Chapter 506: Lin Tie’s suggestion

Recently, two pieces of news had caused a heated discussion among the forces in the Wuxu and kuilong seas.

The first news came from Black Reef island.

The player clans were completely annihilated under the attack of the smoke Dragon fleet.

This news caused a great uproar in these two seas.

Many sea tribes were no longer as unfamiliar with player families as they had been in the past. As they interacted more with the player families, many sea tribes even saw them as strong competitors for the future overlords of the sea.

It had unparalleled potential.

It had been destroyed in such a way, which was beyond the expectations of many sea forces.

At this moment, the fame of the smoke Dragon merchant Association resounded throughout the two seas, making the forces who were already trembling in fear more aware of the power of the smoke Dragon fleet.

However, another piece of news quickly spread.

The smoke Dragon was seriously injured and was on the verge of death!

No one knew where this news came from, but the authenticity of it caused a heated discussion among the major sea forces.

In the beginning, many of the forces in the sea realm were suspicious.

After all, smoke Dragon was a powerful being at the ghost emperor realm. How could he be seriously injured or even on the verge of death after a battle with a player clan?

This could be seen from the losses of the smoke Dragon warship in this battle.

If more than half of the smoke Dragon warship was destroyed after the war, the forces in the sea could understand that the war was extremely fierce, and it was understandable that the smoke Dragon was seriously injured.

However, the smoke Dragon fleet had only lost about 40 warships in this battle. It could be said to be a one-sided battle. How could the smoke Dragon fleet be injured?

The major sea forces only treated this as a rumor, and few people believed it.

However, a few days later, during the second Sea region meeting that was originally planned by the smoke Dragon Island, Black Reef island announced that the meeting would be postponed. The specific date was unknown.

This announcement instantly reminded the various sea powers of the rumor that had spread about the smoke Dragon’s injuries.

In the past few days, not only did smoke Dragon not appear, but even the fleet he led did not go out to investigate the “sea plunder incident”. Everything was strange.

Under such circumstances, many forces began to believe that Yan Long was seriously injured and on the verge of death.

Even if the merchants on the black Reef island tried to refute the rumor, no one would believe it without the appearance of the smoke Dragon. Instead, they would be even more suspicious of the smoke Dragon merchant Association’s attempt to cover it up.

As the saying went,”if you’re not sick, take two steps.” The appearance of the real person was more reliable than any way to refute rumors.

It was even more suspicious to constantly refute the rumors without any substantial indication.

At this moment, the smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce was in great trouble.

At this moment, inside black Reef island, the Vice President Yan lang was standing outside the cave where Yan Long was recuperating. He was pacing back and forth with a gloomy expression.

At this moment, a white-haired merchant walked over quickly from the side.

“Vice President smoke Wolf, how’s President smoke Dragon’s condition? right now, the news of the president’s heavy injuries is circulating outside. The situation is very unfavorable to us!”

“President Black Reef, who spread this news?” The smoke Wolf stood behind the white-haired old man and asked.

The white-haired old man shook his head.”

“I don’t know. After the fleet returned, this news appeared out of thin air on the major trading islands and then spread to the two seas. It’s obvious that some force is doing this in secret!”

“Motherf * cker!” The smoke Wolf could not help but clench his fist.

Not only did the fleet suffer great losses in the battle with the players, but they also did not expect the president to be severely injured by the Pi Xiu on the way back. If the crew had not rescued the smoke Dragon in time and used a large number of healing mystical materials to stabilize its injuries, bringing it back to Black Reef island for treatment, the smoke Dragon might have been dead.

When smoke Wolf, who was stationed at Black Reef island, heard the news, he was stunned.

The first thing he did was to seal off the news of the smoke Dragon fleet’s injury. Otherwise, the smoke Dragon fleet would be in danger.

Although the smoke Dragon fleet was now a war Chamber of Commerce, and no force dared to attack them, they were still a force to be reckoned with.

However, the name of the “War Chamber of Commerce” was coveted by many forces. If the fleet was damaged and the news of the smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce’s near death spread, the most direct impact would be that many forces would come to fight for the name of the “War Chamber of Commerce”.

Moreover, if this news were to reach the upper echelons of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, they would also re-evaluate the smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce to see if they were still qualified to become the “War Chamber of Commerce.”

The smoke Wolf did not even dare to think about the consequences.

After losing the name of the war Chamber of Commerce, not to mention the huge annual loss of profits, the Chamber of Commerce and forces in the sea that they had offended would be enough to kill them!

Hence, smoke Wolf did not hesitate to block the news.

However, he didn’t expect that the news would still be leaked and spread to the two sea areas in a short time. Perhaps it wouldn’t take long for the Chamber of Commerce they had offended to spread the news to the higher-ups of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce.

At this moment, the smoke Wolf and his subordinates were as anxious as ants on a hot pan.

Not only did refuting the rumors not have any effect, but it also produced even worse consequences.

The smoke Dragon was still unconscious, and the entire fleet was in a state of disunity. The situation was not looking good.

Not only did the battle with the player clan not bring the joy of victory, but the specific losses could no longer be described as huge.

At this moment, Yan lang only hoped that his brother, Yan Long, would recover from his injuries quickly so that he could personally go out to refute the rumors and suppress the worsening situation.

However, what they didn’t expect even more was to come.

This was because all the members of their enemy’s clan had been resurrected in hell with full health.

After this battle, the players also saw many of their own shortcomings.

The direction of the discussion on the forum changed as the players realized how much of a disadvantage they were at against the smoke Dragon fleet.

As long as smoke Dragon was around, the ” sea God’s pardon ” in his hand was a godly weapon in the sea. The players would not be able to resist it at all.

This time, they mainly relied on the ” Thunder pellet ” to attract lightning and blow up dozens of smoke Dragon warships. Otherwise, the outcome could only be said to be tragic. It was completely just a formality.

After that, the players knew without a doubt that the smoke Dragon would not activate the ” thunderstorm cloud formation ” again when it fought with them in the future.

Hence, new tactics were very important.

However, the players were still in a good mood.

After all, they were players, and they had one enemy after another, but they had always stood tall.

Just as the players were discussing how to continue the sanctions against the smoke Dragon merchant Association, a player made a suggestion. This suggestion was a strange one, and it caused a heated discussion among the players.

[When I was studying forging recently, I thought of an advanced ability in forging,”dismantle and breakdown.” I think this ability will be completely useful in this battle!]

[Op: Lin Tie]

[Details: first, introduce yourself. I am a lifestyle player in underworld with a forger as my secondary class.] Three days ago, the Guild Master of the dark bloodline Guild asked me to build a batch of naval battle tools. I accepted the mission and started to build the tools according to the blueprints.

However, during the forging process, due to a mistake, many of the parts that were supposed to be assembled were melted together during the forging process (I really want to beat my stupid son to death!). As a result, all the parts were scrapped.

Since the spiritual iron and materials were all provided by the dark bloodline Guild, the losses were undoubtedly huge. At that time, I wanted to try to salvage the situation and see if I could break down these smelted parts. For this reason, I specially looked for master bronze gavel and asked.

“Then, master brass gatherer told me about an advanced ability of blacksmiths,’dismantle and breakdown.’

In order to recover my losses, I spent the past few days in Hell’s library doing research to understand the principles and operation of [disassemble].

“After that, I tried again and again. During this period, I scrapped several assembly parts, but I succeeded in the end. I really dismantled and disassembled all the machine parts that had been melted into a ball!

“So, I suddenly thought, since the smoke Dragon warship is so hard that we can’t do anything about it, can we sneak in and take apart the parts of their warship?

Most importantly, we can use the dismantled parts!

“Although the success rate is very low and requires excellent skills, there are so many players. It shouldn’t be a problem to dismantle one battleship a day.

That’s my suggestion. Maybe you can give it a try. Also, the “dismantling” technique is not easy to master, and the success rate is not high, but don’t be afraid that you don’t have a target to practice on. The smoke Dragon warship is waiting for you (funny)



A big Wolfhound was dumbfounded,[you can do this?] Now that you’ve mentioned it, it’s like I’m seeing a demolition team on their way …

The leader of the demolition office: “I heard that you guys are calling for our demolition office Guild. Do you want to join?” (Cocky face, jpg)

The strongest Xue Li,[F * ck, Uncle Lin Tie is awesome. Dismantling tactics?] They didn’t fight them head-on, but destroyed their battleships? (The Sea King’s surprised face.jpg)

[Assassin’s Creed: 666. After reading Uncle Lin Tie’s post, I feel like I’m seeing the members of the smoke Dragon merchant Association waking up and doubting their lives. It’s exciting (funny)]

Tuoba goudan thought,”that’s too cruel, but … I like it (instant sneer)”.jpg)


Lin Tie’s suggestion could be said to have a strange train of thought.

All the players were thinking about how to rely on tactics or how to improve their strength to defeat the smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce.

Lin Tie’s suggestion caught many players off guard and was beyond their expectations.

However, after thinking about it carefully, he realized that it made sense.

Moreover, the blacksmith profession was the only profession in the entire server that was open to all. In other words, every player could actually try it.

For a time, the library of hell was flooded with players. They were all actively participating in the research of the blacksmith’s ability branch,”dismantling and disassembling.”

Even Lu Wu, who was behind the scenes, didn’t expect the players ‘actions.

According to Bei Li, the players ‘idea was completely feasible. Although the success rate was very, very low, even a Ghost Ship like the smoke Dragon warship could not hold up against the number of players. In the trial, there would always be a few successful cases.

As long as they succeeded, they would bring huge losses to the smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce.

The players ‘current attempts once again matched Lu Wu’s original idea. The potential of players was infinite.

He would always be able to find a way to defeat the enemy.

Just like the construction battle of the peach blossom House during the invasion of the evil spirit, the players ‘tactics and operations were once again used.

During this period of time, due to the large number of players entering the library, Lu Wu also decisively expanded the folding space in the library so that the players would not be unable to study.

Soon, Lin Tie, who had been one step ahead of them, posted the “dismantling and decomposing” guide on the forum.

The enthusiasm for learning spread again.

Although learning was painful, every player felt a sense of superiority.

After all, which game could be as hardcore as war?

As for learning, the players went from being surprised at the beginning to being used to it.

This was what Lu Wu wanted to see. His scourge Army was growing …