Chapter 577: New function, spiritual enhancement

Beiqi, lapis lazuli Coast.

The sky gradually darkened, and the players who came to visit the Sea King gradually dispersed.

However, the negotiations on the distribution of benefits between the two sides had not ended.

At this time, the Sea King, Gu Yu, and the others were sitting on the beach in a circle around the bonfire. Their expressions were extremely serious.

“The meat is almost done!” At this moment, Gou ‘Zi looked at the ingredients on the grill with a serious expression.

Seeing that no one had any reaction, Gou ‘Zi continued,”

“Why don’t we talk after eating? I’m a little hungry. If you guys don’t eat, I’ll be too embarrassed to start.”

The Sea King, Gu Yu, and the others looked at each other, but they still nodded.

As a result, the people sitting in a circle began to eat. During this period, Gu Yu and the others shared the wood spirit wine, a specialty of Beiqi, with the Sea King. The Sea King also took out the sea Spirit wine, a specialty of mutt. The atmosphere became very harmonious for a while.

However, after the meal, a new round of negotiations began. The atmosphere instantly returned to its original tension.

The two sides argued and stated their own reasons.

The Sea King’s reason was that, as the planner and initiator of this plunder, it was impossible for him to take only 40%. Moreover, he had taken a great risk in this plan, so he had to take 60%. There was no room for discussion.

On the players ‘side, Gu Yu and the others had more excuses.

He used all sorts of reasons at this moment.

For example, after this raid, many of our clansmen will die. We’ll definitely have to pay for settling down.

Another example is that we have a large number of players, and after splitting it evenly, there will be very little left, so we have to get more.

All sorts of excuses could be said to come out of his mouth, and the sea King was dumbfounded.

When it came to anxiety, the young paparazzo suddenly brought up the proposal of voting.

It was fair, just, and very Democratic!

Of course, the Sea King would not be stupid enough to agree.

If they really had to vote, the Sea King felt that he had to get the mutt Army to vote.

At this moment, he was alone, and there were more than ten people in front of him.

With the shamelessness of the players, they could take 90%, but he could throw 10%.

In short, no matter how the two sides negotiated, they couldn’t come to an agreement on the distribution of benefits. Neither side was willing to give in, and in the end, it became a situation of staring helplessly at each other.

At this time, ye Xue ‘er said with a serious face,”

“Big Boss Sea King, I know you want to improve your strength as soon as possible, and I also know that you’re very motivated, but you have to be reasonable, right? we’re all acquaintances, and this can’t go on. How about this, you give up one floor, and we’ll owe you a favor!”

“No, you guys can give me 10%. I’ll owe you a favor!” The Sea King rolled its eyes and refused without hesitation.

“What’s wrong? Favors from our families are worthless?” Gou ‘Zi couldn’t help but raise his paw and slap the ground as he glared at the Sea King.

“You’re just a white charm. Why do you keep calling yourself a player clan? have you forgotten what race you are after getting familiar with the player clan?” The Sea King looked at Gou ‘Zi in disdain.

When Gou ‘Zi heard this, it was like he was struck by lightning.

This had always been a pain in his heart. Now that his wound had been poked, he couldn’t help but bare his teeth and reveal a “fierce” look.

However, in the face of the Sea King, he still resisted the urge to pounce on it and ‘kill’ it. After all, he couldn’t beat it.

Looking at the angry and sullen Gou ‘Zi, the Sea King couldn’t help but laugh.”

“Forget it, there’s no point in continuing this discussion. Let’s each take a step back and split it 50 – 50, how about it?”

Faced with the 50 – 50 split proposal, Gu Yu and the others still looked as if they had suffered a loss. They were silent for a long while before they nodded in agreement.

The Sea King had gained a new understanding of the players ‘greed.

He felt that if he didn’t suggest a 50 – 50 split, these guys could still drag on and fight for a wave of lifespan.

“That’s it, then. I’ll go back and continue to collect information. I’ll send someone to inform you of the specific itinerary of the merchant ship!” With that, the Sea King stood up and summoned the “wheel of death”. It then leaped up and shot into the sky with the wheel of death.

The negotiation had officially ended. Other than Gou ‘Zi, Gu Yu and the others all had smiles on their faces.

Even though the Sea King had said that many of the players ‘families would die in this battle and that they would suffer heavy losses, the Sea King was still very calm.

However, in reality, they did not suffer any losses. To them, this wave of plundering was a business without cost. It was the kind that would definitely make a profit and not lose anything.

Now that they had gotten 50% of the profits, everyone was actually very satisfied.

However, after talking for an entire night, everyone was a little tired. After bidding each other farewell, they left.

After everyone had left, Gu Yu turned to look at Gou ‘Zi, who was lying in front of the bonfire and biting his paw with an introverted look on his face.”

“Gou ‘Zi, let’s go!”

Gou ‘Zi didn’t say a word and looked aggrieved.

“Don’t be sad. Have you forgotten that this game is full of opportunities? who knows, you might encounter an opportunity to transform into a human one day!” After getting along for so long, Gu Yu could tell what the young paparazzo was thinking at a glance and immediately comforted him.

“Boss, it’s been three years. Have you lost your way with this opportunity?” Gou ‘Zi raised his head and had an introverted expression.

Gu Yu felt extremely ashamed upon hearing this.

Just as he was about to open his mouth to persuade her again, an announcement suddenly sounded in his mind:

[Global announcement: new underworld NPC: Mu Guang]

[Mu Guang (spirit augmentation master)]:

[NPC details: mu Guang, who is proficient in spirit enchantment, has skilled weapon and equipment enhancement techniques.]

[NPC function: players can enhance and strengthen their weapons and equipment at mu Guang’s place. (Requires self-provided materials and a handling fee)]

[Enhancement hint: equipment below level 150 does not provide enhancement functions. Equipment above level 150 has an upper limit for enhancement based on equipment quality. White equipment can not be enhanced. The enhancement is divided from low to high: Blue equipment, red equipment, purple equipment, epic equipment, legendary equipment (Level 1 10), not available.

Weapon and equipment enhancement list:

Level 150 blue-colored weapon and equipment (maximum enhancement is +2, maximum enhancement +1 for every grade increase)

Level 200 blue-colored weapon and equipment (maximum enhancement is +3, maximum +1 for every grade increase in quality)

Level 250 blue-colored weapon and equipment (maximum enhancement is +4, maximum +1 for every grade increase)

Level 300 …


Increase basic (blue equipment) success rate and effect list:

[Enhancement +1:100%(each enhancement requires 1 Ice Fire Stone, 50 soul coin processing fee)]

Enhancement 2 4:80%(each enhancement requires 3 Ice Fire stones, 100 soul coins processing fee)

Enhancement 5×8:60%(each enhancement requires 5 Ice Fire stones, 200 soul coins processing fee)

Enhancement 9×12:50%(each enhancement requires 10 Ice Fire stones, 400 soul coins processing fee)

Enhancement 12-18:20%(each enhancement requires 25 Ice Fire stones, 800 soul coins processing fee)

[Enhancement 18 25 ():8%(each enhancement requires 100 Ice Fire stones, 2000 soul coins processing fee)]

+25 and above enhancements will be activated after the opening of the trial of the spirit King.


[Effect of enhancement: the enhancement is affected by the quality of the weapon. The higher the quality, the higher the chance of enhancement at each stage, and the higher the number of times the enhancement can be sustained (the effect of the weapon’s level is smaller)]

[Enhancement notification: after reaching the upper limit of enhancement, you can continue to enhance it, but there is a chance that the weapon will be destroyed because it can not bear the power of spirit augmentation.]

[Enhancement Hint 2: when you level up and need to change your weapon, you can disassemble the weapon in your hand to recycle the enhancement materials. If the weapon is destroyed (recycling rate: 1% to 100%, depends on the decomposer’s ability)(the sub-life profession “decomposer” will be available soon)

[Official reminder: strengthening is risky, please be careful.]

While the players were in an uproar, Lu Wu, who was behind the scenes, smiled.

Gu Yu and the others negotiated with the Sea King for an entire night, and he watched the entire process from the side.

For this reason, Lu Wu specifically asked little Bei Li what this “Ice Fire Stone” was and why the Sea King wanted it so badly.

From little Bei Li’s description, Lu Wu finally learned that this was a special treasure used for spirit enchantment (enchantment), which was extremely rare.

After understanding its use, Lu Wu began to think about how to use this batch of Ice Fire stones if the players got them.

At this time, little Bei Li gave a suggestion, which was to activate the enhancement function of the weapons and equipment.

This was because a treasure like the ice Fire stone’s greatest effect was not in refining medicine or forging, but in spirit augmentation, which could strengthen and transform weapons for the second time.

After that, Lu Wu decisively introduced the new NPC “mu Guang”. Otherwise, he was afraid that players who didn’t know the importance of the ice Fire Stone would waste it after getting it.

This buff NPC, mu Guang, was made from the soul of mu Zhiguang.

Bei Li had inserted a large amount of knowledge about strengthening into his mind, and it was very reliable.

Putting it in hell this time could be said to be shouldering the heavy responsibility of strengthening the Frostfire stone so that players could use it reasonably.

However, the strengthening function that Lu Wu activated was not as scamming as other games.

This was because it was not easy for players to have a good weapon or equipment.

Usually, the players would work hard day and night for a good piece of equipment, and Lu Wu had seen all of this.

Therefore, for the enhancement function in the battle, Lu Wu set the upper limit of the enhancement for the corresponding weapon.

As long as the limit was not reached, the players ‘weapons would not break even if the enhancement failed. At most, the weapons would remain the same.

Of course, if some stubborn players wanted to continue to improve after reaching the limit, Lu Wu would not stop them.

However, if he failed, he would definitely not be able to use his weapons and equipment. There was a price to pay for being stubborn.

Of course, Lu Wu wouldn’t do anything that would waste his time.

For these damaged weapons, Lu Wu would choose to buy them back at 5% of the original price and return them to the players who failed to strengthen them in the form of soul coins.

As for the equipment that was recycled, since he had a divine weapon in his hand, Lu Wu could directly decompose it into soul coins. After deducting the 5% compensation from the players, he could earn 95% of the soul coins.

Most importantly, the weapons that the players had spent a lot of money to enhance could also be broken down and processed. The materials could be recycled and used on new weapons.

It could be said that the players could do whatever they wanted, as long as the total amount of soul coins would not decrease. At most, they would flow to him. As long as the players weren’t headstrong, they wouldn’t lose much soul coins.

This time, before the players could loot the ice Fire Stone, Lu Wu was already prepared and was looking forward to the players ‘return with a big profit.


Unlike Lu Wu, Gu Yu and the others were instantly dumbfounded when they learned about the functions provided by the new NPC,”mu Guang.”

Their weapons and equipment were all of purple (epic) quality and above. They were top-tier equipment with a very high upper limit of enhancement. The enhancement function of the weapons and equipment provided by the new NPCs could greatly increase their strength in a short time.

They were naturally happy about this.

But the problem was that weapons needed Ice Fire stones as the raw material. They had a total of 16 pieces of equipment on them, and the number of Ice Fire stones required to enhance them in order was huge.

At this moment, they suddenly wanted to call the Sea King back and sit down by the sea to discuss the distribution.