Chapter 510: Good and evil, strong and weak

After receiving Yan Long’s sea God’s pardon scroll, the Sea King pressed it onto the blank scroll in his hand.

The Golden characters flickered and appeared, quickly surging towards the blank scroll in the Sea king’s hand.

Yan Long’s sea God’s pardon gradually dimmed at this moment. On the contrary, the sea god’s pardon in the Sea king’s hand became brighter and brighter.

This symbolized the end of the smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce’s glory, and the era of the mutt Chamber of Commerce had arrived.

Seeing this scene, the feeling of being powerless to stop it made Yan Lang’s heart feel like it was being cut by a knife.

From the beginning of the fishing village, the two brothers had experienced too much. The road was difficult and dangerous. Their subordinates had died in battle one after another, but they had still withstood the fierce storm and kept moving forward.

When they obtained the qualification to enter the war Chamber of Commerce, they thought that they had bid farewell to the days of slaughter and danger, and that their future would be bright.

But now, everything was gone.

His future, his dreams, his hard work, his struggles … The end of all of this was like an illusion, completely destroyed.

Under the cruel Rules of Survival, one wrong step would cost too much, so much so that it was difficult for the smoke Wolf to accept.

At this moment, he recalled the promise and oath he had once made, which were more important than his life.

The smoke Wolf clenched its fists and its body trembled slightly. Then, it tore off its clothes, revealing its body that was covered in wounds.

From the smoke Wolf’s point of view, these scars were not the glory of a warrior. It was just a punishment he received in the struggle to live a better life.

Every scar on it recorded a crisis that could have killed him.

And he had survived it all, and he was still alive.

At this moment, the smoke Wolf turned its gaze to the sea King.”

“I come from a small fishing village. In our village, all the people who go out to sea to hunt are Warriors. Although they are not strong, they have the courage to fight against storms and tsunamis, and they work tirelessly for the survival of their people. But they’re also very stupid and don’t know how to be flexible. They only know how to guard their own land, and even if the tribe already has a shortage of food, they still have to offer tribute to the stronger tribes every year. This causes a large number of tribesmen to die of hunger every year, but they’re so stupid that even so, they don’t think about changing anything, silently enduring all the evil intentions from the outside world. ”

When the Sea King heard this, it didn’t say anything. It just looked at the smoke Wolf quietly.

“Until one day, two brothers wanted to change everything in the fishing village. So, they chose to fight and walk the path of becoming strong. They wanted to lead the entire village out of this desolate fishing village and welcome a better life!”

The smoke Wolf continued,”

“No one knew how difficult and dangerous this path was, but the entire village chose to trust the two brothers unconditionally. They followed them out of the fishing village with passion and hope for the future, to face the crueler laws of survival. This journey lasted for thousands of years … The two brothers still remember the oath they made, but the villagers fell one by one, until all of them died in battle on this path to becoming strong.”

“It’s sad to live an ordinary life, but at least we’re still alive, aren’t we? how can this path be so easy to walk? when mother died in battle, these two brothers gritted their teeth and persevered. “However, when the last of the tribesmen, the elderly tribesman, died in battle, they regretted it. At that moment, the two brothers of the fishing village no longer wanted to fight. They regretted the decision they made back then. They buried everything in the fishing village. However, it was too late to change it, because the entire village was gone.”

“Just as the two brothers were about to give up, the dying elder who was lying in a pool of blood used the last of his strength to say something. He said to keep going. Since you’re already on the road, there’s no turning back. You are the last hope of the smoke village, and you will fight on behalf of the village.”

“At that moment, the two brothers saw hope and trust in the eyes of the clan elder.”

“From that moment on, the two brothers from the fishing village swore that they would be the strongest. They would settle in the central Sea area of the yellow spring and fight for a future to prove that they were not wrong. From then on, they never mentioned giving up again. They would never be merciful to any enemy they faced. They would take back everything they had lost ten times or even a hundred times. They would become the most brutal hunters and strengthen themselves by all means possible until they were strong enough to change everything!”

“Shan kui faction, blood destroying Alliance, Sha Xiao faction … Along the way, no matter how strong their enemies were, they never stopped their pace of becoming stronger. They would always come back after a desperate situation and become more brutal and powerful than before. Then, they would devour their enemies. This time, it will not change either!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yan lang raised the sword in his hand and made a mark on his chest. Blood dripped down, but Yan lang did not even blink.

“I’ll leave this mark to you. It represents the humiliation you’ve given me. If I have the chance in the future, I’ll return it a hundred times, no, a thousand times!”

“From now on, the smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce will leave the netherworld Chamber of Commerce and start anew!” After saying that, the smoke Wolf walked to the smoke Dragon, bent down, and picked it up. Then, it turned around and left without looking back.

Looking at the smoke Wolf leaving, the Sea King was expressionless, but its eyes revealed a thoughtful look.

At that moment, elder Ying who was at the side sighed: ”

“The competition for the hegemony of the sea realm is so interesting because there are people who want to change their fate and become strong, just like the smoke Dragon Brothers!”

“What is the point of becoming strong? Enslave others?” The Sea King suddenly asked.

When elder Ying heard that, he could not help but smile and then asked: ”

“Do you want to be a good person or an evil person?”

The Sea King’s expression turned serious. After thinking for a moment, it said,”

“In this world, being a good person means that death is not far away, so it’s not up to me at all. It’s the world that chose me to be the evil person!”

“Hehe, doesn’t that mean that even if you want to be a good person, you still have to be an evil person, just to survive!”

The Sea King nodded upon hearing this.

This was what he thought. The rules of life in this world did not allow the existence of good people, and good people would never have a good ending.

“However, a truly strong person can decide whether he wants to be a good person or a bad person. This is the right of a strong person!”

“It is often said that virtue carries all things. It means that the more virtuous a person is, the more things he can carry. But in fact, the top group of people in this world are not necessarily benevolent. On the contrary, there are more evil than good. On the contrary, those living at the bottom, struggling for food, have warmth between them.”

“What do you mean?” The Sea King’s expression froze.

“What I mean is that benevolence is built on the foundation that your strength is absolutely stronger than the other party. A weak person can not be merciful to the strong, but to become the strong, you can decide all your preferences, whether you are good or evil, and no external force can affect your thoughts. That is true freedom!”

“That’s what Yan lang is after. He’s pure in nature and came out of the fishing village. He wants to bring happiness to his people, but he’s weak and can only follow the trend. Good people can’t grow in this world, so he became an evil person and grew up in killing. However, his goal is good. He just wants to become strong and then decide everything himself. Do you understand now?” Elder Ying asked the Sea King.

The Sea King was silent for a long time before it nodded, not fully understanding.

In fact, his growth was completely different from Yan lang ‘S. He was born in the top sea force, the “Kingdom of the mutt sea.” He did not have to worry about food, let alone the safety of his people. Because in that sea, they were the most powerful existence, and all the forces had to offer offerings to them!

The only thing that made him grow was his ambition and desire for revenge. However, the Sea King had never considered what a strong person was during his growth.

Those who were strong were strong? That’s right, but there’s no upper limit to strength, and there’s no way to measure how strong you are.

God? However, above the gods were the ancient gods, and above the ancient gods were the great emperors.

Even great emperors were not the strongest.

At that moment, after listening to Yan Lang’s story and elder Ying’s explanation, he suddenly understood.

The strong were beings who could decide their own thoughts without being affected by external forces. As long as they reached this stage, they would be the strongest and the ones who could choose their own fate.

Thinking of this, the Sea King could not help but nod again.”

“I understand!”

“No, you don’t understand, and neither do I. It’s because we’ve never reached such a height. We’re just speculating about the thoughts of the experts as ants. Whether it’s really as we’ve thought or not, it’s because we’ve never been there that we can’t know!”

Looking at elder Ying, the Sea King could not help but be stunned.

“Do your best. I’m very optimistic about your potential. I believe that you’ll be able to make a name for yourself!”

The Sea King was just about to nod when elder Ying continued,”

“Before you, I had also thought of Five Forces. Four of them died on the road to becoming strong, and the fifth was the smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce. Their current situation is also quite worrying.”

The Sea King was speechless.

The Sea King didn’t know if it was appropriate to say ‘MMP’ in its heart.

“Just believe in yourself. There’s no use believing in me.” At that moment, elder Ying laughed and as he spoke, he walked towards the outside of the spirit Cave.

At this time, the Sea King suddenly looked at elder Ying’s back and shouted,”

“Elder, is our netherworld Chamber of Commerce good or evil?”

“He exploited many sea merchants and acted overbearing. He even monopolized many trade channels and cut off the path for the rise of many forces. He’s a great evil!” Elder Ying said without turning his head.

Is the end of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce good or evil?” The Sea King asked again.

“How would I know? this old man is just one of the members of this evil force. How would I know if the person at the top is good or evil?” Elder Ying replied in a bad mood.

The Sea King was just about to ask again when it saw elder Ying’s figure disappear from where he was in a flash.

Sighing helplessly, it was rare to meet such a super old man and he had wanted to ask to gain some knowledge but it was very obvious that elder Ying did not want to answer any further.

However, after listening to elder Ying’s words, the Sea King felt that it had indeed understood a lot.

At this moment, he suddenly thought, can I reach that step and become an absolute expert to decide my own fate?

Even the Sea King had an absurd idea.

He would overturn the netherworld Chamber of Commerce and replace it!

It was boring to guess what other people were thinking when they reached the end of the road. Wouldn’t it be better to use one’s own thoughts?

Thinking of this, the Sea King could not help but shiver.

What a wild idea. After spending so much time with players, he had become so unrealistic.

He wanted to fly before he even learned how to run.

“The player clans are brainless and unafraid of death. I can’t learn this!