Chapter 529: Not his biological son

In the East of the thorn forest of the black wind great domain.

At this moment, Zara was crouching in the bushes, looking at the situation outside through the gaps, appearing very vigilant.

During this period of time, he had been ambushed and retaliated against by the beast-eating tribe because he had robbed a snow spirit bug.

In the next two days, he hid from place to place and was besieged by several waves. He even almost died.

But while escaping, Zara discovered an incredible place.

It was the area he was in right now, the ‘beast pen’.

This territory was surrounded by reinforced fences, and the defense was extremely tight. Many blood orcs were stationed there, and there was even an extremely powerful ghost Governor commander.

At that time, Zara didn’t know what this place was, but in his investigation, he found that several blood orcs had taken the snow spirit worms from the beast pen.

It was only then that he realized that this was an area for breeding spirit beasts.

After tasting the snow spirit bug and getting 10 points of permanent attribute, Zara was extremely eager for this spirit beast creature.

Thus, Zara began to steal.

Although he definitely couldn’t enter the heavily guarded beast pen breeding area with his strength, it wasn’t a problem for Zara.

Every time a lone Beastman came to pick up the snow spirit bug, Zara would quietly follow him on the way back, waiting for the opportunity to plunder it.

With the blessing of the ancestral leopard totem’s swiftness, Zara succeeded again and again, snatching another three snow spirit worms.

How could this not infuriate the beast-devouring tribe?

Although the snow spirit worm was a low-rank spirit beast, it was very rare. Other than being directly consumed, it could also be used to refine medicine. The flesh and blood that were filled with spirit energy was even better for carving sacrificial rune arrays, and the value of an adult snow spirit worm would increase by several times.

However, the snow spirit worm was extremely difficult to breed. There were not many that could successfully enter adulthood, and they would die from time to time.

However, the beast-eating tribe would not waste these Dead Snow spirit bugs. Every once in a while, they would send their tribesmen to the beast pen to collect the dead bodies of the snow spirit bugs and bring them back to the tribe for the priests to use reasonably.

So during this period, Zara’s several attempts to cut him off had really angered the beast-devouring tribe.

After that, the Warriors who went to the beast pen to collect the snow spirit worm’s body no longer acted alone. The beast-eating tribe even dispatched a large number of tribal warriors to surround Zara, determined to kill him.

After several encounters, Zara had been lucky enough to escape. This undoubtedly infuriated the upper echelons of the beast-eating tribe, the Overlord of this “thorn forest.”

The entire orc tribe took action at this stage and began to issue a series of measures against Zara.

In addition to encircling and annihilating Zara, they also began to investigate which tribe’s warrior Zara was from!


The eighth day after the launch of the non-server.

There were only two days left before the end of the event, and they had entered the final stage of the event.

This led to the popularity of the non-server players rushing to level.

Vast peak alone was no longer enough to satisfy the players ‘daily leveling consumption, and most of the monsters in vast peak had been eliminated during this time.

Under such circumstances, Lu Wu decisively opened the teleportation array that led to the foot of the mountain from the non-server.

With the activation of the teleportation circle, the non-server players also knew that their war was about to officially begin.

Under the influence of the other servers, before the war with the local forces of the Xuanfeng great domain, the non-server players had already begun to discuss the battle strategy with the local forces in the forum of the local server.

All the players became military experts and suggested all kinds of battle plans, speaking freely on the forum.

Some non-server players even wanted to learn from the European server and rope in a strong local NPC to join their side to help them fight. He also wanted to learn from the successful cases in the central server and rely on powerhouses like moonlight to obtain resources for early development.

All in all, as the weakest server, the non-server players were full of ideas to make up for the gap, coming up with hundreds of ways to fight in a roundabout way.

However, when the non-server players officially stepped out of the mountains and into the thorn forest, they found that the reality was completely different from what they had imagined.

The orc tribe in the eastern thorn forest had a terrible attitude towards the players.

Many players who took the initiative to talk to the beast-devouring tribe had their heads blown up without exception.

A battle the moment they met was completely different from what they had expected.

What counterplot, what killing with a borrowed knife, they were not good at all.

This was because the Warriors of the beast-devouring tribe did not give the players any chance to communicate.

During this period of time, the non-server players had been beaten to a pulp, and their arrogance in the vast mountains had been completely scattered.

At this moment, the non-server players had witnessed the strength of the local forces of the mysterious wind great domain.

Now, whether they were fighting as a group or acting alone, the non-server players were restricted in every way. They did not even understand where the beast-devouring tribe’s great hostility came from.

Of course, the non-server players would not give up just like that. They launched several waves of attacks in an attempt to counterattack. However, without exception, they were all beaten back.

In fact, during this period of time, when they realized that the players had all come from the vast peak, the beast-devouring tribe had organized a large number of Warriors and formed a tribal battle group to kill their way up the vast peak.

The non-server players were stunned by the beast-devouring tribe’s ruthlessness.

The server had just opened, could the local forces not be so cruel?!

The entire boundless peak was 2678 meters above sea level. The players were beaten from the foot of the mountain to the mountainside, and then hammered hundreds of meters up from the mountainside. It was only when all the players who blocked the attack were dead that the beast-devouring tribe’s Warriors retreated.

The plot was completely wrong!

According to the thoughts of the non-server players, they should be working hard to develop and then wash the mysterious wind great region with blood.

However, less than ten days after the server opened, they were almost killed into the safe zone by the local forces of Xuan Feng. They were ruthlessly washed in blood and directly wiped out.

This wave of battle had completely stunned the non-server players.

The players who were discussing tactics on the forum shut up completely because the beast-devouring tribe was obviously not open to negotiations.

In the first battle with the local forces, the beast-devouring tribe’s Warriors suffered very few casualties, while the non-server players were all wiped out. The gap was too huge, and the psychological gap was also huge.

After recovering from the shock, the indignant non-server players formed a large team and charged to the foot of the mountain.

This time, the non-server players were not surprised. They were once again pushed back to the top of the mountain. Even many new players who had just entered the game and were still admiring the scenery were caught by the orcs. They were hit in the head by the big black wooden stick and suffered an undeserved disaster.

The unconvinced players gathered their forces again and went down the mountain …

But there was no exception every time.

They were still in the early stages of the game. The inexperienced non-server players had no chance of winning against the beast-devouring tribe’s experienced Warriors.

Each time, they would retreat as they fought. They would be ferociously beaten back to the top of the mountain, and then their heads would be smashed.

The situation in the non-servers did not only make the non-server players confused, but also the players from the other servers who understood the situation were laughing.

It had only been less than ten days since the server opened, and the safe zone had been blocked by the local forces, and they couldn’t get out at all. It was simply a god-like operation.

Other than the hell server, the development of the other servers was relatively smooth.

For example, in the mid-server, the players in the early stages would mainly farm monsters in areas like the ghost Mountain range. They would only fight against moment when they had some strength.

On the other hand, the players from the European server would first farm monsters in Hidden Dragon Village to level up. Even if they were threatened by the ghost general Hidden Dragon and forced to move away, the European server would still plan a way to deal with it. After stabilizing Hidden Dragon, they would seize the time to develop.

In the end, when he realized that the players had no intention of leaving, Hidden Dragon decided to start a war with the players. However, the players from the European server were not as weak as they used to be, and they had the ability to fight back.

Although there were endless internal Wars in the Asia server, they had not provoked the other forces in the demon Phoenix domain. They were still developing.

It could be said that the development of these three servers, although the difficulty was different, the development was relatively smooth.

However, it was the first time that the players from other servers had seen someone like the non-server, who was so reckless at the start and killed by the local forces in the safe zone. They could not help but laugh.

For this, the major non-server guilds were also extremely annoyed.

However, they couldn’t beat him, and they couldn’t negotiate. They had no way to deal with this.

Moreover, at this stage, the beast devouring tribe had set up camp at the foot of the mountain, so it was impossible to get out.

The most heartbreaking thing for the non-server players was that there were not many wild monsters left in the boundless mountain. They had no place to continue leveling up.

The non-server players ‘mentality collapsed.

This game was too difficult!

They couldn’t beat him, they couldn’t negotiate, and they couldn’t even get out …

Now, when the non-server players came online, they found that they could do nothing but stand on the mountain peak and enjoy the scenery.

Of course, he could also look at the sea of clouds on the mountain peak, draw, recite poems, and sigh about life …

Go to hell! A trashy game!

His mental state had completely collapsed!

The non-server players started to protest against the unfair treatment by the officials. They felt that it was too much. How could the beast devouring tribe be so unreasonable? it was completely different from the other servers!

At the very least, they should be given a smooth development process!

The non-server players had no choice but to protest on the forum and seek help from the official battle platform.

In this regard, Lu Wu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after understanding the situation.

However, Lu Wu didn’t intend to help the non-server players. In the beginning, he chose the thorn forest in the mysterious wind great region as the starting ground for the non-server players precisely because the beast-eating tribe was the weakest tribe in the qiuniu tribe.

This was also a training for the non-server players.

If they turned to the officials when they encountered a crisis they couldn’t handle, it would become a habit, which would definitely affect the growth of the players.

This could be seen from the hell suit.

The hell server’s players, who had been cursing and swearing at the start, were now extremely calm in the face of death. They were even surprised that they did not die once a day.

Even when they met each other in-game, they would greet each other with the same greeting:

“Hey, did you die today? How many times did you die?”

Compared to the difficulty in the hell server, the environment in the non-server was child’s play.

Therefore, Lu Wu only made an announcement and ignored it.

[Non-server battle announcement: ]

[Announcement content: all situations encountered by non-servers have a cause. The opening mode of a non-server is not extremely difficult. Please find a way to break through the blockade on your own!]

Seeing this announcement, the non-server players were in even more pain.

Their last hope, the “warring officials”, had given up on them. It seemed like they were completely doomed!

As expected, he was not his own son and was not loved …

However, it was impossible for them to give up on the game!

Many of the non-server players had experienced the pain of waiting for the war to start. For this, they had even specially bought gaming capsules, nutrient fluids, and prepared for it early.

Moreover, after experiencing the game’s content and knowing that the game’s content was more exciting than the publicity, how could they give up?

Hence, a large number of non-server players gritted their teeth and went online, ready to fight the beast-devouring tribe.

However, the result was still the same. Once again, he was killed and hammered all the way to the top of the mountain.

This time, the Warriors of the beast devouring tribe did not kill them.

Instead, they were all captured alive.

This was because the orc tribe’s Warriors had also discovered the strangeness of the players. It was as if they could resurrect. Every time they killed them all, a large wave of players would always appear.

This time, they decided to kill the players in a different way.


At that moment, a large number of captured non-server players were being pushed up the mountain by the beast-devouring tribe.

To the players ‘horror, they were lined up in a row and thrown down the mountain one by one.

They had experienced a wave of wireless bungee jumping before they died …

The non-server players ‘mentality collapsed again …

The beast-eating tribe had actually come up with a new trick …