Chapter 521: The legend of the sacred Man Tribe

The great Prairie, the sacred Man Tribe.

Under the starry night sky, a bonfire was lit in the sacred Man Tribe.

The younger generation of the tribe led by Zara had successfully snatched food from the lion’s mouth and officially completed their coming of age ceremony. At this moment, the tribe was holding a celebration ceremony.

In the open space in the center of the tribe, the spoils of war were strung on a bonfire. Four wildebeest. The chieftain of the tribe was holding a stone bowl filled with blood and mumbling something. From time to time, he would dip his index finger in the blood and give blessings and coronations to the Warriors of this generation.

Around them, the passionate indigenous people were singing and dancing, celebrating the birth of the New Warriors with primitive dances.

The three cameramen who had been rescued this time were also smiling as they filmed this scene and recorded the sacred moment of the sacred Man Tribe.

The coming-of-age ceremony was still going on, and the last one to receive the chief’s blessing was Zara, the leopard hero.

The chief walked up to him, and Zara immediately lowered his head, waiting for the blessing.

The chief dipped his index finger in the stone bowl and drew a circle on Zara’s forehead. He then turned around and shouted,”

“My last blessing is to the youngest ancestral leopard warrior and the strongest warrior of the sacred Man Tribe, Zara!”

As the chief’s voice fell, the tribe was suddenly in an uproar. All the indigenous people began to cheer and offer their blessings and enthusiasm to this ancestral leopard hero.

At this moment, the three photographers also smiled.

In this new era, it was very precious to be able to see such an ancient ritual.

The revelry of the sacred Man Tribe also began at this moment.

The three photographers also let go of the estrangement in their hearts and blended into the high atmosphere of the sacred Man Tribe, celebrating the coming-of-age ceremony of Zara and the others.

The party lasted until two in the morning.

During this period, there were all kinds of programs, such as the contest between Warriors, the blessing of the tribal priests, and so on …

The ancient culture of the sacred Man Tribe made the three photographers feel like they had traveled back in time.

At this moment, the three cameramen had an idea.

They had originally come to the grass of Africa to film the Great Migration of the wildebeest tribe, but in comparison, the customs of the Saint Man Tribe were far more attractive than the migration of the wildebeest tribe.

After this thought appeared, it could not be erased. So, after the party, the lead photographer Jack found the chief of the sacred Man Tribe and proposed that he wanted to stay and record the life of the tribe.

In order to show his sincerity, Jack expressed to the tribal chief that he was willing to give a sum of money to support the development of the tribe.

The chief did not refuse this request and readily agreed.

This undoubtedly made Jack and the others very happy. After spending a night in the tribe, they drove the RV they rented to the sacred Man Tribe the next day.

This RV was the supply station for Jack and the others to come to the Prairie to film, and it stored a lot of equipment and food supplies.

After that, Jack and the others settled down in the holy man Tribe and recorded the life of the holy man tribesmen.

Very quickly, Jack and the others became familiar with the people of the sacred Man Tribe.

Time passed day by day. Jack would write a diary every day, recording what he had seen and heard. At the same time, he would take the initiative to contact the people of the sacred Man Tribe to understand the ancient customs that the tribe had preserved.

Jack had a vague feeling that this documentary about the sacred Man Tribe would be a sold well, so he took it very seriously.

However, as he got closer, Jack discovered something that made him very confused.

Zara, who was known as the ancestral leopard hero in the tribe, was very different from the rest of the tribe.

Jack felt that it was more appropriate to describe this ancestral leopard warrior as a wild beast than a human.

Zara’s speed and strength far exceeded that of a human, and he even had the instinct of a beast. The mystery of Zara deeply attracted Jack.

Other than curiosity, Jack also wanted to know more about this ancestral leopard hero and his secrets.

Jack first asked the tribesmen about this, hoping to get some useful information from them.

However, their answers were all the same. They all said that the sacred Man tribe’s ancestral totem,”ancestral leopard,” had given Zara the power to protect the tribe’s continuation.

Jack felt very helpless about this answer.

After all, it was the 24th century, and he believed in science. He didn’t believe in the words of a deified ancestor.

However, from Jack’s Point of view, this ancestral leopard warrior was an important part of the documentary. He had to understand this person in detail.

Therefore, in the next few days, Jackal approached Zara and took the initiative to talk to him.

It had to be said that Zara’s appearance was still very different from the members of the sacred Man Tribe.

He was nearly two meters tall and his body was covered in muscles. He had a valiant aura, especially under the sun. His dark muscles seemed to be made of steel, exuding a wild aura.

When facing Zara, Jack felt that he was facing a ferocious beast, and he was a little scared.

However, Zara wasn’t hostile to Jack. He didn’t resist Jack’s initiative to touch him.

Because Jack had given his tribesmen a sum of money that could be used to exchange goods with the outside world, as The Guardian of the tribe, he was grateful to Jack from the bottom of his heart.

On this day, Jack once again found Zara, who was sitting cross-legged on the big rock at the entrance of the tribe, facing the sun with his eyes closed.

“Good Morning, Zara!” Jack, who was holding a pen and paper, was the first to greet him.

Hearing this, Zara opened his eyes. Even though it was not the first time he saw Zara’s aggressive and fierce eyes, Jack was still shocked.

“Hello, Jack!” “Yes,” Zara replied awkwardly, clearly not used to this kind of greeting.

At this moment, Jack skillfully climbed up the huge rock and sat opposite Zara.”

“Zara, I want to know more about your ancestor’s totem, the leopard ancestor. Is it convenient for you to talk to me?”

Zara didn’t answer and just nodded. He had long been used to Jack’s daily harassment.

During this time, Jack would basically interview him for about an hour every day. Although Zara was very helpless, he still chose to accept.

“Please begin!” At this moment, Jack opened his notebook and held his pen.

Zara nodded,”

“The ancestral leopard is our tribe’s totem, and also The Guardian God of our tribe when it was first established. It was also because of the ancestral leopard’s existence that the weak sacred Man Tribe was able to reproduce and live on this great Prairie, and gradually grow stronger!”

Swoosh, Swoosh, Swoosh … After Jack recorded what Zara said, he raised his head and asked,”

“I want to ask, is the leopard an … Ancient creature?” Jack suddenly felt a little timid when he asked this question. He was afraid that his words would violate the taboo of the shengman tribe and be torn apart by the ancestral leopard warrior in front of him.

Zara didn’t have any conflict with this question and nodded.”

“It used to be the top predator of this Prairie, one of the most powerful overlords. It has a long life, is almost immortal, and has unparalleled strength. It is as fast as lightning, and its sharp claws can tear apart any enemy who dares to provoke it!”

Although he had recorded these words, Jack did not think so.

In their hearts, they simply did not acknowledge the existence of such a creature.

Zara’s description was completely exaggerated in Jack’s eyes. It had a long life and was almost immortal, and it was as fast as lightning. It was like a magic movie.

Of course, he still had to show some respect, and he didn’t have the guts to go against him.

At this moment, Zara suddenly said with a strange expression,”

“Jack, you don’t believe what I said, do you?”

“No, I believe you!” Jack was shocked and immediately expressed that he absolutely believed it.

“I’ve come into contact with the lives of you outsiders, so I understand what you’re thinking. I know you don’t believe in this kind, but I have to tell you that the ancestral leopard really exists, and it’s also the one who gave me such great power!”

Looking at Zara’s grave expression, Jack was embarrassed. He thought for a while, then gritted his teeth and asked,”

“Zara, before I came to the Prairie, I studied this Prairie. In the existing information, there is no record of a creature like the ancestral leopard. No traces of its existence have been found, whether it is fossils or traces of life!”

When he said this, Jack leaned back, ready to be beaten.

However, at this moment, Zara sighed.”

“There’s only one ancestral leopard, so you naturally can’t find its fossil. Moreover, the ancestral leopard only abandoned its body. The real one still exists in our tribe!”

Jack was a little dumbfounded when he heard this. What did he mean by abandoning his body but still living?

As if sensing Jack’s confusion, Zara continued,”

“According to the story passed down from generation to generation in the sacred Man Tribe, the ancestral leopard started to age little by little due to the changes in the world. In the end, the ancestral leopard told my ancestors that its body could no longer absorb nutrients from the outside world to support the operation of its body. Therefore, the ancestral leopard chose to abandon its body and continued to stay in the sacred Man Tribe in the form of a soul!”

“What do you mean? zu Bao is still in the tribe!” Jack quickly asked.

“Yes, I am!” Zara said without hesitation.

“Where are you? Can you take me to see him?” Jack’s curiosity was immediately overflowing. In this line of work, he was extremely sensitive to any material that could be sold. If he could discover a new species because of this, his name would be recorded in history.

Although he didn’t believe in the idea of abandoning the physical body to live in the form of a soul, this legend was a selling point. It would be perfect if he could find the remains of ancient creatures that he had never seen before.

“No, the leopard is a sacred guardian. Only the Warriors of the shengman tribe who have been recognized by it can meet it!” Zara immediately refused Jack’s request.

This undoubtedly made Jack very disappointed.

He said it so mysteriously, but he didn’t let her see it. It was simply to whet her appetite.

Of course, the ancestral leopard that Jack thought of was probably the remains of an animal. As for the fact that its soul was still alive, it was entirely a belief that the shengman people had imagined and deified.

However, Zara’s strength really surprised him.

Lifting a huge rock with one hand and running faster than a leopard, all these abilities that exceeded the limits of the human body made Jack feel that Zara’s genes must have mutated and had nothing to do with the leopard.

It was also because of this that the sacred Man Tribe recognized Zara as the ancestral leopard warrior.

As for the things that he didn’t understand, after filling in the blanks in his head and making up his own story, Jack felt that he had roughly understood the truth.

As if seeing that Jack didn’t believe him, Zara suddenly said,”

“Jack, let’s say one day, the world we’re in is destroyed, and only a few thousand people survive. These survivors form a tribe, and when their offspring are born, all the technology in the world will be gone. However, those who survived the technological era would tell their descendants about the technological world before its destruction, such as the planes that could fly in the air like birds and the giant steel ships that could sail in the sea. “Although they haven’t seen it, their descendants will believe what their parents say. However, after thousands of years, the later generations will no longer believe in these things because they have never seen it before. They will think that all of this is just the imagination of their ancestors, thinking that it is impossible for a steel plane to fly in the sky, right?!”

Jack was stunned when he heard this.

He couldn’t refute these words, and he didn’t expect Zara to say such profound words.

Jack thought for a moment and was about to answer when his phone rang.

Jack immediately took out his phone from his pocket and glanced at the text message.

“Jack, the conquest of the African server has finally started. Quickly end your documentary journey. Haha, I’ll start my conquest first. I’ll wait for you to come back!”

Jack was pleasantly surprised when he saw the message. As a photographer stationed in Africa, he had little fun in life, and games were one of them.

And in the game, what he looked forward to the most was undoubtedly war online.

Even if the game had not been opened to the African region, its popularity was unstoppable.

On all the major video portals, exciting video clips and battle highlights were extremely popular. In addition, there was the infinite freedom of the world’s architecture and so on. All of this deeply attracted a game lover like him.

However, the war expedition never had the intention of opening the non-servers, and he was in the African region, so he could only wait bitterly. From time to time, he would go to the forums of the other servers and curse,”the official war expedition dog is discriminating against Africa,” to vent his anger.

Seeing this message, Jack’s spirit shook.

Superhuman abilities, the grotesque and variegated world, and the 100% realistic game world were more attractive to him than this Prairie.

Thinking of this, Jack’s face revealed a smile.

Now that the Wi-Fi network had covered the entire world, he could still experience the charm of the war even here.

He had brought his virtual helmet with him, and it was lying quietly on the RV at the moment.