Chapter 503: An intense confrontation

The 80,000 player battleships fought against 528 smoke Dragon battleships.

However, the players were at an absolute disadvantage as soon as the battle began.

When the smoke Dragon fleet charged into the player fleet, the thunderstorm clouds in the sky began to bombard all the approaching player fleets.

In the midst of lightning and thunder, the player warships were shattered one by one, and wood chips flew everywhere.

In the surroundings, the huge water Giants also raised their fists and pounced on the player warships, instantly destroying more than ten warships.

Smoke Dragon couldn’t help but laugh when he saw this.

He stretched out his hand and unfurled the Golden Scroll in his hand again. As the Golden characters jumped, he said in a deep voice,”

“Sea God’s pardon, extreme cold badge!”

As soon as smoke Dragon finished speaking, snow began to fall from the sky. A thin layer of ice appeared on the surface of the sea and quickly spread, slowing down the speed of the player fleet.

“He has the sea god’s pardon! We have to destroy the Mainship first, or the external interference will not stop!” The Empress, who was standing beside Yin Xiaoqi, said immediately.

When Yin Xiaoqi heard this, she decisively said in the voice channel,”

“Attention, guilds! Focus your fire on the smoke Dragon Mainship!”

After the order was given, the players who were originally scattered began to focus their skills on the main ship.

“Sea God’s pardon, water spirit shield!”

The smoke Dragon’s loud voice resounded through the sky. Suddenly, several water pillars rose from the sea, forming a circular barrier that enveloped the smoke Dragon Mainship, blocking the players ‘attacks.

At that moment, Yin Xiaoqi could not help but frown.

The various abilities of the smoke Dragon were truly troublesome. It could be said that the players were unable to make full use of their numerical advantage.

Looking at the smoke Dragon fleet that was still moving forward quickly, Yin Xiaoqi suddenly had an idea and immediately said,”

“All elemental warlocks, transform into water and reinforce the ice layer on the sea!”

Although the mage players were puzzled, they did not hesitate. They changed their form decisively and threw ice skills into the sea, beginning to reinforce the already frozen layer of ice.

With the support of various ice-type skills, the surface of the ice continued to thicken, causing the speed of the smoke Dragon fleet, which was originally breaking through the ice, to slow down.

Seeing this, Yin Xiaoqi’s lips curled up.

When the smoke Dragon froze the sea, it didn’t thicken the layer of ice on the sea, which puzzled Yin Xiaoqi.

Now she understood.

It was obvious that the smoke Dragon’s battleships were much stronger than the player battleships, so the ice was just enough to restrict the player battleships. However, against their battleships, the thickness of the ice could be easily broken through, and it could be said that there was no obstacle in their way.

At this moment, Yin Xiaoqi chose to continue to thicken the ice layer. Although it increased the resistance of the player warships, it also affected the speed of the smoke Dragon warships.

Smoke Dragon’s expression turned serious when he saw this.

Now that their warship’s speed had clearly dropped, it was very disadvantageous for them.

His current strategy was to lead his fleet and charge into the players ‘fleet, relying on his speed to RAM into them and disrupt the formation of the players’ fleet.

Hence, speed was extremely important!

Thinking of this, he raised the ” sea God’s pardon ” and immediately dispelled the freezing ability. The fleet’s speed increased again and continued to move forward.

Metal shards and wood splinters flew along the way. The players’ warships were at an absolute disadvantage in terms of strength.

At this moment, Yin Xiaoqi’s voice was heard on the voice channel.

” All necromancers in the European server, activate long-range summoning as soon as you reach the casting distance. Target, inside the smoke Dragon warship! ”

As soon as Yin Xiaoqi’s voice fell, many black summoning arrays appeared on the deck of the smoke Dragon warship. Skeletal Warriors climbed out of them and pounced on the members of the smoke Dragon warship.

Although the combat power of these skeletal Warriors was not high, they could still play the role of harassment.

At the same time, on the European server’s Zero’s ship, the core mages cast their spells at the same time. A huge black magic array appeared on the flagship where smoke Dragon was.

A huge pitch-black undead Bone Dragon slowly emerged from the magic array.

Upon seeing this, the smoke Dragon waved its hand, and space began to distort. As it tore apart the formation, it also churned the undead dragon to pieces.

However, what he did not expect was that the moment the bone dragon exploded, a large amount of black mist spread out and covered the entire ship in a short time.

A sizzling sound of corrosion was heard and it began to corrode the Mainship’s defensive shield.

“I’ve checked the analysis. The original hardness of these smoke Dragon warships is Level-14, but I can’t see through the hardness of the warships after the rain shield is cast. I need the specific values!” Yin Xiaoqi’s voice sounded on the voice channel.

As her voice fell …

A figure leaped up from the main ship of the European server, turned into a black stream of light, and crashed into it.

“Death Knight’s wrath!”


The ice layer shook, but the attack did not break through the ice layer.

As the figure fell, a black rope appeared on the main ship of the European server and wrapped around his body, pulling him back to the warship.

“Lionheart, don’t be rash. You can’t measure the specific hardness of the smoke Dragon warship with your own strength!” Li Xing said with a heavy expression.

Hearing this, Linhardt nodded with a dark expression.

He had only found out how strong the defensive shield of the flagship where smoke Dragon was was after testing it out.

It was not realistic for a single person to break the shield.

In the distance, on the mythological ship.

After hearing Yin Xiaoqi’s words, Gu Yu’s expression turned grave.

At this moment, there was a smoke Dragon warship coming towards them.

Although the level of their mythical ship was already very high, he didn’t have any confidence in winning in a head-on collision with the smoke Dragon warship, which was more than one level higher in quality.

However, he didn’t choose to avoid it, because he wanted to test the specific hardness of the smoke Dragon Ship, and the way to measure it was by a head-on collision.

“Overlord body!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a layer of golden light shield suddenly appeared on the surface of the mythological ship.

The distance between the two sides closed, and in the blink of an eye, the Dragon horns collided with each other.


In an instant, the shields of the two battleships shattered.

This time, the scene of the smoke Dragon warship crushing the player’s warship and advancing forward with irresistible force did not appear. During the collision, the smoke Dragon warship slowly moved back, and cracks appeared on its Dragon Horn, which gradually broke and fell off.

As for the mythological ship, the entire bow of the ship caved in. Large amounts of wood shavings and metal fragments flew everywhere.

This collision almost destroyed the legendary ship, and a large number of players on the ship were sent flying into the water. The ship slowly tilted backward and sank into the water.

At this moment, Gu Yu activated his evil god form, and his body floated into the air.

Gou ‘Zi followed closely.

Gu Yu was overjoyed to see this.

This proved that although the strength of the smoke Dragon warship was high, the difference in strength was still within an acceptable range, and it could still be damaged.

Although the mythological ship had sunk, in reality, they did not suffer any losses. After all, all the materials would be recycled. They just had to wait for the cooldown period to end and then summon them again.

However, the damage to the smoke Dragon warship was real.

Not only did he not lose anything, but he also made a profit. The most important thing was that he knew the hardness value of the smoke Dragon warship.

At the thought of this, Gu Yu immediately spoke on the main voice channel,”

“Attention, the strength of the main ship of the smoke Dragon fleet is unknown. The hardness of the other smoke Dragon ships with their shields is about level-15. Warships above level-13 can collide with them. Do your best to damage their warships in this battle and create an advantage for the next battle!”

Upon hearing this, Liu Chan, ye Xue ‘er, and the others were pleasantly surprised.

This was because the hardness of the warships they were on was above level-13. In other words, if they hit, they could cause damage to the smoke Dragon warship.

At this moment, the smoke Dragon fleet was like a fierce tiger pouncing on a flock of sheep. They were aggressive and crashed all the way. The rear of the warship was filled with a large number of broken body parts.

However, the players were not a flock of sheep, but a pack of wolves that were waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Even if they were at an absolute disadvantage in this battle, the players did not give up.

After countless players fell into the water, they decisively summoned their private ghost ships and crashed into the smoke Dragon Ship again.

Even smoke Dragon couldn’t believe the way the players fought.

In his opinion, such a naval battle was simply too crazy. It was completely consuming a Force’s Foundation.

From smoke Dragon’s point of view, even if these warships were not the real ghost ships, it would still take a lot of time to build them. Such an attack without any heartache was completely consuming the foundation of the players ‘forces.

Was he prepared to die together?

What made him feel distressed was that the more than 500 smoke Dragon ships he led had suffered losses under such a crazy attack, except for the flagship he was on.

After all, it would cost him a lot of mystical materials to repair the battleships. He would have to spend a lot of money after this battle.

The players were the complete opposite of smoke Dragon.

Battle damage?

It didn’t exist!

The players and the battleships were essentially the same. They could repair themselves, so the players didn’t feel any heartache.

The losses didn’t matter, the momentum was the key point of this battle.

As the smoke Dragon was dumbfounded, the players ‘attacks became even more frenzied.

He didn’t even need to command the fleet to attack, and the players ‘warships swarmed over.

As for the water Giants summoned by the smoke Dragon, the players didn’t care at all. They let the water Giants do whatever they wanted, and their only target was the smoke Dragon fleet.

Smoke Dragon had never seen such a fighting style before.

Under such an attack, the smoke Dragon slowed down its speed.

“Change direction and increase the distance!” In the end, the smoke Dragon gave up on a head-on battle.

If it was a normal naval battle, the enemy forces ‘formation would definitely be in chaos under his attack. The fleet would also choose to avoid the collision to reduce losses.

However, the players ‘thought process was completely different from what smoke Dragon thought.

On the contrary, they liked this kind of fighting style.

Knowing that it would cause damage to the opponent, all the effort was worth it.

Under such a crazy collision, even the smoke Dragon felt that it could not bear it.

However, how could the players let him go at this moment? they continued to attack him without stopping.

The smoke Dragon could only hold the sea god’s pardon and continuously summon the power of the ocean to snipe the players.

Right now, smoke Dragon only had one thought in mind, which was to switch from close-range combat to long-range combat. With the sea god’s pardon in his hands, he could slowly devour the player fleet.

Yin Xiaoqi had already seen through the smoke Dragon’s thoughts. The smoke Dragon’s fleet, which had crashed into the player’s fleet, was now besieged in the center, surrounded by five circles.

It was easy to enter, but it was not so easy to leave.

At the sight of this, the figure surrounded by Lightning in the Dark clouds in the sky could not help but laugh.

Although the figure was covered in lightning, there was a Black wheel of light floating on his forehead. It was spinning rapidly, blocking the lightning around him and not causing him any harm.

The familiar taste, the familiar tactics, and the life-risking attacks seemed to have become more familiar than before.

However, this was the player family he knew!

Looking down, the Sea King’s mood was extremely pleasant.