Chapter 517: The nature of an evil wolf

In the Arctic abyss in the South of Beiqi.

In the deepest part of the barrier, the land that used to belong to the frozen clan was now covered in snow. It was quiet inside.

In front of the broken cliff behind the land of the icy snow tribe, a formation was slowly taking shape.

And what outlined this formation was the copper pendant and the Boulder.

According to talisman Bao, he had a way to pierce through his divine body and let his divine power flow out quickly. This array was the negative energy array that destroyed his body.

Bronze pendant and rock were still skeptical about this.

Therefore, they chose the territory of the icy snow Clan, which had a shielding barrier. This territory was the place where the icy snow Clan hid from the world. It was said that it was set up by the northern divergent God clan, which could completely block the detection of the outside world. By setting up an array here, they naturally did not have to worry about being discovered by the heaven realm.

In order to not waste their godly bodies, bronze pendant and Boulder were racking their brains.

It was because setting up this formation was simply too difficult.

Although the talisman treasure would give them pointers from time to time, Tong Yan and Panshi still felt that this was not something that the red-crowned crane (tree) could do.

The complexity of the formation was beyond their imagination.

Fortunately, not many materials were needed. Otherwise, the copper pendant and Boulder would not want to continue working and would directly find a place to bury the talisman treasure.

Compared to the copper pendant and the Boulder, the talisman treasure felt even more uncomfortable.

It had only been a day since he arrived in the netherworld. First, he was beaten up by rashu, and then his divine fire was taken away. Then, he encountered a group of rogues, especially that arrogant goose. It was inhumane!

And now, he had to command the goose to set up a formation to kill him.

If it was a few days ago, talisman Bao wouldn’t have believed that he would be in such a miserable state!

In his opinion, the worst that could happen was that he would be removed from his position and become a wandering deity in the heaven realm.

It wasn’t until yesterday when he descended to the netherworld did he know what it meant when gods descended to the mortal world to be bullied by geese!

However, in order not to be sealed, he still chose to die.

Was it cowardice? He admitted that he was weak. In fact, his mentality had changed the moment his divine fire was taken away.

Disappointment, regret, hatred, and giving up …

All sorts of negative emotions were intertwined in his heart, making him feel lost and at the same time, wanting to escape.

Furthermore, he was well aware of how painful it was to be sealed. He had once read the “mysterious heavenly seal record”, so he understood many examples of once-prominent gods being destroyed by time in the seal.

According to what his master had said, if one day he was really going to be sealed for countless years, choosing death at that moment might be the best release.

Therefore, he chose death to escape the destruction of the seal!

Even though he felt aggrieved, he still gritted his teeth and commanded the copper pendant to set up this melting array that was completely opposite of his divine body’s attributes.

As time passed, when the last line of the array was completed, a purple light spread from the end to the central area along the line of the array. When all the lines of the array were lit up, a semi-circular purple energy shield covered the inside.

At this moment, talisman Bao could clearly feel that the speed at which his divine body was weakening had increased.

“Phew, it’s finally done. This is too difficult!” The copper pendant wiped the sweat off its forehead as it spoke.

“Is this thing reliable?” Looking at the treasure talisman that was trapped in the center of the formation, rock couldn’t help but frown.

“I don’t know. According to him, even if we melt the formation, it will take half a year to break his God Body. However, this is the territory of the icy snow Clan, and he has already been imprisoned. Don’t worry!” Tong Yan laughed.

“I didn’t expect that I would have the chance to kill a heavenly God. My life was worth it!” Rock also laughed,

“Let’s go back and have a drink to celebrate!”

“Let’s go, you’re treating!”

Thus, the tree and crane walked back to the underworld with their arms around each other’s shoulders.

As for the safety of the icy snow clan’s land, they were very assured.

At that time, the heaven realm had searched for so long and still could not find this place, so what did they have to worry about?

They didn’t have any pity for the talismans.

Because every being in the netherworld hated the heaven realm. It was just that this hatred had always been suppressed at the bottom of their hearts …


After Tong Yan and rock left, the surroundings fell into silence.

The talisman treasure lay on the ground, looking up at the sky. There was not a single trace of emotion on his face.

The sky was white, and snowflakes the size of goose feathers fell from the sky. Hearing the faint sound of wind whistling in his ears, at this moment, the talisman treasure actually felt a trace of coldness.

This chill did not come from his body, but from the fear in his heart.

He tried his best to contain this emotion, but the fear still spread and flowed in the bottom of his heart.

I am a God! A noble heavenly world deity!

The talisman treasure consoled and encouraged itself.

However, in this cold and quiet World of Ice and snow, who could he show his fake courage to?

In the end, he gave up consoling himself and lay quietly on the ground, feeling the divine power in his body drain away.

He had grown up in a comfortable environment since he was young, and the ideas he had accepted from a young age were the sinister nature of the netherworld and the nobility of their heaven realm.

This time, he had been killed by a netherworld creature, and it was hard for him to accept such a death.

At this moment, talisman Bao’s heart was filled with hatred towards the netherworld. He hated this World of Darkness and hated all the living creatures in this world. He hoped that this world would be destroyed.

At this moment, a figure appeared beside him.

This person’s face was blurry and his entire body was covered in shadows. His appearance immediately gave Fu Bao a fright.

“You think this world shouldn’t exist?” A hoarse voice came from the black shadow.

“Yes, they shouldn’t exist. They should all die!” Fu Bao gritted his teeth and replied.

“Why?” The man continued to ask.

“The despicable law of survival, the unsalvageable root of evil. Just as the seniors said, this world is beyond cure and has already rotted!” The talisman treasure replied without the slightest hesitation.

“Rotten, I think the opposite of you. I think this world is glowing with a new vitality, and I see the vileness and rotten in you. If all the gods in heaven are as weak as you, then you are really beyond cure!”

“You’re talking nonsense!” The talisman treasure immediately rebuked.

“Pa!” Lu Wu slapped Fu Bao’s face.

“Isn’t your cowardice, your fear, and your choice to surrender the truth? The world I’m standing on is cruel, but I’ve seen many ambitious Warriors who would rather die than submit. Even if they die in the end, they won’t be as weak as you!”

“Do you know why you’re not rashu’s match? He’s only a demigod, and you’re a god who can ignite divine flames. You should have the absolute advantage, but when facing him, you can’t even resist. You can only rely on the recovery ability of your divine body to bitterly hold on!”

When talisman Bao heard this, his face was filled with anger. Just as he was about to answer, Lu Wu spoke again,”

“That’s because rashu is a warrior, a warrior who fought his way out of mountains of corpses and seas of blood. He spent his entire life researching how to live, so he needs to constantly break through his own limits and improve his combat skills, improve, and improve! And you are just a flower in a greenhouse. How can you compare to him? Any of his life-and-death experiences might be enough to crush you, trash!”

“He even has the courage to start all over again, while you’re only relying on the divine fire that has been taken away from you. Without him, you’re nothing. You’re weak in your bones, and you’re essentially a sheep. How can you compete with an evil wolf?”

“You …”

“If there are two creatures with the same strength, why would one of them become a Mount?” Lu Wu suddenly asked.

“I … I don’t know!”

“Because of character, because of nature, because one side has the heart of a strong person, even if the power is absolutely the same, the other side can also drive you who has the same power. This is the difference!”

“Doesn’t this just show the sins of this world? if there is peace, why would they fight so hard?” The talisman treasure immediately retorted.

“Who do you think caused all this? Was this how the world was? “If possible, who would be willing to suffer for tens of thousands of years just to extend the life of a dying beauty? if possible, who would be willing to lead the people of the fishing village out of the village to face the cruel laws of survival? if possible, who would be willing to take my brothers to join the army and fight for the future …”

At the same time, Lu Wu’s mind was filled with the nine Yao brothers, Cang Xu, the Sea King, and others …

In this world, who would be willing to live in fear?

Just like what Starshine had once warned his brothers.

“No force can exist for long. It will face destruction one day!”

These words described the heartache behind all the forces of the netherworld, including those who were extremely powerful and controlled a part of the world.

None of this was what they wanted, but they had no choice but to face it.

Talisman Bao only said that the cruel law of survival was despicable, but he didn’t understand how much pain and struggle was behind this cruel law of survival. Moreover, all of this was not what they wanted.

“I know you don’t understand. Take a good look. See how noble the heaven realm is!”

As soon as Lu Wu’s voice fell, the divine artifact was activated, and countless images flashed through talisman Bao’s mind like slides.

At this moment, Fu Bao saw a girl with a sweet smile.

Her name was Xian ke, and she had come from the heaven realm to the netherworld.

This scene came from Cang Xu. At this moment, the talisman treasure seemed to transform into Cang Xu and began to experience the path that Cang Xu had once walked.

He wanted to see how his so-called cruel Rules of Survival had truly revealed a different side.

As he understood more, shock gradually appeared on talisman Bao’s face.

However, he still had his own stubbornness and stubbornness in his heart. He still insisted on his pride from the heavenly realm. It was only when he saw the deal between Cang Xu and the gods of the heavenly realm that his stubbornness was finally washed away.

In order to keep a heavenly realm woman alive, this man had done everything that deeply shocked talisman Bao.

When the gods of heaven ruthlessly chose to abandon xianke, only Cang Xu, who he thought grew up in a lowly way, was still persisting and was even willing to go against the heavens alone.

At this moment, Fu Bao felt as if something in his heart had shattered.

It seemed that everything was different from what he had understood. The elders had never said this before …

“You’re just an ordinary God, and what you know is only what others want you to know. However, everyone in this world knows the truth of the cruel law of survival, but they have no choice …”

“It’s fake. I don’t believe it. You can’t lie to me!” Talisman Bao suddenly glared at Lu Wu and said angrily.

“There are some things that you will never know the truth if you don’t experience it once!”

“How about we make a bet?” Lu wuwang smiled as he held the talisman.

“What do you want to bet on?” Talisman Bao’s expression was ferocious as he immediately asked.

“We’ll bet on whether you’ll be abandoned after your God Body is broken!”