Chapter 534: The Qixi Festival

As the non-server players were filled with resentment.

The players who came from the expedition had already torn down the buildings outside the beast-eating tribe.

The players were furious when they saw the orcs hiding in the base.

The time for the expedition is ticking away, and there’s not much time left for them to earn merit points. Yet, you guys are still cowering in defense.

I’ll defend your head, but you’re here to fight head-on. This is too outrageous.

Hence, the frenzied players directly activated demolition mode, destroyed all the wooden fences of the beast-eating tribe, and pushed forward madly.

The beast-devouring tribe could only grit their teeth and resist the relentless attacks.

As the specially made wooden fence was destroyed by the players, the orc chieftain’s eyes turned red. He knew that the orc tribe’s life and death crisis had arrived.

Because behind the tribe was a tall and steep mountain, there was no way out.

He could only roar in anger and continuously command his clansmen to resist.

However, in the face of close to one billion crazy players, this kind of resistance was powerless.

Due to the sudden arrival of the players, it was too late for the orc chieftain to request for help from the qiuniu tribe.

Under the players ‘pressure, the beast-devouring tribe was constantly retreating while resisting.

This scene was very similar to the time when the non-server players were surrounded by the beast-eating Legion and forced to retreat to the top of the mountain. However, this time, it was the players ‘turn to block the safe zone.

Despair spread in the hearts of the beast-eaters.

Even though they had already killed many players, the number of players was still endless.

Players were everywhere in the sky and on the ground. It was as if there was no way to kill them all.

Under such circumstances, the beast-devouring tribe’s Warriors could only retreat bit by bit. However, when their backs were against the mountain wall and there was no way out, all the beast-devouring tribe’s Warriors let out cries of grief and indignation.

At this time, it seemed that there was no other way but to fight.

Just when the tribal chief and the Warriors thought that the beast-devouring tribe would be destroyed in this war, an unexpected scene happened.

The players who had been pushing forward with ferocious expressions suddenly stopped in their tracks with fear.

His expression changed rapidly from fear to despair to anger.

“F * ck! Stupid official, don ‘t!”

“Please continue for a few seconds. Let me kill another one. It’s already at critical HP!”

“The stupid officials are going to die a horrible death. We’re going to have a great harvest at this critical moment, and you’re doing this to me. I don’t care, I don’t care, I’m going to stay here!”

“Stupid officials, renew the fee, renew the fee, don’t


At this moment, the players who had been looking ferocious just a moment ago were locked in place by the divine weapon. They could only curse and curse without any power to resist.

Then, under the bewildered gazes of the orc tribe warriors, all the players suddenly disappeared on the spot.

However, before they left, the players ‘eyes were filled with nostalgia and desire, causing the beast-eaters to shiver.

That gaze was like the gaze of death, making them feel extremely terrified.

Even the evil forces of the players were unable to resist the rules set by Lu Wuding. In the end, they could only leave while cursing.

They left behind the beast addiction tribe warriors, who were overwhelmed with shock, fear, and despair.

At this moment, the players who had been extremely ferocious just a moment ago had mysteriously disappeared, leaving nothing behind. The corpses of their tribesmen on the ground made the orc tribe warriors realize that this was not a dream!

After this battle, the beast-devouring tribe was completely shut down.

The image of the players killing their own people when they were ruthless was deeply engraved in their minds.

They were really afraid of the player forces. After all, it was not worth it to anger a crazy force …

With the help of the players from the four major servers, the opportunity for the non-servers to rise had finally arrived.

However, before they entered the great development phase, they were prepared to properly thank Zara.


The second day after the players from the various servers returned to their respective regions.

At this moment, the players were still discussing yesterday’s cross-server expedition on the forum.

The cross-server expedition this time also made the players feel extremely carefree. Not only could they kill the enemy forces to earn merit points, but they could also kill the players from other servers who used to have a war of words on the forum.

However, after the end of the cross-server expedition, the players still had resentment in their hearts. They felt that if the stupid official developers extended the time of the cross-server expedition, they would be able to swallow the beast addiction tribe in one go. That would be a real big profit. It was really infuriating to return at a critical moment.

However, the dog officials had set an hour for the expedition and had no intention of changing it.

The players could do nothing but curse and swear in the forums at the punitive expedition’s officials, who did not show any consideration for the players.

After all, the official dog game company’s attitude had always been “if you like to play, play. If you don ‘t, get lost.” It was unrealistic to ask it to retain players.

The all-powerful players in the game always felt that they were the weak forces being bullied when they faced the officials.

She was pitiful, weak, and aggrieved.

This was also one of the reasons why players strongly requested for the official platform to open a recharge channel.

After all, even if he wasn’t the boss, he should at least have some authority.

At the very least, the officials would consider the players ‘feelings when the time came.

However, it had been more than two years since the war campaign service was launched. Not to mention the channel for top-ups, the stupid official platform was still stingy with soul coins and was never willing to give out benefits.

In other games, there should at least be a daily check-in event to give the players something to look forward to.

However, other than festive activities, there were no other benefits at all.

The players hated the war officials as much as they loved them. They always felt that the war officials were stingy!

But today, the players of Beiqi were very excited and looking forward to it.

This was because today was the day that the officials would shed blood.

The Chinese Valentine’s Day, also known as the IAO Festival, was a traditional festival in the Dragon Kingdom full of romance.

While the other servers were cursing that their own sons would die a terrible death, the players of Beiqi were looking forward to the start of the festival with happy faces.

However, the players on the central server also had some worries.

After all, there was once a Valentine’s Day, but the dog officials didn’t make any moves at all and didn’t have any intention of opening any holiday activities.

That was why the players were afraid that the game officials would do the same thing.

As time passed, the players started to panic …

When it was noon, the Qixi Festival still had not started, and the players on the Chinese server were panicking!

Even the single players looked forward to the Qixi Festival, not to eat dog food, but to freeload some event benefits.

After all, there were soul coins and other resources to take, so even if the dog food hurt the throat, they could still swallow it.

At around two in the afternoon, the players from the Chinese server, who still couldn’t wait for the event to start, couldn’t help but start protesting on the forum.

To that end, the players listed out hundreds of events that must be activated.

For example, the Chinese Valentine’s Day was a traditional festival in the Dragon Kingdom. If they didn’t hold this event in the game, it would be an act of unpatriotism. They had to hold it and strongly requested to hold it.

There were also players who said that today was a romantic day where the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl met. This kind of day was worth remembering. As an influential game, the official website of war conquest wanted to commemorate this day with the players.

There were even players who said that there were many children playing the war expedition. Most of the children had forgotten about traditional festivals. As the official of the war expedition, they should start this event to let the children remember that this day was the Chinese Valentine’s Day. Such an act would be a great merit!


There were all kinds of comments on the forum, and Lu Wu was dumbfounded.

Although he had long been used to the players ‘ability to make up stories in order to achieve their goals, this time, Lu Wu still felt that these stupid netizens were simply talents.

As he read all the posts in the forum, Lu Wu almost thought that he was a sinner in history.

It was so F * cking magical!

However, Lu Wu was already prepared for the Chinese Valentine’s Day.

At threeo’ clock in the afternoon, just when the players thought that the game officials were going to cancel the event again, the Qixi Festival arrived.

At the same time, the entire underworld had been completely transformed. The colors of every building had changed, and colorful lights hung from the ceiling. Colorful ribbons swayed in the wind, giving the place a romantic Chinese Valentine’s Day vibe.

[District-wide announcement: the Qixi Festival “Golden Wind and jade dew” will officially start at 5pm!]

[Chinese Valentine’s Day activity 1-heart knot]:

[Event introduction: during the period of the Double Seventh Festival, all players can register on the event panel. After successful registration, players will receive the mission item “heart knot (broken)”.] After obtaining the task item, the player can find a player of the opposite sex in the game to cooperate with to complete the incomplete love knot and complete the Qixi Festival task!

[Event requirements: complete the one-heart knot for an hour. You are not allowed to go offline during this period. Going offline will be considered a failure, and the time will be reset to zero!]

[Event blessing: when the golden wind and jade dew meet, they surpass countless people in the world.]

[Qixi Activity 2-single dog’s anger]:

[Event introduction: during the period of the Chinese Valentine’s Day, all players can register for this event on the event panel. After successful registration, players will receive the task item “tears of a single dog.”] After using this item, the player will turn into the “single dog” form and can break the task item “the same-heart knot”, turning it into its initial broken state. (At that time, the task time of the players who participate in the same-heart knot activity will be reset to zero, and they can not form the same-heart knot again within ten minutes!)

[Event requirements: players who choose this event must complete the same heart knot breaking mission five times during the period of the Qixi Festival mission.]

[Event blessing: Woof!] Woof! Woof! Aowuu!

Players could only choose one activity to participate in this Qixi Festival. The rewards for both activities were the same. Players who chose activity one would be given an additional special effect scene (meeting on the Magpie bridge) after completing the “love knot” mission.

[Event reward: Chinese Valentine’s Day bag (random item), 100 soul coins, dungeon entry x 10]


The players were extremely excited to see the official dog launch the Qixi Festival.

However, when they saw the contents of the event, some of the players were instantly stunned, while some of the players ‘faces gradually became ferocious.

On one side, there were players with couples. When they saw the special effect of the Magpie bridge meeting, they were deeply attracted.

Therefore, they chose Activity 1 without hesitation.

However, this mission wasn’t smooth-sailing, because the dog officials had even set up an “enemy force.”

Single dog!

A deep sadness rose in the hearts of the couple players.

However, in the eyes of some players, event two,’single dog’s anger’, was a very considerate event.

After eating dog food every year, he could finally take revenge this year!

Hence, when it was almost 5 o’ clock, the event officially started.

The howls of single dogs rang out in Beiqi. Many players who had chosen activity two had transformed into small and cute single dogs, ready to start their great plan of destruction.

Although she had a cute face, what she did was ‘crazy’.

On the other hand, the players who chose Event 1 were like a couple who had eloped. They could only play hide-and-seek in the face of the landlord’s “vicious dog”. It was pitiful, helpless, and a little exciting.

The atmosphere in Beiqi was joyous, with the occasional excited bark of a dog!