Chapter 541: The afterglow of the setting sun

The withered body was bathed in the God’s blood.

The ice ghost soldiers looked up at the crack in the sky. They couldn’t control the madness in their eyes and their bodies trembled.

“Hahaha!” Bing Ling’s hysterical laughter was heard.

The broken armor on his body cracked at this moment, revealing his body that was covered in wounds. He stretched out his hand and grabbed forward. The blood that belonged to the immortal Lord supervisor immediately began to flow towards him in reverse.

As it condensed, the blood of the supervising immortal Lord turned into a mark and imprinted on his back, becoming the fifth golden mark.


The soldiers of the ice ghost clan copied their clan leader’s style and clawed forward. The divine blood that was scattered in the world began to gather and imprint on their backs.

After killing a God, it was a trophy, a glory, and a Medal of Honor for every heaven defying Alliance soldier!

“Is that enough?” Bing Ling turned around and looked at his clansmen with a grim smile.

“Kill!” The soldiers of the ice ghost clan roared in unison, and their massive killing intent soared into the sky. The spatial crack trembled violently as if it would be torn apart at any moment.

They looked up at the sky in anticipation of the arrival of the gods. They longed to kill the gods.

At this moment, the gods of the netherworld world were trembling.

The heaven defying Alliance’s Army, which had disappeared for a long time, was using such a violent method to announce their arrival to both the netherworld and the heaven realm.

Even if they had the same combat power, even if they had the desire in their hearts, who would have the courage to carry the “heaven-defying” flag?

But at this moment, the ice ghost clan had done it.

The symbol of the heaven defying Alliance was still hovering in the sky.

Everyone had once thought that the heaven defying Alliance’s old era was over, and even if they showed their faces occasionally, they would be hunted down by the heaven realm’s forces and would die soon after.

In this era, who could be like the ice Ghost Legion, carrying the heaven-defying flag and fearlessly fighting against the forces of the heaven realm?

Countless gods of the netherworld fell silent at this moment.

They had yearned to be like the ice ghost clan and fight against the heaven realm countless times.

But all of this was just a desire.

They didn’t have the courage, and they weren’t prepared to sacrifice themselves.

While waiting, the frost Sword in Bing Ling’s hand was pointed at the spatial crack hanging in the sky.

“This time, let’s change our method and step into the heavenly gate. How about it?”

His tone was light, but what he said was shocking.

Kill their way up to the heavenly realm!

This was something that many powerful ancient gods did not dare to think about, but at this moment, Bing Ling had said it so casually and freely. It was as if he was asking his clansmen, how about hunting?

The soldiers of the ice ghost race didn’t say anything, but the fanatical look in their eyes was the best answer.

“Heaven trampling!” As she spoke, Bing Ling’s figure turned into a Blue stream of light and shot into the passage to the heaven realm that had not yet closed.

There was no need for too many words, the best protection was to follow closely.

There was no way back and his body would be buried in another world. However, to Bing Ling and his clansmen, what was there to fear?

None of the Warriors who had joined the heaven defying Alliance had ever thought of ending well!

Just as “she” had said, the heaven defying Alliance was only the one who led the netherworld’s “old era” to its end. Therefore, the glory of creating a new era had never belonged to them. Dying in battle on the path to a new era was their final destination.

Since their former comrades had passed away, the ice ghost clan was unwilling to sleep underground and be the witness of the new era.

The dusk of the old era was sad and beautiful, but that was their world, where they belonged.

Their broken bodies would only be able to shine for the last time, igniting the afterglow of the heaven defying Alliance’s old era.

To light up the path for the new era that was still in the dark.


The heaven defying Alliance’s ice Ghost Legion charged into the heaven realm without any hesitation as their killing intent surged through the passageway.

They rushed to their old dusk with great enthusiasm.

The moment the passage to the heaven realm closed, the gods of the netherworld who were watching all this fell silent.

Some clenched their fists, some had bloodshot eyes, some raised their heads and roared …

The hatred that had been suppressed in the bottom of his heart was once again awakened.

Was he really going to continue being bullied like this?

All the gods of the netherworld asked themselves.

The ice ghost clan had already succeeded when all the netherworld gods asked this question.

Because the light of the old era had already ignited the anger of the new era …


The pair of Crimson Wings that represented the heaven defying Alliance was the flag that the ice ghost clan carried, and they followed the ice ghost clan into the passageway.

This heaven-defying symbol condensed from the blood essence of a God in the heaven realm was the first gift the ice ghost clan gave to the heaven realm.

When their figures passed through the passage to the heaven realm, countless figures were already waiting there.

There were powerful immortal monarchs, divine beasts surrounded by immortal Qi, and gods from the heaven realm that could not be seen.

10,000, 100,000 … Countless heavenly realm gods had gathered in front of the heavenly gate.

Staring ahead, the killing intent in Bing Ling’s heart swelled.

This world, which was surrounded by spiritual Qi, was black in the eyes of the ice and the clansmen. It was deep and completely black.

The evil smile on his face reappeared.

He pointed a finger at the sky, and the symbol of the heaven defying Alliance slowly rose into the air behind him, hanging high above the world that belonged to the gods.

“Ice Ghost Legion? I thought you had been destroyed a long time ago, but I didn’t expect you to still exist. However, this time, you can’t go back!” An old man riding on a Green Bull looked at Bing Ling with a dark expression.

“Go back? Hahahaha!” Bing Ling couldn’t help but laugh. The path to defying the heavens could only be advanced, there was no way back.

The frost Sword in his hand was pointed at old man Green Bull. His long blue hair danced in the wind, and his ice-cold eyes were filled with endless battle intent.

“Kill!” The soldiers of the ice ghost clan roared in unison. Their eyes were covered in blue light, and their bodies trembled in the breeze.

It was not fear, but excitement for the upcoming final battle.

The hot blood in his heart had long been boiling, and he needed to be watered by God’s blood to cool it down.

“I remember you’re called Bing Ling, right? How about submitting to the heavenly realm? You’re a respectable warrior who could kill a celestial Lord as a Yin master. You shouldn’t have fallen into the six Dao!” The old man on the green Bull looked at Bing Ling and spoke again.

“I’ll kill you first later, you talk too much!” Bing Ling’s eyes were immediately covered in blue, and the frost Sword in his hand suddenly stabbed toward Green Bull elder.

A blue light appeared in front of the young man.

“Bull!” Seeing this, old man Green Bull didn’t move. He waved the horsetail whisk in his hand and slapped it on the head of the green Bull under him.

“Hiss~!” The green bull’s front hooves gently dug into the ground, and it raised its head to roar.

The icy sword intent was shattered by the violent sound waves before it could even get close.

“Do you think you can win? This is only part of the heaven realm’s forces. You can’t even defeat me, so how can you fight us?” Old man Green bull’s eyes flickered as he looked at Bing Ling with curiosity.

“Is that important?” Bing Ling looked at old man Green Bull and said with a sinister smile,”



A beast-like roar came out of the ice ghost clansmen’s mouths. They followed their clan leader, Bing Ling, and charged towards the gods that filled the sky.

Their hearts were filled with the unyielding will that only belonged to the heaven defying Alliance during the old era, and they charged into the twilight era without any hesitation. That was the battlefield that belonged to them.

At this moment, the heavenly deities ‘spell techniques rained down on the ice ghost soldiers.

The bodies of the soldiers withered as they advanced. Their broken bodies could not withstand much damage, but their hearts were like a vast ocean, carrying the pride and determination of the heaven defying Alliance.

They had been looking forward to this battle for a long time, and it had finally come …

As they advanced, the pain their bodies were enduring made them laugh hysterically.

When the ice Ghost Legion arrived in front of the heavenly realm’s God race, the God race was almost completely annihilated, and everyone was covered in blood.

However, no one felt sad for this. Instead, they carried the beliefs and will of their deceased tribesmen and continued to kill the gods in the heavenly realm.

“It’s over!” At this moment, the old man riding the green Bull sighed and waved his horsetail whisk. A huge furnace shadow appeared out of thin air and locked onto the ice at the front.

“Refine!” With a light flick, the furnace began to shake, and the turbulent flames inside instantly enveloped the ice.

“Hahaha!” The pain of his skin being burned did not make Bing Ling wail. The fighting spirit in his heart was also jumping like a raging fire.

The frost Sword struck the furnace, and the power of extreme frost instantly seeped through the furnace and spread outward.

Under the green Bull elder’s astonished gaze, the flames within the furnace were completely frozen. The entire furnace then exploded with a loud bang, turning into shattered ice fragments that flew everywhere.

He was only at the yin God Realm, not even an ancient God, but his cold battle power made Green Bull elder’s expression change.

At that moment, he thought back to the heaven defying Alliance’s ten great battle groups. Bing Ling had been able to become one of the ten great battle groups as a Yin God, which showed just how terrifyingly talented he was.

At the thought of this, Green Bull elder’s expression became extremely gloomy.

Bing Ling’s talent was too high. If he let the Tiger return to the mountain, he might become another Beili God. He waved the horsetail whisk again, trying to control Bing Ling.

At this moment, ice turned to look at him.

The killing intent in his eyes seemed to be overflowing.

In an instant, his figure disappeared from his original spot, and when he reappeared, he was already beside old man Green Bull.

The freezing spiritual Qi of heaven and earth gathered and formed an ice-blue vortex on the tip of the sword.



A huge sound wave rushed towards him, but Bing Ling’s faith was all concentrated on the sword in his hand. He did not take a step back, nor did he even try to defend.

Under the impact of the huge sound waves, fine wounds appeared on his body, and blood flowed out.


The sword broke through the sound waves and slashed directly at the old man.

If I say I’ll kill you, I’ll definitely kill you!

“God’s pardon!” Old man Green Bull spat out a cloud of green qi, which turned into an air shield in front of him.

Bing Ling’s sword was instantly blocked and could not fall any further.

“You’re not my match …”

Before the old man could finish his words, two chains appeared on his icy back and suddenly pierced through the air shield, binding his body to the ground.

At this moment, old man Green Bull was horrified to find that his divine power was being pressed into his body bit by bit and could no longer be used.

“The power to seal the heavens! Beili’s heaven sealing lock!” Old man Green Bull cried out in fear.


The shield shattered, and the sword of frost suddenly slashed down, bringing with it the head of this conceited high-rank immortal Lord.

“The sixth one!” As he clenched his fist, the blood essence of the old man was plundered and turned into a divine blood seal. It was imprinted on his back and became Bing Ling’s spoils of war.

“Hahahaha!” He turned to look at the gods in the sky, and his cold laughter was extremely arrogant.

“Kill!” Bing Ling raised the sword of frost in her hand and pounced on them under the incredulous gazes of all the gods in the heavenly realm.

The scene seemed to freeze at this moment.

His clansmen had all died in battle, and the only remaining Bing Ling held the broken sword of frost in his hand and pounced into the sky, towards the gods and Buddhas.

Like a moth to a flame, the word “kill” resounded through the world.

This scene shocked all the gods in the sky.

In this battle, the “fighting posture” of the ice Ghost Legion and ice was engraved in the hearts of these heavenly gods, and they could not be erased.

The red sun hanging high in the sky had already sunk to the horizon, and the evening light reflected the figure that was soaring into the sky.

The heaven defying Alliance’s mission had come to an end, and a single figure had appeared before them.

At this moment, his last regret was gone.

Looking at the heaven sealing lock beside her, Bing Ling knew that she had not been abandoned by the northern divergent God race.

Even though he still didn’t understand why, was that important …

The Twilight was reflected on his face, and a smile appeared on his cold face.

Although he really wanted to see the rising sun, Bing Ling knew that it did not belong to him. This was his home …

When the ice-cold and broken body fell from the sky, countless Yin gods of the netherworld world roared towards the sky.

At this moment, it rained blood in the netherworld.

It was as if they were bidding farewell to the old heaven defying Alliance soldier, who was now a part of the new generation.

However, his unyielding will ignited the things that had been sealed in the netherworld gods ‘hearts.

The hatred in his heart could not be contained, and the thought of ‘defying the heavens’ that he did not dare to mention was awakened again.

They were waiting, waiting for the right moment to take over the blood-stained flag of the old era and create a new era that belonged to the netherworld.