Chapter 549: Sending his thoughts to youdeng

After the Taoist master Demon subduing mission ended, the players from all corners of the Beiqi region collectively flocked to the glazed Coast.

It was already 11 O’ clock, and the Chinese New Year Festival was coming to an end.

The last activity was the ‘dim light thought’.

The players were very confused about this event.

This was because they didn’t understand the meaning of this event. There were no substantial rewards, but the “Yin de” reward that they had never heard of.

However, in the players ‘eyes, although the stupid official developers were willful, they would definitely not scam them.

After all, the only weakness of the stupid officials was that they were ‘stingy’.

However, when the players arrived at the yellow spring sea, they were stunned by the scene in front of them.

The yellow spring Sea area that they were familiar with had changed greatly.

Under the deep sea, clusters of blue flames were burning. Under the bright moonlight, one could occasionally see a vague figure flashing under the water. The players were very curious about what they saw.

In fact, what the players didn’t know was that the change in the yellow spring sea this time was not caused by Lu Wu.

It was a natural change of the yellow spring Sea area.

On the 15th day of the seventh month, the gate of hell opened. On this day, many souls that had not reincarnated would be released by the six paths of reincarnation and began to wander in the yellow spring sea.

At this moment, they had all turned into wandering souls …

At this moment, the game prompt sounded.

[Event announcement: all players, please complete the final Zhongyuan Festival mission before 12 o’ clock!]

After the game prompt appeared, the players immediately took out the two free items from the event.

[Dark light] and [letter].

Although it was a game event, it was ridiculous for most players to entrust their thoughts to their deceased elders in the game.

However, for some reason, just by staring at the yellow spring sea that had changed its appearance, his thoughts surged like spring water.

Many blurry faces appeared clearly again.

The words that had once made him impatient rang out again, full of memories and longing.

At this moment, many players ‘eyes blurred. They looked at the letter in their hands, then bought a pen from the mall and printed their thoughts on the letter in the form of words, hoping that it would float far away with the dim light.

As for whether it was real or not, the players didn’t really care. At least they had some comfort in their hearts.

At this moment, the happy atmosphere of the festival event was diluted. There was no sound of players talking on the beach of the colored glass Coast. Everyone stood in place and looked at the sea.

Looking at the blue ocean under the moonlight, a few players suddenly burst into tears.

The sudden cry didn’t make the players around them look at her with suspicion, because all of them felt the same way. They suddenly lost control of their emotions.

At this moment, the yellow spring sea was like a mirror of memories.

Lovers, friends, elders … All of them appeared.

Like a slideshow, the feelings of longing flowed and overflowed from the bottom of his heart.

At this moment, the players were writing very seriously, integrating their thoughts into the words. It was as if this dark lamp could really bring this longing to the person he wanted to see but could never see again.


In the tribute storage segment, some players took out soul coins, which turned into a blue mist and stored them in the dark lamp. Some players also put in precious mystical materials …

After that, the players placed the blue lamps into the yellow spring sea and slowly floated into the distance.

As time passed, more and more lights floated on the blue sea. However, the players were all staring at the sea quietly. No one spoke, and the atmosphere was particularly quiet.

At this moment, the once turbulent sea was also particularly calm, as if afraid that the waves would extinguish the candle flame on the dim lamp. The ocean water surrounded the lamps, like a group of loyal guards, carefully pushing them into the distance.

The light of the dim lamp flickered, across the distance, summoning the one being missed.

This invisible longing turned into an extremely strong signal at this moment, constantly cast into the distance, and transmitted to the person who was being missed.

At this moment, the players suddenly realized that countless blurry figures were emerging from the flames at the bottom of the sea and emerging on the surface of the water.

They circled around the dim lamp, searching carefully.

Seeing this scene, many players suddenly burst into tears.

For some reason, they felt that the blurry figure standing in front of their dim lamp was very familiar, as if they had seen it before, as if it was the him (her) that they would never see again.

This is just a game!

Many players sighed in their hearts, but for some reason, their emotions exploded uncontrollably, and tears flowed uncontrollably.

Because the blurry figure looked very much like the deceased relative.

“Eat, you must be full!”

Many players mumbled to themselves as they wiped away their tears in embarrassment.

However, when he turned around, the players around him were in the same state as him, or even worse.

Time passed by slowly, but the players were still staring at the sea and the blurry figure.

She recalled her past experiences with him (her).

There were elders, family, and friends among these spirits, but without exception, they had a happy or sad memory with the player they were thinking about, but it was bound to be engraved in their hearts.

At this moment, the lonely spirit on the sea slowly pushed aside the Lotus petals on the dim light, reading the thoughts on them and eating the players ‘Tributes.

At this moment, many lonely souls looked at the figure on the shore.

Although they couldn’t communicate with words, at this moment, they could feel the longing in the heart of the person who missed them.

Countless golden spots of light emerged from their blurry figures.

Like fireflies, they filled the entire sea and slowly floated to the players on the shore.

This was the gift from the lonely soul, and also their response to their longing.

When the Golden spot of light floated to their side, the players couldn’t help but reach out and take the golden light.

However, the Golden spots of light merged into the players ‘bodies the moment they came into contact with them.

It was just a vague emotion and a little bit of Yin virtue, but it made the players shed tears again.

As time passed, the players looked at the sea, the dim lights, and the blurry figures, quietly feeling and reminiscing.

The dim light gradually drifted away, and the lonely soul followed the dim light, its figure gradually blurring.

The end of the Zhongyuan Festival event was announced.

However, this time, the players were not as noisy and lively as before. They felt as if they had just experienced a farewell, and their hearts were full of reluctance.

They were still looking at the sea, and the longing in their hearts had not faded, like the flames still burning in the dim lamp.

When the lights faded with the water, it also symbolized that the figure would never return. However, the dim lights that contained the players ‘thoughts lit up the way back for the dead soul.

Gradually moving away …