Chapter 538: Ice ghost battle team

The first cross-server battle between non-servers was also Zara’s first cross-server battle, but it ended in this way, which was unexpected by many people.

The situation that the players on the central server thought was inevitable caused a huge uproar in the non-server.

The fact that Yuan Fang was able to defeat Zara without making a move really made the non-server players envious.

As a result, a large number of non-server players began to head to the middle server to obtain the Scriptures, and some even requested to learn this skill.

The players on the Chinese server replied in unison,”

“He wanted to eat fart.

How could the players in the central server not be envious of Yuan Fang’s ability?

After all, this was a divine-level ability. It was the same level as the power of the extreme path of hell. The players had been wanting to learn it for a long time.

There was even a section on the forum dedicated to studying how to learn “hell Gokudo path.” Some players discussed how to understand this divine power all day long.

But until now, in the entire Beiqi, there were only two people who had mastered the power of Hell’s extreme path.

One was round and square, and the other was QiuQiu.

Players had never seen QiuQiu’s ability before, but from the square circle, it could be seen that QiuQiu ‘s’ Prajna sacrifice ‘ability of the same level was definitely extremely powerful. It was a powerful ability that could directly let ordinary players reach the top of the cheat class.

Therefore, wanting to learn was one thing, and being able to master it was another.

To the players of Beiqi, the non-server players ‘request for guidance was really laughable. After all, they didn’t even know how to start, so how could they talk about teaching others?

However, this still could not suppress the desire of the non-serving players to become stronger.

The craze of becoming stronger in the entire non-server was extremely high. After seeing the strength and brilliance of the other servers, they hoped to reach this level one day.

He even wanted to catch up from behind and take first place in the future cross-server war to hold his head high.

As the ‘Overlord’ of the forum, Crayon Shin-chan naturally retaliated against the comments made by the non-server players on the forum. He attracted another wave of hatred, and the non-server players were so angry that they added another sum to the bounty column.

Although the players from the central server didn’t think that the non-servers could surpass them, they also felt a sense of urgency.

The European, hell, and Asian servers were all developing at an accelerated pace. No one could say for sure who would be the “number one” in the future in this grotesque game world that was full of opportunities.

This was just like the sea King. After every magnificent turn, its strength and subordinate forces would greatly increase.

Such opportunities also existed for the players.

Before the cross-server war, the players on the Chinese server also realized that they had to speed up their development.

According to what Crayon Shinchan had said on the forum …

As a father, he had to be a father all his life. How could he be a son and a father at the same time?

We have to be fathers from the beginning to the end. That’s a real father!

Crayon Shinchan’s words were naturally hated by everyone on the other Server forums. However, in the central server, although everyone was gritting their teeth at him, his words touched the hearts of all the players.

They all agreed with his theory of being a father for a lifetime!


South of Beiqi, the Arctic abyss.

This area was covered in ice and snow all year round, cutting off the players ‘border with the other region in the South.

However, at this moment, the ice that had not melted for thousands of years was melting at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Meanwhile, in the territory of the icy snow tribe in the Arctic abyss, the glaciers had melted on a large scale, and the buildings that had once been made of ice had long disappeared.

Perhaps bronze pendant and Boulder didn’t know.

The formation that they had laid down according to the treasure talisman’s instructions had such a great effect on this land of extreme cold.

How could a God-level body be so easily offset?

After the melting array was set up, the ice nature spiritual Qi in the entire Arctic abyss was absorbed in large amounts. Later on, when Lu Wu used his soul power to activate the melting array to speed up the destruction of the talisman treasure’s divine body, it also accelerated the loss of the ice attribute spiritual energy in this extremely cold abyss.

Now, the Arctic abyss, which had lost a large amount of ice-type spiritual Qi, could no longer maintain its “extreme cold” nature. The temperature rose again, the glaciers melted, and the snowflakes in the sky disappeared.

At the same time, during the melting process of the glacier in the Arctic abyss, it absorbed the heat in the air of Beiqi great domain, which also caused the temperature in Beiqi to drop.

The players naturally noticed this as well.

Although the cold weather didn’t affect the players who had strong physiques, such an abnormal situation still aroused their curiosity.

The theory of natural disaster appeared on the forum again.

There would always be a group of players who liked to stir up public opinion.

There were rumors on the forum that the new documentary “Frozen Throne” was about to be released, and that an ice element scourge Army was quietly approaching. Players were asked to be prepared to resist.

When it came to making up stories, dumbass players were always so talented. They said it in a methodical way, and it seemed to be true.

Of course, not many players believed it. After all, the catastrophe in Beiqi had not appeared again since the Great Demon King, Hu He, left.

Other than being optimistic, the players of Beiqi were also probably thinking about the new weather control system that had been added to the war game.


While the players were discussing the weather.

The Arctic abyss was a place that players had never been willing to set foot in.

Under the thousand-meter thick ice layer, an Army that had been sealed for countless years was quietly awakening.

The ice and snow melted, turning into water that flowed down the iceberg.

The moment the ‘ice isolation barrier’ of the land of the icy snow Clan was broken, the consciousness of the ‘ice ghost clan’ deep underground was finally awakened.

Broken armors, broken weapons, and broken bodies. The endless years of sleep had made them temporarily forget who they were and what the meaning of their existence was.

In the process of his consciousness waking up, ancient memories came back.

This was the glory that belonged to the ice ghost clan. It was something that they had engraved in their hearts from the moment they were born, and they had protected it with their lives.

They originally belonged to the Beiqi region and were loyal to the powerful Beiqi God race. They were also the sharpest spear and the strongest shield of the Arctic Race. They fought for the northern divergent God race and the Arctic tribe without any regrets …


When the last memory emerged, the ice ghost clan’s Warriors buried deep underground struggled madly and let out angry roars.

“They abandoned us. It’s the northern divergent God race’s betrayal. It’s the Arctic race’s betrayal …”

We fought for them with our lives, but they imprisoned us here.

The honor of Warriors was covered by years of snow, and their will to fight was sealed by a solid layer of ice. We were abandoned …

“Losing our glory and will to fight is the same as losing everything. We no longer have a goal to fight for. We are like puppets …

The dusty memories were slowly unraveled, and anger and hatred filled her.

At this moment, the ice ghost clan members recalled their past and the loss of their honor. They also recalled how the “master” they had loyally protected had abandoned them.

Since we’ve lost the goal we’re fighting for, at this moment, we’re only fighting for revenge!

“Kill the northern divergent God race and the icy snow race that once made us proud. Our rotten bodies will be reborn in their blood.

An ancient Army of decay had officially awakened at this moment.

This was a piece of history that had been sealed away for so long that even Tong Hang and Panshi did not know about it. It was so ancient that no one in the Beiqi region could remember that they had once existed.

No one knew the glory they carried and the bravery they had in battle.

In their most glorious days, they had another name.

The heaven defying Alliance had formed the ice Ghost Legion!