Chapter 525: Birth of the first non-server cheater

Looking at the shocked Zara, zu Bao was a little speechless.”

“Zara! You don’t even recognize me?”

Hearing zu Bao’s words, Zara was even more shocked, and his expression suddenly became extremely frightened.

“Roar!” Looking at Zara in such a state, zu Bao couldn’t help but roar at him.

At this moment, Zara could confirm that the ancestral leopard in front of him was not the model of the ancestral leopard he had imagined, but the real ancestral leopard that the sacred Man Tribe believed in.

“Ancestral God!” Zara immediately knelt down on one knee, placed his right hand on his left chest, and bowed his head to salute zu Bao.

“Get up!” Zu Bao nodded indifferently.

“Zu Bao, why did you appear in the virtual world?” The puzzled Zara couldn’t help but ask after he stood up.

“This is not a virtual world, but a real world!” Zu Bao didn’t hide anything from his follower Zara.

At this moment, Zara was stunned again.

Obviously, he couldn’t understand what was going on.

The ancestral leopard trusted his follower Zara very much. It could be said that he had watched Zara grow up. Moreover, after Zara’s soul was branded by the divine weapon, there was no possibility of him betraying Zara. Therefore, zu Bao didn’t hide too much and told him some of the information he knew.

Of course, zu Bao chose to hide the existence of Lu Wu and Bei Li.

Because this was not something that Zara could come into contact with at the moment.

Although he knew that Zara had no possibility of betraying him, zu Bao still warned Zara that he could not reveal what he knew to any player, including the shengman people.

The content of zu Bao’s words almost made Zara think that he was dreaming. He was silent for a while before he came back to his senses.

Zara had never questioned the existence of ghosts and deities, because zu Bao was a ghost-like existence.

However, the game world was actually a real world, which made Zara feel even more perplexed than the existence of ghosts and gods in the real world.

However, Zara naturally didn’t doubt anything that zu Bao said.

After coming back to his senses, Zara immediately looked up at zu Bao and respectfully said,”

“Elder God, what should I do?!”

“Zara, you’re the most talented ancestral leopard Warrior I’ve ever seen in the sacred Man Tribe. Do you know why you’re in so much pain? It’s because you’ve grown too fast, and you’re more talented than the previous generations of ancestral leopard Warriors. However, this has also become your fatal point. Because your spiritual level can’t keep up with the progress of your beast body’s cultivation, you’re often tortured by the suppressed beast nature in your body that has no place to vent. ”

Hearing this, Zara’s expression darkened.

Zu Bao had also told him about this at the time, but Zara still didn’t stop practicing his “beast technique.”

Because he was The Guardian of the sacred Man Tribe, he had to keep getting stronger and prevent any possible crisis.

Four hundred years ago, the shengman clan had once faced a huge crisis from the outside world.

The danger did not come from the wild beasts on the Prairie, but from modern humans.

The sacred Man Tribe had paid a heavy price for that crisis, and the ancestral leopard Warriors of that generation had fallen. Although they had driven away the outsiders who had come with firearms, it had also made the later ancestral leopard Warriors understand one thing-they must never stop their pace of becoming stronger.

So, no matter how painful it was, as long as he was alive, Zara would clench his teeth and persist.

As a ancestral leopard warrior, this was a promise to the safety of his clansmen.

Looking at the silent Zara, zu Bao understood Zara’s feelings very well.”

“You were born to be a warrior. This is also the reason why I chose you to be the ancestral leopard warrior the moment you were born. However, I didn’t expect that your talent would be so high. You were able to cultivate so quickly in this Dharma ending age, which caused you to suffer so much pain. But now you can rest assured, go to the game world and kill to grow. You are a beast, and the cruel laws of survival there are the place you should stay. Go there and fight, grow!”

“Ancestral God, I understand!” Hearing zu Bao say that the game could relieve his pain, Zara nodded solemnly, and the desire to fight immediately ignited in his heart.

“Don’t you want to know why I need you to grow up quickly?” Zu Bao could not help but ask.

“I’ll do whatever the ancestral God says. You’re my faith. I’ll use my life to carry out any decision you make!” Zara answered without hesitation.

Such a Frank answer stunned zu Bao.

What an honest believer!

As expected of the child I’ve raised since young, I didn’t raise him in vain!

At this moment, zu Bao couldn’t help but nod.”

“Since you’ve understood, then enter the game. Fight, kill, and let out all the beastly nature in your heart!”

The moment zu Bao finished speaking, the game’s notification rang and it was an announcement to the entire region.

[Global announcement: congratulations to player ‘Zara’ for creating a new totem belief,’ancestral leopard’]

[Leopard ancestor totem (exclusive totem)]:

[Totem information: a God of faith created by player Zara based on the totem of faith of his tribe.]

[Totem characteristics (8 types): wild, combat, agility, divine beast body, transformation (human form, beast form), self-healing, life support, explosive blood (rage, rage)]

[Totem growth: the most powerful melee totem at this stage. Possesses swift movement and instant killing ability. Has an extremely high burst Limit.]


After the district-wide announcement, the entire non-server fell into a brief silence.

Then, countless posts appeared on all the forums.

He had created a new class the moment the server opened, and his speed had even broken Yeshen Lan’s record. This had completely driven the players from all the major servers crazy.

In the regional announcement, the introduction of the ancestral leopard’s totem was even more unbelievable to the non-server players.

Eight totem characteristics!

There were even more of them than the magic-type sky-devouring Lion. What was even more terrifying was that the growth introduction directly pointed out that this was the strongest melee profession at this stage.

Countless players who had chosen other melee totems were so shocked that their jaws almost dropped.

In the introduction, this was actually an exclusive totem. In other words, this totem only belonged to the player who created this class.

The players ‘eyes turned red with envy at such treatment.

Imana (Fei):”let’s warmly celebrate the birth of the first cheat that belongs to our Fei server. The entire audience stands up and salutes!”

[Power of the gods (non): why is it an exclusive totem? let me, who has not chosen a totem, be happy for nothing. Please share it with me. I also want to play the strongest melee class (sob)]

Lion King Simba (Fei):”congratulations, but I still like the current Sky-devouring Lion. I don’t regret my choice.”

Crayon Shin-chan: “the strongest Chinese server has sent me as their representative to greet you. By the way, this player called Zara has pretty good potential. However, compared to our Chinese server’s cheating team, the gap is still huge. There’s no choice. After all, the Chinese server is the daddy server.”

[Cosmic stars (Europe): congratulatory message from the people of the European server. In addition, I’m hammering the bar spirit upstairs!]

[Hell Baron (Europe): the hell server sends a congratulatory message. Also, the hell server is the strongest. I’ll smash the bar Spirit’s head on the second floor (funny)]

[Polo sect master (ya): congratulatory message from the people of the ya server. He took the hammer from upstairs and smashed the upstairs bar spirit upstairs.]

[Light of the grassland (non): I would like to ask brother Zara how to create a totem belief?] Can you post a specific strategy? Thank you!


While the forum was abuzz with discussion about this.

At this moment, Zara entered the game.

His figure passed through the clouds and mist, and a boundless primeval forest appeared in the West. To the East was an area where desert and grassland coexisted, and further east was the blue sea.

This was the black wind great domain.

At this moment, an introduction to this large region appeared before Zara’s eyes.

Xuanfeng great domain:

[Introduction to the region: the only region in the netherworld with a forest coverage of more than 70%.] There were many species in the region, but danger was everywhere. There were many strange beasts in the forest that had strange abilities, and many deadly plants were born. It was a paradise for new life, but it was also a forbidden Land for Life!

[Region power distribution: qiuniu tribe (sole power, 12 subordinate tribes)]

[Player’s background: as a descendant of the weak ultimate tribe, you should grow quickly in this dangerous region.]

[Player’s main storyline: make the ultimate tribe that you’re in the Overlord of the mysterious wind great domain!]


After reading it, the introduction text in front of Zara’s eyes slowly faded, and his vision blurred.

When it became clear again, Zara found that he was standing on the peak of a mountain with clouds and mist in front of him.

This was the safe zone that Lu Wu had set up for the non-server players.

Vast peak.

In the mysterious wind great domain, which was filled with danger, this 2678-meter-high mountain could protect the players ‘growth in the early stages. It was the best place for players to be born.

The only downside was that it would take a lot of time for players to descend the mountain.

However, this was actually an easy problem to solve. There were many wild beasts on the vast peak that could help the players grow in the early stages. In the future, as long as the players continued to develop and cleared out all the wild monsters in the mountain, Lu Wu would naturally set up a teleportation circle that led to the bottom.

At that time, it would be very convenient for non-server players to go up and down the mountain.

At this moment, the area where Zara was located was densely packed with players. Although players were constantly leaving the area to explore, there were also a large number of players entering the game, so the area was very crowded at the moment.

From time to time, there would be exclamations and exclamations of admiration from the newcomers who had just entered, which entered Zara’s ears.

As for the realism of the game, even if many non-server players had seen the relevant game videos in advance, they were still shocked after experiencing it in real life.

In contrast, Zara was very calm.

After all, he knew many secrets that the players didn ‘t, and he knew that this world was completely real.

At this time, Zara squeezed through the crowd and walked to the foggy area on the map, ready to start his own exploration and growth.

Just as zu Bao had said, after cultivating the beast technique of zu Bao’s bloodline, he was not only a human but also a wild beast. The bestial nature in his body drove him to find battles and to kill to his heart’s content.

Although danger lurked in every corner of this world, it was also the best place for him to train.

On the way forward, what made Zara speechless was that players were everywhere in the mountains and fields.

Whenever a wild beast was discovered, a large wave of players would swarm over like a swarm of locusts. The leveling craze after the opening of the server was extremely crazy.

Zara had no choice but to keep moving forward, trying to find a suitable place to level up.

As he moved forward, Zara also began to study the function panel and familiarize himself with the game’s content.

The character panel, the shop panel, the life profession panel, and so on …

When Zara opened the activity panel, a countdown of the server opening activity and a special event announcement in golden font suddenly appeared in front of him.

[Level up event, countdown: 7 days, 21 hours, 57 minutes …]

“Special event: individual ranking competition (warm-up match)