Chapter 564: The birth of a rich Big Boss

After the game prompt appeared, Arek finally understood why the liquid metal would disappear after the ‘healing potion’ was injected into his body.

It was obvious that the existence of the liquid metal had been regarded as an ‘injury’ by the war. The healing effect of the healing potion had removed this type of injury.

After coming to this conclusion, Arek chose ‘yes’ without hesitation when he was faced with the option of creating a profession and giving him the authority to modify his body.

Immediately, the hell server’s announcement sounded:

[Server announcement: congratulations to player Arek for creating a new class,’intelligent machine’. Hidden reward: [ 500 soul coins]

At this moment, all the players from the hell server who were online were shocked.

This was the first time that a class creation had appeared in the hell server.

Although the hell server had always produced new weapons and mecha, these creations had never been recognized by the war GM. It could only be considered an innovation, not a class creation.

But this time, Eric did it.

Just as the hell server’s players were in an uproar and discussing it, Arek was experiencing the pain before his transformation.

After he had decided on the creation profession and named it, the liquid metal would still cause damage to his body, but it would no longer be removed by the healing liquid.

At the same time, while injecting the liquid metal, the remaining mechanical arms would smash Eric’s body from time to time, breaking the bone armor in his body.

He mixed it with the metal liquid.

Eric’s design plan was to metalize his joints as well, not just part of his bones.

This was also the reason why he bought those tough metals.

The process was undoubtedly painful.

However, in order to complete the transformation, Arek gritted his teeth and kept his body’s feelings to Tesla through the voice channel from time to time, so that Tesla could record them as data for the transformation.

When the metal liquid filled the aray bone armor, the second step of the transformation began.

Bone armor remodeling!

Tesla was nervous as he observed Arek’s body through the transparent panel. He then controlled the mechanical arm and began to reconstruct Arek’s bone armor.

This step had to be completed quickly, because if the liquid metal were to cool down and take shape, it would be very difficult to continue.

Fortunately, Tesla was very familiar with the control panel. The metal arm slid back and forth under his control, inserting Small Parts into Arek’s bone armor. The moment before the metal cooled down, the parts fused with the bone armor.

Beside him, Aike provided Data Assistance from time to time.

For example, the timing of the solidification of the liquid metal, and so on …

Under Tesla’s control, Arek’s bone armor gradually took shape. It had a silver-white Metallic luster on the surface, and its joints were connected by small metal gears and other parts. It could be said that Eric’s bone armor had already completed the metalization process.

However, the experiment wasn’t over yet. This was only the beginning for Eric and Tesla!


The entire experiment process was boring and cumbersome.

Fortunately, Tesla was passionate about this. Even though his eyes were bloodshot, he still focused on Eric.

Time passed, and the modification continued …

Teslar was very careful with the replacement of every single part.

For example, when replacing a certain organ, Eric’s blood volume would always drop by a large amount, and that was also the most dangerous time.

Tesla might be killed if he didn’t handle it well.

Teslar was under mental pressure, but Eric was under double pressure.

In addition to the pain, the mental pressure was equally huge. If he didn’t handle it well, his account would be destroyed, and he wouldn’t be able to delete it and start over.

This was the price of innovation.

Removing the organs, replacing the mechanical parts, and then injecting the power core. The whole process was full of danger, but Eric gritted his teeth and pulled through.

At this moment, Eric’s body was in a half-dissepimed state, and nearly half of his organs had become mechanical.

At this moment, he looked very ferocious.

However, Eric didn’t feel any psychological burden. Instead, he was very excited because he felt that his body was filled with a powerful force.

This power was provided by the energy cores in his body.

He was looking forward to the moment he completed the transformation. He wanted to know how much he would change.

The sky gradually darkened, and before they knew it, it was already night.

There were more than 3000 parts in total, which could not be completed in a short time. The modification had to continue.

Tesla was impressed by Arek’s persistence and his love for the game.

Although body modification could shield one from pain, the psychological pressure was also extremely great. Ordinary people would not be able to withstand it.

But not only did Arek hold on, he even turned on his sense of pain, just to obtain important data.

Tesla was in awe of Lu Zhou’s dedication to research.

Since Eric could hold on, Tesla didn’t think that it was a big deal.

Therefore, Tesla put all its energy into the modification of Arek and communicated with him through the voice channel from time to time. Beside him, Aike would also point out the mistakes in the operation when necessary and save the mistakes in time.

If they wanted to open up a new path, the pioneer at the front would always have the toughest time.

Those who came later would have the experience of their predecessors, and this path would be extremely smooth, and Eric would be the pioneer.

The night passed by quickly.

When the morning sun rose, the transformation still did not stop. However, Eric had now turned into a silver-white robot.

Tesla was still operating the mechanical arm, adding other fine parts and nerve components into Arek’s body to ensure that his body could function normally after the modification.

Although they had the help of the Super A. I. Aike, the complexity of the modification process was beyond Eric and Tesla’s expectations.

As he loaded the final parts, he kept making mistakes.

Not even teslaa had noticed these mistakes.

Fortunately, Ake was constantly simulating the operation of the mechanical parts in Arek’s body, so he could remind Tesla to correct it in advance if there were any mistakes.

However, this still gave Tesla a headache.

This was like a programmer fixing a BUG. If one part was wrong, the changes would affect other parts.

This was because the mechanical body was a single entity, and its operation was a complete big circulation plus dozens of small circulations!

However, Arek and Teslar didn’t give up. Since it was wrong, they would change it. If it didn’t work, they would dismantle a step and make a big change!

Even Tesla felt the pain from Eric’s continuous suffering.

Fortunately, it was already nearing the end.

On this day, all the players of the blacklight organization became guardians. They were all stationed outside the laboratory, protecting the transformation of the Guild Master, Eric.

When night fell again, Eric’s body transformation was finally complete.

Other than the fact that his brain had not been completely replaced, Eric had already become a robot.

Tesla smiled in relief.

“Eric, get up and take a few steps. Feel your body condition. I’ll record it!”

Tesla pressed a button on the console, and the metal belt that bound Arek broke and retracted back into the console.

Eric sat up and looked at his hands.

His silver-white hands had a cold metallic texture. At this moment, Eric suddenly felt a little excited.

He could still feel the touch and pain.

Since the neurons were now connected to the entire body, this was the last step of the transformation, and it made Tesla extremely uncomfortable.

Eric wanted to modify mechs and not pure machines, so these nerve components were extremely important!

At this moment, he opened the data panel.

[AI Rui]:

[Class introduction: a 97% mechanical silicon-based human body. It abandons the cumbersome physical body and converts the use of strength into data and control.] (PS: for example, when a normal person throws a punch, they can only roughly judge how much strength they use. However, the artificial intelligence can determine the exact percentage of strength they use and can control it.)

[Profession skills: machine evolution, technology transfer, data battle]

[Intelligent machine evolution (passive)]:

[Skill description: intelligent mechanical life forms will no longer be able to replenish their body’s energy through ordinary food. Instead, they will use spiritual minerals, spiritual materials, and other substances to absorb energy and evolve.]

[Skill note: after the body is turned into an automaton, you will not be able to kill monsters to level up. At the same time, the number of soul coins you get from killing monsters will increase by 25%.]

[Skill Note 2: devour spirit ores to gain the required experience for leveling up!]

[Technology transfer (passive)]:

[Skill description: the mechanical body can carry technological weapons (both inside and outside). Weapons that match the body must be tailor-made.]

[Skill note: when carrying weapons or technological products, please pay attention to the load and energy consumption of the machine’s body!]

[Data battle (passive)]:

[Skill description: during battle, the battle auxiliary system in the body will automatically activate. It will analyze the terrain, battle damage, the opponent’s situation, and other aspects, providing battle assistance with data!]


Eric clenched his fist when he saw his stats window.

He knew that he had succeeded.

“How is it, Eric? quickly share the new class panel!” Tesla asked nervously.

“It’s great. The feedback is still there, and my body has become stronger. It’s perfect!” Eric replied immediately and shared his class panel with Tesla.

Tesla smiled in relief when he saw Eric’s class panel.

Although the process of scientific research was hard, the joy and satisfaction of reaping the fruits of success were irreplaceable.

“Eric, do you want me to make you a skin?” Tesla looked at Eric and said with a smile.

“Sure. After all, it’s too conspicuous now!”

“What style do you want? Rough? Steady? Domineering? Handsome? “Of course, if you like, I can also make you a female skin. It’s just a layer of skin anyway, you can have whatever you want,” Tesla said with a smirk.

“The original form!” Eric said in an unpleasant tone.

With that, Eric took out a piece of spirit ore from his space, put it in his mouth, and ate it as if it was a fruit.

Instantly, a notification of his experience points increasing appeared in his mind.

At this moment, Eric suddenly felt that he might become a rich Big Boss in the future.

After all, spirit mines were rare and expensive.

As his level increased, the experience required for each level-up would also increase.

If this went on, he would have to spend a lot of money in order to level up!

At the thought of this, Eric had a headache. He suddenly felt that he didn’t have enough money!