Chapter 551: An accident in the plan

The discussion on the forum about the senluo great domain had not stopped.

The players were always curious about the New World they had never set foot in.

Although the environment of this new region looked a little creepy, it still couldn’t stop the players from yearning and exploring the unknown.

Aside from lifestyle players, a large number of players had also begun to cross the Arctic abyss and head toward the New World in the senluo region.

Among them, there were exploration teams that were happy to explore, as well as the newly formed “senluo region resource exploration team.” There were even a large number of players who were not afraid of death who wanted to see the scene of the corpse mountain erupting.

After all, he had a lot of life, so it didn’t matter how he played.

However, at this time, a long-accumulated change was going on in the senluo region.


In the netherworld main city of the senluo region.

At this time, the main city had long been in ruins. The ground paved with Jade was full of cracks. There was not a single building in the city that was intact. The broken walls and walls were in a mess.

In the center of the city, a huge “mountain of corpses” that took up a quarter of the city rose and fell as if it had a life of its own, spewing out thick black fog.

This mountain of corpses was even larger than the one the players had encountered before. Countless ugly corpse trees were rooted on the mountain of corpses, absorbing nutrients from the earth.

At the peak of the mountain of corpses, ten-some nightmare beasts were surrounding a blood-colored coffin like guards. There were many human-shaped life forms hanging around the coffin. Their faces were pale, and a vine-like plant grew out of their chests. With each contraction, a large amount of life force was extracted from their bodies and transferred into the coffin through the vine.

These bound humanoid life forms had blue skin and eyes as bright as gemstones. Their arms were tattooed with the race mark unique to the netherworld race.

As the former ruler of the senluo great region, his current situation could no longer be described as miserable.

At this moment, a figure appeared above the mountain of corpses.

This person was wearing a dark green armor and holding a “soul devouring staff.” With a wave of his hand, a huge ghostly claw appeared and smashed toward the mountain of corpses.


The sudden attack alarmed the nightmare beasts guarding the corpse casket. They roared as they rose into the air and pounced at the intruder.

“Ghost hunter, open!”

As he shouted, the sky above the mountain of corpses was covered by black spiritual fish. Countless ghosts were summoned from all directions and pounced on the nightmare beast.

“Soul refining seal!”

Several spell seals appeared on the nightmare beast’s body as it was being devoured by the spirits.

The mark slowly seeped into the nightmare beast’s body and began to absorb its vitality.

In a direct confrontation, this man had the absolute advantage.

However, the bi ‘an Tiger that was surrounded by the ghosts seemed to be uninjured. After a short struggle, it once again pounced at the man.

The man’s face turned gloomy at the sight of this. The soul devouring staff was placed horizontally in front of his chest, and his eyes were burning with a dark green flame.


A hoarse and ear-piercing laughter resounded between heaven and earth. The power of the ghost God permeated the space from all directions.

“With the smile of the gods, the netherworld is the bottom and the sky is the top!”

As the man’s voice fell, an invisible laughter filled the world like a demonic barrier. The bi ‘an Tiger that was pouncing at him was immediately fixed in place and began to struggle violently, blood seeping out of its body.

Seeing this, the man didn’t stop. He rushed to the peak of the mountain of corpses, where his clansmen were imprisoned.

The man’s appearance did not make the trapped clansmen happy. Instead, their faces showed fear.

“Don’t …” The netherworld race man’s face was filled with fear as he struggled and shouted.

The man was expressionless as he charged straight into the mountain peak that was shrouded in the fog of corpses.

At this moment, the corpse fog rolled and quickly wrapped around the peak of the mountain, and the blood-colored coffin shook with it.

Under the man’s surprised gaze, a red figure slowly rose from the coffin.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!” The figure that emerged from the blood coffin looked at the netherworld race man who had arrived and appeared very excited.

Seeing Chi Yan walk out of the blood coffin, the man’s expression suddenly changed.”

“Chiyan, aren’t you breaking through to the next realm?”

“Breakthrough? Your news should have been told to you by The Clansman who escaped from the mountain of corpses!” Chiyan couldn’t help but smile as he spoke.

When he heard this, you Heng knew that he had been tricked.

Chiyan obviously hadn’t broken through, but had been waiting for his arrival.

You Heng couldn’t accept the fact that his tribesmen had been lying to him before they had escaped the mountain of corpses.

However, when he recalled the situation at that time, he suddenly understood what had happened.

He remembered that when he saw his severely injured Clansman, his eyes had turned cloudy. Now that he thought about it, it was obvious that The Clansman was controlled by chiyan. At that time, he had thought that his clansmen were like this because they had been poisoned by corpse poison. Clearly, his judgment was wrong.

At that moment, you Heng knew that things were difficult. He immediately looked at Chi Yan and said,”

“Chiyan, return my clansmen to me. I promise you that the netherworld race will leave the senluo great domain and never come back!”

“Do you know why I didn’t kill your clansmen? Because I was waiting for you!” Chiyan said with a sinister smile.

Chi Yan looked at the gloomy you Heng and continued,”

“How about this, I’ll give you a choice. You can either hand over the 3000 ghostly Arts of your netherworld race and stay here as my blood sacrifice, and I’ll let your race go, or you can stay here and become my blood sacrifice with your race. Choose!”

Chi Yan’s suggestion was clearly unacceptable to you Heng. His expression instantly turned dark.

However, he knew that he was not Chi Yan’s opponent in the range of the corpse mountain.

The corpse race was no longer a power that was willing to be the netherworld race’s subordinate force, and their senluo netherworld race was no longer the power that once controlled the senluo great domain. Their identities had been swapped.

He didn’t have any right to speak in front of chiyan.

At this moment, you Heng’s heart was filled with regret. The corpse clan’s betrayal was something that he and his clansmen had never expected. If he had known earlier, he would have definitely destroyed this root of trouble.

At that time, the corpse clan could be said to have completely obeyed the netherworld race’s orders. They didn’t even need to take the initiative to dispatch the corpse clan. The corpse clan would do its best to deal with all the hidden dangers for the netherworld race and help them to conquer the outside world.

Moreover, the corpse race was extremely loyal and had plundered a large amount of resources and treasures for the netherworld race.

However, what the netherworld race didn’t expect was that the corpse race also continued to grow stronger in the war. By the time the corpse race used the countless corpses of the experts they had obtained from the war to create a “corpse mountain,” it was already too late for the netherworld race to react.

However, before this, the netherworld race had always believed that the corpse race didn’t have the ambition or strength to betray them. They didn’t expect that it was precisely because of this that such an irreversible result was created.

With the support of the corpse mountain, the corpse race’s strength was different from before. In this battle, the netherworld race became weaker and weaker while the corpse race became stronger and stronger. They even used the corpses of the netherworld race to create several more corpse mountains.

As the son of the netherworld race’s chief, you Heng had witnessed the entire process of the netherworld race’s decline.

“If I had known that this day would come, I, the netherworld, would not have raised a Tiger that would bring trouble!” You Heng gritted his teeth as he looked at Chi Yan.

“Haha, after the old ancestor of the corpse clan disappeared, we realized that we no longer had the power to resist your netherworld race. Thus, in order to survive, we took the initiative to join your side and become your dogs. To be an extremely loyal dog that bites wherever you point!”

“But this dog has devoured its master!” You Heng said with a dark expression.

When chiyan heard this, he nodded without a care,

“That’s right. Since you’ve bitten your master, you must bite him to death. You must not give him a chance to turn things around. So, don’t even think about leaving today. Stay here and accompany your father!” After saying that, chiyan pointed at the withered figure not far away, who was entangled by the branches of the corpse tree.

You Heng’s pupils suddenly shrank when he turned to look at the figure.

“Let’s go …” The figure slowly raised his head and looked at you Heng with pleading eyes.

“Chiyan, didn’t you want my clan’s 3000 ghost Dao techniques?” At this moment, you Heng spoke.

“Yes, I do want it. But no matter what, you have to stay!”

“I can give it to you, but first, let go of my father!” You Heng said through gritted teeth.

When he heard you Heng say yes, Chi Yan smiled.

He had been drooling over the 3000 ghost Dao techniques for a long time.

Especially the most powerful move of the 3000 ghostly Dao, the “three smiles of Selvan.” As long as one could grasp the power of this extreme Dao of ghostly Dao, the corpse clan’s strength could still step up another level.

“Sure!” Chiyan lifted his hand and released the vines binding him. You Heng’s father’s withered body immediately fell to the ground.

Chi Yan wasn’t worried at all about releasing the senluo clan’s former patriarch.

This was because the life force of this former master had long been absorbed by the corpse mountain. Even if he released it, he wouldn’t live for long, so he didn’t have to worry about any hidden dangers.

“Heng ‘er … Our clan’s Secret manual, you … Can’t hand it over. Don’t be a sinner of our clan!” At this moment, you Heng’s father raised his head with great difficulty. He stared at you Heng and spoke weakly.

As he spoke, he released the last of his life force, and the surface of his body turned gray-black.

“Dead?” Chiyan was very surprised.

You Heng stared at his lifeless father in disbelief.

“I let him go. If he wants to die, don’t blame me. According to our agreement, give me your 3000 ghost Dao spell techniques!” At this moment, Chi Yan looked at you Heng and laughed maliciously.

“You’re dead!” “Die!” You Heng shouted angrily. He formed a dark green ghostly claw with his hand and slapped at Chi Yan.

Chi Yan’s expression didn’t change in the face of the incoming attack. He didn’t even move a step, allowing the ghost claw to land on his body.

After being hit by the ghost claw, the Scarlet pheasant’s skin suddenly turned black, and it took the attack head-on.

The Furious you Heng was about to attack again when a hoarse voice came from the side.

“Go … Go, you’re … My clan’s last hope!”

He turned around and saw a few elders from the clan. At this moment, their eyes were filled with despair and a trace of pleading.

You Heng’s heart trembled.

The anger in his heart made him unwilling to leave, but his rationality told him that staying would only lead to death. Only by leaving would he have a chance for revenge.

“Roar!” As he roared, you Heng turned around and charged into the black curtain formed by the corpse Qi.

“Bang!” His body collided with the corpse Qi barrier and was instantly bounced back.

You Heng charged into the barrier of corpse Qi once again and began to attack with his spell techniques.

However, the energy of the corpse mountain wasn’t something you Heng could break through. After being bounced back time and time again, and being attacked by the nightmare beasts in the sky, his body was gradually contaminated by the corpse Qi. His skin turned gray and he couldn’t help but vomit blood.

Chiyan couldn’t help but smile at this scene.

He had already made all the necessary preparations. How could he let you Heng leave just like that?

Chiyan’s face was filled with ridicule as he looked at his injured prey like a Hunter. He enjoyed you Heng’s final struggle before his death and a smile appeared on his face.

A moment later, just as Chi Yan felt that it was about time to attack, his expression suddenly froze and he turned his head to look at the bottom of the corpse mountain.

He saw an old man and a woman with delicate features holding pickaxes. They were knocking on the Ruby on the mountain of corpses, which was moving up and down like a heart, as if they wanted to dig it out of the mountain of corpses.

Seeing this, Chi Yan was stunned for a moment, and then his face showed anger.

The red gem-like object was the energy node that controlled the mountain of corpses. Just like the human heart, it acted as a source of nutrients and energy. These two people actually dared to come to the corpse mountain to dig for corpse spirit Jade. They were simply too audacious.

However, what happened next dumbfounded chiyan.

As if realizing that it was difficult to dig it out, the old man pointed at the corpse spirit Jade and opened his mouth. Soon after, the exquisite woman standing beside him suddenly pounced on the “corpse spirit Jade” and began to gnaw on it.

This made Chi Yan dumbfounded, because this delicate woman could actually bite the corpse spirit Jade and swallow it.

If it weren’t for the fact that he was certain that there was no such person in the corpse race, Chi Yan would have suspected that this woman was also a member of the corpse race.

Because the corpse spirit Jade was condensed from the corpse Qi of the corpse mountain, it was filled with incomparably pure corpse Qi. Except for the corpse clan, any living being who swallowed it would be instantly poisoned by the corpse poison, and their vitality would be drained, causing them to die.

However, this exquisitely-made woman quickly ate the large piece of corpse spirit Jade.

Seeing the woman pounce on the second corpse spirit Jade, Chi Yan was completely enraged.

However, at this moment, a barrier of corpse Qi had formed on the peak of the corpse mountain. If he wanted to get out, he had to break the barrier. However, if he did so, you Heng would also escape. This made chiyan extremely uncomfortable.

“How can you eat so fast!” Seeing the flow of time gnawing away at the second corpse spirit Jade, chiyan’s heart was bleeding.

At this moment, the flow of time pounced on the third corpse Qi Jade.

At this moment, the chiyan finally couldn’t bear it anymore. It roared at the nightmare beast in the sky,

“Kill him!”

After saying that, Chi Yan waved his hand and dispelled the corpse Qi enchantment. He then rushed toward the area where Tang mu and the stream of time were.

At this moment, Tang mu was smiling and looking at the time flow, who was eating, with a face of relief.

As a skill puppet, the time stream had already developed a basic intelligence as it leveled up. This made Tang mu even more determined to find high-quality spirit ores and materials to help the time stream level up.

This time, leosenluo great region was exactly like this.

During his exploration, he accidentally came to this netherworld city and got close to the mountain of corpses.

However, what Tang mu didn’t expect was that time flow told him that she was very interested in the Ruby on the mountain of corpses.

Therefore, Tang mu climbed up the mountain of corpses with the time flow without any hesitation. After getting close to the corpse Qi Jade, Tang mu found out that it was a level 6 mystical material through analysis.

Although the analysis stated that the corpse Qi inside was dense, and one would be poisoned by the corpse poison.

However, this was clearly not suitable for the time-type mech.

Therefore, Tang mu wasn’t worried at all. He bought some digging tools from the mall and was ready to dig out the corpse Qi Jade on the mountain of corpses.

However, it was very difficult for the pick to destroy the corpse Qi Jade. Every time it poked a hole, it would repair itself automatically. Just as Tang mu was distressed about this, the time flow said that it could be gnawed directly.

As a result, a scene that left chiyan dumbfounded appeared.

Seeing the flow of time “defiling” the corpse Qi Jade, Chi Yan finally couldn’t sit still.