Chapter 576: Fair and just

Beiqi, lapis lazuli Coast.

The news of the Sea king’s arrival was spread from the forum to the game.

For a time, a large number of players gathered at the colored glass Coast, all wanting to see the old acquaintance they had not seen in a long time.

The Sea King, who was affectionately called by the players as the leek King, was very popular among the players. He was the most popular villain for the third year in a row.

Although he wasn’t the strongest among the villains, the Sea King’s greatest strength was its huge potential for growth.

After spending three years with the players, the Sea King was once the Overlord of the sea of vanity, the Lord of Death, and the death Army. Then, he gathered the power of seven countries and established the kingdom of mutt sea … Until now, the Sea King had become the president of the war Chamber of Commerce, a symbol of power.

It could be said that the players did not stop, and neither did the Sea King.

The more he faced setbacks, the more courageous he became. His strength also rose to a new level after each transformation.

After three years of fighting, the players had developed a close relationship with the Sea King.

Even though he would still be dissed on a daily basis, it did not affect his popularity among the players.

A player on the forum even wrote a 300000-word biography of the Sea King,”the struggle of the sea,” which showed how popular it was.

With the arrival of the Sea King, a large number of players rushed to the colored glass Coast. There were even many new players who followed the wind, wanting to see for themselves how impressive the Sea King, who was known as the most popular villain by the old players, was.


At this moment, on the sea, a black full moon was speeding from the horizon, setting off huge waves along the way, and shooting toward the lapis lazuli sea at an extremely fast speed.

The players of black full moon were no strangers to it. It was once mu Zhiguang’s personal weapon. After his death, it had been held by the sea King. It could be said that the players could determine the identity of this person by seeing the full moon.

Unlike before, the Sea King did not bring his mute Empire Navy with him this time. He came alone.

As he approached the glazed Coast, he stopped in the air and slowly landed on the coast.

Looking at the players who were staring at him like he was a monkey, the veins on the Sea King’s forehead twitched. However, after thinking about it, he held back.

Because he was here today to seek cooperation, not to stir up trouble.

As an internal member of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, the Sea King had recently received an order from the branch of the Chamber of Commerce.

He was asked to protect the five merchant ships that were about to pass through the kuilong Sea area and head toward the blood-red Sea area.

The Sea King originally wanted to do as he was told.

However, when he was gathering information, he found out that the three merchant ships that were about to arrive at the kuiron Sea area were actually transporting “Ice Fire stones.” His thoughts immediately changed.

The ice Fire Stone was a gem that only existed at the bottom of the devouring Sea area. It could only be born in a special environment where extreme cold and extreme heat met. This kind of gem had a powerful effect. It could mix conflicting attributes and make them balanced.

Whether it was forging or refining medicine, the addition of this gem could produce a significant effect.

Moreover, it would greatly reduce the chances of failure in smithing and alchemy. It could even be used to Smith weapons, equipment, or pills with conflicting attributes.

For example, weapons and pills with the co-existence of Ice and Fire attributes.

The ice Fire stone’s greatest function was spirit enchantment. It could be used to re-forge the original equipment and improve its quality.

However, due to the low production rate, these gemstones were extremely rare and precious, reaching the evaluation range of a Tier 6 treasure.

Therefore, after understanding this situation, the Sea King suddenly had a new idea.

Although he had joined the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, his ambition was not satisfied with this.

A year ago, he had an idea to replace the netherworld Chamber of Commerce and become a super Overlord force in the sea area.

This idea had taken root in the Sea King’s mind after his conversation with elder Ying of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce.

Since the netherworld Chamber of Commerce could do it, why couldn’t he?

In the netherworld, there was no eternal royal power. Could he become the new king who would overturn the old power?

For this reason, the Sea King had been planning how to use the power of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce to strengthen itself step by step until it finally got rid of the control of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, fought with it as an equal, and even swallowed it in the end.

In the past six months, the Sea King had been very obedient. Although it had many thoughts, it had not taken any action.

After all, one wrong step would cost a lot, and there was no way to redeem it!

However, this time, when the Sea King learned that this batch of transportation materials was “Ice Fire stones,” it couldn’t sit still.

This was because the ice Fire Stone would be of great help to the development of his force.

For example, they could create high-grade ghost ships, cast high-grade weapons, enchant the original high-grade equipment, and even refine pills that could help them improve their strength …

As long as it obtained this batch of supplies, the Sea King felt that it would have to work for at least a hundred years less.

For this reason, the Sea King decided to take a risk and kill him.

However, it was naturally not enough to rely on himself. After all, he was the protector in name, so he still needed the help of an external force.

Looking at the kui Dragon and the sea of vanity, the Sea King had taken many forces as a reference.

He even thought of his former enemy forces, such as Langya Island.

But the Sea King gave up in the end.

Not to mention their strength, these forces were obviously lacking in courage. The Sea King felt that they were likely to betray him first if he asked them to fight against the netherworld Chamber of Commerce.

After thinking about it, the Sea King still felt that playing the family was more reliable.

It could even be said that this kind of “dangerous” mission should be done by the clan.

After all, they were famous for not fearing death for their own benefits.

The Sea King suspected that as long as there were benefits to be gained, the player families would even dare to Rob the Protoss forces in the central Sea area, let alone Rob the merchant ships of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce.

And so, he came.

As long as the player’s family was willing to cooperate with the evil forces, this deal would definitely work!

However, at this moment, the Sea King could not help but clench its fists when it saw the players ‘eyes as if they were looking at a monkey. It felt insulted.

He even vaguely heard a player say,”

“What are you squeezing for? watch the leeks in a civilized manner!”

F ** K, what do you think I am? also, what the hell is a leek?

At this time, Gu Yu, Liu Chan, and more than ten guild leaders of major guilds walked out of the crowd and came to the sea King.

“Boss Sea King, what can I do for you?” The dog stretched out its small paw and waved at the Sea King as if it knew him.

The Sea King rolled its eyes.

The Sea King was quite familiar with these guys.

Whether it was during the founding of the country or during the meeting of the smoke Dragon Business Association, these figures would always appear. He knew that they had a high status among the player families.

“I have a big business deal that I want to cooperate with you on. Let’s see if you dare to do it!” The Sea King immediately said.

“Boss Sea King, if you have something to say, just say it. Don’t try to provoke us. We don’t buy it!” Gu Yu laughed when he heard that.

The Sea King nodded and did not hide anything.

He told them about the netherworld Chamber of Commerce’s order and the results of his investigation.

After the explanation, the Sea King spoke again,”

“I’ve told you everything I know. Are you guys interested?”

Gu Yu and the others immediately fell silent and began to chat in the voice channel.

There’s an old saying,”the sea chives are really 6. They’re actually thinking of growing up again. They’re really motivated (funny).”

The young paparazzo said,”boss, this is a good thing. Let’s agree to it. Although I don’t know what the ice Fire Stone is, since the sea chives want it so much, it must be something good!”

Liu Chan: “I agree too. But how to distribute the benefits is a problem. Let’s make it clear to sea chives first!”

Chen Ziyu: “I’m up to you. You guys decide. I’ll be your fighter.”

Lu Zhan: “I agree. If there’s a profit, we have to kill him. We won’t lose anything.”


After a moment, Gu Yu, who had made his decision, raised his head and said with a smile,”

“Sea King, it’s definitely not a problem to do this, but how do we distribute the benefits?”

The Sea King had already thought about this before coming here. At this moment, it said without hesitation,”

“I’m the one who provided the specific transportation route and other information, so 7: Three points, I get 70%, you guys get 30%!”

Hearing the Sea King’s distribution method, Gu Yu and the others couldn’t help but show a look of disgust.

Look, is this what a leek should say?

Leeks take up the majority, and we’re only getting 30% for those who have worked so hard to cultivate you. This is too outrageous.

“Sea leeks … Sea King, you’re not sincere at all. Why don’t you give us 70% and you 30%?” Gou ‘Zi couldn’t help but stare.

The Sea King couldn’t help but stare.

“Without my cooperation, you wouldn’t even know when the transport ship would arrive and which route it would take. It’s already good enough to give you 30%!”

“Then you won’t be able to do it without us. Besides us, who else would dare to follow you to Rob the netherworld Chamber of Commerce? moreover, we’re the ones who took the blame for this. When the fight breaks out, we’ll be the ones who put in the effort. You want 70% just like that. Doesn’t your conscience hurt?” Gou ‘Zi said with a look of disdain.

“It won’t hurt!” The Sea King glared at the dog and replied.

The young paparazzo was speechless.

At this moment, Liu Chan could not help but say,”

“How about this, I’ll give you a plan, and everyone can take a step back. We, the player clans, are not unreasonable forces … Right?”

When the Sea King heard this, it cursed in its heart.

‘A reasonable family?’ You’re still asking me? I’m your Grandpa!

After thinking for a while, the Sea King decided to listen to Liu Chan’s proposal first.”


“I know that everyone is thinking for their own benefits, so fairness is very important. After careful consideration, I think that it’s more appropriate for us to play the family to take 60%, and you take 40%. It’s fair and reasonable!”

Fair your ass, reasonable your ass!

Looking at the serious Liu Chan, the Sea King really wanted to use the ‘wheel of death’ in his hand to test how thick his skin was. How could he say such shameless words in such a serious manner?

How was this a F * cking step back? it was simply an exchange of ideas with the plan he had proposed.

The Sea King immediately shook its head.”

“There’s no room for discussion. At most, I’ll take 60% and you guys take 40%!”

“That’s too much! I object to your decision. Who else has the same idea as me?” As he said that, the dog raised his little paw.

Gu Yu and the others were stunned. After some thought, they also raised their hands.

When the players behind saw this, they also raised their hands.

A moment later, all the players on the coast raised their hands, and the sea King was dumbfounded.

“Boss Sea King, it’s a Democratic decision. Everyone thinks that your proposal is immoral. The eyes of the public are clear. Now, you’re the only one who agrees, and everyone is against it!” Gou ‘Zi said with a serious expression.

At this moment, the Sea King really wanted to go on a killing spree.

I’m f * cking negotiating with you, and you’re playing with me to vote? do I look so easy to bully?

“If you agree, then agree. If you don ‘t, I’ll change to another force!” The Sea King said with an ashen face.

“Go ahead. Can you find any other forces to cooperate with? At most, we won’t be able to earn anything!” Gou ‘Zi didn’t want to admit defeat.


In order to allow their side to obtain greater benefits, the Sea King, Gou ‘Zi, and the others began to argue non-stop. Even after dark, neither side was able to convince the other.

Hence, they continued to talk.