Chapter 537: A feint

The first cross-server battle between the king tiers in the non-servers naturally attracted the attention of a large number of non-servers.

After the server-wide announcement, a large number of non-server players opened the competition panel and entered the competition room No. 001 that was mentioned in the announcement.

Of course, they weren’t there to cheer for Zara. They just wanted to see how strong the cheaters in other servers were.

If they could, they also wanted to see the moment Zara was severely punished.


In the countdown to entering the arena, Zara was still in a state of confusion.

564 consecutive draws were too unbelievable to him, and he couldn’t understand how this player called “square circle” did it.

When the countdown to the entrance ended, a game prompt appeared.

[Game prompt: entering the arena. The location is: Sky floating city]

As the game prompt appeared, the scene in Zara’s area began to change.

His line of sight passed through the thick clouds, and a floating island bathed in golden light came into view. At this time, his line of sight suddenly descended and came to the central area of the floating island. The opponent’s Square figure also slowly appeared in the center of the open space a hundred meters away.

[Game prompt: countdown to individual competition: 10…9…8…7]

In the countdown, the “central screen” that separated the two of them slowly faded.

Understanding that the battle was about to begin, Zara’s expression became extremely serious. His body slowly fell to the ground, ready for battle.

Although he didn’t understand how this player called “Yuan Fang” managed to get a record of 564 consecutive draws, this person was able to reach the king tier, so his strength was definitely not to be underestimated.

In the face of a powerful opponent, Zara’s desire to fight also burned.

When the curtain of light officially dissipated, Zara’s sharp eyes immediately turned to his opponent.

However, what made him stunned was that his opponent, Yuan Fangzheng, was sitting cross-legged on the ground and looking at him with a bored expression.

He couldn’t see any desire to fight in Yuan Fang, and zu Bao’s “wild beast perception” couldn’t detect any intention to attack from Yuan Fang.

In Zara’s eyes, Yuan Fang’s behavior was simply a provocation.

If you don’t have the desire to fight in the arena, then why did you come in?

Thinking of this, Zara growled in a low voice, and his body suddenly ran towards the circle, his nails turning purple at this moment.

This attack was aimed at the Round Square’s neck.

At this moment, Yuan Fang’s eyes actually lit up, and he seemed to be very expectant.

In truth, Yuan Fang did not have much desire to participate in the individual competition. If Gu Yu had not asked him to improve his ranking and help his Guild occupy one of the top few spots, he would not have participated in the individual competition.

For other players, the individual competition represented a competition of combat techniques and a satisfying battle.

However, for Yuan Fang, the individual competition was just to enter the arena and stare at the opponent for 20 minutes, until it was judged as a draw.

After all, the Beiqi players were all very familiar with his abilities. They also knew that as long as they didn’t make a move, this bald monk wouldn’t be able to do anything to them. A draw would be the best result.

At the current stage, Yuan Fang had another title in Beiqi, and that was ” 50 – 50,” which meant that he could have a 50 – 50 chance with anyone. After all, no one could beat him, and he couldn’t beat anyone.

This also gave rise to a group of dumbass players, who claimed that they could fight evenly with players in the king tier in one-on-one battles. Of course, this target was limited to the Round Square.

This was because meeting a square meant that the game would end in a draw, without exception.

For this reason, Yuan Fang was also very helpless.

Now, it was customary to enter the individual arena, sit cross-legged, and have a 20-minute chat with the matched opponent, then shake hands and leave the arena.

And this time, it was also Yuan Fang’s first cross-server match. Seeing Zara take the initiative to attack, Yuan Fang almost shouted out in excitement.

He could finally F * cking win!

Buddha, please bless us!

In Yuan Fang’s eyes, Zara’s deadly claws were really beautiful!

He immediately raised his head with a happy expression and exposed his weak point, his neck. He was prepared to let Zara’s attack deal more damage. Only in this way could he feel more pain when he was hit back.

The first victory was coming!

However, just as Zara’s claw was about to hit Yuan Fang’s neck, his body suddenly twisted and forcefully changed the direction of his attack, causing his sharp claw to miss.

As his body twisted due to inertia, Zara tapped the ground with the tip of his foot and suddenly retreated several meters.

Seeing this scene, Yuan Fang’s expression was dull.

What was going on?

Not far away, Zara was shocked.

Just as the sharp claws were about to hit the square, his beast perception kept sending out warnings of danger, as if this attack would bring him terrible consequences.

Zara had no doubts about his own beast perception, because this was an innate ability he had gained from training beast techniques since he was young. He had an extremely keen insight into danger.

Therefore, he did not hesitate to stop his attack and retreat.

Looking at the dazed and seemingly silly Yuan Fang, Zara’s face darkened.

From Zara’s point of view, the square circle’s harmless appearance was obviously a disguise. How could he be weak if he could become the strongest player in the king tier of the central server?

“Um … Why aren’t you playing anymore?” Yuan Fang, who was eager to be beaten up, could not help but ask.

Zara didn’t answer. His sharp eyes stared at the square and began to circle around it, looking for an opportunity to attack.

But the more he looked, the more depressed he became.

This was because this guy was full of flaws, and it seemed that every single one of them was a fatal weakness.

After a few minutes of stalemate, Zara finally couldn’t hold it in anymore. With a low roar, he pounced at Yuan Fang again.

Seeing this scene, Yuan Fang quivered.

The first victory was coming again! Happy!

This time, Zara’s attack was on the round chest.

However, just as his sharp claws were about to hit the square, Zara suddenly changed the direction of his attack again, and his body suddenly retreated several meters.

The strong sense of danger made Zara feel that he would probably suffer a fierce counterattack from Yuan Fang, which could even be fatal.

Looking at Zara, who once again retreated a few meters, Yuan Fang was dumbfounded.

What the f * ck do you mean?

Should he fight or not? he came over to show off and then retreated. Was he bullying this little monk because it didn’t hurt to hit him?

He was so F * cking angry!

The first victory disappeared again, and Yuan Fang’s face was constipated.

At the same time, Zara, who had retreated several meters again, kept thinking about where the attack would come from if he had hit the square just now.

Left side? The right side? Was it a hand? Or feet?

Glancing at the square, Zara fell into deep thought.

The atmosphere was once again in a stalemate.

Seeing this, Yuan Fang could not help but wave his hand.

“Alright, alright, let’s sit down and chat. The 20 minutes will be up soon!”

Zara still didn’t answer. He continued to circle around the square, thinking about how to defeat the enemy.

Yuan Fang simply sat down cross-legged and looked at Zara, who was circling around him, with a bored expression. He felt that this guy was F * cking crazy. He was just feinting. This was so boring!

The non-server players who were watching the 001 arena were also dumbfounded.

He still didn’t understand what Zara was doing, and the two attacks just now were completely different from Zara’s previous fighting style.

Many of the non-server players had seen Zara’s battle videos and were very clear about how wild and fierce his battle style was. Basically, they relied on their explosive power and combat skills to kill their opponents in a short time.

This was the first time such a situation had occurred.

Time passed by slowly, and there were less than 10 minutes left.

Zara still couldn’t figure out which direction the square would attack him from if he hit it.

Yuan Fang, who seemed to be full of flaws, was also full of danger in Zara’s eyes.

“Almsgiver, are you tired?” Yuan Fang couldn’t help but ask as he looked at Zara, who was walking around in circles.

“Roar!” Zara’s sharp eyes looked straight into the round eyes and let out a low roar.

“Alright, you can continue spinning!” Yuan Fang waved his hand in boredom. He felt that this fellow was unable to chat at all.

At the moment, Zara was very puzzled about one more thing. If he didn’t make a move, why didn’t the other party make a move?

He could not understand this.

The last five minutes soon came to an end.

At this moment, Zara finally couldn’t hold it in anymore. No matter what, he had to try to hit the square. How could he be satisfied without trying?

With a beast roar, Zara’s figure rushed towards the Round Square like a cheetah.

On the other hand, Yuan Fang continued to look at Zara expressionlessly. He felt that this guy was going to be pretentious again and would definitely not dare to hit him.

As a result, while Yuan Fang was still in a daze, the claw ruthlessly slapped his face, and he was instantly sent flying.

At that moment, Yuan Fang was both happy and depressed.

This bastard didn’t even say a word and actually slapped my face. My master and senior and junior brothers don’t slap faces!

He was so angry. This was too much!

On Zara’s side, the sound of bones cracking was heard.

[Battle prompt: the attack has caused 387 weak-point critical damage. The target is immune to 387 weak-point critical damage. 0】

[Battle prompt: round target has received damage. Moke’s infinitum has been activated. Level 2 reflect damage 20%. 77.4】

After this attack, Zara was also sent flying. At the same time, the power that was directly reflected on his arm instantly broke the bones in his hand.

For Zara, who was only level 34 now, this reflected damage had taken away nearly one-third of his HP, which shocked him.

At this moment, Zara finally understood why every time he approached the square, his beast perception would alert him of danger.

Because his beast perception was not wrong, Yuan Fang’s entire body was filled with a dangerous aura.

“Roar!” Zara jumped up and turned to glare at Yuan Fang.

The injury instantly triggered the violent bestiality in Zara’s body. Its red eyes were full of aggression, as if it wanted to devour people.

Yuan Fang stood up and rubbed his face. Although he was not hurt, it still hurt!

The person who smacked the face was the most overboard!

At this moment, Zara’s figure flashed and pounced at Yuan Fang again.

There was less than a minute left.

At this moment, Zara’s injured arm was surrounded by thunder and lightning. When he swung it, it was like a lightning whip, ruthlessly whipping towards Yuan Fang.

This attack was the most powerful offensive technique that Zara had comprehended at this stage among the beast techniques he practiced in the real world,”Thunder coffin.” The ancestral leopard’s totem appeared on his chest, as if it had come to life, and it roared as it pounced towards the square.

At this moment, Zara was going to use this most powerful attack to break the defense of the square, devour it, and kill it!

“Almsgiver, the Lord Buddha has blessed you!” Seeing this, Yuan Fang put his hands together and looked at Zara.

The moment the lightning whip and the shadow of the ancestral leopard totems hit the square, the competition was finally over.

Although this attack was very powerful, Zara, whose attributes were not high in all aspects at this stage, was still unable to break through the square circle’s 800 points of fixed damage immunity defense. In an instant, his body was torn apart by the counterattack of “Moke’s eternity” and turned into black mist.

[Game prompt: the cross-server competition has ended. The winner is a Beiqi player: [Square circle!]

Seeing this scene, the non-server players were in an uproar.

There were not many non-server players who knew about Yuan Fang because he was too unknown.

Therefore, they were shocked when they saw how Yuan Fang defeated Zara without making a move from the beginning to the end.

On the other hand, Yuan Fang’s face was also full of smiles. His first victory had finally arrived.

He liked this kind of reckless opponent! Happy!