Chapter 573: Digging a hole

Bosmo prison.

On this day, the prisoner carriage arrived again.

As usual, the prisoners inside the barbed wire were all looking forward to the arrival of the newcomers, waiting for a good show to start.

This time, there were two prisoners coming out of the prison van. One of them was a middle-aged man in his forties. He looked very timid, and his eyes were fixed on the ground the whole time, not daring to look around. The other person, however, piqued the curiosity of all the prisoners.

From his skin color and appearance, he should be an Asian. He was about 1.8 meters tall, with thick eyebrows and big eyes. His eyes were very bright.

Unlike the old man, his eyes were constantly scanning the prisoners on both sides of the barbed wire. Even when he met the fierce eyes of the prisoners, he did not avoid them and exuded confidence.

After confirming their identities, the prison guard took them to the office and began to register.

However, what made the prison guard curious was that one of the people was actually an illegal immigrant.

As for where he came from, this person did not say. However, the things that he had committed were very outrageous.

He had actually used a ‘toy gun’ to rob a bank and had succeeded.

What made the prison guard even more speechless was that after the successful robbery, this guy sat in front of the bank with the huge sum of money and smoked, as if he wanted to be arrested.

After he was caught, this guy’s attitude became even more inexplicable.

No matter how he asked, he would not answer.

Left with no choice, the police could only conduct a psychological test on him. However, the conclusion was that he was normal and had no mental problems.

In the end, according to the laws of the Republic of South Africa, he was sentenced to polsemo prison because of his abominable behavior and extreme unwillingness to cooperate.

In the prison Guard’s eyes, this guy named “mu Zhiguang” was really showing off.

This “criminal file” made the prison Guard’s scalp numb.

Looking at this guy, he was still full of confidence even in prison, which made the prison guards speechless.

It was really a show!

Following the procedure, after a physical examination and meeting with the head Warden, the two newcomers were taken away and sent to the restricted areas of Section A and C.

Mu Zhiguang was assigned to Zone C, which was separated from Zone B by a wire fence.

There were also two gangs in Zone C, the flower snake and the Eagle.

But recently, these two gangs that were originally opposing each other had United for the first time in history.

The reason was due to Area B, which was already under gang DA’s command.

In the face of gang DA’s suppression, they had no choice but to cooperate.

When they saw mu Zhiguang enter the field, the prisoners who were in the middle of their exercise immediately turned their eyes to him.

When a newcomer arrived, it was natural to set rules and let the newcomer understand some simple and easy to understand principles.

They immediately gathered together and walked towards mu Zhiguang.

This time, there weren’t many twists and turns. They just wanted to beat up this newcomer.

The prison guard stood behind the Iron gate, turning a blind eye to all this.

At this moment, mu Zhiguang saw the menacing crowd and a smile appeared on his face.

He turned to look in the direction of Zone B, then walked toward the crowd in front of him and took the initiative to attack.

Different from gang da at that time, mu Zhiguang’s attacks didn’t have as much ruthlessness, but each of his moves had miraculous effects, quickly suppressing the enemy. Basically, no one present could withstand a single blow from him.

At this moment, what mu Zhiguang was displaying was the “grappling technique (ultimate version)” that Lu Wu had implanted for him (a copy of a certain high-level player in Beiqi).

Using the weak points of the human body’s joints, acupuncture points, and vital parts, mu Zhiguang could always defeat the enemy with one strike in battle.

In a short period of time, he had taken down more than ten people.

At this moment, the prisoners in Zone C were also dumbfounded.

When steel da had appeared in Zone B, they had already found it unbelievable. Now, there was another one, and he didn’t look any weaker than steel da.

However, facing a newbie, these seniors with a sense of ‘superiority’ were not willing to lower their heads and immediately swarmed forward.

Although mu Zhiguang’s soul power was completely extracted by Lu Wu, his combat skills were completely retained. He didn’t panic at all in the face of the prisoners ‘fierce attack. He calmly retaliated. At the same time, he dodged to avoid being pounced on.

Even with the physical limits of the human body, in the face of so many prisoners, if he was thrown to the ground, mu Zhiguang knew that it would be difficult to get up again.

Just like that, relying on his advantage in technique and physical fitness, mu Zhiguang was able to take on fifty people at once.

Other than the prisoners who did not join any gang and were bullied all the time, the gang members who had gathered were all knocked down in a short time.

However, unlike gang da, after knocking down all these people, mu Zhiguang did not pursue and attack. Instead, he smiled and said,”

“Let’s discuss, how about I be the boss of Zone C?”

The prisoners who were lying on the ground and wailing after being hit at their “weak point” were dumbfounded when they heard this.

This scene was so familiar.

Just a while ago, they had witnessed the same situation in Zone B.

At that time, they had completely treated it as a joke and couldn’t help but laugh at it. They didn’t expect that they would also fall in the same place.

However, the people here were all villains. How could they yield so easily? even if they couldn’t win, they would fight to the death.

However, mu Zhiguang was not like gang da, who used the method of killing the chicken to warn the monkeys to establish his prestige. Instead, he turned around and found a place to sit down. He just looked at them lying on the ground with a smile on his face.

These prisoners were instantly dumbfounded. They had no idea what mu Zhiguang was going to do.

However, at this time, mu Zhiguang was very clear about what he had to do, and that was to kill gang da, complete Lu Wu’s task, and at the same time, set up a trap for the “sky Mystic immortal Lord” behind the scenes.

As for whether he wanted to be the boss or not, it did not matter to him.

However, for the next few days, no one in Zone C dared to provoke mu Zhiguang anymore. After that fight, mu Zhiguang had made a name for himself.

But very quickly, trouble from outside came knocking on their door.

This trouble wasn’t directed at mu Zhiguang, but the entire C region.

During lunch in the large canteen, the prisoners in area A and area B took the initiative to provoke him. They only had one goal, and that was to make everyone in Area C acknowledge gang da as their boss.

Of course, the prisoners in Zone C were not convinced.

Hence, the two groups of people started fighting during lunch time.

Food flew all over the sky, and the ground was filled with figures fighting.

After the battle, area A and B did not have much of an advantage, even though Area C’s overall strength was weaker than the combined strength of area A and B. But in the end, mu Zhiguang made his move and successfully beat back the prisoners in area A and B before the prison’s emergency anti-riot team arrived.

However, after this, the two bosses of Zone C seemed very worried.

Since gang da had been locked up in the solitary room for the past few days, he hadn’t participated in the gang fight this time, so they were very worried about how gang da would deal with them after he came out.

The prisoners in Zone C were still very afraid of the Gundam that could single-handedly take down Zone B and make even the prisoners in zone A yield in a short time.

That was why they were worried that when that lunatic gang da came out, he would personally lead the prisoners in area A and B to beat them up.

At this moment, they thought of mu Zhiguang.

It seemed that in the entire C zone, only mu Zhiguang had the strength to go against gang da.

After some hesitation and mental struggle, the two bosses of Zone C found mu Zhiguang, hoping that he would be the boss of Zone C and lead his brothers to fight against Guangda.

In this prison where they had lost their freedom, face was very important to these bosses.

Although they had also acknowledged someone else as their boss, at least mu Zhiguang was one of them in Zone C. It wasn’t a shameful thing to say this out loud.

Mu Zhiguang did not refuse and agreed decisively.

Because he only had one goal, and that was to wait for gang da to come out of the solitary room, and then punish him.

The days passed by.

While they were waiting, the brutal gang da was finally released from the confinement unit.

As usual, the first thing gang da did when he came out was to stir up trouble.

It was still lunchtime. After taking a few bites of the food on his plate, gang da suddenly stood up.

Seeing this, the two prison guards had already realized what was going to happen. They placed their hands on the alarm and were ready to press it at any time.

Seeing gang da stand up, the underlings around him also stood up and followed him to the prisoners who were eating in Area C.

Seeing this scene, mu Zhiguang laughed. After some thought, he also stood up.

Seeing their boss stand up, the prisoners in Zone C gathered their courage and joined the fight even though they were afraid.

At this moment, gang da walked in front of mu Zhiguang, looked at him with an indifferent gaze, and said,”

“I heard the boss of Zone C has changed. Is it you?”

Mu Zhiguang nodded his head without a care.

“Is there a problem?”

“You’ll recognize me as your boss and listen to me in the future. Is there a problem?” Gang da asked in a deep voice.

“How about this, you fight me. If you can beat me, I’ll listen to you!” Mu Zhiguang appeared to be very relaxed and not nervous at all.

Hearing mu Zhiguang’s answer, gang da appeared very surprised. However, he had absolute confidence in this kind of challenge, so he nodded.

The two of them were going to fight one-on-one, and this scene immediately attracted the attention of all the prisoners in the cafeteria.

The two bosses of Area B who had followed Gundam the earliest walked to the prison guards at this time and told them about the one-on-one fight. They also expressed that they hoped that they would not press the alarm. It was just a one-on-one fight, and nothing would happen!

The two prison guards usually received a lot of benefits, so when they heard that it was not a group fight, but a one-on-one fight, they immediately heaved a sigh of relief and nodded.

Very quickly, the prisoners formed a large circle, with mu Zhiguang and gang da standing in the circle.

Duels in the prison weren’t common, but group fights were more common, so the surrounding prisoners were a little excited.

Some of the prisoners had even started to beat their bowls and chopsticks rhythmically.

The one-on-one fight in the prison seemed to be full of ceremony, but it also seemed simple and crude.

He just needed to defeat his opponent with force, and there were no rules.

Even things like stools that could be grabbed during a fight could be used as weapons as long as they could knock down the opponent.

“Come, I’ll let you make the first move!” Gundam laughed maliciously and provoked.

When mu Zhiguang heard this, he did not try to be humble. He took a decisive step forward and threw a punch straight at gang DA’s face.

The moment the fist wind came, Gundar knew that the person in front of him was not easy to deal with. He immediately raised his hand to block it.

Seeing this, mu Zhiguang took a step forward with his right foot, adding a force of inertia to his punch, and smashed it hard into gang DA’s elbow, forcing him to retreat a few steps.

At this moment, gang DA’s expression turned serious. He was shocked by mu Zhiguang’s power.

However, before he could recover from his shock, mu Zhiguang’s attacks came at him continuously.

The moment they exchanged blows, gang da fell into a passive position.

The prisoners around them were dumbfounded.

In fact, they all thought that gang da would win, and a few people had even opened up bets in the dark and gambled on the tobacco they had secretly hidden, but they didn’t expect mu Zhiguang’s strength to be beyond their imagination.


With a muffled sound, Gundar’s chest was punched, and his body fell back, knocking over the dining table.

“What move?” Gundam, who was slowly getting up from the ground, spoke with a gloomy expression.

“Split, fixed, inch, flood fist!” Mu Zhiguang smiled slightly.


This time, gang da took the initiative to pounce towards mu Zhiguang.

However, in the face of mu Zhiguang’s overpowering technique, even though gang dakong had brute force, he was having a hard time dealing with it.


While the two of them were fighting, two pairs of eyes were watching them.

One side was naturally Lu Wu, who was observing without leaving a trace through the divine artifact.

The other party was the profound heavens immortal Lord.

Seeing that gang da was restrained, the profound heavens celestial Lord, who was in the heavenly Policy Bureau of the heavenly realm, frowned and kept glancing at mu Zhiguang.

However, after careful inspection, he discovered that mu Zhiguang’s body didn’t have a single trace of spiritual power. He could conclude that he was just an ordinary physical practitioner in reality.

This made the profound heavens immortal Lord extremely aggrieved.

He had placed Gundam in an important position and was prepared to slowly train it into an important chess piece planted in the human world, but he didn’t expect it to be controlled by someone in this prison.

However, the Treaty of the Three Realms restricted him from descending to the mortal world as a heavenly deity.

Previously, when he was able to put the modified moonlight’s soul into Gundar’s body, it was only through a method of reincarnation, and he did not personally descend to the mortal world.

At this moment, he was extremely fretful.

On the other hand, Lu Wu and little Bei Li seemed to be very happy. They had even set up a trap for this immortal.