Chapter 536: Cross-server matching battle

After he decided to attend E3 gaming expo, Lu Wu also started to pay attention to this area.

At the same time, he began to work on the game’s display content that he would provide to Wu Guoyi.

Of course, Lu Wu still had absolute confidence in the quality of the game.

At E3, it was definitely not a problem to amaze the world with a single feat.

As for the specific production of the game’s display content, Lu Wu decisively handed it over to the chief strategist “little Bei Li” to handle.

On the path of living off a woman, Lu Wu felt that he was going further and further away, and there was no turning back.

After all, there was such an all-rounded little loli who knew everything, so there was no need for him to do it himself.

Even if he did it himself, he would not be able to do as well as little Beili.

So, wasn’t it good for him to live off a woman?

After handing over the task to Bei Li, Lu Wu began to observe the players ‘dumbass lives with the artifact.

At this stage, the development of the Chinese server was relatively stable. The players were fighting and being attacked by the sea King every day. However, the entire North divergent was still firmly in the hands of the players from the Chinese server. Life was very stable compared to other servers.

On the European side, the war was coming to an end.

After the evil demon formation was destroyed, Yuan Xu’s last resort was also destroyed. Although he had the formation plate of the evil demon formation, he couldn’t activate it. On the other hand, the strength of the players from the European server was getting stronger and stronger. From the start, they were being suppressed, but now, they had the absolute advantage. Basically, the destruction of void abyss’s forces was a foregone conclusion. Now, it was just a struggle before death.

On the Asia server’s side, due to the fear of the evil king when the server opened, the forces in the demon Phoenix region still did not dare to start a war with the players living in The Burning Sky City. Even though they were monitoring the players ‘every move, they didn’t dare to make any big moves.

It was not that they were afraid of the players, but they were afraid of the ‘God’ behind the players.

However, after the cross-server expedition three days ago, the players from the Asia server also realized how huge the gap was between the overall combat power of the server they were in and the other three servers. Speeding up the pace of becoming stronger had become the goal of all the players from the Asia server. They were already prepared to officially declare war on the other forces in the demon Phoenix great region.

This was because war was the best catalyst for their growth. They used war to nurture war, and the more they fought, the stronger they became.

As for the hell server, after AI ke officially joined the hell server and became an NPC, the power of the hell server’s players grew rapidly.

The players would provide all kinds of knowledge and information into Arek’s database, and then Arek would develop new weapons and equipment. In this growth mode that was almost like cheating, the technology that the players of the hell server had mastered could be said to be changing by the day.

Furthermore, as the hell server was an extremely unique server, every player had to master a vast amount of knowledge. At this stage, the players in the hell server could be considered half a scientist.

Even the players who had never known anything about mecha modifications, the development of new weapons, and the application of new weapons were now able to join in the discussion. When the application of technology was closely related to all players, many players began to subconsciously understand the content of this aspect.

The changes that conquests brought to the players could be said to have extended to the mental level of the players. The sense of fulfillment brought by learning was also a major feature of conquests.

Of course, even though the development of the hell server was extremely fast, the living environment was still very harsh.

As the most dangerous region, there would be hordes of hell beasts from time to time. Every time this happened, wherever the Horde passed, not a blade of grass would grow. The players could not survive in such an environment, so they could only grit their teeth and endure it. After they were resurrected, they would continue to speed up their development.

To the hell server’s players, death was like eating and drinking every day. They were already used to it.

Now, one of the big regions that Lu Wu was most concerned about was the newly established black wind great region, which was the feisui.

This was because the lives of the non-serving players were really miserable.

That kind of “misery” could make Lu Wu laugh out loud even through the screen.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he couldn’t hold it in, Lu Wu wouldn’t have wanted to laugh. After all, these players would be his subordinates in the future.

From being surrounded at the resurrection point in the beginning, to being tortured as an experimental by the beast-eating tribe, to preparing to dig a tunnel later on, and so on.

The “misery” of the non-server players was recognized by all the players in the four major servers.

But now, the non-server players had finally welcomed the opportunity to rise.

This was because the beast devouring tribe’s Army no longer dared to set up camp at the foot of the boundless peak.

With the crisis resolved, the non-server players faced the endless wild monsters in the eastern thorn forest, which was also an endless amount of soul coins and experience.

The development of the non-servers began.

However, in the meantime, the non-server players did not forget one thing.

And that was to pursue and kill Zara.

The reason they were so miserable was because of Zara.

Now that the blockade of the beast-devouring tribe had finally disappeared, the non-server players naturally wanted to “take revenge” and punish Zara.

As a result, in the non-server bounty board, under the crowdsource of the players, Zara became the second bounty character. Five thousand soul coins.

As for the first bounty, it was Crayon Shin-chan’s without exception.

At the most miserable stage of the non-server players, Crayon Shin-chan, who had been adding insult to injury and going all out to pull aggro, was hated by all the non-server players. In the eyes of the non-server players, this kind of continuous mental blow was even more hateful than Zara.

For this reason, the non-server players raised 50000 soul coins and put Crayon Shinchan on the bounty list. This bounty was also included in the overall bounty list, allowing Crayon Shinchan’s value to increase again.

Crayon Shinchan wasn’t surprised by the behavior of the non-server players. He even went to the forum to “thank” the non-server players for their enthusiasm, and once again made countless enemies.

Of course, even though he wasn’t surprised, Crayon Shinchan still felt a headache from the increase in the bounty.

The higher the bounty, the closer he would be punished by his mother.

But it was impossible not to be wild. How could he be happy if he wasn’t afraid of people?

As the number one harbinger of war, mo Xiaoxin was gradually drifting further and further away from the path of seeking death. He was unable to extricate himself, and he did not want to extricate himself.

His current mentality was to just muddle along, be happy as long as he could, and make each and every one of them cry as long as he could!

For Crayon Shin-chan, a player who could not find his real body despite trying so hard to attract aggro, the non-server players could only feel helpless. He could only hope that the players on the Chinese server would put in more effort and punish the bar spirit as soon as possible, killing him and forcing him out of the server.

But for Zara, he naturally didn’t need any help since it was a matter at home.

During the period when the blockade was lifted, other than killing monsters and leveling up in the eastern part of the thorn forest, looking for Zara had also become a common consensus among the non-server players.

Due to Zara’s strong individual ability, even a single person or a small team could not deal with him. For this reason, the non-server players had developed a targeted battle plan.

That was to report the location.

As long as a player discovered Zara’s trace, they would immediately report Zara’s “coordinates” on the regional channel. At that time, all the non-server players in the area would receive Zara’s coordinates, and then they would collectively kill him.

This method was really effective. With the cooperation of the major guilds and the player group, they surrounded Zara several times and almost killed him.

However, what made the non-server players gnash their teeth was that the agile Zara was always able to escape at critical moments.

He tried several times, but all of them failed.

However, the non-server players ‘desire to surround and kill Zara did not decrease. Instead, it became stronger.

They all swore on the forum that they would rather not have Zara, this cheat-like player, than lock him in the safe zone and never let him leave.


As the initiator of the feinan tragedy, Zara was lying in a sea of blue flowers in the eastern forest of thorns. His body was moving up and down violently, and he was panting heavily. Sweat was pouring down his body like rain.

Just now, he had experienced another siege by the non-server players.

This time, it was even more dangerous than the previous times. The players from the major guilds had formed layers of encirclement, and they were almost unable to get out.

Fortunately, he was lucky enough to escape in his critical state and did not return to the safe zone.

If he died and returned to the safe zone, Zara knew how miserable his fate would be with the Demon King as a lesson.

In the past two days, under Jack’s narration, Zara also understood how terrible his current situation was. It could be said that he had made countless enemies and had become an existence that everyone in the African server wanted to beat.

At this time, Zara also began to use the forum function.

Not only could he learn a lot of game content on the forum, but it could also help him find out the dynamic information of the players who wanted to punish him.

The last few times, he had relied on the shared coordinates of his location on the forum to avoid being surrounded and killed.

However, he didn’t expect that he would almost fail this time.

Obviously, the players who were chasing him had realized the hidden danger in the forum and had probably set up a private group to kill him.

This gave Zara a huge headache, and he felt that his future in the FEI server would not be easy.

After a short rest and waiting for his HP to slowly recover, Zara’s eyes flashed with a fierce light. He immediately opened the competition panel and chose to match with an opponent.

In terms of individual competitions, Zara would participate every day, and he would play more than 15 matches a day.

As his opponents grew stronger and stronger, Zara felt that he was able to enjoy every battle.

Until now, he had won 328 matches in a row.

In the state of winning streak, the competition points increased extremely rapidly. Now, Zara had broken through 10000 points and became the first non-server player in the king division.

(P.S. In the individual arena, winning streak has extra points. With a winning streak, the winning points will accumulate, and with a consecutive loss, the deduction of competition points will also increase. If it’s a draw, each match will have an extra 1 point as a consolation, and a consecutive draw is equivalent to the accumulation of points for winning streaks!)

This time, the matched opponent would be the first competition of the Zara King division.

When Zara pressed the ‘match’ button, a game prompt suddenly appeared.

[Game prompt: you have reached the king tier in your server and have qualified for the all-server individual competition (three days). Do you want to match with opponents in other servers?]

Zara was stunned by the notification, but then he became excited.

He had always heard that the cheats in other servers were extremely powerful, but he had never seen them before. However, this time, he could personally fight them.

Thinking of this, Zara pressed the ‘all server match’ button without hesitation.

Immediately, the matchmaking countdown began.

At the same time that Zara entered a match, an announcement sounded.

[Server announcement: this server’s first king tier player has entered cross-server matching mode. All players can enter the arena room 001 to watch the game and cheer for the players in your server!]

On Zara’s side, in less than a minute of waiting, the prompt of a successful match appeared.

[Game prompt: cross-server competition match successful. The matched opponent is a Beiqi player: Yuan Fang, 0 wins 0 losses, 564 draws (consecutive)]

564 consecutive draws, what god-like opponent!

Zara was dumbfounded when he saw his opponent’s record.