Chapter 550: Senluo great domain

The second day after the end of the Zhongyuan Festival, the players were still discussing the contents of the event.

This was especially true for the last event, the ‘lingering Ghostlight’ event, which made countless players shed tears.

Although it was just a scene in the game, it evoked the longing in their hearts.

It was as if he had once again seen the figure that he would never see again.

However, the players only thought that it was the Zhongyuan Festival that day, and that it was only because of the festive atmosphere in the game, so they didn’t think too much about it.

However, the players ‘feelings for the war were even deeper.

Although they were always scolding the “stupid official” on the forum, deep down, they hoped more than anyone else that the war could get better and better and continue to operate.

In the two years since the server opened, the players had tried to raise funds for the war several times because they were afraid that the war would one day close down due to financial problems.

No player could accept such a situation.

Of course, these donations were all rejected by Lu Wu, who “had no interest in money.”

There was nothing the players could do about the stupid officials who refused to take the money other than cursing them on the forum.

However, deep down, the players ‘acknowledgment of war grew.

This was also the reason why the players spontaneously organized themselves to punish the clubs and guilds that destroyed the game’s environment.

It was just like the slogan that the players shouted.

“Fighting for a lifetime, never leaving or abandoning!”


It was already the second day. After the event ended, the players ‘lives went back on track.

Some of them tried to challenge the trial of the ghost general, some of them went to the sea cutting King, some of them worked hard to increase their profession proficiency, some of them went to level up or to explore other regions …

Every player had a different path of life in the game.

It was also on this day that a post in the forum caused a lot of heated discussions among players, and even caught Lu Wu’s attention.

[The south side of Beiqi is open! Today, I brought a small team to take a look, and in the end, I discovered that that place was too F * cking terrifying. I was scared to death (slamming table)] Demon-breaking blade


“The situation is like this. At that time, the snow Mountain in the Arctic abyss in the South had melted, so today I brought my Guild brothers to go there to see what was going on. In the end, I found out that the snow Mountain was gone, and the road to the South was directly opened!

Out of curiosity, our guild members entered the New World in the South from the Arctic abyss. Then, he discovered that the other side of the Arctic abyss was a new domain, the senluo domain.

Attached picture (screenshot of the senluo region map)

We were naturally excited to discover a new region, so we chose to continue moving forward. We wanted to be the first to enter this region and have a look. When the time comes, we can also make a preliminary exploration map and post it on the forum to show off to everyone.

It was a good idea, but after we entered, damn …

You’d better watch the video. This is what we encountered in the senluo great domain!

Attached video (author’s words: if you can’t click on it, it means that your mobile phone is not good. Our mobile phones after 2300 can still click on the attached video to read novels!)

In the video, about 20 players were walking forward while talking and laughing.

However, what caught the attention of the players watching the video was the ground under their feet.

The soil of this land was Scorched Brown, as if it had been roasted by fire. There was no vegetation along the way.

It was like an abandoned and desolate world, without any signs of life.

At the end of their sight, there was a volcano spewing thick black mist. At least to the players, it seemed to be a volcano.

However, as the image zoomed in and the volcano’s true appearance became clear, the players watching the video and the party in the image were shocked.

This was because this was not a volcano, but a mountain of corpses.

The closer they got to the mountain of corpses, the darker their vision became. In the picture, the mountain of corpses was spewing out huge clouds of corpse Qi.

The corpse Qi rose into the air and turned into a corpse cloud. Accompanied by lightning and thunder, it turned into a rain of corpses and washed over the earth. The thick stench of corpses assaulted their faces, making them feel nauseated.

What was even more terrifying was that on top of the mountain of corpses, there were corpse trees with broken human bones and organs hanging on them. They were being washed up by the rain of corpses, swaying in the wind and falling down after the rain stopped.

The twisted tendrils stabbed into the ground after they landed, and the dense corpse Qi seeped into the ground. Soon, palms, heads, thighs, and various organs broke out of the ground.

On top of the mountain of corpses, there were huge red gemstones that rose and fell like hearts. It was strange and terrifying.

At that moment, the players watching the video had the illusion that the mountain of corpses was slowly expanding …

Faced with such a terrifying scene, the 20 or so players on the screen seemed to be at a loss.

At this moment, a deafening roar suddenly attracted the attention of the team in the image.

At the peak of the corpse mountain, under the thick corpse fog, pairs of red eyes flashed with a Scarlet light, accompanied by a series of roars. The earth trembled, and corpses rained down. Dark clouds sank, as if the whole world was crawling under the feet of these fierce beasts.

The analysis panel appeared at this time.

[Cruel (early stage ghost emperor)]:

[Creature details: an evil creature born from the corpse mountain. It feeds on corpse Qi and the essence of the sun and moon. It is controlled by the corpse mountain. It is brutal and has no ability to think!]


“F * ck! Is the senluo great domain that terrifying?”

“Retreat, retreat. This is too F * cking scary!”

As they discussed, the team on the screen immediately prepared to retreat.

However, at this moment, countless black pillars of corpse Qi rose into the sky and fell on the players like meteors.

At the end of the scene, the players were all swept away by the corpse Qi and fell into the mountain of corpses. None of them could escape.


Everyone has seen how strange the senluo great domain is!

My companions were all killed by the corpse Qi. It’s too terrifying. I suspect that this thing has something to do with the desolation of the senluo great domain.

In addition, I would like to advise players with low strength not to go there. The difficulty of exploring this map is a little high!



The strongest Xue Li thought,”hiss, what’s the situation in this forest region? why is it so scary?”

Suikua Taro: “F * ck, this scene is too realistic. I’m shocked too. This is even more exciting than a real horror movie. Also, what’s going on with that mountain of corpses?”

Assassin’s Creed: Where’s explosive man? Get to work, go and blow it up, it’s not a big deal (funny)

[Invincible loneliness: senluo great domain?] ‘F * ck, this big region is actually located in the South of Beiqi. This is the home of the evil god. It seems that the great zongzi Hanba was one of the rulers of this big region a long time ago.’

A large Wolfhound replied to invincible loneliness,”Boss, I’m with you every day, how come I don’t know?

[Lonely invincible] replied to a large wolfdog, When I first climbed up the cliff of despair, I was in a daze for a long time. At that time, I saw the memory fragments of the evil god. He was once the child of the giant tribe in the senluo great domain. In the end, his entire tribe was slaughtered by Hanba, so he erupted and transformed into the evil god!

Crayon Shin-chan: “seeing the introduction of the ‘kun’, it reminds me of a record in the Classic of Mountains and Seas. ‘Another ten miles to the East, there is a mountain of corpses. There are many gray Jade and many kun beasts.’ “Corpse water comes from it, and the southern flow flows into the Luo River. There are many beautiful jades in it.” It meant,”ten miles to the East of li mountain is a mountain of corpses. Corpses are everywhere and blood flows like a river. It’s a terrifying scene like hell.” It was said that an unprecedented disaster had occurred here, causing all the living beings within a radius of more than twenty li to be plunged into misery and suffering. The terrifying aura covered the sky and the sun, so it was renamed “corpse mountain.” “That’s why I want to say, did the official design of the senluo region use the setting of the Classic of Mountains and Seas? corpse mountain + houses, it’s very similar. As smart as I am, I saw through it with one glance (arrogant with copper hanging on my waist)

Holding the roasted Jade Rabbit, Chang ‘e, and replying to Crayon Shin-chan: Thank you for your explanation and I’ll smash your head. Are you angry?

Peppa the wild boar: “there seems to be something interesting in the new domain. I’ll go and see it when I come back from the sea.”

[Greasy uncle: it’s just a mountain of corpses. I’ll bring my brothers to flatten it. It won’t be scary at all (funny)]

[Barbarian warrior: I was one of the players who was captured by the corpse aura. When I fell into the mountain of corpses, I was so scared that I almost cried. Then I was killed in seconds (tears)]


While the players were talking about this, Lu Wu naturally noticed this popular post.

This mountain of corpses was also very shocking to Lu Wu.

Lu Wu decided to ask Bei Li if he didn’t know anything, so he immediately got up and found little Bei Li who was watching TV in the living room and munching on snacks.

“Foodie, check the forum. There’s a new discovery!” Lu Wu immediately said.

When little Bei Li heard this, he put down his snacks unhappily. However, he still obediently closed his eyes and entered the forum.

The top post about the mountain of corpses immediately caught little Beili’s attention.

After a while, little Bei Li exited the artifact and turned to Lu Wu.”

“I’m done!”

“Don’t you think this mountain of corpses is very strange? why is the environment in the senluo great domain like this?” Lu Wu was stunned.

Little Bei Li shook his head,”

“Senluo great domain wasn’t this desolate in the past. During the rule of the senluo netherworld race, this region was full of vitality and the environment was very good.”

“Then why is it like this now?” Lu Wu asked curiously.

“I don’t know, but I’m guessing that the senluo netherworld race’s royal power has probably been subverted. If they were still here, this region wouldn’t be in such a state. However, this is normal. Royal power is not eternal, and it is inevitable for new forces to overthrow the old Royal power. There is nothing to be surprised about!”

After some thought, little Beili continued,”

“As far as I know, the senluo great domain used to have two most powerful forces, the senluo nether race and the corpse race. It’s very likely that the corpse race has risen and overturned the rule of the senluo nether race. After all, this corpse mountain definitely doesn’t belong to the senluo nether race. It’s more like something that the corpse race created!”

Lu Wu nodded in realization.”

“By the way, is Hanba the one who exterminated the entire evil god clan a member of the corpse clan?!” Lu Wu naturally saw the memory fragments of the evil god that Gu Yu saw at that time. He couldn’t help but ask curiously.

Little Beili nodded,”

“That’s right, Hanba should be a member of the corpse clan. After all, his talent is extremely high. If it wasn’t for the fact that he accidentally angered the evil god and couldn’t cultivate for the rest of his life, he would probably be a demigod, or even a God!”

Thinking of Hanba who was beaten up by the evil god, Lu Wu nodded and then asked curiously,”

“Foodie, I suddenly remember why the evil god was sealed again by the great emperor of East Peak after he broke the seal!”

“You should have noticed that many creatures will leave after breaking through to the godly state. Regardless of whether this person is a official sovereign or the Overlord of the sea, his upper limit is the godly state. This is the reason. The evil god has violated this point. It’s not that the great emperor of East Peak wanted to protect Hanba!”


“Their battlefield shouldn’t be here. You’ll know when the players reach that level.”

“That’s not right. Then why could the evil demon God of the blue Void big domain kill the living beings of the big domain at will?”

“It’s because the evil demon God didn’t agree to the Treaty after becoming a god. Did you forget that this guy wanted to kill the great emperor and become a heavenly demon? The evil god was one of the people who made this pact in his previous life, and he has to abide by it even after reincarnation!”

“The evil God’s previous life?” Lu Wu quickly followed the topic and asked.

This time, little Beili did not hide anything.”

“Do you know why the evil god is still a God after reincarnation, instead of starting from the beginning?”

“Why?” Lu Wu shook his head.

“Do you still remember what I said? There’s an ancient God who was so powerful that he almost became a great emperor!” While they were talking, Bei Li stuffed food into his mouth from time to time.

“You mean the God of the path of hell?” Lu Wu suddenly remembered who it was.

“Yes, the first person under the great emperor created the largest cultivation system in the netherworld, the ‘path of hell’. What he learned includes everything and is the origin of many cultivation systems in the netherworld. The following methods such as the path of Asura were also evolved from the path of hell. That’s why I said at the beginning that the path of Asura cultivation system was still far from the path of hell!”

“The evil god was so awesome back then!” Lu Wu said in realization.

“Of course, what do you think? the ancient God of the path of hell is an even more unstable factor than your previous life. After reincarnating, he is still too emotional and must be suppressed. Otherwise, he will definitely be detected by the heaven realm. Even if you didn’t seal it in your previous life, the great emperor would definitely make a move. That’s also why you let that old man of the northern underworld guard the evil god at the cliff of despair, and only released him when his emotions were stable. Fortunately, after taking his revenge, the evil God’s hostility subsided and his emotions became stable. The old man has completed your task and released him as you instructed!”

“Will he be safe once his emotions are stable?”

Looking at the dumbfounded Lu Wu, Bei Li nodded,”

“Yes, he’s very safe when his emotions are stable, and he won’t be detected by the heavenly realm. Moreover, don’t worry, The God of Hell path is only the evil God’s previous life, and he’s only an ordinary God now. He’s still far from the day of awakening. Besides, didn’t a player called Gu Yu obtain the evil God’s inheritance? the evil god won’t be our enemy!”

Lu Wu was relieved when he heard that. Then, he asked,”

“Is the hell Dao created by the evil god the strongest cultivation system in the netherworld?”

“No, it can only be considered the most comprehensive cultivation system in the netherworld. There are still many more that are stronger than it. For example, the heaven sealing power that you mastered back then is a powerful and invincible existence. It’s too easy to cross realms and fight. As long as you’re hit, you’ll basically be sealed with all the divine power in your body and then killed with one strike!” As he spoke, Bei Li waved his hand, assuming the posture of God Bei Li releasing the heaven-sealing chains.

“As expected, I’m the best!” Lu Wu said with a smile.

“Of course it’s the hell Dao God that’s more powerful. What nonsense are you talking about? even though you weren’t from the same era as him in your previous life, if you were to fight him, he would definitely be stronger. The hell Dao power that he mastered and the cultivation system that he created are two completely different concepts. Not only did that fellow challenge great emperors, he even challenged the celestial Thearch!”

“I told you, he almost became a great emperor, so how could he be weak? if he wasn’t so crazy, he wouldn’t have died. Ksitigarbha. ” Bei Li couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

Lu Wu was stunned when he heard this.

He had a preliminary understanding of what a Celestial Emperor was after experiencing the resistance of Burning Soul coins.

If the ghost emperor level and the divine level were an impassable ditch, then the same was true for the divine level and the great emperor level. They were simply not on the same level of existence.

Although he knew that the great infernal domain was the domain with the highest battle prowess among all the domains, he didn’t expect that his former master would be so terrifying.

Thinking of that stupid green evil god, Lu Wu couldn’t help but cover his face. He felt that the gap between him and The God of Hell was really big.

“Do you feel that there is a huge gap between the evil god and the God of the path of hell?” Little Bei Li suddenly raised his head and asked.

Lu Wu nodded,”

“The difference is too great. The evil god is like an immature child. He’s silly and doesn’t have the demeanor of a strong person at all!”

“When I first met you, I had the same mentality as you now when you compared the evil god to the God of the path of hell.” Bei Li said with a look of disdain.

Lu Wu was speechless.

He found himself unable to refute these words.

He was so F * cking angry!