Chapter 561: Re-forging Hanba

Faced with Hu He’s rejection, Mei Luan appeared to be very calm.

“Tell me what you want, and I can give you what you want. Just tell me who killed my brother!”

When Hu He heard this, he shook his head again,”

“In fact, I don’t know where he is now, but I’ve said that even if you find him, you’re no match for him!”

“That’s none of your business. I just want to know who he is!” The purple mist in Mei Luan’s eyes moved, piercing his beard and causing him pain.

“I said I won’t tell you!” Core Hu was finally getting impatient.

“Since you’re standing here, do you think everything is still under your control?” Chi Yan glared at him and threatened. If Mei Luan didn’t make the decision, he would have taught this arrogant corpse refiner a lesson.

However, in Hu He’s eyes, chiyan’s threat was nothing.

As a player, what he was most afraid of was being poor. As for death, who had not died once or twice, dozens or even hundreds of times?

So, he couldn’t help but laugh.

“You’ve seen me too. I’m leaving now. Oh right, I want to bring Hanba away!”

As he was saying that, Hu He stretched out his hand and waved at a place not far away. Hanba’s corpse spirit immediately stood up from the ground and walked to Hu He’s side.

Hu He’s actions had completely angered chiyan. He immediately stepped forward and wanted to attack, but was stopped by Mei Luan.

“I don’t know where you got your courage from, but aren’t you being too conceited to want to Take My Brother Away?”

Hu He didn’t even turn his head as he continued to walk towards nie Feng’s group,

“You can try. Even if you kill me, you will not get Hanba. I said it!”

The Furious chiyan raised his hand and was about to wave it at Hu He, but was once again stopped by Mei Luan.

“Meimei, are you just going to watch him take Hanba away?” Chiyan looked at Mei Luan and asked.

When Mei Luan heard that, she didn’t say anything. She stretched out her hand and waved it. The purple mist that was left in Hanba’s corpse spirit seeped out of her body and quickly rushed towards Mei Luan, entering her body.

At this moment, Mei Luan revealed a smile on her face.

“If he doesn’t have absolute confidence, he wouldn’t be so fearless. Furthermore, brother’s soul hasn’t entered the six paths of reincarnation!”

“What? He didn’t enter the six paths of reincarnation?” Hearing this, chiyan was stunned.

“Do you still remember what I said? my brother is not dead at all. He will come back. He is just sleeping somewhere!” Mei Luan laughed.

When chiyan heard this, he was very surprised and couldn’t help but ask in a low voice,

“Isn’t this just your way of consoling yourself?”

“No, it’s just that I really did sense that my brother isn’t dead!”

“But this time, he’s been refined into a corpse spirit. Could it be that this corpse spirit is a fake?” Chi Yan asked in confusion.

“This is just an empty shell without a soul. His soul was taken away by the person who killed him, but he was not killed. That’s why I know that big brother did not enter the six paths of reincarnation!”

“How did you know?” Chiyan was completely dumbfounded.

“He told me!” Mei Luan stretched out her hand and pointed at Hanba’s corpse spirit that was following behind Hu He. The corners of her mouth curled upwards.

“So, you’re going to look for him?” Chi Yan was startled and asked in an uneasy manner.

In Chi Yan’s eyes, Mei Luan was the future leader and hope of the corpse clan. If she left, it would be an irredeemable loss to the clan.

“No need, he’ll be back soon!” As Mei Luan spoke, a look of anticipation appeared on her face.

Looking at Chi Yan’s confused face, Mei Luan spoke again,

“Chiyan, I hope you can help me!”

“What do you need me to do?” Chiyan frowned.

“Give up on your demigod breakthrough and give me your corpse mountain!”

“What … What?” When chiyan heard this, he was very surprised.

The corpse mountain was the source of energy for him to break through to the demigod realm. Without the corpse mountain’s help, he would have no hope of breaking through to the demigod realm. Hence, Mei Luan’s request had truly shocked him.

“Are you willing to?”

To Mei Luan’s request, Chi Yan’s eyes were uncertain. He didn’t know what Mei Luan wanted to do or if it would affect the corpse clan. Thus, he was hesitant.

“The corpse mountain was created by you. I can give it to you, but you have to tell me, what do you want to do?”

Mei Luan nodded.

“I want to use the corpse mountain in our hands to create a new peak demigod body for brother. As long as you agree, I will find lie Xiao and get the corpse mountain from him. Then, we can merge the three corpse mountains together!”

Looking at the dumbfounded chiyan, Mei Luan smiled and said,”

“Don’t worry, I’m confident I can do it!”

Chiyan didn’t doubt what Mei Luan had said. Mei Luan had developed many abilities for the corpse clan. She could even create a corpse mountain. Thus, she believed that she could create a body at the demigod realm.

However, chiyan’s heart was still filled with confusion.

“What about the soul? Even if you can create a demigod-level body, what’s the use without your brother’s soul?”

“I already know where big brother’s soul is. I will also need the help of the corpse mountain!”

Looking at the confident meimo, chiyan pondered for a while and then nodded.

Although he felt that this idea was absurd, chiyan still chose to agree to it when he saw the confident succubus.

It was because he had always believed in Mei Luan’s decisions. Otherwise, the corpse clan wouldn’t have their current achievements!

A day later, the three mountains of corpses in the senluo great domain wriggled toward the center.

After the three mountains met, they began to merge …


Three days later.

On the beach of an uninhabited island in the sea of vanity.

A young man with red skin was holding a fishing rod and looking in the direction of the sea. He was fishing leisurely.

In the wooden bucket beside his feet, there were several spiritual fish, and the lowest quality was Sea Spirit.

After killing Hanba, the negative emotions in the evil God’s body had completely subsided. He had completely lost the thought of ‘killing, killing, killing’.

Although the evil god was free from the seal, he had no idea what to do next, so he lived a leisurely life of retirement.

“They’re here!”

At this moment, the fishing rod trembled slightly, and a smile appeared on the evil God’s face. He suddenly lifted the fishing rod, and a water monster as large as a whale broke out of the water. It opened its mouth full of sharp teeth and bit at the evil god.

Seeing this, the evil god raised his hand and punched.

After receiving the heavy punch of the evil god, the water monster instantly burst into a bloody mist and fell into the water.

“Spiritual fish, I want spiritual fish, not water monsters!” The evil god muttered unhappily.

Just as the evil god was about to throw the hook back into the water, his expression suddenly froze. He immediately calmed down and his consciousness entered his body.

The evil god quickly found the source of the fluctuation.

It was Hanba’s soul.

After Hanba died, he kept the soul Fragments of Hanba but he did not obliterate them.

This was because Hanba’s memory fragments that were tormented by negative emotions were one of the daily recreations of the evil god.

However, at this moment, Hanba’s soul fragment was shaking violently as if it was being summoned by something. It became extremely unstable!

This made the evil god extremely puzzled. He was not sure why Hanba’s soul fragment would have such an abnormal performance.

Just as the evil god was about to investigate, a cloud of purple mist appeared in his mind.

The moment the purple mist appeared, it was washed away by the evil God’s abundant qi and blood power and quickly melted like ice and snow.

However, what made the evil god dumbstruck was that the purple mist actually wrapped Hanba’s soul fragment rapidly. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared together with the purple mist.

“F * ck!” The fishing rod in the evil God’s hand slid down.

At this moment, he was dumbfounded.

No… No more?

The evil god didn’t know what had happened, but he could sense the weak aura of the laws of time and space from the purple mist.

“Motherf * cker, give it back to me!”

The evil God’s emotions exploded. His body suddenly expanded, and in the blink of an eye, he turned into a giant. With a stomp of his foot, the nameless Island fell apart.


In the center of the senluo region, an extremely huge mountain of corpses was wriggling violently. The corpse spirit Jade on the mountain was shrinking at a speed visible to the naked eye, turning into energy to supply the mountain.

At the peak of the corpse mountain, Mei Luan looked dispirited and kept vomiting blood.

Chi Yan and lie Xiao, who were standing at the side, were extremely anxious.

Although he had the help of the mountain of corpses that was constantly pouring energy into him, it was still extremely risky to snatch something from the hands of the gods of the netherworld.

While they were waiting, Mei Luan’s face suddenly revealed a happy expression.

She slowly spread out her hands, only to see countless almost transparent fragments dancing in her hands.

“I … I did it. This is my brother’s soul fragment!”

Feeling the familiar aura from these Soul Fragments, a smile appeared on Mei Luan’s pale face.

“It’s just a soul fragment. How are you going to repair it?” Chi Yan couldn’t bear to see this, but he still asked.

“I can’t repair my soul, that’s the power of the six paths of reincarnation. But even if there are only fragments of memories left, he is still my brother, that’s him!” Mei Luan replied weakly.

“What do you want to do next? we’ll help you. You should rest well!” Lie Xiao asked.

“I don’t need to rest. You can’t help me!” Mei Luan shook her head and stood up. She placed the fragment into a blood-colored core and injected it into the mountain of corpses.

Closing her eyes, Mei Luan began to control the mountain of corpses, and a large amount of energy poured into the blood core.

The mountain of corpses squirmed and began to shrink.

Refining a mountain of corpses was a long process, and time passed by bit by bit.

A day … A week … A month!

During this time, chiyan and Meina had been guarding Meina, waiting for her to succeed.

The corpse mountain was also becoming smaller and smaller, and the corpse spirit jades that had covered the mountain were all used up.

At this time, although the corpse mountain was still very large, he could still see the initial human form.

Arms, legs, head …

Everything was slowly taking shape just as Mei Luan had expected.

Chi Yan and lie Xiao were also very excited to see this.

They believed in Mei Luan, so they were looking forward to the moment when the ancestor who had created the corpse clan returned.