Chapter 578: The Sea King is on the way

Beiqi, lapis lazuli Coast.

A huge group of players gathered, and countless ghost ships of all shapes and sizes had already filled the entire Coast.

Just yesterday, the players received A Message from the Sea King’s subordinate Lord, heisui.

The group of merchant ships carrying the ice Fire stones would enter the kui Dragon Sea the day after tomorrow.

The players who received the news were excited.

The players had been looking forward to the new enhancement function for a long time, but without the raw material “Ice Fire Stone,” there was no way to enhance weapons and equipment.

Therefore, the players were looking forward to the arrival of the five merchant ships.

He wanted to quickly Rob it and then strengthen himself.

The players were full of anticipation for the huge increase in attributes.

After all, after the attributes were enhanced, not only would they be able to kill monsters faster, but they would also feel as if they had been reborn. This feeling was very intoxicating to the players.

From the message from hei sui, the players learned that the five merchant ships were carrying at least two thousand boxes of Ice Fire Stone.

What kind of concept was that? even if there were only 100 Ice Fire stones in a box, that would be 200000 Ice Fire stones.

After the appearance of the buff NPC mu Guang, the players finally knew the actual value of the ice Fire Stone. He also understood why the Sea King was willing to take the risk to hijack this merchant ship.

Because the benefits were too huge.

Even though the merchant ship would only arrive the day after tomorrow, the players could not sit still and were already prepared.

They had bought strengthening potions and health potions in advance from the merchant shop and were now waiting by the shore, waiting for the number of people to be gathered before they set off.

He would become rich in one fell swoop if he killed him!


At the same time, under the sea King’s lead, the mutt War Chamber of Commerce had also sailed to the border of the Quilon sea in advance, ready to “escort” them.

In fact, the netherworld Chamber of Commerce usually wouldn’t choose the war Chamber of Commerce to help escort their goods.

This was because their reputation was their greatest guarantee.

As long as they weren’t in the central Sea area of the yellow spring, no force in the entire sea area would dare to attack them.

This was because the price of taking action was huge. He would have to face the all-out attack of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce. Without absolute strength, he would only be destroyed under such an attack.

However, there were always some forces who were not afraid of death and wanted to risk their lives to do something.

Moreover, the resources being escorted this time were extremely important. Therefore, the yellow spring Branch in the devouring Sea area was not willing to take the risk and decided to let their subordinate War Chamber of Commerce escort them.

Every time they passed through a Sea area, the war Chamber of Commerce in that area had to be responsible for the escort work of the transport ship.

At this moment, the mutt fleet led by the sea King was slowly approaching the border between the Jade spring Sea area and the kuilong Sea area.

Different from the lustrous blue water of the kuilong Sea area, the water of the Jade spring Sea area was very clear. The creatures swimming in the water were even more clearly visible, as if they were not mixed with any impurities.

When there was no wind or waves, sailing in this Sea area was like floating in the air. This was also one of the characteristics of the Jade spring Sea area.

After arriving at the border, the Sea King waited with the fleet.

Time passed. On this day, while the Sea King was waiting, he was also thinking about how he could “act” flawlessly.

Although he had decided to hijack the cargo, the Sea King knew that he had to protect the merchants on the merchant ship.

After all, there would be no witnesses after the incident. The yellow spring devouring Sea area branch would not listen to his side of the story.

Furthermore, if they were the only ones who survived and all the merchants died, it would be too fake and would definitely cause unnecessary trouble.

Therefore, he had to put on a good show and let these merchants understand that he was risking his life to protect them, but he was “powerless.”

Regarding the ‘acting’ part, he had already asked hei sui to tell the players. Now, he only hoped that the players would not screw him over.

After all, he was really worried about the players ‘acting skills.

The Sea King still clearly remembered that a year ago, he was ambushed by the forces of Langya Island and was trapped in the ancient island of the netherworld sea kingdom. When his life was hanging by a thread, the players arrived.

At that time, the players had a wave of “explosion” acting.

Even at this moment, the Sea King still remembered it clearly.

In fact, she felt embarrassed every time she thought about it.

Things like being devoured by a mysterious power, being cursed by an invisible God, having a heart attack, and so on …

Especially that scene where a certain player who was clearly dead actually reached out to scratch his butt because it was bitten by the poisonous insects on the island …

When the Sea King thought about this ‘explosive’ acting, it really wanted to give him a round of applause.

Therefore, he could only hope that this group of evil forces would give their all at this critical moment and not F * cking get themselves into trouble!

After a day and a night of waiting, there was suddenly movement on the calm sea surface, and continuous ripples spread from the distance.

Seeing this, the Sea King immediately went to the bow of the ship and looked into the distance.

At this moment, a Black Fleet appeared in the distance and sailed toward where he was.

On the leading warship, a flag representing the war Chamber of Commerce was hung high, with the word “shark” engraved on it.

It was the shark bite Chamber of Commerce, one of the ten Chambers of Commerce under the yellow spring’s devouring Sea area branch.

Compared to the sea King’s Chamber of Commerce, this Chamber of Commerce’s equipment was obviously better by more than one level. It was even stronger than the original smoke Dragon Chamber of Commerce.

As the huge fleet sailed, the surroundings were filled with bloodthirsty Black Sharks that devoured all life along the way.

During the voyage, the huge “shark head RAM” at the head of the ship would let out a deafening roar from time to time, raising huge waves.

However, the Sea King’s attention was not on the ‘shark bite merchant Association’. He was still focused on the five merchant ships that were being escorted by the merchant Association.

That was his goal.


The distance between the two sides continued to shorten as time passed.

When the black Shark fleet was close to the border, the water surface suddenly shook. The forward inertia of all the warships was offset, turning into waves that spread in all directions, and they stopped firmly in front of the border.

Seeing this scene, the Sea King was envious. It could be seen that these warships were of extremely high quality and must have been built at a great cost.

However, the Sea King felt that after this, it would soon have one too.

At this time, a figure rose into the sky from the leading warship. This person was wearing black leather armor, had a full beard, and had one eye with an eye patch.

“President of the shark bite Chamber of Commerce, Black Shark!” He said in a low voice.

Upon seeing this, the Sea King’s figure immediately floated into the air as well. It nodded at hei Sha,”

“Mu hai from the mutt Chamber of Commerce!”

“I’ve heard elder Ying talk about you before, saying that you have great potential. This is the first time we’re meeting, so we’ll have to take care of each other in the future!” Haisha said with a smile.

“Of course, but I’m just a newcomer. I still need you to take care of me, a senior!”

“Alright, let’s cut to the chase. These five merchant ships are about to enter your jurisdiction region, so I’ll leave the rest to you. However, I have to remind you that this batch of goods is extremely important, so you have to be careful on the road!” Haisha grinned.

The Sea King nodded and waved its hand behind it. Immediately, the warships behind it spread out, revealing an intersection leading to the center of the fleet.

Seeing this, Black Shark waved his hand behind him. The flagship at the front slowly moved to one side, and the five merchant ships inside began to sail forward, leaving the shark bite fleet’s protective circle and entering the center of the mutt fleet.

“I’m done with the handover. I won’t be responsible for anything that happens after that. It’s all up to you now!” After saying that, Black Shark turned around and descended to the bow of the battleship.

Seeing this, the Sea King smiled and also turned around to land on its own warship.

The two squadrons adjusted their formation at the same time and sailed in the direction of their respective seas.

However, what the Sea King did not know was that not long after the shark bite fleet left, they suddenly changed direction and headed towards the quilun sea.

At this moment, on the main ship, Black Shark grinned and said,”

“Looks like this plan will be very successful. The mutt merchant Association’s strength is indeed lacking. They actually managed to become a member of the war merchant association with these broken battleships. They even managed to squeeze out the two brothers, smoke Dragon and smoke Wolf. This is really unbelievable.”

When the Vice President heard this, he smiled.”

“Isn’t this exactly what you want? the stronger they are, the greater the risk we will face. On the contrary, it will be more beneficial for us!”

“Yes, that’s why I’m very happy. Hahaha!” Haisha could not help but burst into laughter.

“However, since we’ve made a move, we must eliminate the roots and not leave any disasters behind. Although we’ve developed to a strong enough strength, we’re still far from being comparable to the netherworld Chamber of Commerce. Therefore, we must be ruthless!”

Haisha nodded,”

“As long as we do this, we’ll have the confidence to go to the central Sea area of the yellow spring. Although it’s risky, I’ll never give up such an opportunity!”


Above the kui Dragon Sea, the escort team led by the sea King was advancing in the direction of the “blood colored sea.”

The Sea King, who was standing at the bow of the ship, kept looking forward, wondering which direction the players would come from.

The Sea King was looking forward to it, but at the same time, it was a little worried.

After all, dumbass players were sometimes very reliable, but sometimes they could really F * cking kill people!

Time passed by bit by bit, and there were no waves during the half-day voyage.

On the five merchant ships that were protected in the center of the fleet, the merchants were all hiding in their cabins, so the Sea King could not go up and get any information.

After sailing for a while, the situation finally appeared.

The surface of the water suddenly churned, and countless bubbles emerged.

When the Sea King saw this, it thought that the players had come and quickly gave a look to the Lords beside it.

Seeing this, hei sui and the other Lords immediately nodded and prepared to head to their respective warships to command the Warriors to “fight.”

However, they were immediately dumbfounded.

A huge black Shark suddenly jumped out of the water and bit straight at the flagship they were on.

“F * ck!”

Seeing this huge black Shark, the Sea King blurted out the word “holy shit” that it had learned from the players ‘families.

This was because the black Shark was the RAM of the main ship of the ‘shark bite fleet’.

They had just met before, so the Sea King had a deep impression of them and would definitely not be mistaken.

At the thought of this, the Sea King made a decisive move. It stomped its feet and pressed the Mainship into the water. Its body bounced up and punched the black Shark, forcing it to retreat.

At that moment, the players were on the way to the camping spot …

The battle started as soon as it started. Black Sharks kept appearing on the surface of the sea, surrounding the fleet led by the sea King.

At the same time, the shark bite fleet broke through the waves and appeared behind the mutt fleet.

Seeing this scene, the Sea King really wanted to curse.

He didn’t expect that Black Shark would play such a trick.

It was obvious that this guy, like him, had his eyes on this batch of transportation supplies.

The gloomy-looking Sea King immediately turned to look at the Lords who were floating in the air with him and said,”

“Each of you will take charge of one side and prepare to counterattack.”

Hei sui and the others nodded their heads solemnly, then they landed on different sub-ships and began to fight.

At that moment, the players were on the way to the camping spot …


In fact, the players were already prepared, and were camping at a certain spot on the route.

At this moment, the players were all soaking in the water, looking at the sea with a bored expression. They were all looking forward to sea leek bringing five leek boats for them to harvest.

The tactical players had even discussed how to hijack the ship.

By relying on the ability to retrieve and retract the battleships, they could collectively summon the battleships and scare them to death.

However, after waiting for a long time, not to mention the Sea King, there was not even a shadow on the surface of the sea.

In the voice channel, the players were discussing this.

In order to appease everyone, a few players typed this sentence in the chat channel from time to time:

“Don’t worry, the Sea King is on his way!”