Chapter 522: Non-server opening

“Zara, let’s end today’s conversation here. I still have things to do. See you tomorrow!” Thinking of this, Jack closed his notebook and said with a smile.

Zara nodded. He felt very helpless about Jack.

He had been in contact with the outside world and knew that the people outside did not believe in the so-called totems and gods. They always liked to use science to explain everything that existed.

Although there was nothing wrong with this. After all, this was the era of technology. However, as he had said before, future generations would not believe in things that they had not seen.

Zu Bao’s era was the era of myths and legends. In the process of inheritance, those who hadn’t seen all of this would naturally not believe it. No matter how they explained it, it was useless.

Moreover, he couldn’t bring Jack to see the leopard, so his words were not convincing at all.


In the next two days, Zara was surprised that Jack didn’t come for interviews again.

This was somewhat unusual.

Of course, without any harassment, Zara was happy to be quiet, and his days returned to normal.

In the morning, he faced the sun and breathed in and out, feeling the power of the sun. At night, he faced the moon and absorbed the power of the moon, constantly condensing his ancestral leopard totem body.

This was the method that zu Bao had given him to become stronger.

He relied on the purest power of the sun and moon to strengthen his body.

According to zu Bao, the world was once filled with a large amount of energy purer than the essence of the sun and the moon. However, this energy was decreasing day by day. Without this energy, zu Bao could not sustain the circulation of his powerful body with just the essence of the sun and the moon, which was why he chose to abandon his body. In the end, he left his consciousness on the totem pole in the tribe to continue protecting the shengman people.

At the same time, every few hundred years, zu Bao would choose a new child from the tribe to become the new zu Bao warrior. He would learn how to absorb the power of the sun and moon from him, as well as understand his fighting techniques.

These children could live for more than 300 years after they were chosen as the ancestral leopard Warriors, protecting the sacred Man Tribe until they died.

In this generation, he was the new ancestral leopard warrior and the new guardian of the sacred Man Tribe.

From the age of ten, Zara had been able to wrestle with the fiercest wild beasts. Even now, not even an elephant could compete with him in strength. He was the strongest warrior of the great Prairie.

However, there was also a drawback to this power. The bestiality in his body often made him lose control.

He had even almost attacked his clansmen, all of which deeply troubled Zara.

For this, he sought help from zu Bao.

According to what zu Bao said.

The beast was not willing to be imprisoned. The life of the tribe imprisoned the beast in his body, and the more he suppressed it, the more pain he felt. However, the wild nature in his body did not need to be suppressed at all, but needed to be vented with a hearty battle.

However, in this era where spirit Qi was declining, there were no wild beasts that could compete with him, including the lion, the Overlord of the grassland. How could he fight to his heart’s content?

For this reason, Zara chose to suppress the bestiality in his body.

If he could avoid fighting, he would try his best not to fight, because fighting would nourish the beast in his body.

This was also the reason why he was only a companion during the coming-of-age ceremony for snatching food from the lion’s mouth, and only acted when the clan was in the most dangerous situation.

Meditating every day was also a way for him to wear down his bestiality.

On one hand, he needed to keep getting stronger to protect the tribe. He needed to have the awareness to deal with any unknown danger and take precautions before it happened. On the other hand, in order to control the violent bestiality in his body, he needed to keep himself calm.

The coexistence of beastly nature and human nature made Zara very pained.

However, he carried the mission of protecting the tribe and was the brave ancestor of the tribe. No matter how painful it was, he had to grit his teeth and persevere.

Often on full moon nights, he would roar at the beasts in the sky in pain to vent the endless desire to fight in his heart.


At this moment, standing on the huge rock at the entrance of the tribe and looking at the full moon in the sky, Zara felt that the bestiality in his body began to boil again.

He slowly knelt on the ground and suddenly exerted force in his four limbs, shooting his body up.


This jump was more than ten meters high. At the moment when his body reached its peak, Zara opened his mouth and let out a loud roar at the moon. His arms, which had already grown sharp claws, suddenly swung at the moon to vent.

The moment his body landed, Zara suddenly looked to the side.

Not far away, Jack, who was walking towards them, was dumbfounded.

Just now, he had seen Zara jump more than ten meters high.

What kind of concept was this? the human body’s limit for a vertical leap was only slightly more than one meter. This was not just beyond the human body’s limit, it was simply Superman!

However, at this moment, Zara’s gaze was very frightening, like a wild beast hunting for food. His gaze seemed to want to swallow him alive, making Jack feel timid.


After landing on the ground, Zara’s body bounced and moved his four limbs, pouncing toward him like a Black Lightning.

“We’re finished!” Jack’s heart was pounding.

Just as Zara was about to approach Jack, Zara’s eyes flickered. He suddenly stuck his arms into the ground to stop the inertia of his body. Then, his body rose into the air and landed steadily after a somersault in the air.

Looking at Zara, who was squatting on the ground with a pained expression, Jack was very afraid, but he still gathered his courage and asked,”

“Zara, are you okay?”

“Stay away from me, I’m feeling very uncomfortable!” Zara growled with a pained expression.

At this moment, Zara’s voice had obviously changed. It was low and rough, like a beast, which frightened Jack again.

He originally wanted to continue asking, but seeing Zara’s terrifying, needle-like pupils, Jack thought for a moment, then turned and ran.


The next morning.

Jack, who had been fighting for an entire night, once again came to the huge rock in front of the tribe’s Gate, driven by curiosity.

At this moment, Zara was still sitting on the Boulder, his naked upper body full of red scratch marks.

After some thought, Jack took two steps forward and asked in a low voice,”

“Zara, are you okay?”

Zara opened his eyes at this time and turned to look at Jack. At this moment, his eyes were still bloodshot, but he shook his head indifferently.

“I’m fine!”

“Your body …” Jack looked at the scratch marks on Zara’s body and could not help but ask again.

“I’m fine. It’ll fade away soon. My body’s recovery ability is very strong!”

“Can you tell me what happened? You were so scary last night!” After making sure that Zara had returned to normal, Jack asked out of curiosity.

Zara didn’t hide anything from Jack’s question. Having grown up in this great Prairie, Zara had no intention of hiding or deceiving anyone. For anything, there was only agreement and rejection.

In the face of Jack’s inquiry, Zara calmly told him about how he was troubled by his beastly nature.

To Jack, these words were simply nonsense.

‘It’s hard to control the beast’s nature? isn’t that a line from a stupid movie?’

But then he thought about how Zara had jumped more than ten meters high last night. Wasn’t that a scene that would only appear in movies?

At this moment, Jack suddenly somewhat believed Zara’s encounter.

However, these things were too mysterious, after all, and Jack still had his doubts.

However, Zara didn’t seem like a person who would lie.

Jack listened to his account, especially the pain that Zara had endured when his bestiality broke out again and again. He suddenly felt sympathy for him.

“Zara, do you need a beast that can fight you?” Jack suddenly asked.

“As long as it’s a creature that can fight with me to my heart’s content, I’m fine with it. But I can’t find an opponent like that!” As he spoke, a hint of desolation appeared in Zara’s eyes.

“How about I bring you back to my place? there’s an underground boxing ring in the area where I live. You can vent your desire to fight there!” After thinking for a while, Jack immediately suggested.

“I won’t leave the sacred Man Tribe. I’m The Guardian of this place!” Zara immediately shook his head and refused.

He clearly knew how terrifying his strength was. Putting aside the fact that he would not leave the tribe, it would be a joke for him to fight in the underground. It was because humans were no match for him. On the contrary, a weak opponent would make it harder for him to control his beastly nature. Sooner or later, he would accidentally kill someone, and eventually, he would be completely controlled by his beastly nature.

Hearing this, Jack couldn’t help but think of the amazing leap he saw yesterday. With that kind of explosive power, boxing was simply a massacre. Wouldn’t one punch kill …

“Is there no other way?” Jack couldn’t help but frown and ask again.

This time, Zara didn’t answer. He just shook his head indifferently.

Seeing this, Jack sighed.

All of this was truly mysterious, but he had no way of dealing with this problem.

After all, there was no one in this world who could compete with an inhuman existence like Zara. Even the athletes in the “Olympic Games,” the highest sports event of mankind, didn’t have such a terrible physical strength as Zara.


Suddenly, Jack was stunned.

There was no such thing in this world, but there was one in the other world!

He suddenly thought of the conquests and the “individual competition” ranking preliminaries that had recently started in the various major servers!

The battles there were 100% realistic, no different from the real world. In that world, Zara could fight to his heart’s content and release his beast nature at will.

“Zara! I think I have a way to help you!”

Zara immediately shook his head.

As for Jack’s good intentions, he could only say that he appreciated it. Otherwise, he was really afraid that Jack’s death-seeking behavior would trigger the bestiality in his body and kill Jack under uncontrollable circumstances.

“Zara, come with me. I’ll take you to a place that can definitely help you!” Jack shouted excitedly again.

“I won’t leave the sacred Man Tribe!” Zara once again firmly refused Jack’s good intentions.

“No need to leave. It’s my Touring Car in your tribe!” Realizing that Zara seemed to have misunderstood something, Jack quickly explained.

This RV was also the place where Jack and the other three photographers lived every day. Zara was no stranger to this RV, but he didn’t understand what releasing bestiality had to do with the RV.

“Follow me, I won’t lie to you. Do you know about the war? Two days ago, the servers opened, and the world is 100% realistic. It can definitely help you!”

Although he didn’t quite understand, Zara still nodded helplessly, feeling that Jack’s pestering had come again.

Jumping off the huge rock, Zara followed Jack to the center of the holy man Tribe.

The RV was parked there, and a solar panel was installed on the roof. Zara followed Jack into it, and all kinds of instruments and wires were messily intertwined inside.

Jack picked up the virtual helmet on the bed and handed it to him.

While Zara was still stunned, Jack began to explain how to use the virtual helmet and explain the game.

All of this made Zara confused, but he asked decisively about the things he didn’t understand.

Jack was very patient and explained everything one by one.

A moment later, after confirming that Zara had understood how to use the virtual helmet, Jack personally helped Zara put it on.

When the virtual panel appeared in front of Zara, he followed Jack’s instructions and clicked on the battle icon on the panel.

At this moment, a game prompt appeared.

[Welcome to war online. Start your gaming journey!]