Chapter 565: War for three years

Lu Wuxin was deeply moved as he watched the entire process of Eric transforming himself into an AI robot.

This meant that the biggest weakness of the hell suit’s growth system, which was the weakness of the players being defenseless after the mech was broken, had been successfully made up for.

It was not that little Bei Li did not think of this at the beginning, but he did not add it on purpose so that the hell server’s players would focus on their development path.

Just like the second stage of the class change in the middle server, it would only be released when the hell server’s comprehensive strength reached a certain level.

He didn’t expect Eric to discover it in advance and successfully develop a countermeasure.

At this moment, Lu Wu once again thought of that sentence.

The potential of players was limitless.

Without any burden, a genius like Eric could display his talents to his heart’s content, which once again proved this point to Lu Wu.

At this time, Lu Wu already had a premonition that the spring of the hell server’s rise was coming.

Hence, he decided to open up a portion of the hell server’s body modification authority. He wanted to see how far the hell server players could go.

Just as Lu Wu thought, Eric posted his modified Character panel and the video of the modification on the hell server forum.

It wasn’t out of goodwill, but Eric clearly understood that the players in a server were a whole.

If the hell server’s overall strength increased, it would be beneficial to all the players in the hell server, including himself.

Even if the cross-server war had not started yet, the overall strength of the hell server’s players had increased, which meant that the area they could occupy would be larger.

The size of the territory was directly related to the amount of resources.

Eric was a smart man, so he understood this point.

The hell server was bound together for good or bad!

Once the video of his body modification was posted on the forum, not only did it cause a strong reaction from the players of the hell server, but it also shocked the players from the other four servers.

The most direct impact was that many solo players wanted to join the black light Guild that Eric had created.

Tesla ‘s’ Mech Battle fortress ‘had already shocked the hell server’s players, and Eric’s performance was no different.

This undoubtedly made the players realize the potential of blacklight and its powerful Foundation in the field of technology.

Later on, the US military also took the initiative to find Eric, hoping to study the Advanced plan of the subsequent human machinery with him.

But this time, Eric rejected him decisively.

As the first person to do so, the large number of players joining had already given him a strong capital, and he no longer needed the help of the US military.

Even though the US military was a part of the hell server’s overall strength.

However, they were on the opposite side after all, so Eric’s stand was firm this time.

This was because when the US military became stronger, they would definitely take the lead in suppressing him. After all, the US military had had such thoughts more than once.

To them, the black light Guild would always be a strong opponent in the distribution of benefits.

However, the recent addition of the pub players had also caused the blacklight organization to expand rapidly. Eric believed that the day when they could compete with the US military was not far away.

After that, Eric’s mechanical Army plan was also put on the agenda.

With the experience of human experiments, the players only needed to turn off the pain shield and sleep quietly for the subsequent body modifications. Compared to Eric’s pain, they could be said to be much happier.

Of course, Arek would not provide the Guild players with materials.

After all, the transformation of the human body was extremely costly. Eric felt that it was difficult to support himself, not to mention the other players.

This had also caused many of the blacklight players to only choose to modify their bodies in a partial manner, which was to first perfect a few small cycles to improve their combat effectiveness.

When he had money, he would slowly improve it.

At the current stage, the evolution method of ‘Intelligent Machinery’ had great potential. It could rely on devouring spirit ores to strengthen its body and could even carry technological weapons. It could be said that there were many ways to evolve.

However, the biggest problem was also very obvious, and that was the huge cost.

Spirit ores were rare and expensive in the hell server.

The daily consumable of the intelligent Machinery was the spirit mine, which the average player could not afford.

It could be said that this type of transformation at the current stage was an advancement method exclusive to pay-to-win players.

Of course, it was not as if normal players did not have the option of AI modification.

The method was simple.

He worked hard, moved bricks crazily, and moved bald heads.


As the hell server started to develop new factions, the other servers also started to develop.

During this period of time, other than learning from Xiao Bei Li, Lu Wu spent all his time on the construction and development of the game.

Lu Wu felt that these days were very fulfilling.

As he watched the players grow stronger and stronger, he was both looking forward to and pleased with the feeling.

Half a year passed just like that …

In the past six months, Lu Wu had witnessed the rise of the players.

The first was the Asia server.

The ya server players, known as the nursing home, finally began to fight with the local forces of demon Phoenix.

This time, the players from the Asia server finally saw the strength of the local demon Phoenix forces.

In the confrontation, the resistance of the players from the Asian server was quite weak. It could be said that they were being beaten back and suffered a lot.

However, the outbreak of war had also significantly improved the combat skills of the players in the Asian server.

The plan that the players from other servers had been implementing for a long time had finally been launched in the Asia server.

This was the first time that the players had experienced the epic and hot-blooded feeling of the battlefield, and it had also inspired the determination of the players in the Asia server to become stronger.

During this period, the Asia server had given birth to several players who were close to “wall-hacking”.

There was even a player who had obtained the recognition of the remnant consciousness of the ancient God, the bone monk, in his exploration of the “skeleton forest,” and obtained part of the inheritance.

The rise of the entire Asia server was already unstoppable, advancing triumphantly.

Next up was the European server.

The European server, which was known as the second strongest among the five major servers in terms of overall strength, had successfully occupied an entire region after Beiqi.

The battle with Yuan Xu had also come to an end in this half a year.

The players from the European server were getting stronger and stronger, while the yuanxu Army was getting weaker and weaker. It was only a matter of time before they lost.

It was also in this half a year that the final battle for the blue Void domain broke out.

In this battle, Hu He became a God!

With Hanba who was a half-step ghost emperor and dozens of half-step ghost king undead spirits in his hands, Hu He was unstoppable on the battlefield, showing off his might.

Apart from Yuan Xu, no one could fight him head on.

Even Yuan Xu’s ghost kings couldn’t fight with Hu He.

The Demon king’s name resounded throughout the five major servers, and he was one of the most powerful cheats at this stage, perhaps even the first.

It was also in this final battle that Hu He had personally killed Yuan Xu with the help of Xie Wang, fulfilling the promise he had made to his brothers-revenge!

After killing Yuan Xu, Hu He became the first player in the game to have the achievement of killing a ghost emperor.

Following Yuan Xu’s death, the European server’s players completely occupied the entire Blue Void region and obtained a large number of resource points. This also accelerated the speed of their development.

During this period, there was another episode in the European server.

There was one more NPC.

Her name was Xian ke, and she was an extremely beautiful woman. Her smile was very sweet, and she was called a goddess by the players in the European server.

The beautiful days of emptiness had finally begun.

As an agent of the European server who worked for Lu Wu, he had been looking forward to this day for a long time. Finally, in the past six months, he got his wish and successfully resurrected Xian ke with the help of Lu Wu.

He had thought that they would be separated forever, but he did not expect to be able to hold hands again. Life was like a dream, but he was willing to indulge in it.

Cang Xu was very grateful to Lu Wu and little Bei Li, and he was even more determined to work for Lu Wu and manage the European server well.

He even wanted to create a powerful Army for Lu Wu that would surpass the central server!


After that was Fei Fu.

The feisha, which was developed based on the original totems, had rapid growth in the early stages.

In the past six months, the non-server players had also successfully annexed the beast-devouring tribe after a tough battle.

After the brutal war, their returns were huge. They obtained a huge spirit beast farm and several resource production points.

The feisui finally had a firm foothold in the Xuanfeng great domain.

However, their crisis had not been resolved. The counterattack from the entire Qiu Niu tribe was coming.

This battle was unavoidable!

However, the non-server players were full of confidence. Although it was difficult during the war, they had also discovered the huge advantage of being a player.

Death was never scary to them.

Because as a player, their only weakness was that they didn’t have soul coins. Poor!

Besides bringing death, war could also make them rich quickly!

If they wanted to catch up with the other servers, they would rather work hard and fight hard to catch up with the other servers!

Finally, it was the central server!

The central server, which had always existed as the Father server, had always been at the forefront in the area of hegemony, and the past six months had been no exception.

In the past six months, the development of the central server had been very rapid. Other than the new players, the old players had basically all reached the level of a ghost Governor.

The majority of the players had also reached the ghost general level.

The cheaters in the central server were still the strongest, and their performance in the cross-server competition was extremely eye-catching.

Although the official “individual competition” competition had yet to start, the fact that he was the strongest in all aspects was clear to the players of other servers, even if they were unwilling to admit it.

The cheaters in the mid-server also had nicknames that resounded throughout the entire server.

[Sword God of nine spirits: ao Jian]

[God of ghosts: 7]

[God of assassination: Little Mo, little youzi]

Thunderbolt Fist God: Liu Chan

[Evil God’s Apostle: ancient language]

[Invincible Vajra: Round Square]

Wait …

These players ‘individual abilities were strong, attracting the attention of all the players in the server.

After witnessing countless fierce cross-server individual competitions, the players became more and more fanatical in their pursuit of the wall. They all wanted to reach the peak and become a member of the wall-hanging team.

At the same time, Lu Wu had also updated the major servers in the past six months.

Other than the central server, which had the most updates, the European server had already entered the Outlander version, while the non-servers and Asian servers had also started the version of the power struggle within the region.

The appearance of every new information film represented a milestone in the game. The major forums had also created new ‘milestones’, which were used to record the big and small stories of the war in the past three years.

After three years of operation, countless players had treated it as their home in another world.

During this period of time, the influence of the war on the real world was growing.

Just now, Lu Wu received a call from Wu Guoyi, who told him a piece of news.

This year’s E3 gaming expo was about to begin, and he was asked if he wanted to come and watch it in person.