Chapter 567: The Titan plan

Los Angeles, the United States.

The opening day of the annual E3 gaming convention had arrived, bringing a huge amount of tourists to the city.

It was different from hundreds of years ago. Back then, E3 gaming expo was only open to industry professionals, such as game designers, game journalists (media), and others.

The reason for this was that the exhibition was too popular.

If it was completely open, the huge flow of people would not be able to accommodate it at all.

However, things were different now. In order to accommodate more game enthusiasts and expand the influence of E3 gaming expo, this tradition had been abandoned a hundred years ago and changed to an admission system.

At the same time, in order to accommodate more people, the venue was rebuilt, and the area was expanded by more than ten times.

In this era, games were a necessary spice in the life of many young people. Their influence had far exceeded that of the past, and they were the most influential entertainment industry.

With the improvement of virtual reality equipment, this era was a Golden Age for virtual reality games.

In this new era, no parent would think that it was unreasonable for their children to like to play games. This was because they were also a generation that had experienced the baptism of games, so they could understand their children’s thoughts very well.

These parents had also been crazy about games when they were young. They had spent money on games and even stayed up late to watch e-sports competitions …

It could be said that the parents of this generation understood their children very well and had a common language.

As long as it didn’t affect their studies, playing games was just a way for parents to spice up their lives. It was also an essential topic for children to chat with their peers in social circles. It was not regarded as a “scourge.”

Many parents would even play games with their children and lead them to explore the wonderful world in the game.

It would be very easy to educate their children with interest as the guide. This was also one of the good aspects of games that many parents felt.

It was because of these reasons that the rise of the game industry was unstoppable.

And this year’s E3 gaming expo was such a grand event for the gaming world.

At that moment, the outside of Hall E3 was already crowded with people.

These visitors came from all over the world, but they all had one thing in common: they all loved games.

They were also looking forward to the ‘flagship games’ confrontation between the major game manufacturers in this E3 gaming expo, and finally finding a game that they liked to meet future demand.

Even in this era of many games, players were still hungry for good games, and this game convention was the place for these players to find good games.

While the players were looking forward to it, the exhibition began.

As the exhibition hall’s door opened, the players waiting outside swarmed in.

At this moment, Lu Wu was holding little Beili’s hand and mixed in with the crowd.

As the big boss behind the scenes of war, Lu Wu felt that there seemed to be a murderous aura around him.

This was because he was surrounded by players who were on the battlefield.

As for why Lu Wu knew that these people were expedition players, it was not because of the detection of the artifact, but because of their dressing.

Some of them were cosplaying as NPCs during conquests, some of them were holding weapons and items made by little Beili in the game, and some of them were wearing clothes with the LOGO “Conqueror number one” printed on it.

They didn’t even need the help of a divine weapon. The identity of a Conqueror was already written on their faces.

Moreover, Lu Wu could tell at a glance that these players had bad intentions.

This was because he had vaguely heard the ‘cruel’ words mentioned by the conquests.

For example, words like ‘beat them to death’,’abuse them’,’kill them’,’rub them on the ground’, and so on, were naturally referring to the war dog officials: Lu Wu.

For this, the Conqueror players had also prepared a batch of special items.

Due to the strict security system in the game exhibition hall, all knives and other controlled weapons were prohibited from being brought in.

However, there was an exception, and that was these weapons, which were called “cosplay props.”

The Conqueror players were smart enough to take advantage of this, and they brought only the weapons from the merchant shop.

Looking at the players ‘attitude, they didn’t seem to be joking at all, which made Lu Wu very embarrassed.

He had even heard the cute girl beside him telling her companion that if they saw the dog official later, she would smash his head with the ‘staff’ in her hand.

Listen, is this something a human would say?

She was clearly so cute, how could she say such cruel words?

From Lu Wu’s point of view, it was obvious that the players had too many soul coins and they were being exploited.

Grudge +1!

Along the way, Lu Wu saw a lot of such expedition players, and many of them came in groups.

Lu Wu even saw a group of masked players wearing T-shirts with the evil God’s LOGO on them. Counting them, there were exactly 50 people. This instantly reminded Lu Wu of the Chuunibyou players who were recruiting people on the forum and saying that they wanted to kidnap him to exchange for God equipment.

This group of dog players is getting more and more presumptuous. They really need to be exploited. I’ll suppress them when I get back!

Grudge +2!

As they followed the line of people, little Bei Li held Lu Wu’s hand. His eyes were always focused on the snacks in the hands of the other players in the line, and he was almost drooling.

The nature of a foodie was exposed, making Lu Wu feel very helpless.

After about half an hour of waiting, Lu Wu finally arrived at the ticket gate.

He took out his phone to confirm, and after a security scan, Lu Wu successfully entered.

As he walked along the marked passage to the exhibition, Lu Wu noticed that the expressions of the players around him seemed to be getting more and more ferocious.

Especially those masked guys, although he couldn’t see their expressions, Lu Wu could vaguely feel that they were exuding a murderous aura, and they would wave the big knives in their hands from time to time.

He looked as if he was leveling up and killing.

How much hatred, how much hatred!

Grudge +3!

He followed the group into the “A1” exhibition hall. Soothing music was playing in the hall, and the staff at the major booths were already ready to welcome the tourists.

At this time, Lu Wu’s eyes turned to a huge monitor hanging in the center of the exhibition hall.

It was showing the locations of the major game manufacturers ‘exhibition halls and their specific booth numbers.

[Battle online ‘A3’ position 1]

After confirming the booth for the battle, Lu Wu didn’t go there directly.

Instead, he held little Beili’s hand and strolled around A1 area.

It was rare for him to be here, so he naturally wanted to see the flagship games of other companies this year.

As for those “evil forces” who entered with Lu Wu, they had already rushed to Hall A3 aggressively.

Lu Wu even saw a guy with a “dagger” mumbling,”

“My backstab is already thirsting for more!”

Lu Wu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but he didn’t take it seriously.

But …

Grudge +4!


Along the way, Lu Wu realized that many of the games launched by major game manufacturers this year were what he had been looking forward to. He even thought that they would be a series of Triple A masterpieces in his lifetime.

For example, the Poland donkey’s flagship game, Saibo punk 2377, was launched this year.

This year, Ubisoft released Assassin’s Creed: Future world, lone island 46.

Other than that, there was Nintendo’s Zelda series, gay club’s Star Wars series, and Kalan’s bio-Transformation Series.

These works reminded Lu Wu of his childhood when he was obsessed with games.

However, among these games, the one that caught Lu Wu’s attention the most was the flagship game “Titan” that was launched by “ACG Blizzard” this year.

This game had also been viewed by many media as the biggest opponent of the day. There had been such news long before E3.

Looking at the model of the Titan and the virtual CG image on EA’s booth, Lu Wu couldn’t help but feel a little emotional.

Because this game was also a game that he had been looking forward to, but Lu Wu thought that it was a series for his lifetime. He didn’t think that he would be able to see the launch of <Titan> while he was alive.

The reason for this was that the Titan project had once dealt a heavy blow to Blizzard during its golden age.

In the early days, Blizzard was undoubtedly a mythical existence in the players ‘hearts, and the World of Warcraft that it developed was regarded as an mmo (large-scale multiplayer) game that couldn’t be surpassed.

Even now, many games were still affected by World of Warcraft.

Many of the game methods were developed in World of Warcraft and learned by other game developers.

At the beginning of the 21st century, more than 80% of the earliest game developers were loyal players of Warcraft, and they had all played the game.

A magical beast at its peak was a legend, this was without a doubt.

In 2005, when the demonic beasts entered the Dragon Kingdom, it had caused a large number of players to become addicted to it.

Back then,”lightning King Yang Yongxin” was also a cause of Warcraft, and even Central TV had criticized the game.

However, it was a fact that most of the developers in the early days were loyal fans of Warcraft.

This game was a classic, both in the industry and among the players.

Blizzard’s achievements were not limited to this, such as the dark God of Destruction series, StarCraft series, and war 3 …

At that time, there was a saying in the gaming circle: Blizzard’s products were definitely top quality.

However, that was in the past.

Even a game manufacturer like ACG Blizzard had once declined.

This was related to the game “Titan” that he was currently playing while he was quitting.

When the classic mmo game World of Warcraft started to decline, Blizzard had a crazy plan to create a Super Game to replace Warcraft.

It was around 2007, and all of Blizzard’s projects were involved in the production of this game, including the entire team of World of Warcraft.

At that time, Blizzard wanted to create a game similar to the current war online, a game that covered all the ways of the world and created a world similar to earth.

There were countries, factions, and powerful social systems …

For this, Blizzard invested a lot of money. The initial investment was 100 million US dollars, and the subsequent investment reached 700 million US dollars, which was more than 4 billion RMB.

And it was more than 4 billion from 300 years ago.

At that time, many game developers didn’t even dare to imagine that a game could be produced at such a high cost.

However, it was because of this game that Blizzard eventually collapsed.

As the content of “Titan” was too complicated and the ideas were too advanced, the Titan plan was ultimately aborted.

It could also be said that “Titan” wasn’t a product of that era.

From then on, Blizzard began to step down from the altar.

Although the legacy of the Titan plan had created games such as Overwatch and storm hero, which had been popular for a while, the subsequent Blizzard had shown signs of fatigue.

Blizzard had spent too much effort on Titan, so they didn’t have any new games to connect with the era of new games.

Lu Wu had learned about Blizzard’s history before. At this moment, when he saw the CG of “Titan” on EA’s booth, he felt a little emotional.

That was the youth that he had lost!