Chapter 546: Every player is a Guardian

Recently, an interesting thing happened in the war that attracted Lu Wu’s attention.

Many e-sports clubs and gaming guilds had sprung up like mushrooms after the rain.

Of course, Lu Wu naturally wouldn’t pay attention to this.

However, what surprised Lu Wu was that at the same time these e-sports clubs joined the battle, a player in the forum broke out something.

Many underground BCS websites had placed bets on “individual competition”, and they were obviously preparing to enter the battle game.

This made Lu Wu feel that it was interesting.

However, before Lu Wu could deal with it, the enthusiastic Conqueror players took the lead. At the same time, they shouted the slogan “the Conqueror’s environment must not be tarnished” and began to investigate the matter.

Many of Beiqi’s higher-ups even mobilized their forces in real life and began to investigate the source of this matter from the underground BC website.

Very quickly, the dark history of several e-sports clubs was dug out. At the same time that it was exposed on the forum, the punishment of the conscripted players began.

The players did not hold back at all against these guilds. With ye chen leading The Guardian Guild, they began their purge plan.

This wave of suppression was extremely fierce. Although these e-sports clubs had invested a large amount of money to buy a group of players ‘soul coins when they entered the game, they wanted to develop quickly.

However, when faced with the attacks of the entire group of players, they did not even have the ability to fight back.

The players didn’t think that these guilds had the ability to influence the individual competition.

After all, the bosses of the major guilds in the war didn’t lack money at all. They didn’t want to earn a single cent from the war. They were even constantly investing cash in it in exchange for game resources, all because of their love for it.

In addition, the few super guilds basically had cheat-level players in charge, so it was as difficult as ascending to the sky for these newly-joined organizations to form a shady competitive “interest chain.”

Not to mention the fact that they couldn’t buy over these cheaters, just in terms of wealth, the big guilds in the war had crushed these old e-sports clubs.

However, the players couldn’t allow any blemishes to appear in the war, so they spontaneously responded to the call and began to clean up these competition tumors.

Most of the players had already developed feelings for the war.

There were friends here, a life like being reborn in another world, and even more so, hot-blooded and touched. No matter who it was, anyone who broke the order of the game was an enemy.

This wave of purging lasted for three days.

As long as the members of the “Sky Road” e-sports club, who had joined the Alliance, dared to leave the safe zone to level up, they would be ruthlessly killed and have a three-hour resurrection cooldown.

It was impossible to level up and develop.

This completely stunned the eastern flows, who had only entered the war a few days ago.

This kind of environment made his blood boil.

He could feel that this was a group of players who purely loved the game like him.

This kind of gaming environment was what he had always dreamed of.

Everything in the game also revealed the enthusiasm of the players for the game.

For example, the game strategy guide post in the forum was as large as a database, all of which were organized and published by the players themselves because of their love for the game. For example, many work occupation players would create items for other players for free because of their passion …

There were many more examples like this.

Although there was competition in the game, such a competitive environment was positive. It would only make the game more fun and make the players more determined to become stronger. It would not be like the heavenly road, which was full of shady things. Abilities were secondary.

In Dongliu’s eyes, the war game was like a new world. Everyone had their own lives, their own interests, and their own bonds that they couldn’t cut off.

Becoming close friends with NPCs, staying up late with Guild friends to clear Dungeons and explore, or thinking hard to memorize books in order to research new skills or to increase the proficiency of Life Jobs, etc. Before coming into contact with the game, Dongliu had never believed that there could be such a realistic and colorful world in the game.

The players seemed to have integrated into this world and even felt that they were part of this ‘underworld city’, the natives.

While all of this shocked Dongliu, it also gave him the idea of joining in.

Of course, after coming into contact with the game, he was also greatly affected in some aspects.

For example, the difference in combat techniques.

He had always thought that his gaming skills were very good, but he was almost depressed in this game.

Although he knew that this game wasn’t an ancient game with mouse and keyboard controls, Dongliu didn’t feel that it was inappropriate. Instead, he felt that since he was so good at fighting, he would be able to rise up very quickly.

However, reality had proven that ye chen was right.

When it came to fighting, the conscripts were extraordinarily strong, and their combat skills were far superior to his.

His attributes couldn’t keep up, and his skills were even worse. After losing several times in the individual arena, he was really close to shutting himself down.

For this reason, Dongliu, who was unwilling to admit defeat, went to the war Forum to look for the post titled ‘combat techniques: teaching’. He wanted to see how other players fought.

However, after reading through the summary of fighting techniques posted on the forums such as fist technique outline, Assassin’s six consecutive stealth strikes, mage close combat staff techniques, battlefield killing techniques, and spell release angle analysis, Dongliu was completely convinced.

The toughness of the conscripted players made Dongliu shiver in fear.

This was because these conscripted players were learning how to fight by killing their enemies quickly. Compared to them, his reckless fighting style was nothing.

At this moment, he believed what ye chen had said and understood why ye chen had pointed out that he was a Conqueror.

However, none of this was enough to defeat Dongliu. At this moment, the 31-year-old man’s fighting spirit was reignited, and he decided to charge towards the peak of the conquests. He also believed that such a day would come.

A starting point filled with hope was far more delightful than a mountain peak covered in dark clouds. It was also full of vitality and hope.

At least, that was what Dongliu thought …


The drama of the players in the past few days also made Lu Wu realize one thing.

The conquest was too big a cake.

It had already attracted the attention of many capitalists.

Lu Wu did a thorough investigation on the clubs that were suppressed by the players.

In his investigation, he discovered that there was a huge chain of interest behind the game heaven’s road.

The way they made money wasn’t as simple as relying on sponsors. They were basically connected to the BC website, manipulating the competition in secret and seeking huge benefits from it.

Such a situation aroused Lu Wu’s curiosity, so he conducted a thorough investigation on the expedition.

He looked through the “details” of many big guilds, wanting to see if there were similar examples in other servers.

However, after some sorting out, the results of the investigation left Lu Wu dumbfounded.

This was because there were organizations with such thoughts in every server. Their original intention of entering the war was to make money.

This included the newly opened non-server guilds.

However, the unbelievable thing was that they actually played it …

These guilds and organizations, which had not been pure in the beginning, had all given up their original ideas and started to play the game seriously.

The money that they invested in the game was originally intended to obtain greater benefits, but now it was all used for their equipment or items.

Some guilds had even agreed to join forces to stir up trouble in the game, such as controlling the price of the game’s auction house to make a profit. But now, some guilds had even developed into opponents.

Not only did they fail to do this, but they were also throwing money into it, trying to destroy the other Guild.

It could be said that he had completely substituted himself into the player’s identity.

At this moment, Lu Wu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and he also gave up his original idea of sanctions.

At the same time, in Beiqi.

The clubs that had been suppressed before started to post apologies on the forums.

They also solemnly promised that they were here to play the game seriously and would never go against their original intentions as war players.

The three days of gaming time had made them loyal fans of the war.

They were exhausted by the players ‘criticism and suppression, but they couldn’t do anything if they didn’t apologize.

This was because this game could not be deleted or restarted.

Although they were online, they had to take responsibility for their actions. If they didn’t apologize, their gaming lives would be extremely miserable.

So, they lowered their heads and wrote a 10000-word guarantee to post on the forum, hoping to get the players ‘forgiveness and that they were really just here to play games.

The players chose to forgive him after seeing his sincerity.

The waves receded, but to the players, they felt unusually satisfied.

Although it was a simple thing, the players felt like they were Warriors who had successfully defeated the demons and protected their homeland. They felt a sense of pride …

Lu Wu was also very pleased with the players ‘performance.

It turned out that these players ‘feelings for the war were extremely pure.

Of course, the players ‘feelings for the game were very pure, but they were full of malice towards Lu Wu, who was the official game company.

At this moment, the players were clamoring again on the official forum.

[Stupid official, tomorrow is the Zhongyuan Festival. Are you ready to bleed?]

[Where are the damn officials? Where’s the Zhongyuan Festival notice? hurry up (slam the table)]

[When the Chinese New Year Festival begins, the dog official will distribute 10000 soul coins to everyone. Whoever agrees, whoever disagrees (arrogant face)]