Chapter 555: Hanba spirit

The cultivation talent of the seven of them had shocked you Heng.

At this moment, he felt that he was a fake member of the senluo netherworld race. Only the seven with such talent were the true netherworld race.

He had only heard of one person in his entire life who had such cultivation talent.

That person was Hanba from the corpse race. He had also risen rapidly and possessed the strength to fight against the senluo race in a short period of time.

Thinking of this, you Heng’s gaze towards Hu He and the other two changed.

He really wanted to know which race this person was from and how could his clansmen be so terrifying.

Other than the more mysterious nie Feng, one of them was a corpse refiner who treated Hanba as a corpse spirit. The corpse spirits under his command were all stronger than him. Ling Yi had actually comprehended the 3000 ghostly Dao spell techniques of their netherworld race and was even more talented than him. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would never have believed it.

All of this was too F * cking fake!

However, what you Heng didn’t know was that the reason why the seven of them could understand the 3000 ghostly spells of the netherworld race so quickly was that, in addition to his own strong cultivation talent, Lu Wu had also given him great help.

This was because after receiving the inheritance, the seven of them had their bodies Reforged. It could be said that these bodies were specially used to cultivate the inherited netherworld race’s spell techniques, so their cultivation speed was naturally fast.

This was just like how Gou ‘Zi’s reconstructed body after receiving the inheritance was perfectly compatible with the innate divine ability of the White charm clan.

It was equivalent to Lu Wu personally activating the external growth mode for them, so how could they not be strong?

However, you Heng could not understand this.

After all, the 3000 ghost Dao spells of the netherworld race were created with the netherworld race as the foundation. It was clearly too strange for an outsider to be able to perfectly integrate them and cultivate them at a faster rate than his own race.

Looking at the seven, you Heng did not know what to say. He felt extremely depressed.

“Fellow Daoist, can you teach me the three laughs of the myriad? or rather, what do I need to pay in exchange for this spell?” The seven of them asked with great sincerity.

“No, although you’ve obtained the senluo clan’s inheritance, you’re not a member of the senluo netherworld clan. You can’t pass on your Supreme secret techniques to outsiders!” When you Heng heard this, he immediately shook his head in refusal.

“Brother you Heng, your netherworld race has no one left. Are you really going to let this spell be lost? After all, your revenge might not be successful, and you might even lose your life in the process!” Nie Feng couldn’t help but try to persuade him.

After a night of idle chit-chat, nie Feng and Hu He were already clear about you Heng’s plight. They also knew that he was the only one left in the netherworld race.

Nie Feng’s words stunned you Heng.

He had never considered this problem before. Now that he heard nie Feng’s words, he felt that it made sense.

Moreover, strictly speaking, this foreign Clansman who had obtained the netherworld race’s inheritance had already inherited an extremely complete 3000 ghost Dao spell techniques. He only lacked the Gokudo secret technique, the three smiles of the limitless.

However, when he thought of his father and his clansmen’s insistence on not handing over the three smiles of Sen Luo even if it meant death, you Heng fell into a mental struggle.

Just as nie Feng had said, if he died on the road to revenge, the senluo netherworld race’s inheritance would be completely cut off. Did that mean that he would also be a sinner in the race if his inheritance was cut off?

At this moment, the seven of them remained silent as they waited for you Heng’s reply.

Time passed by slowly. After half an hour, you Heng finally raised his head,”

“Alright, I’ll agree to your request. However, I have a request!”

“Fellow Daoist, please speak!” The seven of them hurriedly replied.

The seven of them were obsessed with cultivation. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been hiding on the snow Mountain all year round, not caring about the outside world.

Now that he had the chance to master the three smiles of the underworld, how could he give up?

“The three laughs of the forest is a secret manual of our clan. It belongs to the Gokudo path. If you want to learn it, I can teach you, but you must pass the three laughs of the forest trial. This is also the rule of our clan’s inheritance of the three laughs of the forest. Not everyone in our clan is qualified to receive this inheritance!” You Heng said with a solemn expression.

“How should I proceed with the trial?” the seven of them immediately nodded.

You Heng could not help but frown when he heard this.

The netherworld race had a place specially set up for their clansmen to train in the ghost Dao. However, this place was in the central area of the netherworld city, which was also the place occupied by the corpse mountain.

Thinking of this, you Heng couldn’t help sighing as he truthfully explained the situation.

When they heard you Heng say that the ‘ghost Dao trial ground’ was below the corpse mountain, the seven of them nodded their heads with normal expressions,”

“Alright, I’ll set off now!”

“You don’t want to live anymore?” You Heng was stunned by the reply of the seventh rank.

He had thought that the seven would give up after he told them the location of the trial. After all, that place was where the mountain of corpses was located, and there was a high probability that they would not be able to return. It was no longer a risk, it was simply throwing his life away.

“It’s fine, I’ll try!” The seven of them immediately replied with a smile.

These words dumbfounded you Heng. He really wanted to use the word ‘stupid’ to describe a person who did not care about his own life. However, when he thought about this person’s cultivation talent, if this person was considered slow-witted, then what was he?

His feelings became extremely complicated.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to teach it directly, but that the cultivation of the three laughs of the myriad net required one to experience the baptism of the ghost Dao trial ground. If one couldn’t pass the mental state test, they couldn’t cultivate it at all.

Even his past self had also gone through this.

“Seven old men, we’ll go with you. It just so happens that we also want to go to that place!” When core Hu heard this, he immediately looked at the seven and made a suggestion.

“Great, with your help, I’m even more confident!” The seven of them nodded.

“You guys don’t want to live anymore?” You Heng looked at Hu He and nie Feng and couldn’t help but widen his eyes in shock.

He could barely understand the seven of them risking their lives for the secret technique. After all, it was normal for people to die for wealth and birds to die for food. However, why were these two fellows so reckless? moreover, as friends, shouldn’t the seven of them try to persuade them? Was a friend’s life not a life?

Even if he really didn’t care, it was good to put on an act. After all, his friend was risking his life to help him!

“How much is a life worth? The least valuable thing is life!” When nie Feng heard this, he curled his lips and said.

Listen, is this even human language?! You Heng’s eyes widened.

In order for him to survive, the last batch of netherworld clansmen, including his father, had all died. Thus, you Heng especially cherished his life.

Therefore, you Heng was completely speechless when he saw how Qi Ming and the other two didn’t care about their lives.

“If I pass the ghost Dao trial, where should I go to find you?” The seven of them spoke.

“I advise you to give up. Let’s not talk about whether you can enter the ghost Dao trial ground at the bottom of the corpse mountain alive. Even if you enter, you might not be able to pass this trial, let alone come out. Chiyan is an expert who is about to break through to the demigod realm. If you meet him, there’s no chance of you surviving!” You Heng couldn’t help but try to persuade him again.

“It’s fine. I know what I’m doing. I’ll try!” The seven of them nodded solemnly.

You Heng knew that he was courting death. At that moment, he couldn’t be bothered to persuade him anymore. He immediately said,”

“If you really want to go, I think you can wait for a while. It’s better to go when chiyan breaks through the demigod realm. That’s when the defense of the corpse mountain is the most lax. If you go now, you’ll have a higher chance of survival without chiyan’s threat!”

“Don’t worry, just tell us where we’ll find you after we pass the ghost Dao trial!” Nie Feng couldn’t help but ask.

“I’ll stay here and recover from my injuries, I’m not going anywhere!”

“That’s good, we’ll come find you!” Nie Feng nodded his head.

When you Heng heard this, he couldn’t help but sigh,”

“You don’t understand how powerful the Scarlet pheasant is. If you encounter him, you won’t even be able to escape!”

“Don’t forget that his ancestor is in our hands. If we meet him, we’ll use his ancestor to smash his head. If he dares to resist, he’ll be unfilial!” Nie Feng pouted.

You Heng was speechless.

Upon hearing this, he cast his gaze towards Hanba’s body that was lying on the ground. He then turned his head to look at Hu He and said,

“Although your injuries have yet to fully recover, there is no problem in mobilizing your power. I will help you to refine Hanba first. This way, you will have more assurance when you head to the corpse mountain!”

When he heard this, he immediately nodded and a smile appeared on his face.

The refinement of Hanba had become his obsession. Now that someone was helping him, he naturally agreed to it.

Thus, under the curious gazes of nie Feng and the other seven, Hu He began his corpse refinement.

He first took out a series of refining supplementary potions that he had concocted from the space, then controlled the corpse spirit to set up a refining array.

These steps before refinement had gone from fumbling around at the beginning to becoming familiar with them now. Hu He’s progress in the past two years was undoubtedly huge.

With the huge amount of resources and practice he had accumulated from digging up tombs and seals in the game, he had long since surpassed his grandfather in the art of corpse refinement, who was the last inheritor of the corpse refinement lineage in real life.

After everything was ready, Hu He controlled the instant corpse spirit to carry “Hanba” to the center of the refining formation. He then turned to you Heng and said,”

“What I lack now is the effect of refining. Let me see your refining ability first. If it’s feasible, we’ll cooperate!”

At this moment, Hu He wasn’t sure what the difference was between you Heng’s refining ability and his, so he had to confirm it first so that he could proceed with the next step.

Upon hearing that, you Heng nodded his head. He walked to Hanba’s side, squatted down and pressed his hand on Hanba’s chest.

He muttered softly, a ball of dark green mist emerged from his hand and slowly seeped into Hanba’s body.

Upon seeing this, Hu He walked to Hanba’s side. He squatted down and placed his hand on Hanba’s chest as well. He closed his eyes and began to sense the condition of Hanba’s body.

A moment later, he suddenly opened his eyes in joy.

“Your refining ability can weaken Hanba’s physical strength. It’s feasible, it’s what I need!”

“My ghost Dao refining technique is used to weaken the opponent’s defense, so I can be sure that I can help you!” You Heng said with a smile.

“Then let’s start!” Core Hu nodded and decisively activated the formation he had already set up. A large amount of corpse Qi immediately emerged from the formation.

The corpse Qi that was unique to Hu He seeped into Hanba’s body slowly. When it began to refine Hanba’s body, it imprinted its own life imprint on it.

Seeing this, you Heng once again activated the “ghost refining technique” to continuously weaken Hanba’s body.

Time passed by bit by bit, and a moment later, Hu He was covered in sweat.

The refinement was a meticulous task. Not only did he need to use the corpse Qi to imprint his life imprint in Hanba’s body, he also needed to construct a “corpse spirit array” to allow Hanba who had already lost his soul to possess the ability to move. It was equivalent to constructing an energy core that provided the ability to move.

At this moment, the seven people standing at the side were watching very seriously. He was very interested in any cultivation spell technique.

Nie Feng was even more so.

After all, his current goal was to make a “mobile bomb corpse”, but Hu He was not willing to cooperate, thinking that his actions were defiling the corpse. So now he had a new idea.


He learned it himself, refined it himself, and then added his own explosion art. It was simply perfect!

Although nie Feng couldn’t understand Hu He’s corpse-refining technique, he still read it very seriously. He even had the urge to take out a pen and record it down.

“Seven old men, just how insane do you think the Great Demon King is to create this profession in the game!” Nie Feng couldn’t help but ask as he looked at the other seven, who were also very serious.

The seven were stunned and shook their heads,”

“There’s a meaning to your existence. It’s like your art of explosion. Does it matter to you whether others understand it or not?”

Nie Feng’s question made the seven of them recall their younger days.

The idea of pursuing immortality was also not accepted by his family, but he still went resolutely. This cultivation lasted for a hundred years, and he spent his entire life on it.

But he never regretted it, because this was what he was pursuing. No matter how much energy he spent on what he loved, he was happy. Even if no one understood him, he was happy.

“Seven old men, the ‘not being understood’ you’re referring to is different from what I’m saying. Have you ever thought about how the Great Demon King and I feel?”

“What do you mean?” The seven said in astonishment.

“When the Great Demon King was digging the seal, everyone was shouting at him. He was happy, but the others didn’t think so. They wanted to kill him! Even though I’m pursuing the art of explosion, I’m still going to be beaten up. If others don’t understand, the consequences will be terrible for us. That’s why I don’t agree with what you said about love not needing others to understand!”

Hearing this, the seven of them nodded in realization.

“Indeed, it’s because your hobbies have affected others!”

“That’s why the Demon King and I are called natural disasters by other players. We’ve been sad during this period, and we’ve had a hard time!” As he spoke, nie Feng sadly wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes.

When the seven heard this, they were speechless. They didn’t know what to say. They didn’t know if they should comfort him or not.

Furthermore, she felt that this explosive man was really full of drama!

“So, seven old men, I know you have the ability to summon and control ghosts. Can you sacrifice a little and help me research an explosive Ghost Art piece that can fly?”

Just as the seven of them were about to nod, they quickly shook their heads. At this moment, they finally understood that this drama queen was plotting something against them. She didn’t have good intentions.

Nie Feng saw the situation and wanted to persuade them unwillingly. At this moment, the ground suddenly shook. The two of them immediately turned their heads and looked at Hanba.

At this moment, Hanba’s body was surrounded by the corpse fog. He slowly floated into the air and stopped above the corpse refining formation. Core Hu was excited, and his hand that was controlling the refined corpse Qi was trembling.

“It’s almost done!” You Heng said.

Hu He nodded his head and closed his eyes. He controlled all the corpse Qi in the air above the formation and poured it all into Hanba’s body, replenishing the energy of the completed “corpse spirit formation” inside. This was also where the energy core of Hanba’s corpse spirit was.

“It’s done!”

Following Hu He’s cry of surprise, Hanba’s corpse spirit suddenly opened its eyes, revealing a pair of scarlet red eyes.

[Hanba corpse spirit (half-step ghost emperor, realm suppressed state)]:

[Character details: a Zombie King who has slumbered in the burial land for a long time. His soul has been wiped away by the evil god, leaving only a ghost emperor level body. He has been refined into a corpse spirit (during the refinement, his realm was suppressed by player Hu nuo. His strength has reached half-step ghost emperor realm)]

[Character status: corpse spirit body, newborn weak consciousness (broken)]

[Bound corpse refiner: Hu He (player)]


Looking at the analysis panel, the sweaty core beard clenched his fist and looked very excited.”

“I’ve succeeded!”

Seeing this, you Heng nodded his head. He forced a smile on his pale face and appeared very weak,”

“I didn’t fail you!”

Seeing this, core Hu immediately bought a Tier 2 recovery medicine from the merchant shop. He took it out from the space and handed it to you Heng,”

“Thank you. This medicine will help you recover!” He said.

You Heng was stunned. After thinking for a while, he reached out to take it and swallowed it without hesitation.

Since Hu He trusted him so much from the beginning, he naturally wouldn’t suspect anything.

“Wow, Demon King, you’ve become the king of PVP duels. I think even the bald monk is no match for you!” Seeing this, nie Feng quickly took a few steps forward and began to size up the three-meter tall Hanba corpse spirit.

“Don’t talk nonsense, my weakness is still obvious. I can win against opponents like big Boss Gu, but it’s not necessarily the case if I encounter opponents like youzi or Black Lily who can bypass the undead and kill me directly!”

“Being overly humble is showing off!” Nie Feng pouted.

When core Hu heard this, he grinned and didn’t explain any further. In short, his heart swelled up.

“Great Demon King, I think you’re more and more wicked now!” Nie Feng suddenly said.

“What’s wrong?” Hu He was stunned.

“Think about it, you want to use Yuan Xu’s father’s corpse spirit to beat Yuan Xu, and you want to use chiyan’s ancestor to kill chiyan. You always use the mentality of a father or ancestor beating up his son or descendant to punish your opponents. Don’t you think you’re immoral?”


Although he didn’t want to admit it, he felt that nie Feng’s words did make sense.