Chapter 580: The heavy treasure chest

The addition of the player fleets caused the battle on the sea to become extremely chaotic.

However, the players had been fighting the mutt fleet for a long time and were familiar with each other, so they would not attack the wrong warship.

The players might not be as strong as the shark fleet in terms of quality, but the players ‘greatest advantage was that they were not afraid of death.

Protect the mute warships and act as meat shields to charge forward.

If the warship was destroyed, he would jump into the water and swing his hammer at the shark-biting warship. If he could break a part of the warship, he would be rich!

In the sky, the battle between the Sea King and the black Shark gradually turned white hot.

Looking at the situation below, hei Sha wanted to take out the “sea God’s pardon” several times to help, but he was stopped by the sea King.

This time, the black Shark was in a passive position, while the Sea King had the initiative.

With the help of the players, the Sea King could finally show off its abilities.

In the situation where neither of them could get the “sea God’s pardon,” the Sea King still had many abilities.

As a descendant of the dark sea kingdom, the sea god transformation was the first step.

Coupled with the death Lord’s inheritance and the death light wheel, which contained the law of death, the Sea King’s battle became fiercer and fiercer.

On the other hand, Black shark’s greatest advantage was his fleet of battleships and shark Army. In a one-on-one fight, he was much weaker than the Sea King, who was also at the ghost emperor realm.

In the face of the Sea King’s fierce attacks again and again, the black Shark was having a hard time dealing with them.

At this moment, he was a little flustered.

The changes in the situation had exceeded his expectations. He had thought that this robbery would be very stable, but he did not expect such an unforeseen event to occur.

He couldn’t retreat even if he wanted to.

If he retreated now, the merchants on the merchant ships would definitely tell the netherworld Chamber of Commerce that he had robbed them, and he would be punished by the Chamber of Commerce.

Back then, he had chosen to take action at the kuilong Sea area precisely because he wanted to draw a clear line between them.

However, if they did not retreat, it would be unrealistic to take down these merchant ships and kill the Sea King and the others at the same time.

At this moment, Black Shark was caught in a dilemma.

Under such circumstances, how could he not panic? it was equivalent to saying that he had already entered an alley where death was certain.

“Sea King, let’s discuss this. How about we split this batch of goods equally? I only want ten percent!” After dodging the Sea King’s attack, Black Shark hurriedly spoke.

In such a situation, Black Shark could only choose to retreat and drag Sea King into the water.

“What ten percent? am I that kind of person? I’m loyal to the netherworld Chamber of Commerce. Don’t f * cking compare me to you, you dirty-minded, ungrateful wretch!” The Sea King immediately rebuked angrily, and it spoke very loudly, so that the merchants hiding in the merchant ship could hear it.

“You … Do you know what kind of supplies the merchant ship is carrying? Ice Fire Stone, a sixth-ranked treasure, Ice Fire Stone! With this batch of treasures, the power you belong to will experience a huge leap in strength!” Haisha tried to persuade him again.

“I don’t even want a tenth-tier treasure, let alone a sixth-tier treasure. The netherworld Chamber of Commerce has given us so much profit, and you still want to steal our own things. You’re really a piece of trash!” The Sea King immediately refused and closed in again. The water element condensed into a fist and ruthlessly smashed at Black Shark.

Hearing the Sea King’s words, the black Shark was extremely depressed. He could only brace himself and fight.

However, the difference in strength was clear for all to see. The more they fought, the weaker they became. Gradually, Black Shark could not hold on any longer.

He was a descendent of the ‘shark bite’ clan, and his most powerful offensive technique was to use spell techniques together with his shark clan.

However, at this time, his sharks didn’t dare to come to the surface of the water when facing the descendant of the Overlord of the sea, Little Mo, let alone cooperate with him to use the shark-devouring formation to attack.

Under such circumstances, Haisha could not do as he wished.

He wanted to land and attack with the fleet, but the Sea King did not let him land and kept dragging him.

With the sea god Body absorbing the damage from hei Sha’s attacks and the help of the wheel of death, hei Sha’s resistance became weaker.

Finally, he was cut by the wheel of death.

On the spot, the power of death quickly spread into his body, and his skin turned gray-black.

The Sea King also seized the opportunity and punched the black shark’s head.

The Punch’s force shook the water element, causing Black Shark to spit out a mouthful of blood.

“The sea god!”

As he roared, the sea god scepter on the Sea King’s back appeared in his hand, and he slammed it on Black shark’s chest.

The black Shark was instantly enveloped by a sphere formed from water elements.

The ball of water continued to shrink, squeezing inwards.

Feeling the immense pressure on his body, Haisha struggled with all his might.

However, he was unable to break free.

This made the Sea King laugh out loud. It continued to channel all its power to control the water elements. At the same time, the death energy in its body began to seep into the water ball, wrapping around Black Shark.

Under the double blow, Black shark’s expression gradually became dispirited, and his struggles became weaker.

At this moment, the Sea King was very excited.

As long as Black Shark was dead, the battle would be over soon, and he would be able to defeat all the black Shark warships one by one.

The Sea King’s smile became even more sinister as it felt the life force in the black shark’s body drain away.

Under his control, the black Shark had no chance of escaping. It would definitely die.

However, the players who saw this scene were in an uproar. At this time, in the voice channel:

“F * ck, everyone, look! The Sea King is going to kill the black Shark!”

“What? Haisha is about to be killed? stop him! He’s the ghost emperor! We have to kill him!”

“Hurry up and fire at the Sea King! Stop him! How can the sea chives be so outrageous!”

“F * ck, I’ve checked Black shark’s condition. He’s really dying. Hurry up and do something!”

“Hurry up and stop sea chives. There’s no room for discussion about this ghost emperor. We have to kill him!”

“I’m going to have a heart attack. I’ve lost a ghost emperor. What a great loss!”


Looking at the dying hei Sha, the Sea King’s body tensed up. He used all of his power to activate the death energy in his body, absorbing the life force in hei Sha’s body, bringing him closer and closer to death.

At this moment, the Sea King’s heart was filled with joy.

However, at this moment, a pillar of light suddenly appeared from the sea and smashed into the sea King’s body.

The Sea King’s body trembled, and the water ball that wrapped around the black Shark almost collapsed.

He turned around in anger and was shocked to find that it was the myth’s warship that had fired at him.

There was no doubt about it!

With that in mind, the Sea King immediately turned its head and looked at the black Shark, who was still trapped in the water ball, with a ferocious expression. It was about to continue urging the power of death to kill him.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

This time, several cannonballs were fired in succession. Fortunately, the Sea King reacted in time and dodged them.

He turned his head again, only to find that it was still the battleships of the players that were attacking him.

Is he crazy again? The Sea King thought in confusion.

The Sea King was familiar with the players ‘daily crazy behavior, but this was a F * cking battlefield!

She actually dared to talk back at him at this time? Can’t you just be a normal person?

Just as the Sea King was dumbfounded and confused, several figures floated from the warship and flew toward him.

“Sea chives, don ‘t, don’ t, don ‘t, stop. I’m going to die, I’m really going to die!”

“Just one breath, big brother, be gentler!”

Seeing black shark’s near-death state, the players were anxious to death.

However, the Sea King was even more confused.

“What the f * ck are you guys up to this time!” The Sea King angrily rebuked as it looked at Gu Yu and the others who were approaching.

“Sea King, quickly hand over Black Shark to us. Don’t kill him!” Gu Yu’s heart ached as he glanced at hei Sha’s near-death state.

“Sea King, quickly withdraw the water ball! He’s going to die!” Gou ‘Zi also said anxiously.

“Are you guys really crazy? He’s an enemy, an enemy!” The Sea King was dumbfounded.

Seeing that this group of “fools” actually hoped that he would release the black Shark, the Sea King felt that his three views had been attacked!

Although he had always thought that the players ‘brains were different from normal people, such a weird request still shocked him.

“I’m not asking you to release him. I’m asking you to hand him over to us. We’ll kill him!” Gu Yu, who was afraid that Black Shark would die at any moment, hurriedly said.

“You’re going to kill him? You guys have such a bad taste?” The Sea King was stunned and immediately realized that it had misunderstood.

“Don’t f * cking care if it’s a bad taste or not. Can’t you just let him go?”

Seeing the anxiety on the faces of Gu Yu, Liu Chan, and the others, the Sea King thought for a moment, then waved the water ball away. It grabbed the neck of the dying Black Shark and threw it to Gu Yu.

“Take it!” The Sea King glared at the dog that was also staring at it, then turned around and flew down.

Even though it did not understand, the Sea King still decided to hand the black Shark over to Gu Yu and the others.

Otherwise, he was afraid that the players would go crazy and directly attack him at this critical moment.

Can’t afford to offend! Can’t afford to offend!

After receiving Black Shark, Gu Yu and the others felt relieved.

To the sea King, a ghost emperor-level powerhouse was of no value at all, but to Gu Yu and the others who could kill their target and obtain soul power and experience points as rewards, a ghost emperor was of no value.

It was even more valuable than the ice Fire Stone.

To the Great Demon King who could refine corpses, it was a divine weapon that he wouldn’t exchange for no matter how many Ice Fire stones he had.

Now that they had obtained the black Shark, the players could finally heave a sigh of relief.

As he held the dying Black Shark, Gu Yu felt as if he was holding a treasure chest filled with soul coins and experience points. The heaviness made his heart surge with excitement, and he was in a good mood.

After looking at each other, everyone’s expression gradually became ferocious.

It was time to level up!