Chapter 511: Leeks growing rapidly

After letting his imagination run wild, the Sea King turned his gaze to the sea god’s pardon in his hand.

He was very clear about the power of this scroll. It was said that it came from the hands of a demigod in the central sea of the yellow spring. It was not only a symbol of the war Chamber of Commerce, but also a symbol of strength.

This was also the reason why each yellow Springs Branch only had ten war Chambers of Commerce. As the sea god’s pardon scroll was too rare, each branch could only get ten.

The Sea King could not help but smile. From now on, the forces of Langya Island would no longer be his opponents because they were no longer qualified.

As long as he had this scroll, not only would his strength increase to a new level, but the name of the war Chamber of Commerce was also not something that the forces of Langya Island could afford to offend.

Thinking of this, the Sea King walked out of the spiritual cave.

After he came to the outside world, his figure floated up and flew to the coast.

When the Sea King arrived at the coast, the smoke Dragon merchant Association’s fleet had already left. However, what made him dumbfounded was that a large wave of players was fighting with his subordinates below.

What was even more outrageous was that many players would swing their hammers at his battleship in between the killing.

There were already several warships that had been torn apart.

This scene stunned the Sea King for a long time before it came back to its senses. It quickly stepped forward, trying to stop the players ‘crazy behavior.

“F * ck, the leeks are here. Brothers, speed up!”

“Before smoke Wolf left, he said that this guy is now a member of the war Chamber of Commerce. Should we start slaughtering him?”

“Don’t worry, the Sea King is a growing leek. It can’t be cut in one stroke. It has to be cut slowly to maximize the benefits, don’t you understand?”

“What nonsense are you talking about? hurry up and smash it. The quality of Sea king’s ship is not as good as the smoke Dragon warship, but the relative success rate is higher. Hurry up and smash it now!”


After the discussion in the voice channel, the players seemed to not see the sea King. They picked up the forging hammers and began to hammer with more and more energy.

This scene infuriated the Sea King to no end. He immediately took out the sea god’s pardon and shouted,

“All of you, stop! I don’t want to be your enemy now!”

The players pretended not to hear him and hammered even harder. After all, the battleships in front of them were like gold mountains to them. They could not stop unless they died!

The Sea King could not help but grit its teeth.

The current stage was the beginning of his development. He did not want to make enemies with any powerful forces. Otherwise, he would not have let smoke Wolf go just now. He was raising a Tiger to cause trouble.

If he had killed the smoke Wolf, the battle between the smoke Dragon fleet and them would have started. It was likely that he would have lost his reputation as the ‘War Chamber of Commerce’.

However, it was clear that these players didn’t care about this at all and started to act like gangsters again.

Even though the Sea King did not offend them this time …

However, the players ‘mentality was that they were the ones raising the leeks, so what was wrong with harvesting a little bit?

Is there a problem?

There was no problem at all. How could there be an old farmer who worked hard to cultivate but did not harvest?

Hence, leek, no, the Sea King was angry. He immediately took out the sea god’s pardon scroll and began to read the words on it.

As the Golden characters jumped out of the scroll, the power of the ocean was awakened, and a huge wave swept toward the players who were hitting.

At this moment, the players couldn’t help but curse in the voice channel.

He felt that the big leek was too much. It actually hit an old farmer. Was this how a leek should look like?

He’s so F * cking dumb. F ** K, I’m so angry!

Therefore, the players sped up their hammering and dug holes in the battleships one by one, taking advantage of the last time before they died to cut a wave.

Under the giant waves controlled by the sea King, a large number of players were slapped into the water and then torn apart by the whirlpool. Some were blown into the air by the storm and killed in the air.

When all the players had disappeared, the Sea King’s face was livid.

Looking at the broken warships, the anger in his heart was indescribable.

This time, he did not offend any of the players, but he was rebuked for no reason.

The players were all crazy and hoodlums!

“My Lord, we lost a total of 36 warships. The rest of the warships suffered some losses!” At this time, hei sui’s figure came from below and appeared in front of the Sea King. He said with a sad face.

“What’s going on?” The Sea King asked with a gloomy face.

“I don’t know. The player clans were fighting with the smoke Dragon fleet, but smoke Wolf returned and left with the entire fleet. Before he left, he even told the players that our mutt is the war Chamber of Commerce now!”

“And then?” The Sea King asked.

“The players ignored them and continued to fight, but they didn’t catch up with the smoke Dragon fleet. Then, I saw a group of players whispering in the distance, then they turned around and fought with us. No, they didn’t fight with us at all, they just smashed our ships!”

“You’re all crazy!” Upon hearing this, the Sea King could not help but scold angrily.

The Sea King had never expected that the smoke Wolf’s revenge would come so quickly, and that the damage would be transferred to them.

“My Lord, haven’t the player clans always been friendly to us? What’s going on this time?” Hei sui asked with grief and indignation.

“How would I know? they’re all crazy. How would I know what they’re thinking about every day?” The Sea King couldn’t help but glare at hei sui.

The Sea King had a huge headache dealing with this evil faction of players that had to travel across two seas.

He was simply a hooligan and a Locust, the cancer of the cancer!

The Sea King felt a headache when it thought about how it would have to face the players again.

With the players ‘thinking, the Sea King felt that negotiating with them was not something a person could do.

“By the way, my Lord, I heard them calling you leek. What does that mean?” Hei sui asked curiously.

“Leeks?” When the Sea King heard this, it could not help but freeze.

“Yes, what’s the meaning of this form of address?” Hei sui continued to ask.

“Maybe it’s just a name. It doesn’t have any other meaning.” The Sea King shook its head in confusion, completely unable to understand the deeper meaning.

At this time, the Sea King looked at the warship below with a helpless look on his face. He then sighed and said,”

“Let’s go back to Xinmo Island first. We’ll repair and upgrade these warships when the time comes. After all, we’ll be sea merchants in the future, and we can’t just rely on sea beasts as mounts to fight!”

“I know that there are enough mystical materials on the island now. We can build a batch of high-level ghost ships first. Now that the country ruler has obtained the qualification of the war Chamber of Commerce, the nearby sea merchants will definitely send us mystical materials. We don’t have to worry about the resources.”

Seeing the sea god’s pardon scroll in the Sea king’s hand, hei sui was also happy.

When they followed the Sea King back then, they had already gambled on their future. If the Sea King became stronger, they could also benefit from it and rise up.

“My Lord, do you have any plans for the player clans?” Thinking of the player clans, hei sui asked again.

“Let’s not worry about it for now. We’ll try to avoid fighting and focus on development. We’ll discuss countermeasures when we get back!”

The Sea King had a headache when it came to the player families.

When he had watched the battle between the smoke Dragon fleet and the players, he had been quite happy, but it was a different story being involved.

At that moment, the Sea King suddenly thought of the words that elder Ying had said before he left.

When it was compared to the player families, the Sea King suddenly felt that the player families were really different.

He didn’t follow the rules of survival at all, he just did things according to his own preferences.

Good and evil, strong and weak, they didn’t seem to exist in the eyes of the players. They just did whatever they wanted.

But even so, the players ‘families were still doing well.

It was as if this race had appeared to destroy the laws of survival in the netherworld, bringing a trace of …

The word “light” automatically flashed through the Sea King’s mind.

After all, there was no connection between the players ‘clans and the light.

The atmosphere that it brought to this oppressive and murderous world was at most “dumbass.”

He had also learned the word “idiot” from the players.

At this moment, he felt that it was too appropriate to use it on the players.

Thinking of this, the Sea King suddenly felt that …

If the player clans were allowed to continue growing like this, would there be a day when the cruel Rules of Survival in the netherworld that had not changed for so long would be broken by the player clans?

The Sea King was startled by this thought.

As expected, after interacting with the players for a long time, his thoughts became wilder and Wilder.

How could a player clan grow to such a level when they were already thinking of changing the cruel survival rules of the netherworld …

The Sea King felt that it had to have less contact with the players ‘families in the future. It was too demonic. Not only did it have a bunch of new terms in its mind, but wild thoughts similar to the players’ families also appeared from time to time.

This made the Sea King feel like it had been assimilated by a sand Eagle, and it was immediately flustered and exasperated.

“Country ruler, what’s wrong?” Hei sui noticed that the Sea King’s emotions were a little unstable, and he could not help but ask carefully.

“I’m fine!” The Sea King immediately said.

Although it gave this answer, the Sea King began to think about this question again.

What would happen if the netherworld was occupied by the idiotic player family …

As it thought about it, the Sea King couldn’t help but hold its forehead. This scene was too silly, and it simply couldn’t bear to look at it.

At this moment, he thought of the scene of the players fighting each other over a disagreement.

He also thought of the players fishing, treasure hunting, eating, drinking, and having fun all day long.

In this cruel world of survival, to be able to live so happily, even the Sea Kings and gods were not convinced, but they were convinced by this group of stupid players.

It was as if their brains had been wagged by Yingying’s tail. They were so stupid that they could only feel happy …

But in the end, the Sea King suddenly felt that if all the forces in the netherworld were so silly and didn’t kill, they would be very happy …

As the Sea King’s imagination ran wild, it increasingly felt that playing with family clans was a “tumor”. It had almost assimilated its own thoughts. It was too F * cking terrifying …

Hei sui, who was standing at the side, watched the Sea King’s expression change from nervous to happy. He felt that the king was probably too happy about getting the qualification to the ‘War Chamber of Commerce’, which was a little abnormal.


On the players ‘side, the news that Sea King had become a war Chamber of Commerce was quickly spread on the forum.

At this moment, many players were dumbfounded.

This feeling was like raising a small leek. Originally, they had to help resist the pests from time to time to prevent them from dying early.

However, one day, this little leek suddenly grew rapidly.

The players couldn’t help but feel complicated.

According to the players ‘planned growth route, the Sea King should first Annex the forces of Langya, and then be harvested by them. Then, the Sea King would expand and expand, and then harvest another wave …

In short, he would accompany the players throughout the entire process and grow with them. Then, every time the time was right, he would harvest a wave of them.

The cycle repeated itself endlessly …

But this time, there seemed to be a problem with the script …