost Ship? ”

“This … Really isn’t!” When the intelligence officer saw this scene, he was also shocked. However, he still gritted his teeth and said.

At this time, the distance was less than a nautical mile. Under the inertia of the forward movement, it was too late to turn around. After glaring at the intelligence officer beside him, the smoke Dragon took out a Golden Scroll from his arms and walked to the bow of the ship.

Unfurling the scroll, countless golden characters flickered and appeared.

“Sea God’s pardon, sea God’s howl!”

As his voice fell, a paragraph of characters jumped out of the scroll and slowly enlarged in front of the warship.

At this moment, the wind suddenly started blowing. The originally clear sky was now filled with strong gales, and huge waves rose up on the sea. The player fleet that was originally moving with the wind suddenly went against the wind.

What was even more incredible to the players was that in the howling Hurricane, water pillars gathered on the surface of the water, slowly forming water elemental Giants.

“Sea God’s pardon, storm order!”

The smoke Dragon’s voice became extremely loud and clear, as if it had merged with the world and resounded throughout the sea.

In an instant, the dark clouds lowered, and the wind and waves became even more violent.

A water dragon slowly formed on the surface of the sea and quickly expanded toward the player Army.

Before the player fleet collided with the smoke Dragon fleet, danger had already arrived.

At that moment, Yin Xiaoqi quickly shouted in the voice channel,”

“All units, activate the protective shield. Fleet, disperse!”

After receiving the order, the player fleet began to quickly move in two directions.

With the help of the voice channel, the transmission of orders was extremely fast.

When the waterspouts arrived, the player fleets were no longer as closely packed as before.

At this time, the rapidly spinning huge water tornado collided with the front row of warships. The water droplets thrown out by the tornado were as sharp as bullets, and they made dense holes in the warships in the front row.

“Try to attack the water tornado and see if you can destroy it!” Yin Xiaoqi immediately said.

Upon receiving the order, countless boat spirits pounced on the water tornado and began to tear and bite it.

The water tornado seemed to have been enraged. It once again swept up a large amount of sea water, turning it into water swords and throwing them in all directions.

A large number of ship spirits were torn apart by this attack, but the water tornado was not affected in the slightest.

Seeing this, Yin Xiaoqi’s expression darkened. She immediately ordered the player fleets to expand the distance between them.

“This won’t do. This water tornado is actually invisible. The seawater is just the elemental power it has gathered. If we want to destroy it, we have to use wind power. Only then can we destroy the core of its rotation!” The Empress, who was standing beside Yin Xiaoqi with her arms crossed in front of her chest, looked at the water tornado and said calmly.

Yin Xiaoqi immediately nodded.”

“Attention! All five elements warlocks in the fleet, activate your wind elemental state and start gathering power. Listen to my command!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Warlock players on the warship immediately turned around and began to gather wind power.

One by one, the players ‘warships were sunk by the tornado. Smoke Dragon, who saw this scene from afar, could not help but laugh.

“You’re indeed a paper tiger. You can’t even withstand a single blow!”

Just then, Yin Xiaoqi shouted “release” in the voice channel.

Suddenly, a green Hurricane formed in front of the player’s warship and swept toward the water tornado.

In an instant, the Water Dragon’s internal rotation was disrupted and began to twist. The speed of its rotation was sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

The surface of the sea would sometimes sink into a deep chasm, and sometimes become a mountain.


With a loud bang, the water tornado exploded, and countless water droplets rose and fell like flowers scattered by a goddess!

Seeing that the water tornado had been broken, the smoke Dragon was stunned.

The distance between the two fleets was less than 100 meters. Yin Xiaoqi shouted the order to attack.

The players ‘battle cries rose and fell.

Ship spirit phantoms left the ship’s hull and pounced on the smoke Dragon fleet like hungry wolves.

In an instant, the thunderstorm array of the smoke Dragon fleet was also activated. Countless bowl-thick lightning bolts struck down, destroying the ship spirit phantoms.

The front rows of the two fleets collided at this time!

At this moment, the smoke Dragon warship was like a hot iron that was inserted into the mud. It smashed the warships one by one, but its speed did not slow down at all.

But the players weren’t worried at all.

If one was not enough, then two. If two were not enough, then 80000!

Countless player warships chose to collide with each other in an attempt to stop the smoke Dragon fleet from advancing.

At this moment, the water Giants formed from the surrounding seawater also launched an attack on the player fleet.

The battle of the sea had begun!