Chapter 535: Invitation to the gaming Expo

During the Qixi war campaign, the entire Beiqi was bustling with activity.

It was always the players ‘happiest time when the officials gave out the benefits. After all, such an opportunity was too rare.

During the event period, because of the existence of Event 2, the long-standing resentment of single players also erupted at this time.

Underworld’s festive decorations made the “Chinese Valentine’s Day” atmosphere very intense. The entire place was filled with romantic colors. However, some single players did not think so.

In their eyes, the Qixi Festival had nothing to do with romance, but it was definitely a happy event.

The feeling of breaking up couples with her own hands was both cruel and happy.

Many single players turned into lone wolves under the moonlit night, wandering around the Beiqi region in search of couple players.

Some overly single players, after completing their Qixi Festival quests, still refused to stop and continued to look for couple players. He even made a provocative declaration in the event chat:

“It’s impossible for a ‘Magpie bridge’ to be successfully built tonight. They are all illegal buildings and must be demolished. We, the single Wang demolition team, enforce the law impartially, and we hope that all couples who are in love with each other will know their way and stop showing off their love. Otherwise, we’ll find you even if we have to dig three feet underground and tear you down cruelly!”

In the face of the “breaking up” players who had transformed into “single dogs,” the couple players trembled in fear. They could only hide everywhere with the players of the opposite sex to prevent the crazy single players from ruining the mission progress.

As a result, a Grand ‘cat-and-mouse game’ was staged in the entire Beiqi great region.

When midnight arrived, the bell that signaled the end of the event rang throughout the entire Beiqi great land.

However, on this day, the number of players who could complete the couple’s mission and successfully build the “bridge of Magpies” was very few.

After all, the number of single dogs who had transformed into “ERHA” was too large and too brutal …


After the Qixi Festival ended, the players ‘lives returned to normal.

On this day, Lu Wu was observing the daily situation of the players through the artifact when his phone rang.

There were only a handful of people who could get through to him now. He picked up his phone and took a look. Just as Lu Wu thought, it was Wu Guoyi.

After picking up the phone, a familiar voice came through.

“Brother Lu, did you miss me?”

Why would I miss an old man like you? Lu Wu thought helplessly, but of course, he couldn’t say it like that,”

“Brother Wu, is there something wrong? You wouldn’t have called me if you had nothing to do. ”

“Haha, why can’t I call you if there’s nothing? however, there’s something I need to discuss with you this time.”

“I’m listening, go on.“

“It’s like this, the Guild is lacking soul coins recently, and our days are too hard. Give me ten million soul coins as support, so I can speed up the development of the Guild!”

Lu Wu was speechless.

“Haha, I’m just joking!” While Lu Wu was still in shock, Wu Guoyi’s laughter could be heard again.

“You won’t give it to me even if you really want it!” Lu Wu said unhappily.

“You’re so stingy. No wonder the players say that you’re the most stingy official. You live up to your reputation!”

“Let’s get down to business, or I’m hanging up!”

“No, no, no. It’s like this, there’s going to be a global gaming convention ‘E3’ in Los Angeles, the United States. I’ve received an invitation from the organizer, and they’re willing to provide a game booth for war online, so I wanted to ask for your advice!”

Hearing this, Lu Wu couldn’t help but be stunned.

As the world’s largest gaming convention, how could Lu Wu not have heard of it? he also had some understanding of E3.

E3 was one of the four major international gaming exhibitions, and the games that could make it to E3 were basically the flagship games of every game manufacturer. E3 was a grand event for players all over the world, and it was also a promotional day that all gaming studios attached great importance to.

There were also other gaming conventions of the same status, such as Tokyo’s LGS, Cologne gaming convention, and China’s video game exhibition.

However, compared to these gaming conventions, E3’s influence was undoubtedly the greatest. Every year at this time, the surge in tourists in Los Angeles was proof of this.

In comparison, China’s video game exhibition had the weakest influence in the video game industry.

This was because at E3, the players were there to watch the game, while the players at GJ were there to watch cosplay girls, and the game was second, which was basically the consensus of the players.

Therefore, in terms of influence, E3 was undoubtedly the strongest.

In Lu Wu’s opinion two years ago, attending E3 was something he didn’t even dare to think about, because he was just the operator of a small game website with no traffic, and he couldn’t come up with a decent game.

He just didn’t expect that he would personally receive an invitation from the organizer.

After a brief moment of surprise, Lu Wu was very calm.

The main reason was that he was now very indifferent to reality. The things that were out of reach in the past no longer seemed so desired now.

“Brother Wu, why don’t we just forget about it? I’m not interested in doing this!” Lu Wu thought for a moment and said.

“Don ‘t, video game media from all over the world will come to this event. It’s a good opportunity to expand the game’s influence. Although war is very popular now, there are still many players around the world who still stick to their games and have not played war. After all, there are too many games in this era. If we want to continue to expand the number of players, the quality of the game is not enough. Publicity is also extremely important!”

When Lu Wu heard this, he felt that what Wu Guoyi said did make sense.

Now that the five servers of conquest had been launched, the next thing to do was to slowly devour the number of players of other games and add them into the conquest.

Just as Wu Guoyi had said, although conquests were very popular now, the quality of the game alone could not pull all players into the conquests. This was because it was a completely different concept to experience the game in person.

Just like back in the day, no matter how popular 3D games were, many players still stuck to web-based games.

No matter how bad the quality of a game that cost 999 Yuan was, it could still make a lot of money every year with his overwhelming publicity.

The importance of publicity could be seen from this.

Of course, in comparison, quality was the most important.

Under the condition that the quality was guaranteed, the conversion rate of publicity was very high.

It was like two games being promoted at the same time.

A game of poor quality could attract 1000 downloads with each promotion, but many players would uninstall after playing for a few minutes. In the end, only 10 players would continue to play, which was 1% of the player conversion rate.

A good game, coupled with strong publicity, would have a high conversion rate.

And the quality of punitive expedition online didn’t need Lu Wu to prove it. The players of punitive expedition had already shouted the slogan of “world number one”.

Coupled with the promotion, Lu Wu felt that if the conversion rate was lower than 95%, it would be a failure.

Even 100% wasn’t a problem.

This was because this game had all the advantages of other games, and also advantages that other games didn’t have.

Players of all kinds could find happiness here, such as the scenery party, the hamster party (collector), and the cultivation party.

This game combined all the game modes at this stage. Even players who didn’t like fighting could still find endless fun here. In addition, it was 100% realistic, and the physical increase brought by leveling up made it no exaggeration to say that the conversion rate was 100%.

And now, what Lu Wu needed was a way to let those players who had never been in contact with war and were still playing other games to get in touch with this game.

Then publicity would definitely be a breakthrough.

E3 was a platform for such ‘premium games’ to be promoted. As long as they could shine in E3, the name ‘war’ would once again resound throughout the gaming world.

From the looks of it, Lu Wu was suddenly a little tempted.

Furthermore, the E3 informant had given them a lot of face this time, actually providing a free game booth for the battle.

In the past, such a situation had never happened.

In order to enter the E3 gaming expo, many gaming companies had to invest a lot of money in this area. Under normal circumstances, the price of an internal game booth was 200 million. The current price is about 20 million dollars, and inflation in 300 years is set at 200 million.

However, this didn’t mean that one could enter the game. The quality of the game was also a threshold.

Therefore, taking the initiative to invite and provide a booth for free was enough to show how much importance the E3 organizer placed on conquests online.

After thinking about it carefully, Lu Wu suddenly became interested.”

“Brother Wu, if that’s the case, then I agree. However, you’ll be in charge of contacting the E3 organizer. I won’t be going!”

On the other end of the phone, Wu Guoyi was speechless,”

“You’re letting me handle such a big matter?”

“Since you’re the only representative for the conquest of foreign servers, it’s the same if I hand it over to you. When the time comes, I’ll provide support in terms of gaming and will personally attend E3. As for other matters, I won’t be participating!”

From Lu Wu’s point of view, there were too many things to deal with when he contacted the E3 organizer.

For example, the planning of the booth, the production of the game figurines, the introduction of the game content, and so on. These things were too cumbersome and Lu Wu didn’t want to do it himself at all. It was more appropriate to hand it over to Wu Guoyi, who had been operating the campaign around the country.

“You said that I’m the person in charge of the external server, but I don’t have any game rights!” Wu Guoyi’s voice was filled with resentment from the other end of the phone.

“Hahaha, that’s enough. Don’t forget that when you were bullied in the game, I gave you 100 soul coins to help you get your revenge!”

“Then how about I ask you for 1 million soul coins as support now?” Wu Guoyi quickly followed Lu Wu’s topic and asked.

“Ahem, this … The cell phone signal isn’t very good. Brother Wu, is this all you’ve got? I’ll hang up first!” After that, Lu Wu Hung up the phone without any hesitation.

What a joke, one million soul coins, that wasn’t something that could be conjured out of thin air.

Perhaps Wu Guoyi was really in need of soul coins. At that time, Lu Wu felt that he was in even more need of soul coins.

Not to mention the soul coins consumed for each major server’s construction, update, and activities, the emperor’s mirror that he had cultivated also burned soul coins. As for the soul coins, Lu Wu had already made up his mind that he would never sell them outside of the game.

After all, even when Lu Wu was really poor, he only sold ye Xue ‘er for a few hundred soul coins.

Now that he was not short of money and could afford to raise little Bei Li, Lu Wu would never do something stupid like exchanging soul coins for cash again.

During the conquest and construction, Lu Wu’s mentality had also been changing.

Two years ago, when the war had just started, Lu Wu was extremely happy when he exchanged his soul coins for hundreds of thousands of cash.

But now, in Lu Wu’s eyes, cash was just a string of numbers, while soul coins were an all-rounded currency.

It was obvious which of them was more valuable.