Chapter 544: Retired player

In the Dragon Kingdom, at the KOK e-sports club.

It was already late at night, but the e-sports club still had a light on.

Under the light, a man was staring at the computer screen with full concentration. His left hand was constantly typing on the keyboard while his right hand was sliding the mouse.

The game he was playing was not one of the most popular games in real life, but it was definitely a classic.

Even though virtual reality games were popular now, there were still players who stuck to the game.

And Dongliu was one of them.

It was like someone still playing Mali for ten years despite the many games in the world.

They repeated it over and over again, breaking their own clear record. Others seemed to be bored, but they were happy.

Sometimes, their persistence in a game was a form of faith, and their happiness was not for outsiders.

Time passed by slowly. Dongliu controlled his character and fought with his teammates against the enemy.

Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead, but he didn’t wipe them off. His eyes were still focused on the computer screen.

“Actors, they’re all F * cking actors! My trashy teammates are playing me!”

When the computer screen turned gray, Dongliu suddenly stood up, picked up the keyboard, and smashed it against the screen.

As a member of the e-sports industry, even though he was already 31 years old, his bad temper had not changed.

The current e-sports industry was no longer as pure as it was hundreds of years ago. There were too many internal interests involved.

The first batch of e-sports players had very low salaries. They became professional players with the support of faith, but the joy of victory was very pure.

However, after the capital entered, many things would change.

On one hand, the benefits of capital were that the treatment of professional players had become better. While pursuing faith, they could also let themselves not be hindered by material things.

However, the essence of capital was to make money.

They made the e-sports industry no longer pure, and the dark side of playing fake games and other aspects emerged.

Interests affected people’s hearts.

Even the team’s boss could make the player give up the “victory” for the sake of profit.

There was a systematic chain of benefits behind the fake match. The players were like puppets. No matter how strong their skills were, when the higher-ups ordered them to do so, the consequence of not being willing to compromise was to be given up.

Even though the pro players ‘lives had become better, some players found this hard to accept.

Because they embarked on this career for faith. When they won, they could smile happily even if they were eating instant noodles.

And Dongliu was one of them.

He had given up a lot for e-sports, and he had chosen to enter this industry.

Relying on his excellent skills, he stood out and received an invitation from a club to become a professional player.

However, what happened next was not as simple as he thought. The truth was completely different.

In one of the extremely important “Sky Road” World Finals, he was actually told by the higher-ups that he had to deliberately go easy on them and that he had to lose this match.

The reason was that the boss had bet a lot of money on their team losing. If they didn’t lose, the boss would suffer a heavy loss.

It was such a ridiculous reason that Dongliu didn’t throw the game, but his teammates all compromised.

Because team esports wasn’t a one-man game, he still lost in the end.

After that, Dongliu didn’t even need to mention it before he was fired from the club.

At that time, Dongliu thought,”with my amazing skills, there’s always a place for me to stay.” So, he took his bag and left.

However, after going to one e-sports club after another, Dongliu realized that reality was cruel.

He had yet to find an e-sports club that was purely for the sake of victory.

This might have been a coincidence, but Dongliu was completely disappointed in this profession.

Dongliu had been in this line of work for almost ten years, and he had seen far too much darkness.

There were bosses of their respective teams who bet on the loss, and both sides sent kills like crazy. There were also situations where players who were unwilling to cooperate were replaced halfway through …

‘Noobs’ were not the original sin in e-sports games, because more than 80% of the players were noobs. They were the backbone of the game industry. It was their ‘contributions’ that gave the players who were called great gods the pleasure of bullying noobs. It was also the existence of noobs that made them stand out and be called great gods.

However, fake matches would taint the fairness of the competition, and this was something Dongliu could not tolerate.

Dongliu’s attitude had changed along the way, but the only thing that hadn’t changed was his bad temper.

For this, he had beaten his teammates and the other team’s players.

But every time he made a move, he would regret it, and because of this, he would change to e-sports club after e-sports club.

It had to be said that the moment he hit someone, he always felt very good.

Today, he was fired again.

Because this time, he was even more excessive. After the “fake match,” he even beat up the coach and the players.

If it wasn’t for the people who stopped him, he would have rushed to the boss’s office and beat up the boss.

F * ck e-sports, F * ck your dreams, I’ll smash your heads!

With such a mentality, he ended his career and was even banned by the organizers of the game “Sky Road.” His gaming career was completely over.

As much as he was happy, he also felt extremely disappointed.

For this, he had worked hard for ten years, and his entire youth had been given to “heaven’s path,” but it ended in the form of a stray dog.

Dongliu stared at the computer screen, lost in thought.

The shattered screen was just like his heart, full of cracks.

Taking a deep breath, Dongliu picked up his luggage and walked toward the main entrance.

He was supposed to leave tomorrow, but he decided to leave now.

At this moment, he felt that the air in the club was dirty and disgusting.

Moreover … He had just smashed the computer, so he had to pay for it. It would be great to leave now!

The club was located in the city center, and it was brightly lit at night.

As he walked, Dongliu couldn’t help but feel a sense of emptiness.

The dream that he had persevered in for ten years was completely gone. Because of his suspension, he would never be able to step onto the stage that led to victory again …

Dongliu turned around and gave the club a middle finger.

I’m so F * cking angry, I really want to beat those bastards to death!

Some people were silent when they were angry, and some people were particularly irascible when they were angry.

Dongliu, on the other hand, belonged to the extreme of irascibility. He wanted to hit someone!

Of course, he would never attack without a reason. After all, he had been through 16 years of compulsory education.

He walked aimlessly forward, not knowing where to go.

It would be too embarrassing if he went home. His parents did not support him in this industry in the first place, but because of his insistence, he had a falling out with his family.

He had wanted to go back after achieving some results and proudly tell his parents how famous his son was, how well-known he was at home and abroad, and how many fans he had.

But now, he was just a stray dog that had been expelled.

Dongliu ning felt that it would be too embarrassing to go back at a time like this, so he naturally didn’t want to.

Sighing, Dongliu felt that he should find a job first. The past few years of e-sports hadn’t allowed him to save much money, so the most important thing now was to make a living.

It was already late at night. Dongliu took out his phone and checked out the hotels around him. He picked one that was cheaper and left with his luggage.

There were some things that the more you wanted to let go, the more you couldn ‘t.

Dongliu had expected this day to come. At that time, he had thought that he would give them the middle finger, flip the table, and leave.

But when he really did come, Dongliu’s heart was filled with reluctance.

His love for games had not faded, and he wanted to continue conquering, trampling on many opponents, and build his own invincible e-sports dynasty.

However, the esports dynasty with capital was far less attractive than money.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. The angrier he got, the angrier he wanted to turn around, grab those team members and the boss from their dreams, and smash their heads.

However, if he really did that, Dongliu felt that he should be in the detention center instead of a hotel.

My bad temper that has nowhere to go.

My youth is over, and my career as an old man is about to begin …

Thinking about it carefully, the rest of his life would be a tragedy.

He didn’t have the ability or the talent. If he had the skills, he didn’t have any skills other than gaming.

Moreover, he was already 31 years old, and his ability was already in the stage of decline.

In the e-sports industry, youth was the most important thing. Although humans could live up to 100 years old on average, from the age of 30, all aspects of the body would decline. It was unrealistic to go down this path again with a new game.

At this moment, Dongliu’s heart was filled with resentment.

Before entering this industry, he had naturally thought about what he would do after retiring. After all, this industry was a place for youth, and retirement wasn’t far from being a pro player.

At that time, Dongliu had thought that he would win a few Championships, then retire and open an online store. He would learn from other popular retired e-sports players and make a fortune from selling meat floss pie. Then, he would have no worries about food and clothing …

Now that he thought about it, Dongliu really wanted to smash his own head 10 years ago.

As stupid as a pig, how could he have made such a decision!

Now, after ten years, not only did he not get anything, but all the money he earned was used to pay for his medical expenses …

As he thought about it, he got angrier and angrier. He almost couldn’t help but turn around and burn down the club!

He had suffered too many losses due to his bad temper, but he always apologized humbly and promised that there wouldn’t be a second time. However, every time he attacked, he would forget about it …

Of course, when he beat people up, he would often be beaten up.

After all, there were always people he couldn’t beat, and there were also people who were specifically targeted and attacked.

However, Dongliu had never lowered his head. With his bad temper, he would fight even if he couldn’t win. He was like a Viking warrior, his head iron.

According to what the boss of an Esports Club told him at the time, a young man like you won’t be able to survive anywhere. You should retire early, or you’ll regret it in the future.

Now that the prediction had come true, Dongliu really wanted to thank his entire family for being so F * cking accurate!

After turning a corner, the hotel they had booked appeared on the other side of the road.

Dongliu looked at his phone, confirmed the name and address of the hotel, and then stepped into it.

There were no service staff in the hotel, so there were surveillance cameras everywhere. After entering the hotel, Dongliu’s phone showed a room number.

Dongliu was just about to walk toward the elevator.

At this moment, he suddenly noticed the on the side of the elevator.

The screen was playing a magnificent live combat scene, and from time to time, words would appear, introducing the abilities released by both sides.

Out of curiosity, Dongliu walked closer and began to observe the screen carefully.

The scene ended in less than five minutes, but Dongliu felt that it was very exciting.

He was impressed by the movie’s smooth and magnificent battle scenes. He thought it was a new action movie that was about to be released.

At this moment, a line of words appeared on the screen.

War online, a Second World that belongs to you!