Chapter 575: Balance of interests

This time, although he lured the Tian Xuan immortal Lord into the pit and successfully allowed the Emperor of East Peak to retrieve the lost law belt, Lu Wu also began to consider the development of the human world.

After this incident, Lu Wu noticed that the heavenly realm had noticed some changes, although they had not yet found out the reason.

In fact, Lu Wu also understood that the heaven realm didn’t care much about the development of the human realm.

Because the human realm was already in the Age of Chaos, there were very few cultivators in the world, and they could not compete with the heavenly realm at all.

Thus, the heaven realm’s forces were very assured of the human realm.

It could be said that to them, the mortal realm no longer had a future and it was impossible for a powerful being like the renhuang to be born.

And Lu Wu and little Beili were taking advantage of this.

They led humans into the netherworld and developed in the netherworld realm that was full of spiritual energy under the skin of the forces of the netherworld.

However, in the eyes of the heaven realm, the human world was still the same decadent human world. The humans were also mediocre, and there were no super cultivators.

As for the development of human technology, the proud heavenly gods would not pay attention to or care about it at all.

To them, the mortal realm that had given up on cultivation was nothing.

Even if they would occasionally pay attention to the human world, they would only pay attention to the cultivators and not the power of technology. They would not pay attention to which game was popular or the rise of virtual devices.

With all these factors combined, Lu Wu and little Beili’s Secret plan was not discovered at all. In fact, there were no signs of them being discovered yet.

However, Lu Wu also began to think of a solution to deal with the Tianxuan immortal Lord, who began to pay attention to the human world and wanted to explore the negative bodies of the gods.

Even though the Tian Xuan immortal Lord had suffered a great loss, he would probably not plant any more pawns in the mortal realm in the near future.

However, that might not be the case in the future.

If another chess piece appeared, Lu Wu began to think about how he should deal with it.

This time, gang DA’s encounter with the “martial arts cultivation powerhouse” mu Zhiguang could have been a coincidence.

The death sentence afterward also erased all traces of mu Zhiguang’s existence.

But what if there was a next time? It was this kind of coincidence that would arouse suspicion.

Little Beili came up with a plan for this.

That was the soul test.

As long as it was an informer planted by the heaven realm, little Bei Li would be able to predict it in advance. Then, he could use the divine weapon to mark the soul of the ‘chess piece’ to prevent any trouble.

Although this chess piece would not be able to find the negative body (totem) of the gods stored in the artifact space.

However, when he explored the human world, he might come into contact with the extremely popular “expedition” game.

Although the possibility of him discovering the problem wasn’t high, who could predict whether or not the profound heavens immortal Lord would investigate it further?

So little Bei Li’s plan was to mark the chess piece and then create a different world for it.

In other words, the other players were playing war online.

However, if the ‘chess piece’ that the profound heavens celestial Lord had placed in the human world were to start a war, it would definitely be another game.

Moreover, as a chess piece, it was impossible for him to really play the game. He was only investigating, which could easily fool the profound sky immortal Lord.

However, this plan still needed to be perfected.

For example, there were many war games in real life on the internet. If they were different from chess, it would easily cause unnecessary trouble.

So, if he wanted to forge it, he had to make it look real.

Therefore, after a discussion with little Bei Li, Lu Wu decided that the next time a chess piece of the sky Mystic immortal Lord came, they would create a virtual world for him.

Let him be tormented inside!


After tricking the mysterious sky immortal, Lu Wu met an “old friend” in the divine artifact.

That was the moon illumination Prefecture Lord’s … Soul.

In Lu Wu’s opinion, this guy’s experience was quite pitiful.

He was tricked by the players and broke off from his brothers. Although he temporarily became the king of Beiqi and thought that he had reached the peak of his life, he still died tragically in the hands of the players in the end. However, even after his death, he could not rest in peace and was manipulated by the profound heavens immortal Lord as a chess piece. The latter half of his life was a great tragedy.

But this time, Lu Wu decided to recycle it and not let it enter the world of six paths of Samsara.

Instead, after some modifications, they were sent to the non-server in the form of NPCs.

He had become a ‘loved’ equipment-enhancing NPC by non-server players.


After dealing with the tedious Affairs, Lu Wu turned his eyes to the players again.

Recently, the battle between Beiqi and the corpse clan was in a heated stage.

While the corpse clan was fighting with Beiqi, they also took the initiative to start a war with the neighboring forces of the great death domain.

Even though the pressure on the corpse race was huge, compared to fighting against the player clans, the corpse race at least had a huge advantage when fighting against other forces, and that was that the corpses of other forces that died in battle could be seized.

Facing the players ‘repeated attacks, the undead race only wanted to create a mountain of corpses as soon as possible.

Only then would they be able to gain the initiative and advantage.

It was because the function of the corpse mountain was not only to coordinate with the battle and resist the enemy. It had another key function, which was to help the unconscious Hanba to heal his injuries and wake him up in advance.

Therefore, they took the risk and chose to fight on both sides.

The players, on the other hand, were more naive.

They were only after the soul coins, and their thoughts were simple and unadorned.

His daily routine was to move corpses, sell them for money, move the corpses, and sell them for money!

As various methods of using corpses were developed, the market demand for them grew. As a result, the price of the corpses of the undead race’s Warriors kept increasing.

Moving corpses had become a daily activity that earned a lot of soul coins.

Although it was a little tough and easy to die, the return was high. Many rich players were willing to buy it, and the brick-moving players were happy with it.

In fact, the existence of rich players in the game was a good thing for all brick-moving players, not a bad thing that would disrupt the balance of the game.

From Lu Wu’s point of view, perhaps some players ‘behavior of exchanging soul coins for cash must be a big loss.

After all, soul coins were actually soul power and had great uses. How could cash compare to them?

However, from a player’s point of view, although soul coins were also very important and could enrich their gaming experience, there was also a big regret, and that was the problem in reality.

This was because he had to spend money in reality, but where did this money come from?

The daily expenses of the commoner players could not be guaranteed. First of all, buying a gaming chamber was an expense, and the nutrient solution that could help players stay online 24 hours a day was a continuous expense. There were also other problems such as family care, which all required cash.

Without a source of income, how could he play games better?

The existence of the rich players solved this problem very well.

They could spend money in the real world to help these players cope with the consumption in the real world.

To say that the existence of rich players would make the game unfair was completely impossible in the war.

Because the war didn’t have the function to top up money, the rich players had an advantage in some aspects, which was exchanged for equal benefits in reality.

And the ones who benefited were naturally these commoner players.

Therefore, when he first set up the soul coin exchange, Lu Wu did not take any cash handling fees. He was also taking care of these players who were carrying bricks so that they could meet their needs in reality and play the game better.

As for the exchange’s commission fee, it was not to oppress the rich players, but because he needed soul coins too.

Compared to cash, Lu Wu naturally cared more about soul coins.

Moreover, the drawing fee was not high, only 1%. To the players who bought soul coins, it was completely within the range of acceptance.

However, for Lu Wu, he could earn a lot of soul coins from the huge daily transaction volume.

The existence of the rich players was not only not harmful to the war, but also beneficial.

Moreover, there were many other factors besides soul coins that affected the strength of players.

Luck was one thing, understanding the game was another, and training his combat skills was another.

There were many such factors. Although rich players had gorgeous equipment, they did not have the initiative in everything.

This was similar to many life professions.

These professions weren’t something that you could obtain just by having soul coins.

Without studying the specialized books, constantly learning and improving, even if one spent a lot of soul coins, there was no possibility of obtaining these life occupations.

It could be said that war was fair to all players.

Hard work, talent, luck, and other factors were all important factors that affected a player’s development. This made the war conquest more like a Second World.

Therefore, other than increasing their own strength and purchasing consumables, these brick-moving players would also sell some of their soul coins to the rich players on the soul coin exchange. They would not feel that they were being treated unfairly. Instead, they would be filled with gratitude.

Similarly, the rich players were the same. They were grateful to the civilian players. Because without them, and the dog official didn’t open a top-up channel, they wouldn’t have any shortcuts to obtain soul coins.

Of course, it was one thing for the players to exchange needs and be grateful to each other, but they had the same attitude towards the stupid official developers.

No matter if it was a rich player or a civilian player, they just had to say that the stupid officials would not distribute soul coins and would not open any activities. They were stingy to death!

When it came to ridiculing the official developers, the players were very good at it. They would not be happy if they did not do so.

In contrast, Lu Wu was very calm. He didn’t care what they said, he just wouldn’t listen.

The players had no way to deal with Lu Wu, who had no evidence against them at all. They could only choose to bow their heads and compromise, and then continue to fight on the forum.


At this time, Lu Wu was checking the players ‘situation on the forum and in-game as usual.

Apart from the game, the forum was a platform for players to learn, show off, understand the hot events of the game, and so on. It had a comprehensive function and was of great significance.

However, for Lu Wu, the value of the war Forum was completely different.

This was the place where announcements were made as an official, and it was also one of the areas where the divine artifact detected abnormalities. It was also one of the channels through which Lu Wu checked on major events.

At this time, a post in the forum caught Lu Wu’s attention.

[Brothers, I just met the Sea King in the sea of vanity. I thought he was going to blow up my ship, but he told me he was here to negotiate. What do you think?]:[Op: poverty makes me trash chicken]

[Content: video attachment]


In the video, the Sea King jumped onto the player’s ship and told him that he wanted to negotiate with the players to plan a big plan.

And this matter was related to the netherworld Chamber of Commerce.

The specific matter was about a sea transportation plan. The Sea King wanted to take advantage of the situation, but it was not appropriate for him to do so. After all, he was a member of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce.

Thus, he turned his attention to the player forces.

After all, compared to him, it was more normal for this group of hooligans to Rob.

Even if the netherworld Chamber of Commerce came to investigate in person, they wouldn’t find anything. Instead, the forces in the nearby Sea region would blurt out,”

“What? A family robbery? Isn’t that normal?”

To the nearby sea powers, who were used to players plundering merchant ships, it would be strange if players didn’t do so. After all, in the eyes of these sea powers, players could only be described in one word: Waves.

They used their lives to explain what it meant to have fun. In their eyes, the player clans were not afraid of anything. Benefits came first, happiness came second, and their lives were as important as nothing.

In the eyes of these sea powers, there was only one reason why clans did not Rob others.

Perhaps the waves had collapsed, and their race had been exterminated!