Chapter 559: A lifetime enemy

After experiencing the battle of the major regions, the netherworld race, which had been severely injured, was particularly vigilant against the cold current coming from the direction of Beiqi.

For this reason, the netherworld race’s new king sent the twenty-third elder to Beiqi to investigate the situation. At the same time, the race prepared for the worst and began to prepare for war.

During this period of time, the netherworld race didn’t pay any attention to what was happening in the South of the region.

They had ruled the senluo region for a long time. In the eyes of the netherworld race, the enemy could only come from outside the region, and the region was impregnable.

However, in the end, they didn’t wait for the return of the twenty-third elder. Instead, they waited for a new force that they didn’t expect.

The undead clan in the South developed rapidly in such an environment.

In order to awaken his sister from her deep sleep, Hanba’s mentality had changed from a weak child to a strong person.

In the midst of killing, he gradually understood the importance of strength and the principle of the law of the jungle.

Without being forced, he would never know how great his potential was.

Not only Hanba, but the Mirage monsters who followed him also discovered their great potential.

During this period, the Mirage monsters ‘racial talents were constantly discovered.

Corpse energy control, blood essence usage, corpse creation, and so on …

In just eight years, the corpse race had occupied a quarter of the territory in the South of the senluo great domain. However, the netherworld race was still preparing for battle, waiting for the Beiqi Army that could arrive at any time.

The twenty-third elder’s disappearance made the higher-ups of the netherworld race extremely worried, because in their eyes, this was a display of Northern Qi’s hostility.

Perhaps even ice seal didn’t expect that accidentally killing a netherworld race person who had intruded into the ice seal clan’s land would have such a huge impact on the senluo great domain.

There was another thing that happened in these eight years.

More than ten clansmen who followed Hanba gave birth to the first batch of children.

These children were obviously different from the Mirage monsters ‘children. They were stronger physically and had a strong desire for blood since childhood.

As the Mirage kids grew up, the scale of the Mirage clan expanded for the first time.

Then, the Mirage monsters began to plunder and kill endlessly.

This way of growth that matched the Mirage monsters ‘natural talent allowed them to grow stronger quickly.

However, during this period of time, the hostility in Hanba’s heart was getting more and more intense.

This was because so many years had passed, yet his sister still showed no signs of waking up. This was something that Hanba could not accept.

He wanted to know why his sister had become like this.

Therefore, Hanba brought his younger sister to the largest clan in the South of senluo great domain, the dark bat clan. He wanted to ask their knowledgeable clan elder what was going on with his younger sister.

The dark bat clan didn’t want to be on bad terms with this “God of Slaughter.” They didn’t dare to be rude to him, so the clan elder welcomed him personally.

After checking Mei Luan’s condition, the dark bat elder told her the reason.

It was also at this moment that Hanba found out about the origin of his clan.

It turned out that the Mirage clan was not a native race of the senluo great domain, but a branch of the corpse clan from the great domain of hell.

As for why they had come to the senluo great domain, the dark bat clan elder guessed that it was because the war had led to the extinction of their race, and they had no choice but to move away from the great Inferno domain and come to the senluo great domain. They even changed their name to the Mirage monster to avoid being hunted by their enemies.

Hanba also learned from the nether bat clan elder that their entire clan was cursed by the gods.

This curse would continue for generations, sealing their potential and making it impossible for them to unleash their full potential.

Hanba and her sister were the odd ones.

This was because they had broken through the God’s curse seal the moment they were born.

This was also the reason why the brother and sister seemed so different compared to the clansmen. It was also the truth that Hanba’s natural talent far exceeded the clansmen.

However, breaking the curse of the gods did not mean that the curse would disappear completely.

The curse still existed!

The elder of the dark bat clan did not know how Hanba managed to avoid the erosion of the curse, but his sister’s situation was that she could not escape the backlash of the curse.

In other words, the blow from the foreign Clansman wasn’t the cause of his sister’s coma at all. At most, it could only be considered an induction. The real reason was that her sister was being corroded by the curse.

Although the curse was not fatal, it had caused her sister to remain unconscious.

Hanba panicked after he understood the reason. He asked the nether bat elder how he could break the deity’s curse in his sister’s body and wake her up.

The nether bat clan elder did not hide this and told him the method to break it.

That was the blood source!

This was an extremely mystical substance. After devouring it, one could obtain a powerful blood essence power. To their corpse race, it was a rare treasure that could increase their strength. Blood essence also had another effect, which was to wash away the curse power in the body.

Hanba had learned from the elderly nether bat clan elder that the blood source was divided into three categories.

The first type was natural blood essence, born from the heavens and earth. It could be a living creature or a plant. The second type was inferior blood essence, which could be made.

The method was very simple. It was a blood sacrifice, using a large amount of fresh blood to condense a precious blood source.

As for the third type, they only existed in legends and were known as the source of the blood sea. Only their names were left behind, and no one knew their origins or how they were born.

After learning the method to produce the blood essence, Hanba did not hesitate to lead his clansmen to launch a new round of massacre.

The southern region of the senluo region welcomed its dark moment.

The Mirage monsters covered all the forces in the South like a dark curtain, suffocating them.

During this period of time, a large number of clans were massacred. All of their clansmen were refined into blood essence by Hanba. All the clans were without exception, including the dark bat clan that had once fawned on Hanba.

After paying so much, Hanba was finally able to refine his first drop of “inferior quality blood source.”

Just as the dark bat clan elder had said, this drop of blood essence had awakened his slumbering younger sister.

Even though she was still very weak and her body had maintained the appearance of a young child, it still made Hanba feel extremely happy. He knew that his hard work was finally paying off.

What he needed now was to create more blood sources, or even find natural blood sources, to help his sister completely remove the power of the God’s curse.

Just as Hanba was planning for this, the netherworld race, who had never received any resources from the South, finally discovered the abnormality. They sent their clansmen to the South of the large region to investigate.

The netherworld race might have been the Supreme Master in the eyes of the Mirage monsters. However, in Hanba’s eyes, the netherworld race would only be a stumbling block that would hinder his massacre to refine the blood source.

The current Mirage clan was no longer the Mirage clan of the past but a new race. He was not afraid of the netherworld race.

The battle would eventually come, Hanba was well prepared.

For this reason, he had changed the name of his race to the corpse race, because this was the real name of their race.

On the other hand, the name ‘Mirage monster’ was only a humiliation under the rule of the netherworld race. What Hanba wanted was a new life.

Since the decision was made, Hanba would not hold back.

These netherworld race investigators who entered the southern region were all cruelly devoured by the corpse race without exception.

This undoubtedly alarmed the higher-ups of the netherworld race.

They would never have thought that while they were on tenterhooks, on guard against the possible war in the direction of Beiqi, a force that dared to resist their rule would actually appear in the big region.

Although the netherworld race was furious about this, they didn’t think that this force could contend against them.

Their long and peaceful rule had caused the netherworld race to look down on all the factions in the large domain. They felt that their resistance was like a moth flying into the fire.

But this time, they were clearly wrong and had paid a painful price for it.

The few teams that were sent out were all annihilated, and once again became the flesh and blood food for the corpse clan to grow.

This was no doubt a slap to the face of the netherworld race.

The rise of the corpse race was something that the netherworld race had never even dreamed of. In a short ten-odd years, the southern region of the region had already undergone earth-shaking changes. It was no longer a region under their control.

Thus, war broke out. The corpse race and the netherworld race had their first large-scale confrontation.

The corpse race suffered a great defeat and suffered heavy losses.

However, the defeated undead clan retreated like hyenas and went into hibernation. When the time was right, they would counterattack.

This was a tug-of-war, and the corpse race displayed their race’s characteristics, using battle to sustain battle.

The enemy’s blood was the nutrients for their growth!

This tug-of-war had been going on for a long time. The ten or so corpse clan elders who had followed Hanba from the start had all died in battle. The new members of the corpse clan took their place. The battle situation was getting more and more intense.

It could be said that the netherworld race had witnessed Hanba’s rise with their own eyes. In just a few hundred years, Hanba’s terrifying growth talent had completely shocked them.

In the beginning, they were powerless to resist. Later on, they slowly turned the situation around. The growth of the corpse race and Hanba made the netherworld race afraid. During this period, the higher-ups of the netherworld race tried to kill Hanba several times, but he escaped every time.

It was as if the scale of victory was gradually leaning towards the undead race.

Not only the netherworld race, but even the corpse race also thought so.

They were looking forward to defeating the netherworld race under the leadership of the old ancestor Hanba and becoming the Overlord of the senluo great domain.

During this period, Hanba had set up the corpse-uprooting Legion. Only the most outstanding Warriors in the clan were allowed to join in.

His goal was to slaughter the other races in the senluo great region while he was fighting the netherworld race. He would use their blood to refine a blood source to dispel the deity’s curse in his sister’s body.

Time flew by. In the endless war and slaughter, the corpse race had become so powerful that even the netherworld race felt fear.

The current corpse race was no longer the force that they had looked down on.

The scale of victory had completely tilted in the favor of the corpse race. In the eyes of the netherworld race, it was only a matter of time before they were expelled from the senluo great domain.

The overall situation was set.

However, something happened at that moment, and it changed the situation in the senluo region again.

Fate was always unpredictable.

On this day, Hanba, who was planning for the final battle with the netherworld race, suddenly sensed a powerful aura of the blood Origin.

This discovery made Hanba fall into ecstasy.

He was sure that this was a natural blood essence, a super treasure that was countless times stronger than the inferior blood essence he had made.

Without the slightest hesitation, Hanba immediately led the corpse pulling Legion and set off.

From Hanba’s point of view at that time, it was a joyous occasion. Nothing could make him happier than discovering the “natural source of blood.”

This meant that his sister’s curse could finally be completely removed.

Yet, the overjoyed Hanba did not know that the turning point of fate was approaching quietly.

Fortune could be accompanied by misfortune, and it was difficult to say whether it was a fortune or a misfortune.

On that day, the giant tribe faced a destructive attack. The corpse tribe descended from the sky and the entire tribe resisted with all their might. However, when faced with the powerful corpse uprooting Army, their resistance was equivalent to nothing.

After exterminating the giant race, Hanba saw the source of blood.

It was a red-skinned boy.

Faced with the death of his clansmen, the little boy angrily questioned him why he did it!

Hanba laughed. He laughed very happily. In his opinion, it was very interesting that the “natural blood essence,” a heaven and earth spiritual object, had actually transformed into a living being with emotions.

Therefore, he tried to scare the little boy and tell him that he was going to eat him. There was no reason. If there was, it was because he was too weak.

As the two of them conversed, the negative emotions in the blood child (evil god) exploded.

The blood child in Hanba’s eyes had turned into a God-level powerhouse that even he could not fight against in the blink of an eye.

He was the evil god, the mortal enemy of Hanba who would be entangled with him for life.

The sky fell and the earth cracked. Hanba was severely injured. The pursuit and escape began.

Along the way, many forces were turned into dust under the feet of the evil god. The evil god, who had lost his mind, crashed through the ice Mountain of the Arctic abyss and followed Hanba into the Beiqi great domain …

Having lost Hanba and the powerful undead uprooting Legion, the undead clan suffered a heavy blow just as they were about to see victory.