Chapter 513: Super amplification

While the Sea King was worried about the players, Lu Wu received good news.

Number one had returned.

As number one, who was sent out by Lu Wu to collect the broken pages of the emperor’s mirror, he lived a life like a bulldozer in the United States every day, either digging pits or moving mountains.

However, this time, he brought back five pages of the emperor’s mirror.

As for the improvement of his own strength, Lu Wu had always been lazy. But with the help of Bei Li, his way of improvement was always the strongest.

The human Emperor’s mirror was once the cultivation technique used by the strongest experts of the Three Realms, and it was not an exaggeration to call it the number one cultivation technique of the Three Realms.

It was good, but what made Lu Wu more worried was that the consumption of these human Emperor’s mirror was really huge.

He looked at the soul coins in his storage. There were already 1.9 billion.

Although these soul coins were often spent on the construction of the four major servers, they were still rising steadily.

As the strength of the player Army increased, the speed of growth also increased, which was what Lu Wu was more pleased with.

Now, even the Asia server, which was the latest to open, was steadily increasing the income of soul coins.

Therefore, although the cost of cultivation was huge, Lu Wu could still afford it.

Although Lu Wu was distressed about the improvement of his strength, he was not stingy and decisively analyzed the five human Emperor’s mirrors.

Of course, the analysis step would be left to the all-rounder little Bei Li.

This time, Lu Wu spent a total of 780 million soul coins on the analysis, and one of the remnant pages actually cost as much as 400 million soul coins. Lu Wu almost felt the pain of being separated from the material wall.

The next step was the “divine treasure entering the body” that really made Lu Wu feel pain.

Every human Emperor’s mirror corresponded to an acupoint of a human body, opening a divine treasure in the body.

Under Bei Li’s analysis, the five Golden Pages slowly melted.

When the Golden page turned into a golden liquid and began to seep into Lu Wu’s body …

Lu Wu suddenly screamed like a pig being slaughtered. Bei Li couldn’t help but hold his forehead when he saw this.

He felt that Lu Wu’s perseverance in this aspect was not even as strong as his subordinate players.

This was like Bei Chen’s blade. Even if his arm was made of flesh and blood, and even his soul was fused into it to make a weapon, he could still remain silent and be a true Man of Iron and blood.

There were many such examples in the game, but Lu Wu, who was the big boss behind the scenes, was the most idle.

Although little Beili knew that this step was really painful, couldn’t he be a little stronger?

“Big cat, stop howling. Can’t you be stronger?” As time passed, Bei Li finally couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“It really hurts!” Lu Wu shouted in pain.

Thinking about Lu Wu’s past and looking at Lu Wu’s current attitude, Bei Li’s face showed an expression of disappointment.

He even had the urge to throw Lu Wu into the game and follow the players to gain experience.

However, Bei Li knew that now was not the time. The structure of the game was still too small. Although the players were developing rapidly, they were still only occupying a small part of the game.

The most powerful regions, such as the great domain of hell, the central sea of the yellow spring, and the great domain of death in the netherworld to the West, had not yet been developed.

In Beili’s opinion, it was too unsightly and unnecessary to let the big boss behind the scenes appear in the early stage.

However, Bei Li firmly believed that Lu Wu would definitely grow up and become the strongest.

It was just that the battlefield that belonged to him had yet to arrive.

The battle of the new three realms, the battle of the outer realms …

Bei Li began to think about Lu Wu’s growth path, and he also began to fantasize about the future when Lu Wu would lead the players to fight in all directions …

“Ah, ah, ah, I’m going to die. This is too painful!” At this time, Lu Wu’s cry sounded again, interrupting Bei Li’s thoughts.

Bei Li couldn’t help but sigh.

At the very least, this guy was still in a useless state. He was only capable of snatching her snacks.

The only thing that made Bei Li happy was that he could see the change in Lu Wu’s mentality and could clearly identify the difference between his past self and his present self.

As expected, the strong had to be cultivated bit by bit.

In terms of raising someone, Lu Wu always felt that he was raising Bei Li, and Bei Li felt that he was the one raising Lu Wu …


At this moment, Lu Wu’s body was floating in the space of the divine artifact. His body was covered by the Golden liquid that was transformed from the remnant page of the human Emperor’s mirror, like a golden man.

As the Golden liquid seeped into Lu Wu’s body, in Bei Li’s eyes, the eight extraordinary meridians in Lu Wu’s body emerged. Five of Lu Wu’s acupuncture points began to light up slowly, and the impurities inside were flushed out, turning into black liquid and dripping down.

“Shorty, do you have any painkillers!”

“No, I didn ‘t! You might as well die from the pain!” Hearing Lu Wu call him Shorty, Bei Li couldn’t help but clench his teeth.

Although he felt that his body was getting stronger, the pain was getting more intense.

This torture lasted for more than half an hour before it stopped.

When all the Golden liquid entered his body, Lu Wu heaved a sigh of relief. He felt as if he had just been tortured in hell and now he was finally back to life.

“Hmm, not bad, you’ve become stronger again!” Bei Li nodded with a satisfied look on his face.

When Lu Wu heard this, he immediately lowered his head and started the analysis.

[Lu Wu (master of the divine weapon)]:

[Gender: Male]

[Realm of power: divine treasure six, intermediate stage of ghost king]

[Abilities mastered: ni Jun’s infant (fully comprehended), physical body divine treasure (6)]

[Ni Jun youngling]: with the help of the dark Thearch’s Codex, you have completely obtained the inheritances and physical strength of the youngling ancient sacred beast ni Jun.

[Human Emperor’s mirror: divine treasure of the physical body]

[Technique information: one of the 365 missing parts of the human Emperor’s mirror. Each part of the divine treasure corresponds to an acupoint in the human body. Every time you obtain a divine treasure, you can inscribe it into the corresponding acupoint and forge an immortal Saint body!]

[Technique hint: the power of this technique will increase greatly after the acupoints that have nurtured divine treasures are connected. All 365 acupoints have been nurtured into divine treasures, and after forming a heavenly cycle connection, the body can transform into a world!]

[Unlocked acupoints: shenzang point, Baihui point, Shenting point, Taiyuan point, qugu point, Qimen point (6 acupoints)]

[Divine power bestowment: indestructible body, indestructible soul.] With the support of the Shen Cang point, the body and soul complemented each other. After the physical body is destroyed, it can be repaired with the help of the spirit. After the spirit is destroyed, the spirit can be repaired with the help of the physical body.

[Additional effect from the connection of six acupoints: body as a boat, returning to yin and yang.]

[Abhijna analysis: after opening six acupoints, one’s physical body can break through the barriers between the heaven and the yin realm. One can travel back and forth without any medium. One can also break through the barriers of the Three Realms and cross realms!]

[Inactive acupoint for nurturing divine treasure (359 acupoints)]: Shaochong point, lidui point, Quchi point, yingu point, Xuehai point, and Shifeng point …


Seeing that his strength had reached the intermediate stage of the ghost king realm, Lu Wu couldn’t help but be stunned.

“So fast!”

“That’s a must. You’re the only one who’s using cheats to improve their strength in the war. The others all rely on their strength to grow!” Bei Li spread his hands helplessly.

Lu Wu’s face turned serious when he heard this.”

“Nonsense. Look at me. I’ve suffered a lot just now to grow up!”

When Bei Li heard this, a look of disdain appeared on his face, but he didn’t say anything. He just stared at Lu Wu, making Lu Wu feel embarrassed.

After thinking for a while, Lu Wu asked,”

“Foodie, you said you would tell me the truth when I became stronger. What do you think of me now?”

As he spoke, Lu Wu stretched out his right hand and flexed his biceps.

Bei Li shook his head expressionlessly.”

“You’re still a weak chicken. With your strength, even the immortal emperors of the heaven realm don’t want to look at you!”

Upon hearing this, Lu Wu suddenly felt a little dispirited. He felt that there was still a long way to go to become stronger.

“But I can tell you some things about the human Emperor!” Bei Li suddenly said.

“Speak!” Lu Wu’s eyes lit up when he heard this.

“Who do you want to know first?” Bei Li continued to ask.

“I only know about the slaughter. I heard it from the evil demon God. It seems that this guy really worships the slaughter!” Lu Wu couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

Bei Li’s eyes flickered when he heard the word ‘slaughter’.

After taking a deep breath, he said,”

“The human Sovereign was annihilated. He was an expert before the forces of the Three Realms were formed, also known as the human ancestor. He was the earliest Human Sovereign. It was also under his leadership that the human tribe rose rapidly. There are many legends about him, but one thing is certain. He was the most powerful expert in the Three Realms, stronger than the other human sovereigns, the immortal emperors of the heaven realm, and the great emperors of the netherworld!” Lu Wu nodded and continued to ask,”

“I remember the evil demon God said that this guy was also known as the heavenly demon and plundered resources everywhere in the outer realm. Why did he do this? isn’t he just looking for trouble? how good would it be to be the Overlord of the Three Realms? why is his killing intent so strong?”

Upon hearing this, Bei Li suddenly revealed his little canine teeth.”

“It’s not that he has a strong killing intent, but that he has a far-fetched goal!”

“Huh? what goal?” Lu Wu was stunned and then asked curiously.

Bei Li’s eyes flashed with a hint of struggle, as if he was hesitating whether he should say it or not.

Looking at Bei Li’s current state, Lu Wu immediately gave up on asking. Just as he was about to say ‘forget it’, Bei Li spoke again,”

“Big cat, what do you think the players rely on to grow?”

“Plunder!” Lu Wu replied without hesitation.

“That’s right, it’s plundering. Do you remember what I said? both the heaven realm and the netherworld realm have Saint weapons that can absorb spiritual energy from the outer realm, but the human realm doesn ‘t!”

“I remember, but what does it have to do with plundering and slaughtering outer space … Hmm? You’re saying that tu mie wants to create a holy weapon that belongs to the human world and the human race to absorb the spiritual energy from the outer realms?”

Bei Li nodded and then shook his head.”

“It’s not as simple as a Saint weapon. He wants to create a true race weapon that is countless times stronger than the heavenly Dao and the six paths of reincarnation, an immortal Saint weapon that can allow the human race to stand at the top of the outer realms. For this, he needs countless resources, which is why he embarked on the road of plundering the outer realms.”

“He’s sacrificed too much to raise this undying Saint weapon that never gets enough food …” Bei Li’s expression was gloomy.

“Don’t tell me that insatiable sacred object of immortality is you!” Lu Wu asked in shock.

“No, I’m full!” Bei Li immediately denied it.

“I’m suspicious!” Lu Wu continued with a suspicious look on his face.

Hearing this, Bei Li’s face was filled with anger, and his little canine teeth showed.”

“So, you have to be more respectful to tu mie in the future. Otherwise, you will definitely regret it in the future. Don’t forget that he is the ancestor of your human race!”

“I know, I know!” Lu Wu waved his hand to show that he understood.

“That glutton, who created the heaven realm’s heavenly Dao and the netherworld realm’s six paths of reincarnation? or were they born naturally?” Lu Wu suddenly thought of something.

“I don’t know. It could also be a massacre, because before he was born, there didn’t seem to be any so-called three realms. I don’t know how it was formed, but that’s my guess. After tu mie was born, he accidentally came to the outer realm and found out that he could absorb the spiritual energy of the outer realm. He was very vexed about why there was no spiritual energy in the world he was in, so he installed a sacred artifact he made in the front gate (heaven realm) and another in the back gate (netherworld).”

“Did you see it with your own eyes or did you guess it?” Lu Wu could not help but ask.

“I guessed it. I wasn’t even born at that time!” Little Beili spread his hands helplessly.

“You old hag, you lied to me that you were only 300 years old. I think you’ve lived for at least hundreds of millions of years!” Lu Wu suddenly shouted angrily.

Hearing this, Bei Li finally couldn’t take it anymore. He jumped up from the ground and bit Lu Wu’s arm …

“Shut up!”